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required to demand, receive, and take, of and from the several collectors of the said duties, all and every the sum and sums of money arising by force and virtue of the said acts, or any or either of them, and shall ap- ply and utter the same to and for such uses, and upon such warrants, as by the said acts for laying the said duties, or by any other act or acts of the General Assembly, is, or shall be appointed or directed; and shall be accountable for the said money to the General Assembly. His Salary. III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the salary of five pounds in the hundred, and so proportionably, for a greater or lesser sum, shall be allowed and paid to the said treasurer hereby appointed, out of all and every the sum and sums of money by him received, and accounted for to the General Assembly as aforesaid; and that there shall be also allowed to the said treasurer, for auditing and settling the accounts of inspectors of tobacco, during the continuance of the laws in that behalf made, the sum of one hundred pounds per annum, for his trouble and service therein. security to IV. Provided always, That the said treasurer, be. be given, fore he enters upon his office, shall give such sufficient security, as shall be approved by the governor or commander in chief of this colony, in the sum of ten thousand pounds, for the due answering and paying all the money by him, from time to time, to be received, as aforesaid. in case of his W. And to the end a treasurer may not be wanting, death, &c. in case of the death, resignation, or disability of the font treasurer hereby appointed; Be it further enacted, jūji, That in c. her of these cases, it shall be lawful for the shall also governor or commander in chief of this colony, with five securio the advice of the council, for the time being, to apy. point some other fit and able person to be treasurer of the duties, to hold the said office, with all powers, authorities, salaries, and profits aforesaid, until the end of the next session of Assembly: Which treasurer so appointed shall, before he enters upon his office, give the like security as is herein before directed. "I reasurcr VI. And whereas the present low condition of the impowered public treasury doth require some money to be raised, o for discharging the expence of re-building the Capio for tol, in the city of Williamsburg; Be it further enacted, rebuilding by the authority aforesaid, That the said treasurer be,

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and he is hereby impowered and required, to borrow the Capitol, a sum of money, not exceeding three thousand pounds, o o: or so much thereof as shall be sufficient for the pur-j"... se. pose aforesaid, at an interest of five per cent. which curity for money so to be borrowed, with the interest thereof, the payshall be allowed to the said treasurer in his accounts: "* And the revenue or duties in this act mentioned shall, and are hereby declared to stand, be, and remain as a security, for the payment of the money so to be borrowed. And the said treasurer is hereby required to re-pay such money, with interest, out of the public monies, that shall come to his hands, either by receipt of the duties aforesaid, or otherwise.


Jin 1ct for re-building the Capitol in the
City of Williamsburg.

I. WHEREAS his majesty's royal Capitol, in the Preamble. City of Williamsburg, had been unhappily burnt down; and it is necessary that the same be re-built with all possible expedition, for the convenient sitting and holding of the General Assemblies and general courts of this colony:

II. BE it enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General J1ssembly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, Persons apThat John Blair, and William Nelson, esquires, Phi-Poio * lip Ludwell, Carter Burwell, Edward Digges, Pey-jor ton Randolph, Beverley Whiting, and Benjamin Wal- re-building ler, gentlemen, or any five of them, be, and they are the Capitol. hereby impowered, to covenant, agree with, hire and employ such and so many undertakers, workmen, and labourers, and to provide, furnish, and buy such materials as they or any five of them, shall think convenient and proper, to be employed and made use of in and about such re-building, repairing, and altering the said Capitol, on the old foundations, and to give such necessary orders and directions therein, from time to time, as they shall see cause, until it shall be finished.

