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quartercasks are to contain.

Penalty on those who sell any under the

true guage.

That all pipes, hogsheads, and quarter-casks of Ma-
deira wine, which shall be imported to this colony af.
ter the first day of April, which shall be in the year
of our lord, one thousand seven hundred and fifty three,
shall contain the several quantities following, that is
to say; every pipe, one hundred and twenty gallons;
every hogshead, sixty gallons; and every quarter-
cask, thirty gallons, at the least.
III. And be it further enacted, by the authority afore-
said, That if any person, or persons, after the time
aforesaid, shall sell any Madeira wines, in any pipes,
hogsheads, or quarter-casks, containing less than the
quantities beforementioned, respectively, every per-
son so offending, shall forfeit and pay to the person

or persons buying the same, for every gallon under


the guages aforesaid, the sum o twenty shillings; to be recovered with costs, by action of debt, in any court of record in this dominion, where such penalty shall exceed twenty five shillings current money, otherwise before a justice of peace.

CHAP. X. let for making reparation for the tobacco lately damaged and lost, in the scociol public warehouses therein mentioned.

I. WHEREAS large quantities of tobacco have lately been damaged and lost at the public warehouses at Gray's creek, in Surry county; at Guilford, in Accomack county; at the College-landing, in James-City county; at Hampton, in Elizabeth-City county; at Norfolk, in Norfolk county; at the Great-Bridge, in the said county; at Eastermost river, in Gloucester county, and at Warwicksqueak bay, in Isle of Wight county, by a high wind and rain, and the overflowing of the tide; a particular account of which tobacco, (except at Warwicksqueak bay warehouse) with the names of most of the proprietors, is stated in a schedule hereunto annexed: Wherefore, to the end the sufserers therein mentioned may receive full satisfaction and reparation for their several losses.

II. BE it enacted by the Lieutenant-Governor, Coun-Allowance cil, and Burgesses of this present General Assembly, and . the suffer

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it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That jo. the treasurer of this colony, out of the public money bacco inpubin his hands, shall pay to the sufferers respectively, ic ware

according to the several quantities of tobacco by them
lost; at the public warehouses at Gray’s creek, and
Guilford, aforesaid, at the rate of sixteen shillings and
eight pence for crop, and fifteen shillings for transfer
tobacco, per hundred, according to the several quan-
ties by them lost; at the public warehouses at the Col-
lege-landing, Hampton, and Norfolk warehouses, at
the rate of sixteen shillings and eight pence, per hun-
dred, according to the quantity of tobacco by them
lost; at the public warehouses at the Great-Bridge,
aforesaid, at the rate of sixteen shillings, per hundred,
and according to the several quantities of tobacco by
them lost; at the public warehouse at Eastermost
river, aforesaid, at the rate of fifteen shillings per hun-
dred: And that the treasurer, for all tobaccos damag-
ed and lost at Gray’s-creek, Guilford, and Easter-
most river warehouses aforesaid, pay the several sums
due to each proprietor, to the bearer of the inspector’s
notes, where notes were given; and where no notes
were given, then to the person producing sufficient
proof of his or her property, upon oath made, before
some justice of the peace, of the county where he or
she resides, and certified under the hand of such jus-
tice; and for all tobacco damaged at Hampton, Nor-
folk, the College-landing, and the Great-Bridge ware-
houses aforesaid, to the several proprietors mentioned
in the schedule aforesaid, which shall be a sufficient
discharge to him, as to all tobacco contained in the
said schedule.
III. And whereas forty one hogsheads of tobacco,
saved out of the tobacco damaged at Guilford ware-
house, are now remaining in the inspectors hands, and
the inspectors at Gray's-creek, Guildford, the College-
landing, Hampton, and Warwicksquak-bay warehous-
es aforesaid, have been at great trouble and expences
in picking and reprising the damaged tobacco afore-
said; and the said inspectors at Gray's creek ware-
houses, have accounted with the treasurer of this colo-


my, for the inspection of four hogsheads of tobacco, damaged and lost at the said warehouses, after the inspection thercos, and never p is to the said inspectors; and the said insioctors at W arricksqueak-bay warehouse aforesaid, have already paid one hundred and forty four, part of nine honored and thirty pounds of tobacco, the quantity damaged in the said warehouse, to the respective proprietors thereof; IV. Be it further enacted, bu the authority aforesaid, That the forty one hog-heads of tobacco, saved as aforesaid, be by the treast rer sold. and that out of the public money in his hands, he pay to the inspectors at Gray's- or ek warehouses aforesaid, the sum of ten pounds, two shillos and six pence; to the inspectors at Guilford wareilouse aforesaid, the sum of fifteen pounds, seven shillings and six pence; to the inspectors at the College-landing warehouse aforesaid, the sum of two pounds, ten shillings; to the inspectors at Hampton warehouse aforesaid, the sum of seventeen pounds; and to the inspectors at Warrisqueak-bay warehouse aforesaid, the sum of twenty shillings, for their trouble and expences; and that he also pay to the sail inspectors at Gray's creek warehouses, twelve shillings, for the inspection of four hogsheads of tobacco, herein before mentioned; and to the said inspectors at Warrisqueak bay warehouse aforesaid, the sum of seven pounds fifteen shillings, for the nine hundred and thirty pounds of tobacco damaged in the said warehouse, out of which money the inspectors of the said warehouse, are hereby directed to satisfy and pay the several owners of tobacco, damaged in the said warehouse, (who have not already received the same of the said inspectors) the particular quantities of tobacco damaged and lost in the said warehouse, by such, owners, respectively: And that the money arising from the sale of all the tobacco saved out of the damag. ed tobacco and sold by the treasurer, be, when received, for the use of the public.

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J1 List of Transfer Tobacco due in Gray's Creek


Date | To whom due |No. Quan- - tity. 1748. Dec. 15. Faith King, - - - 3 || 103 1749. April 19. George Mosely, - - 23 42 25. Anselm Bailey, - - 30 72 May 11. Thomas Gray, - - - 42 || 171 24. | Thomas Warren, - - 57 60 April 19. George Mosely, - - - 58 34 May 26. John Watkins, - - - 58 91 June 8. Mary Brown, - - - - 70 252 16. William Clinch, - - - - 7 60 24. | Philip Ludwell, Esq. - - - 78 197 July 11. Arthur Smith, - - - 86 50 August 7. Henry Tyler, - - - 95 || 262 To be accounted for by the Inspectors. - - - - - 1394 By ballance, transfer tobacco, due from the warehouse. - - 750 To be paid by the Treasurer at 15 per cent. - - - - 644.

1749. Debitor. Gray's Creek Warehouses, to sundry persons, Creditor

October 25. lb. nett tob. lb. nett tob. To Col. John Ruffin, 183 By Anselm Bayley, jr. 11 Capt. William Clinch, 99 John Holt, 500 - Charles Binns, 43 - 282 Robert Langley, 141 Ballance due to the - Peter Warren, 93 warchouse, - - 750 Thomas Gray, 171 - Benjamin Carrol, 73 1032


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