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An Act for establishing the town of Poca.

hontas, in the county of Chesterfield; and to prevent wooden chimnies being built therein, and for other purposes therein mentionell.

Town of Po I. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this Gecahontas in nersl Assembly, thai Richard Witton did survey and established. lay out a parcel of la id in the county of Chesterfield,

into sixty six lots of half an acre earh, and made sale of the said lots to divers persons, who have since settled and built, and continue building and settling thereon; but because the same was not laid off, and erected into a inwn by act of Assembly, the freeholders and inhabitants thereof will not be entitlel to the like privileges enjoyed by the freeholders and inhabitants of other towns in this colony;

II. Be it enacted, by the Licuienint Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this prese't General Assembly, anl it is hereby enuciel, by the authority of the sume, That the said parcel of land lately claimed by the said Richard Witton, lying and bring in the aforesaid county of Chesterfield, so as aforesaid laid off into a town, be, and the same is hereby constituted, appointeti, erected, and established a town, in manner already laid out, and described to be laid out, and to be called by the name of Pocah intas, and that the freeholders of the said town, shall, for ever hereafter, enjuy the same privileges, which the freeholders of other towns, erected by act of Assembly, enjoy.

III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesail, That it shall not be lawful, for any person whatsoever, to erect or boilil, or cause to be erected or built in the said towel, any wooden chinney: And if any person shall presume to erect or build any wood. en chimney, contrary to the directions of this act, it sball and may be lawful for the sheriff of the said County, and he is hereby required, to cause such chimney to be pulled down and demolisherl.

IV. And be it further eaeteil, by the authority aforesaid, That from and after the passing of this act, Jolin

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Bolling, Richard Eppes, Clement Reade, Augustine Caiborne, William Kennon, John Archer, Richard Ryal, Robert Kennon, and Roger Atkinson, gentlemin, be, and they, and every of them, are hereby cuinstituted directors and trustees, for building, carrying on, and maintaining the said town; and they, or any five of them, shall bave power to meet, as often as they shall think necessary, for appointing a public quay, and such places upon the river, for public landings, as they shall think inost convenient; and if the same shall be necessary, shall direct the making of wharts and cranes at such public landings, for the public use.

V. Ani be it further enactel, by the authority oforesaill, Tuat the said directors shall have full power and authority, to establish such rules and orders for the more regular placing the said houses, as to them shall scem fit, from time to time: And if the inhabitants of the said town shall fail to obey and pursue the rules and orders of the said directors, in repairing and amending the streets, landings, and wharfs, they shall be liable to the same penalties as are inflicted for not repairing the highways in this colony.

VI. And for continuing the surcession of the said trustees and directors, until the said town shall be incorporated, Be it further enacted, by the authority afiresaid, That in case of the death of any of the said directors, or their refusal to act, the surviving, or other directors, or the major part of them, shall assemble, and are hereby impowered, from time to time, by instrument in writing under their respective hands and șeals, to nominate some other person or persons, being an inhabitant or freeholder of the said town, in the place of him or them so dying or refusing; which new director or directors so nominated and appointed shall from thenceforth have the like power and authority in all things relating to the matters herein contained, as if he or they had been expressly named and appointed in and by this act, and every such instrument and nomination, shall from time to time, be entered and registered in the books of the said directors,


An Act to amend an Act, intituled, An Act

for erecting a town at Bray's church, in the county of King George.

Act esaa.

I. WHEREAS by one act of Assembly made in the blishing fifteenth year of the reign of his present majesty, inLeeds town, tituled, An act for erecting a town at Bray's church, amended.