Directors to III. And be it further enacted. by the authority afore....'. said, That the said directors, as often as they shall É. warrant have occasion for money for the uses aforesaid, shall, to the trea- from time to time, apply themselves to the governor *...*... or commander in chief for the time being; to issue out ... his warrant to the treasurer of this colony, to pay so 3000. to car. much money as shall be wanting, for the purposes aforery on the, , , said, not exceeding the sum of three thousand pounds; yo. * who is hereby required to pay the same accordingly: th. (...neral Which said sum or sums the said directors shall acAssembly, count for to the next meeting of the Assembly, after - the work aforesaid shall be finished. i. IV. Provided nevertheless, That nothing herein con. . .” tained shall be construed, deemed, or taken, to estaseat of go- blish or fix the seat of government in the city sf WilYeroment, in liamsburg; but that the said Capitol, when it shall be * so re-built, repaired or altered, shall only be and re- main as a building for holding General Assemblies and general courts, until such time as itshall be thought, by any future Assembly, convenient and necessary, and for the general benefit of this colony, to cause a building, for the purposes aforesaid, to be erected on some other place, more convenient to the inhabitants of this colony, and commodious for trade and navigation: Any thing in this act to the contrary, or seeming to the contrary, in any-wise, notwithstanding.


.4m. Act for confirming the grants made by his majesty, within the bounds of the .N'orthern-Neck, as they are now established.


I. WHEREAS in the late dispute and controversy, touching the limits and boundaries of the several letters patent granted by their late majesties king Charles the second, and king James the second, unto the ancestors of the right honourable Thomas lord Fairfax, it hath becn adjudged and determined by his present majesty, in council, that the said letters patent do include all that tract or territory of land between the rivers of Patowmack and Rappahanock, and the line now marked from the head spring of the said river Patowmack, to the head spring of Rappahanock, commonly called the Conway; in which said tract or territory of land, as is before described, many adventurers and planters have taken upgreat quantities of land, and obtained grants and patents thereof from the crown, under the seal of this colony: And whereas the said Thomas lord Fairfax hath consented, before the king, in council, that the several grants and patents, made by the crown of the lands included in the boundary aforesid, should be confirmed to the several grantees, their heirs and assigns; to be held nevertheless of the said lord Fairfax, under the like rents, services, profits, and emoluments, as should be paid, done, and arise, by and from the said grants made by the grown. II. Be it ther fore enacted, bu the Lieutenant Govern-Grants from or, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General As- the crown of sembly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the §. the same, That all grants and patents whatsoever, under §."...ho. the seal of this colony, for lands situate and lying with-med, but the in the limits and boundaries of the letters patent grant- rents and ed to the ancestors of the said lord Fairfax, as the service; sh" - - - be to the same are now settled and determined, heretofore made ...”.fax, and granted by the crown, shali be held, deemed, and and his heirs. taken to be valid and effectival; and the adventurers and planters to who’i, the same were granted, their heirs and assigns, shall, for ever hereafter, peaceably and quietly, have, hold, and enjoy the said granted premisses, respectively, according to such granted estates, under the rents and services in the said grants reserved; to be paid and performed to the said Thomas lord Fairfax, his heirs and assigns, for ever: Any mis-recital or defect in the said grants notwithstand




Former act

CHAP. LVI. ..In Act for destroying Crows and Squir- rels.” =-on *


..]n .let for continuing au .let, intituted, let for the better regulating and collecting certain officers fees; and for other purposes therein mentioned.

1. WHEREAS an act of Assembly made in the

nineteenth year of the reign of his present majesty,

intituled, An act for the better regulating and collecting certain officers fees, and for other purposes therein mentioned, will expire on the twelfth day of April next; and it is expedient that the same should be further continued: II. BE it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Govern

to continue or, Council, and Burgesses of this present General As

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in force, from and after the said twelfth day of April next, for and during the term of four years, from thence next following, and no longer.

* Of the acts of this session, the editor has to regret that, for the present, he will be compelled to publish a few, by their titles only,–it having been impossible to procure the acts at large, in this country.—He has reason to believe, however, that every deficient act may be obtained in England Already has one been procured, through his agency;-and every effort will be made to obtain the others.-Should he succeed, as he has every reason to believe that he shall, all the acts, the titles of which only have been given, will be published in an appendix to the last volume.

From this date to the present time, (1819) the editor has the satisfaction to state, that he has every act of Assembly, and ordinance of Convention, during the revolution.

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