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The world's Classics

1. Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. Third | 36. Pope's Odyssey of Homer. Impression.

37. Dryden's Virgil. 2. Essays of Elia. Fourth linpression, 38. Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. Second 3. Tennyson's Poems. 1830-1858. Fourth Impression. Impression.

39. Longfellow's Poems. Vol. I. 4. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. 40. Sterne's Tristram Shandy. Second Second Impression.

Impression. 5. Hazlitt's Table Talk. Third Impres. 41. Buckle's History of Civilization. Vol.I. sion.

(Complete in three volumes.) Second 6. Emerson's Essays. Fourth Impression. Impression. 7. Keats' Poems. Third Impression. 42. Chaucer's Works. Vol. I. From the 8. Dickens' Oliver Twist. Second Im. text of Prof. SKEAT. (Complete in pression.

three volumes.) 9. The Ingoldsby Legends. Third Im. 43. The Prince. By NICCOLÒ MACHIA. pression.

VELLI. Translated into English by 10. Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. LUIGI RICCI. Second Impression.

44. Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. II. II. Darwin's Origin of Species. Third Second Impression. Impression.

45. English Prose from Mandeville to 12. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Second Ruskin. Chosen and arranged by Impression.

W. PEACOCK. 13. English Songs and Ballada. Compiled 46. Essays and Letters by Leo Tolstoy. by T. W. H. CROSLAND. Second

Translated by AYLMER MAUDE. Impression.

Second Impression. 14. Charlotte Brontë's Shirley. Second 47. Charlotte Brontë's Villette. Impression.

48. Buckle's History of Civilization. Vol. 15. Hazlitt's Sketches and Essays. Se.

II. Second Impression, cond Impression.

49. Thomas a Kempis' of the Imitation 16. rrick's Poems. Second Impression.

of Christ. 17. Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Second Im. 50. Thackeray's Book of Snobs. pression.

51. Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. III. 18. Pope's Iliad of Homer. Second im 52. Watts-Dunton's Aylwin. pression.

53. Buckle's History of Civilization. Vol. 19. Carlyle's Sartor Resartus. Second


54. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. 20. Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Second Vol. I. _(Complete in two volumes.) Impression.

55. Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. IV. 21. Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagina- 56. Chaucer's Works. Vol. II. tion. Second Impression.

57. Hazlitt's Spirit of the Age. 22. White's History of Selborne. Second 58. Browning's Poems. Vol. I. Impression.

59. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. 23. De Quincey's Opium Eater. Second

Vol. II.

60. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. 24. Bacon's Essays. Second Impression. 61. Holmes' The Autocrat of the Break25. Hazlitt's Winterslow.

fast-Table. 26. Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter. Second 62. Carlyle's On Heroes and Hero-Worship Impression.

63. George Eliot's Adam Bede. 27. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. 64. Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. V. 28. Thackeray's Henry Esmond. Second 65. Montaigne's Essays. Vol. I. (Com Impression.

plete in three volumes.) 29. Scott's Ivanhoe. Second Impression. 66. Borrow's Lavengro. 30. Emerson's English Traits. Second

Impression. 31. George Eliot's Mill on the Floss.

IN PREPARATION. Second Impression. 32. Selected English Essays. Chosen and Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. VI. arranged by W. PEACOCK. Second

Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. VII. Impression.

(With Index.) 33. Hume's Essays. Second Impression,

Montaigne's Essays. Vol. II. 34. Burns' Poems. Second Impression.

Montaigne's Essays. Vol. III. 35. Gibbon's Roman Empire. Vol. 1.

Chaucer's Works. Vol. III.
(Complete in seven volumes.) Second


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