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I, A. B., do declare that I do believe that there is not any Transubstantiation in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, or in the elements of Bread and Wine, or after the Consecration thereof by any person whatsoever.

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JA. WRIGIT, Governor ; James Habersham, Lewis Johnson, John Graham, James Read, Clemt. Martin, Gray Elliott, James Mackay, Jonathan Bryan, J. C. Powell, Council.

N. Jones, Alex. Wylley, John Adam Treutlen, John Mullryne, Patrick Houstoun, John Smith, David C. Braddock, Assembly.

William Simpson, C. J., 15th Dec. Thomas Stone, March 7, 1774, J. P. 1766.

for the Parish of St. Phillip. · Jno. Simpson, George McIntosh, Thor Stephen Smith, J. P., 21st of March, mas Vincent, Assembly, 15th Dec. for the Parish of St. George:

Tho. Moodie, Deputy Sec’y., 15th Thomas Ross, Solicitor in Chancery, Dec.

17th of April, 1775.. William Ewen, Edw. Barnard, N. William Stephens, Clerk Com. House Jones, Jonathan Cochran, Andrew Johns- of Assembly, 10 May, 1775. ton, Josiah Tatnell, John Millidger, As- John Hurne, Secretary of the Prov. sembly.

ince and Register of the Records, 2d Henry Preston, Prothon.

Nov. 1775. Charles Pryce, Attorney Gen.

Lewis Johnston, Public Treasurer, Charles Watson, C. C.

20th of Nov., 1775. Matthew Roche, Prov. Mar.

William Stewart, Notary Public, 8th Charles Pryce, Jun., Prothon, 17th of Jan., 1776. Dec.

| Isaac Perry, Dep.Sur.,6th of Nov.,1766. David Emanuel, David Lewis, (Jus- | Frans. Bigbey, 20th of Nov., 1766, tices St. Geo. Parish, 17th Dec. 1766.) Surgeon to the first troop of rangers.

Button Gwinnet, Justice for St. John's John Stevens, 26th of Nov., 1766, Parish.

Third Lieutenant of the second troop of James Bulloch, Justice for Christrangers. Church, Octo., 1767.

James Whitefield, 5th of December, James Brown, Deputy Sur., 23d Feb., 1766, Quarter Master of the first troop 1768.

of rangers. William Graeme, 3 March, 1768. L. Člaiborne, Attorney at Law, 18th Samuel Farley, 3 March, 1768. Dec., 1766. John Glen, 3 March, 1768.

Benjamin Lewis, Deputy Surveyor, Henry Yonge, Jr., 3 March, 1768. 18th Dec., 1766.

Thomas Shruder, 3d of Feb., as De- Richard Scruggs; Justice, St. Matputy Surveyor General.

thews, 18th Dec. 1766. John Smith, 16th of Jan., 1769.

J. T. Rossell, Justice for St. Andrew's Thomas Shruder, 8th of Aug., 1769, Parish, 31st Dec., 1766. J. P.

John Mac Lean, Justice for Christ Anthony Stokes, Chief Justice, 1st Church, Captain of Militia, 12 Jan., Sept., 1769.

1767. James Hume, Attorney and Advo. John Dunbar, Justice for St. John's Gen., 1770.

Parish, 19th Jan., 1767. James Hume, a Justice for the Pro- Thomas Pittman, J. P. Romans, Devince.

puty Surveyors, 3. Feb., 1767. Wm. Belcher, a Justice for the Parish Thomas Carr, Collector for Sunbury of St. Phillin.

Port, 4th of May, 1767. Arthur Carney, Justis of the Peace Francis Lee, Naval Officer, &c., for for the four Southern parishes, and Cap-Sunbury, 5 May, 1767. tin of Melisia, Sept. 9, 1774.: 1 Charles Pryce, Jr., 28th of May, 1767,

Raym. Demere, Jr., Justis of the Deputy Reg. & Examiner in Chancery. Peace for the four Southern Parrishes, Ino. Simpson, Clerk of the House of and Ensign of Milisha, Sept. 9, 1974. Representatives, 29th of May, 1767.

