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THE USE OF THE GLOBES, displayed in a variety of

simple and instructive problems, exhibiting the motions of the Earth, and of the Heavenly Bodies, and leading to a knowledge of the prin

ciples of Geography and Astronomy. By J. RORKE. GREGORY'S COMPLETE COURSE of ENGINEER

ING, '&c.; being an extensive Treatise on Surveying, including Trigonometrical) and levelling; with their application to the construction of Common Roads, Railroads, Canals, Harbours, Docks, Tunnels, Viaducts, Aqueducts; Piers, Waterworks, improvement of Lakes, Rivers, Bays, Bogs, Marshes, &c. by Drainage, Subsoil Ploughing, Embankment, and Cultivation; to which is prefixed, a Treatise on Trigonometry, applicable to the various branches of Engineering ; with a Chapter on Atmospheric Railways, &c. The entire being intended as a Text-Book for the use of Civil Engineers, County Surveyors, Engineering Colleges, Private Seminaries, Land Proprietors, and

Agents. By John GREGORY, Esq. 2 vols. price 10s. 6d. each. ARITHMETIC, ITS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE;

containing all that is elegant in the former, and useful in the latter. With an Original and more rational arrangement of many of the rules than in former Treatises, Simple Demonstrations of their Principles, and Concise Methods of Application. The whole copiously interspersed with ample suggestions to Teachers, while treating it as an art, how to maintain its dignity as a science.'

To which is prefixed, an introductory history of its Origin and Progress; and annexed is an Appendix, containing Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By James W. KAVANAGH, Head Master of the National (Male) Model Schools, Marlborough Street, Dublin. 12mo. bd. 3s. 6d.


or the Pupil's Companion to the Map of Europe; being the Geography of this important division, conveyed in a pleasing form by inductive interrogation, wherein much Biographical, Historical, and Statistical information is incidentally conveyed, conformably with the method of teaching, practised in a School eminent for the cultivation of this popu. lar study, interspersed with copious Notes. To which is prefixed, QUESTIONS ON GENERAL GEOGRAPHY. By JAMES

GASKIN. 18mo. cloth, ls. 6d. " The incidental and graphic quotations from such modern tourists and eminent writers as Lamartine, Byron, Stephens, Doctor Lawrence, Moore, Campbell, Chateabriand, Rogers, Southey, &c. besides vesting every spot with an interest historical or biographical, tend in a high degree to develope and cultivate a taste for polite literature. As the author states in the preface History and Geography are thus made to reciprocate their assistance;' the pupil is not fatigued with dry details of columns of provinces, cantons, countries, and departments to be had by rote; he finds matter congenial to his taste, and views the globe as the habitation of rational beings, divided into different kingdoms and states, and exhibiting various monuments of skill and industry. We wish the author the most sincere success, and trust that this little work will ineet with the approbation to which it is entitled "- Freeman.


from the most approved authorities, and peculiarly adapted to the capacities of children. By the Rev. EDWARD Groves. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged and improved, by the introduction of the latest

Geographical discoveries. In 18mo. price 6d. COMPENDIUM of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, from the

Creation of the World to the Downfall of the Roman Empire. 18mo. À pp. 216. Price 2s.

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