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I. Memoirs of the Life of Mr. DE RAPIN.
II. The Commonwealth, Protectorates of Oliver and

Richard Cromwell, &c. with the Twelve first Years
of the Reign of CHARL E s II.

Done into ENGLISH from the FRENCH, with

large and useful Notes mark'd with an *, by
N. TINDAL, A. M. Vicar of Great-

Waltham in Effex,

Printed for JAMES and John KNAPTON, at
the Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard. MDCC XXXT.

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MR. Containing fome Particulars of

the Life of Mr. DE RAPIN THOYR AS.


Imagined you would be surprized at my Backwardness to second your

Design of Writing the Life of Mr. I

DE RAPIN. This has given me some Concern, for I would fain have complied with your Motion :

But to say the Truth, I could not till now come to any Resolution. I know not how the Publick stands affected, and though I suppose with you, that the World would be glad to be acquainted with Mr. DE RAPIN, I should think nothing can better satisfy their Curiosity than his new Hiflory of England, it not being possible, in ny OpiVOL. XIII.


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nion, but in so voluminous a Work, an Author draws his own Picture himself, though undesignedly, more to the Life than any other Hand can do. If you say this is not fufficient, because there is nothing said concerning his Family, and the Adventures he may have run through: I answer, that the two Elogies of Mr. DE RAPIN, one in the Xth Volume of the Bibliotheque Germanique, the other in the Hiftoire Literaire of February 1726, seem to contain all that is proper to be faid on these two Heads. Hence you are sensible that I have not the fame Scruple about what you propose at present, that at least these Elogies may appear again per fixed to the History of England. Indeed I do not see any Inconveniency in it. What is more, I am resolved to publish then my felf, but with some Alterations; that is to say of the two I design to make one Discourse, borrowing from both what shall occur to my Mind, withou ftudying either to fwerve from, or to copy after them, that there may be room to insert fome Par ticulars that are passed over in Silence. It may be shall go too far, contrary to my firft Intention ; how ever that be, you may depend upon it I shall say no thing but what I have been fully and perfectly ir. formed of, and what Mr. DE RAPIN's Family wa ready to justify. Mean while, as in this Thing I ha no other View but your Satisfaction, you may mal what use you please of this Letter, fuppress wh you do not like; nay, if you think fit, content you felf with the Elogies alone, such as they were at fir which perhaps would be best. But to begin :

Mr. D E RAPIN, counted among his Ancesto and Relations many eminent Persons as well Warrior as Gowns-men. His Family is originally from Sav where it flourished Time out of Mind *, and fill


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By the Titles of this Family it appears that the Rapins a Noble in the Year 1250.

The Bianches that are in Sarog: Fies to a greater Antiquity : But of that I can say nothing.

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