Jno. Holmes, J. P. 'for the Parish of Wm. Brown, Searcher for the Port of St. George, 17th of Octo., 1774. Savannah, 6 July, 1767.

or the Parish Pufy Surveyors, ami el... Romans,



John Thomas, ) Militia officers, toms, Duties at Sunbury, 4th of Sept. The X mark'of} St. George's Parish, 1771. John Mann, ) 14th of July, 1767. Joseph Johnston, J. P., 4th of Sept. William Graeme, Attorney General, ! William Candler, D. S., 7th of Oct., Advo, Gen., 22nd April, 1768.

|1771. Matt. Roche, Prov. Marshal, June 7, Alexander Thompson, Justice of the 1768.

Peace for the Parish of Christ Church, Isaac Ford, 8th of June, 1768, Justice 17th of Nov., 1771. for St. George's and St. Matthew's Pa- James McFarlane, J. P., for the Parish rishes.

of St. Paul's, 9 Jan., 1772. Moses Nunes, Searcher Port of Sa- Robert Baillie, D.S., 28th March, 1772. vannah, 9th June, 1768.

Andrew Way, D. S., 4th of May, 1772. Alexander Findley, Jas. Seymour,/ James Kitching, Collector of his Ma. Schoolmasters, July 11, 1768.

jesty's Customs for the Port of Sunbury, Jared Nelson, Benjamin Stirk. 9th of June, 1772. Daniel M. Neal, Deputy Sur.

Francis Paris, J. P., for the Parish of William Barnard, 76:

St. George, 13 June, 1772. Jno. Oliver, Justice for St. Paul's, 7th William Harding, D. S., 23d of June. June, 1769.

Councillor Anthony Stokes, 7th of James McFarlane, Deputy Surveyor, July, 1772. 5th of July, 1769.

| James Hume, Councillor, 4th of Aug., Richard Wylley, 31st of Augt., 1769, 1772. Nota. Public.

| Philip Yonge, Deputy Surveyor. William Harding, Justice of St. Geo.! William Haven, Naval Officer. and St. Paul's, 19th of Octo., 1769. John Houstoun, a Solicitor in the

William McKenzia, Comp. and Court of Chancery, 2 July, 1771. Searcher of Sunbury, Solicitor in Chan-l Henry Younge, T. of Council, 2nd of cery, 21 Dec., 1769.

July, 1771. James Kitching, Coll. and Com. of William Sims, Deputy Surveyor, July the Customs Dutys, Naval Officer for the 6, 1773. Port of Sunbury, 8th of March, 1770. Jedediah Smith, Deputy Surveyor,

James Maxwell, Justice for St. Phil- Jan. 6, 1773. lip's Par., 8 March, 1770. .

Alexander Thompson, Collector of the James Cantey, Deput. Surveyor, 27th Customs, Savannah, 25 Jan., 1773. Aug., 1770.

| Sanders Walker, Deputy Surveyor, Thomas Chisolm, “ 6 2 7th 29th of Jan., 1773. Aug, 1770.

Samuel Creswell, D. S., Feb. 4, 1773. Isaac Antrobus, Compt. and Searcher James Cosby, D.'s., March 8, 1773. of Sunbury, 11 May, 1770.

Joseph Parmill, D. S. J. Lewis, 4 July, 1770, D. S.

John Houlton, 22d March, 1773. Joseph Marshall, Justice for St. Paul's, Basil Lamar, Deputy Surveyor, 24: and St. George's, 6 Nov., 1770. March, 1773. John Douglass, Dept, 1770.

John Dooly, D. S., March 7th, 1773. Josiah Cantey, D. S., 7th of Augt.,l George Walton, Sólicitor, 12th day of 1771.

May, 1773. Isaac Antrobus, Collector of the Port David Taitt, Justice of Peace, 1773. of Sunbury, 6th of Dec., 1770. | Jonathan Sells, J. of P., July, 1773.

John Graves, Com. and Searcher for Thomas Ross, Notary Public, 2 July, the Port of Sunbury, 6th of Dec., 1770. 1773.

Alex. Wylley, Clerk of the Council, Andrew Elton Wells, Marshal of the 1st Jany., 1771.

Admiralty. Elijah Brazeal, J. P.

Andrew Elton Wells, Clerk of the Richard Cunningham Crooke. Market, July 13, 1773.

Patrick Houstoun, J. P. for the Parish George Barry, Justice of the Parish of of St. Andrew and the four Southern Pa- Christ Church, July 22, 1773. rishes, 22nd of Augt., 1771..