in the county of King George, sixty five acres of land therein mentioned, and directed to be surveyed and laid out into lots and streets for a town, were vested in certain persons in the said act named, and their successors, who were constituted and appointed directors and trustees, for designing, building, carrying on, and maintaining a town, called Leeds, on the land aforesaid, and were impowered and authorized to sell the lots of the said town; and it was among other things enacted, that the grantee, or grantees, of such lot or lots, so to be conveyed and sold, in the said town, should within two years after the date of the convey. ance for the same, erect, build, and finish, on each lot so conveyed, one house, of the materials and dimensions in the said act mentioned, or proportionable to such dimensions, if such grantee should have two lots contiguous; and if the owner of any lot should fail to pursue and comply with the directions in the said act prescribed, for the building and finishing one or more house or houses thereon, then such lot, upon which such house or houses should not be so built and finishell, should be revested in the said trustees; And whereas by one other act of Assembly, made in the twenty second year of the reign aforesaiıl, intituled, An act to impower the trustees of Leed's town to make a causeway through the marsh opposite thereto, and for appointing a public ferry, the trustees of the said town of Leeds, or any four or more of them, were im. powered and authorised to agree with any person or persons to clear, dig up, extend, maintain, and improve a causeway, from the river opposite to the said town of Leeds, through the said marsh, to the high land of one Sarah Brookes, in the said last mentioned act named, in Essex county; and from time to time, to widen, repair, and improve the same, and if neces.

sary, to erect and build bridges over any gut or creek, in the said marsh; and it was also, by the said last mentioned act, among other things, enacted, that as well the sum of eighty pounds, therein recited to have been raised by the sales of the said lots, and to remain in the hands of the said trustees, after paying off the respective proprietors o the said sixty-five acres of land, is what other money might be raised by further sale of lots, during the time the said causeway should be making, might be by the said trustees, or any four or more of them, appropriated to that use: And whereas the said eighty pounds, with what other money hath been reisel by further sale of lots, are not sufficient to complete the said causeway, and if sundry lots in the said town, remaining undisposed of, were sold, and the money paid for the same applied to the uses in the said last recited :ct mentioned, the beneficial design thereof would be rendered effectual; but no persons are willing to purchase the said lots remaining unsold, on the condition of building on them according to the directions of the said first mentioned act.

II. BE it therefore enacted by the Licutenant-Governor, Council, and Burgesses of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That every person who shall purchase any of the said lots remaining unsold as aforesaid, is, and shall be, discharged and released, and shall and may hold the same discharged, and absolutely released of and from the condition of building an house, or houses thereon, according to the directions in the said first recited act prescribed, and of and from any forfeiture, or forfeitures, by occasion of the breach, or non-performance of such condition, any thing in the said first recited act, or any law, or custom, to the contrary thereot, in any wise, notwithstanding.

III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That the said trustees, or any four or more of them, shall and may, and they are hereby impowered to apply the money to be paid for the said lots, so remaining unsold, towards the completion, maintaining, and improving the said causeway.


An Act to impower the justices of the coun:

ty of Stafford, to lery for Nathaniel Harrison, and Hugh die, gentlemen, the value of their work and labour in buildiing it court hoiuse, which was burned before it was finished.

Act for relief I. WIEREAS Nathaniel Harrison, and Hugh of Nathaniel Adie, of the county of Stafforil, gainileme!ı, in the year Hugh A lie, one thousand sever hundrel and forty nine, contractof Stafford. ed with the justices of the said county of Stafford,

and ndertook to build and finish a court house for the same county, for the consideration of forty-four thousand and five hundred pounds of tobacco, to be levied, one moiety thereof at the laying of their then next county levy, and the other moiety in the year after, ami hidalinost finished the same, when some evil disposed person or persons feloniously burned and destroyed it. And whereas the said Nathaniel Harrison, and Hugh Adie, ought to be paid so inuch of the said consideration, of forty-four thousand and five hundred pounds o! tobarco, as their work and labour in building the said coirt house, as far as they proceeded therein, and the materials provided by them for that purpose were wortlı, but the said justices have not levied the sainc, on their said county, apprehending they bad no authority to do so, the said Natbaniel l'arrison, and Flugh Adie, not having completely performed the said contract.

II. BE it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, Council, anl Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacteil, by the authority of the same, That the justices of the said county of Stafford shall, and may, and they are hereby impowered and required to levy, in their next county levy, for the use of, and to be paid to, the said Nathaniel Harrison and Hugh Adie, such proportionable part of the said forty-four thousand and five hundred pounds of tobacco, as they the said justices shall adjudge the work and labour of the said Nathaniel Harrison, and

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