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the promotion of thy glory, and the peace and wel. fare of their subjects. Thou hast hitherto spared us, and hast had patience notwithstanding all those grievous offences by which thou mightest have been induced to deprive us of every temporal and spiritual blessing, and visit us with thy judgments. O Lord Jesus, mercifully bear with us still further, and let not the favour thou hast hitherto shown to this country be removed from us, nor the preaching of thy gospel withdrawn, that it may at length yield the desired fruit.

Bless all the pastors and teachers, who sincerely seek the welfare of thy Zion; but root out of thy church all mercenaries and hirelings who may stand in the way of thy work, or graciously convert them. Bless, O Jesus ! thy church upon earth, the little flock of thy believing people, let them be safe under thy protection, and may they become increasingly enlightened, glorious, holy, and perfect. Bless in particular the whole of this parish.

O that thy word, the word of peace, which thou art so willing to bestow upon all, may find increasing place in their hearts, that the number of those


be augmented, who know the things that belong to their peace ! Have compassion on the weak and the wavering, the lukewarm and slothful amongst us. O awake them to consider what belongs to their peace, to walk more correctly, and prosecute their course more actively. O Lord, bless all that dwell in our vicinity, and our friends and relations ! Let them all be favourably regarded by thee, operated upon by thy

grace, prepared to become thy children, and beautified with thy peace!

Now, O Lord Jesus ! let thy grace rest upon us, and thy Spirit not depart from our hearts, till thy work is accomplished to the glory of thy name. Extend thy kingdom amongst us, and to the ends of the earth. Olet Hosannahs resound unto thee, not only from one and another in secret, but do enter into many a heart, as thou wilt do into thy kingdom in the end of time, that thou mayest be known and glorified by every nation upon earth, as their sole hope and salvation, and that at length an eternal Hallelujah! may ascend unto thee.

Hear us according to thy great mercy for thy name's sake. Amen.



This house is set apart for the purposes of edification ; but, my God! how much is requisite for this purpose! It is first of all requisite, that we possess hearts desirous of edification, and seriously seek to acquire them from the Lord our God. Next, that we be powerfully convinced, that no individual can teach and edify another, without the grace of God and the co-operation of his Spirit. Let us therefore turn at this time to the Lord Jesus, our dearest Saviour, and mighty prophet, and most humbly entreat him to enter into our midst, instruct us, enlighten and warm our hearts, and establish us in his truth.


O Lord Jesus Christ, thou Son of the Most High God! we thank thee, that through thy gracious condescension, we may venture to approach unto thee. 0

may it be in spirit and in truth! O Jesu! Jesu! thou most lovely name! thou name, in which the delight of our souls, the consolation of our hearts, and their beauty and excellency is alone to be found ! Thou name, which angels reverence and adore,

before which, at this very moment, the choirs and hosts in glory above, are prostrating themselves. O touch our hearts by thy Holy Spirit, that in our inmost souls we may know thee as great and adorable, and that our hearts, with all the blest above, may bow themselves in thee, thou saving name!

O Lord Jesus Christ, we have to thank thee alone, that we still exist, and that we have been spared and preserved unto the present hour! . Thanks be to thee, O Jesus ! that by thy precious blood, thou hast wrought out and brought in such an everlasting righteousness for us ! Grant us grace, that we may become duly acquainted with it during the present life! But grant us also an eternity, in which we may eternally adore, worship, and thank thee and thy grace, thee and thy name, and the power of thy divine love! We have also to thank thee alone, O Jesus! thee the great Shepherd and teacher of thy church, for having assembled us together here at this time, Thou hast gathered us together outwardly : 0 collect us also inwardly! Collect our hearts, collect the hunger and desires of our hearts! Yea, turn our hearts to thee, O Lord ! and detach our senses from earthly things, that they may not go astray from thee. Favour us, O Lord Jesus! with thine enlightening, and thy blissful presence, at this time, Thou hast promised, that “where two or three are gathered together in thy name, there thou wilt be in the midst of them,” Make it, therefore, manifest, O Jesus ! that thou art in our midst, by the powerful operation of thy Spirit,

as a present and beatifying Saviour. O put thy word into the heart and mouth of those who are to speak, that nothing may be spoken but what is pleasing and acceptable to thee! Accompany likewise thy word, O Lord Jesus ! with the power of thy Divine Spirit, and let it be taken deeply to heart by each and every one, that the hearts of all may

be as a well-prepared soil and field, in which thy word, as good seed, shall take root, spring up gloriously, and bring forth fruit an hundredfold, to the glory of thy name! Remember, dearest Saviour, thy bitter sufferings, thy agony and bloody sweat. Remember thy death on the cross, and all the woe thou hast endured; was it not for immortal souls; was it not endured also for the benefit of the souls of those here present? Olet thy grace, therefore, be poured out upon us! Let our souls be precious in thy most holy sight, that we may be powerfully affected and inflamed by thee, and drawn to thee. Dearest Immanuel ! glorify thyself and thy word in our hearts ! O that thou mightest become every day dearer, every day greater, and every day more adorable in our esteem !

Now, Lord Jesus ! thou knowest me, thou knowest the hearts of all present, thou knowest how every heart is constituted, in its interior, in thy sight. O cast a look into our inmost souls, and have compas. sion upon thy people, that they may obtain some crumbs of grace, each according to his need. Have mercy upon us all, and bless us! Amen.

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