Francis Arthur, Deputy Surveyor, 9th Wm. Evans, 2nd Lieut. of the guard of Aug. 1773. Company, 23d of Augt., 1771.

James Robertson, Solicitor in ChanWm. McKenzie, Collector of the Cus-'cery, 26th of Oct, 1773,

J. Pickens, D. S., Nov. 16th, 1773. | Leon. Marbury, D. S., 26th of Oct.

Thomas Waters, Justice of the Peace 1772. for the ceded lands, the 16th of Nov., Ben. Lanier, Justice of the Peace for 1773.

the parishes of St. George and St. MatEdward Keating, Justice of the Peace thew, qualified, 2d of Nov., 1772. for the ceded lands, 16 Nov., 1773. John Chisolm, D. S.

John Hume, J. P., for Parish of Christ Wm. Ewen, Justice of the Peace for Church.

the Parish of Christ Church, 22d of James Lucena, J. P., for the Parish of Dec., 1772. Christ Church, the 27th of Dec. 1773. 1 Samuel Elbert, Captain of the Grena

J. Wood, jr., J. P., for the Parish of dier Company, 4th of June, 1774. St. John's, the 14th of Jan., 1774. | Thomas Skinner, Captain of the

D. Fraser, Collec. & C., and duties at Third Company, 4th of June, 1974. the Port of Sunbury, 25th Jan., 1774. I T. Netherclift, Captain of the Light

James Seymour, Justice for the parishes Infantry Company of St. Paul's, St. George and St. Matthew, Alexander Hogg, Captain of the Sixth March 21, 1774.

Company, 4 June, 1777.. Stephen Matthews, March 20, 1774. Joseph Habersham, 1st Lieut. of the

Thom. Burton, J. P., for the Parish of Grenadier Company, 4 June, 1774. St. George, 27th of April, 1774. : 1 Henry Yonge, 1st Lieut. of the Light

Jacob Walthaur, J. P., for the Parish | Infantry Company, 4 June, 1774. of St. Matthew, 10th of May, 1774. l Thomas Ross, Lieut. of the fourth

John Stirk, Captain of the Fourth Com- Company, 4 June, 1774. pany of Foot Militia, 4th of June, 1774. George Houstoun, second Lieut, of the

Quinton Pooler, Captain of the First Light Infantry Company, 4 June, 1774. Company of Foot Militia, 4th June, 1774. John C. Lucena, "Lieut. of the first

Phillip Howell, J. P.,' for Saint Mat- Company, June 4, 1774. thew's Parish, 16th June, 1774. | Philip Moore, Lieut. of the second

Samuel Strong, D. S., Aug. 8, 1774. Company, June 4, 1774.

James Kitching, Collector of the Cus-William Stephens, second Lieut. of toms at the Port of Sunbury, Aug. 10, the 8th Company, June 4, 1774. 1772.

| Aléxander Martin, Lieut. 4th ConiJohn Stirk, Justice of St. Matthew's pany, June 4, 1774. Parish, 2nd of Sept., 1772.

| James Roberson, Ensign of the Comp. Robert Hamilton, a Solicitor in the June 4, 1774. Court of Chancery, 15th of Sept., 1772. Alex. McGorm, Ensign of the second

James Peart, D. S., Oct. 7, 1772. Company, June 4, 1774.
Elijah Lewis, D. S., Oct. 7, 1772. Jno. B. Randell, Ensign of the first
Wm. Downs, D. S., Oct. 14, 1772. Company, June 4, 1774.

John Stuart, Councillor, 23d of Oct., Peter Bard, Adjutant, 4 June, 1774, 1772.

Phillip Yonge, D. S., 4 June, 1774.




MEETING OF MERCHANTS. At a meeting of the merchants, 16th Sept., 1769, at the house of one Alexander Creighton, in Savannah, it was agreed that the late acts of Parliament so fully and unanimously remonstrated against by the Northern Colonies, were in themselves unconstitutional, and the mode of taxation inconsistent with the liberties of the people.

