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This Mat is worked in Dc over white linen Blind Cord, 1 an oz. of 4-Thread Shaded Berlin Wool, 3 shades of Green, 1 skein of each will be required for the . Mat. For the Dahlias—5 shades of light Scarlet, 5 of dark, 5 of Yellow, 5 of Violet, 1 skein of each shade; 1 skein of White, and 1 of pale Lemon. Mesh $ of an inch wide. Steel Crochet Hook Guaging, No. 16. Dc means Double Crochet.

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1st Row.—Commence by forming the Cord in an extremely small circle, work De over it with the shaded Wool, increase in every round by working 2 stitches into 1 loop till the bottom of the Mat reaches 2 rows beyond the size of the glass, or the diameter of the bottom should be 3 inches, then work another round without increasing, but after every few stitches draw the Cord rather tight, this is the commencement of the side, there must be no more increasing, work round the side of the Mat about 6 cords in width, fasten off neatly, then divide the circumference into 5 divisions, each should be about 2 inches apart, marking each division with a pin, then De over the cord only, about 1} inches in length without attaching it to the side, then Do the cord down on the last row, leaving a vacant space of of an inch, then De over the cord on to the sides to the next pin where repeat from,* then work 2 rows of cord over these points, over each point increase by working 2 stitches into 1, take the darkest shade of Green, then on the top of the point, work 3 long stitches, 1 into every alternate loop, making 3 chain between each long stitch, 5 chain, D into every 5th loop till the top of the next point, where make the long stitches as before.

2nd Row.-- Take the next shade of Green, Do into the centre of the 3 chain, 7 chain, D into centre of next 3 chain,* 7




chain, Do into centre of 5 chain, repeat from* till the long stitches, then repeat from beginning.

3rd Row.—Lightest shade of Green, D' under centre of 7, 7 chain, repeat, omit 1 chain of 7 at the bottom of the points, as this will draw the edge up, and prevent its being too full.

For the Dahlias. With the lightest shade of either color Wool, net on a piece of string over the Mesh the whole of the shades, then with fine Silk the same color, sew securely and neatly 4 loops together as they are slipped off the Mesh, do this with all the shades, then cut some circles of foundation Muslin in diameter 13 inches, sew the lightest shade of any color round the circle of Muslin drawing it rather tightly, as this gives roundness to the Dahlia, then take the 4 remaining shades and sew round successively, arrange the colors of the Dahlias to harmonize well, 5 Dahlias will be sufficient, sew them on as in engraving.

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7 Shades of Amber Wool, 3 skeins of each shade, the lightest to be a bright Lemon color, the darkest to be almost a dark Brown.

1st Row.— With the light Lemon make a chain of 12 stitches, unite the ends and work 12 stitches of DTM, cut off the Wool and tie it neatly at the back, this must be done at every row, work 1 long stitch into every chain stitch, making 2 chain between each, there should be 12 long stitches.

2nd Row.–With the next shade, D under the 2 chain, 7 chain, repeat.

3rd Row.— With the next shade, D' under the 7 chain, 7 chain, repeat.

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