Cyclopedia of Engineering: A Manual of Steam Boilers, Steam Pumps, Steam Engines, Gas and Oil Engines, Marine and Locomotive Work, Volume 3

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American School of Correspondence, 1906 - Electrical engineering

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Page 412 - In making a service stop with a passenger train, ALWAYS RELEASE THE BRAKES A SHORT DISTANCE BEFORE COMING TO A DEAD STOP, except On heavy grades, to prevent shocks at the instant of stopping. Even on moderate grades it is best to do this, and then, after release, to apply the brakes lightly, to prevent the train starting, so that when ready to start the release will take place quickly.
Page 341 - Flags of the proper color must be used by day and lamps of the proper color by night or whenever from fog or other cause, the day signals cannot be clearly seen.
Page 341 - An explosive cap or torpedo placed on the top of the rail is a signal' to be used in addition to the regular signals. The explosion of one torpedo is a signal to stop immediately.
Page 345 - ... but the red must again be displayed before returning to its own track. Headlights on engines, when on side tracks, must be covered as soon as the track is clear and the train has stopped, and also when standing at the end of a double track.
Page 190 - ... place and may result in a permanent distortion of the divided arc, thus destroying the accuracy of the sextant. The horizon glass should be perpendicular to the plane of the sextant, as should the index glass, also. The line of sight of the telescope should be parallel to the plane of the instrument. If there were no index error, the zero or first graduation on the scale should coincide with the first mark on the vernier. Index error is common, and can...
Page 309 - Fig. 3 shows the arrangement of the cylinders in relation to the valve. The valve employed to distribute the steam to the cylinders is of the piston type, working in a cylindrical steam-chest located in the saddle of the cylinder casting between the cylinders and the smoke-box, and as close to the cylinders as convenience wiil permit.
Page 197 - ... mean sun" which moves in a uniform rate along the equator. This is called mean solar time. The difference between mean and apparent time is called the equation of time.
Page 503 - In the following pages are given a large number of test questions and problems which afford a valuable means of testing the reader's knowledge of the subjects treated. They will be found excellent practice for those preparing for College, Civil Service, or Engineer's License. In some cases numerical answers are given as a further aid in this work. REVIEW QUESTIONS ON THE StTBJBOT OF MACHINE SHOP WORT?, PART I 1.
Page 357 - At a point feet from the rear of his train he must .place one torpedo on the rail ; he must then continue to go back at least...

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