At a time when we have great reason to believe that healing measures and a redress of grievances will be effectually pursued at the next meeting of Parliament, we think it unnecessary to enumerate the whole further, that, in general, and as far as yet we know, we approve of and agree in sentiment with the other Provinces. It was agreed respecting this Province in particular, that the mode of payment of such duties is a great and additional grievance. The sterling money of this Province which was, by act of Assembly, assented to by his Majesty, and declared equal in value to the sterling money of Great Britain, and a lawful tender in all the payments, being refused in payments of such duties, tends greatly to depreciate its value, a circumstance affecting every person interested in the Province. After having wisely excluded us the benefit of the Spanish trade, the only channel through which specie could be procured, and then, by subsequent acts, imposing duties upon us payable in gold and silver, shows that they are entirely ignorant of our internal police, and know little of what is beneficial to the colonies, and thereby prevent our giving a regular and constitutional aid to the mother country, if such was demanded. We, therefore, resolve that any person or persons whatsoever importing any of the articles subject to such duties, after having it in their power to prevent it, ought not only to be treated with contempt, but deemed an enemy to their country, it being a circumstance that needs only be mentioned to any person inspired with the least sense of liberty, that it may be detested and abhorred.

Without Signature.



MEETING OF THE INHABITANTS. At a meeting of a number of inhabitants of this Province on the 19th inst., 1769, the Hon. Jonathan Bryan in the chair.

The Committee appointed to prepare resolutions at this alarming crisis, by the imposition of several acts of the British Parliament, presented the following, which were agreed to, and ordered to be published in the next Gazette :

We, inhabitants of Georgia, finding ourselves reduced to the greatest distress and most abject condition by the operation of several acts of the British Legislature, by means whereof our prosperity is arbitrarily wrested from us, contrary to the true spirit of our Constitution and the repeatedly confirmed birthright of every Briton; under all these oppressions, finding that the most dutiful and



loyal petitions from the colonies for redress of grievances have not answered the salutary purpose we intended, and being destitute of all hope of relief from our multiplied and increasing distresses but by our industry, frugality, and economy, firmly resolved never to be in the least accessory to the loss of any privilege we are entitled to.

Therefore, we whose names are hereunto subscribed,'do solemnly agree and promise to and each other, that until the said acts are repealed, we will most faithfully abide by, and adhere to and fulfil the following resolutions :

1st.---That we will encourage and promote American manufactures, and of this Province in particular.

2nd.--That as the raising of sheep for the benefit of wool will be of the utmost utility, we do therefore engage not to kill or sell any lambs that shall be yeaned before the first of May in every year to any butcher or other person whom we may have reason to think intends to kill the same.

3rd. --That we will promote the raising of cotton and flax, and encourage spinning and weaving. : 4th. That we will, upon no pretence, either upon our own account or commission, import into this province any of the manufactures of Great Britain, or European, or East India goods, other than may be shipped in consequence of former orders, except only negro cloth not exceeding 1s. and 4 pence per yard, osnaburgs, canvass, cordage, drugs, and hardware of all sorts, paper not exceeding 10 shillings per ream, fire-arms, gunpowder, shot, lead, flints, saltpetre, coals, printed books and pamphlets; white and striped flannels, not above 9 shillings per yard, white linen not above 15 shillings and 8 pence per yard, woollen and thread hose not exceeding 24 shillings 5 pence per dozen, striped cottons not exceeding 13 shillings and 4 pence per yard, checks not above 13 shillings and 3 pence per yard, felt hats not above 48 shillings per dozen, bolting cloths, mill and grind stones, cotton and wool cards, and wire thread not above 8 shillings and 5 pence per pound, shoes not above 48 shillings per dozen; as also the following goods necessary for the Indian trade, strouds, vermilion, beads, looking-glasses, and paint; and exclusive of these articles, we do solemnly promise and declare that we will immediately countermand all orders to our correspondents in Great Britain for shipping any goods, wares or merchandise other than herein before excepted, and will sell and dispose of the goods we now or hereafter may have, at the same rate and prices as before.

5th. That we will neither purchase or give mourning at funerals.

6th.--That from and after the 1st of June, 1770, we will not import, buy or sell any negroes that shall be brought into this Province from Africa; nor after the 1st of January next, any negroes from the West Indies, or any other place, excepting from Africa aforesaid; and if any goods or negroes be sent to us contrary to our agreement in this subscription, such goods shall be reshipped or stowed, and such negroes re-shịpped from this Province, and not by any means offered for sale therein.

7th.---That we will not import, on our own account, or on commission purchase, from any masters of vessels, transient persons, or non-subscribers, any wines after the 15th day of March next.

8th.---That we will not purchase any negroes imported, or any goods, wares, or


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