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To affix the seal to a conveyance of land at Clive, in Cheshire, (a small portion of the Hulse Estate, valued at 851.) to the Grand Junction Railway Company.


Rev. J. R. F. Meek, St. John's Coll.
Rev. John Clay, Emmanuel Coll,

Robert Nairne, Trinity Coll.
Samuel John Jeffreson, Pembroke Coll.
James Andrew, Caius Coll.

George Jones Hilton, Trinity Coll.
W. D. J. Bridgman, St. Peter's Coll.
William Sloman Rowe, Queen's Coll.
Alfred Baldwin, Jesus Coll.
Thomas Jennings Ball, St. John's Coll.
William Philip Pinckney, Trinity Coll.
F. B. Briggs, Trinity Coll. (comp.)

Charles Henry Parnther, Trinity Coll.
Theodore Edward Dunkin, Trinity Coll.
John Hayne, Trinity Coll."
Joseph Beete Jukes, St. John's Coll.
Robert Fraser, St. John's Coll.
James Dixon Vickers, Pembroke Coll,
Henry Nichols, Caius Coll.
Robert Rochester Hurle, Caius Coll.
Edward Cusack, Catherine Hall.
James Coape, Christ's Coll.
William Frederick Kerr, St. John's Coll.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAWS. James Ackers, Trinity Coll. (comp.)

BACHELOR IN PHYSIC. Thomas Forbes Reynolds, Sidney Coll.

The Rev. Peter Guilleband, M.A. of Brazennose College, and the Rev. Arthur P. Dunlappe, M.Ă. of St. John's College, Oxford, were admitted ad eundem of this University.

W. Hopkins, Esq.St. Peter's,
Rev. J. Hymers, St. John's,
Dr. Haviland, St. John's, > Old Council.
Rev. J. J. Smith, Caius,
Rev.S.Earnshaw, St.John's,
Rev. L. Jenyns, St. John's,
Rev. R. Murphy, Caius,
Rev. A. Thurtell, Caius, NewCouncil.
Mr.C. Babington, St.John's,
Rev. H. Philpott, Cath. Hall,

The treasurer's accounts were audited, and other customary business gone through.

At a subsequent meeting, Dr. Clark, the President, being in the chair, after various presents of books and objects of natural history had been announced, a memoir was read by the Rev. R. Murphy, “on the Resolution of Equations of Finite Differences." (Extracts were then read of letters from Sir J. Herschel to the Rev. W. Wher well, containing various meteorological observations, and especially some tending to shew, that the height of the barometer at the equator is less, by about a quarter of an inch, than it is at 20° or 30° from it. Extracts were also read of letters from C. Darwin, Esq. of Christ's College, to Professor Henslow, containing an account of the geological phenomena of some parts of the Andes.

A congregation was held, October 9th, in the Senate House, for the purpose of fixing upon a plan for the new Fitzwilliam Museum, about to be erected near St. Peter's College. According to a previously-published arrangement, each member of the Senate delivered to the Vice-Chancellor a list of the four designs (neither more nor fewer) which he preferred out of the whole number (upwards of thirty) that had been sent in The Vice-Chancellor announced the four which had the greatest number of votes to be those of Mr. Bardwell, Mr. Basevi, Mr. Poynter, and one without name, bearing the motto, “ Palmam qui meruit ferat." All the other designs were deemed to be finally excluded. Each member of the Senate then gave a single vote for one of the four, and the plan of Mr. Basevi was thus selected by an actual majority over the whole number of votes.



At the anniversary meeting of this Society the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:Dr. Clark, Trinity, President. Prof. Cumming, Trinity, Vice-PresiProf. Sedgwick, Trinity,

dents. Dr. F. Thackeray, Emm.) Rev. G. Peacock, Trinity, Treasurer. Rev.Prof. Henslow,St.John's) Rev. W. Whewell, Trinity, Secretaries. Rev. J. Lodge, Magdalene,)

On the 18th the following Grace passed tho Senate :

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Hon. and Rev. the Master of Magdalene College, the Provost of King's College, the Master of Downing College, the Master of Christ's College, Dr. Haviland, Professor Sedgwick, Mr. Peacock, Mr. Whewell, Mr. Philpott, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Heaviside, a Syndicate to report to the Senate whether Mr. Basevi's design for the Fitzwilliam Museum be in conformity with the instructions given to the several architects.

At a subsequent meeting of the Syndicate appointed to report on the conformity of Mr. Basevi's design with the instructions, the following report was agreed to :--That, having conferred with Mr. Basevi, and having referred to all the instructions given to architects respecting plans for the Fitzwilliam Museum, they are of opinion that Mr. Basevi's design is in conformity with those instructions.

MARRIAGES. At New Radnor, the Rev. Nathaniel Constantine Strickland, M.A. of Lincoln College, and Vicar of Reighton, Yorkshire, F.L.S. son of the late Sir William Strick land, Bart. to Charlotte Danvers, youngest daughter of S. H. Teush-IIecker, Esq. of the Grove, New Radnor.

At Charlewood, the Rev. Thomas Burningham, B.A. of Trinity College, to Mary Juliana, only daughter of the Rev. Stanier Porten, of Charlewood, Surrey.

At Ferry Frystort, Yorkshire, the Rev. Henry Linton, M.A. Fellow of Magdalen College, on the Lincolnshire Foundation, and Vicar of Diddington, Hunts, to Cbarlotte, eldest daughter of the Rev. William Richardson, Rector of Ferry Fryston.

The Rev. Samuel Blois Turner, Perpetual Curate of Linstead Parva, Suffolk, eldest son of Dr. Thomas Turner, of Curzonstreet, London, to Mary, second daughter of the late Richard Day, Esq.

The Rev. J. C. Davie, of Great Torrington, Devon, to Anne Collard, eldest daughter of Henry Waldron, Esq. of Wellington.

At Crinow, Pembroke, the Rev. Gustavus Lodowick Hamilton, Vicar of Carew, Pembrokeshire, to Amelia, daughter of John O'Donnell, Esq.

At Maidstone, the Rev. William Thorpe, Vicar of Chattisham, to Harriet, daughter of the late William Browne, Esq.of Newark

At Wethersfield, the Rev. John Hailstone, Vicar of Sbudy Camps, Cambridge, to Jane Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late John Lay, Esq., of Creping Hall, Essex.

At Saffron Walden, the Rev. Robert Henry King, eldest son of the Hon. and Rev. Richard Fitzgerald King, to Caroline, youngest daughter of Thomas Smith, Esq.

At Stiffkey, the Rev. J. Curteis, Rector of Shelton cum Hardwick, Norfolk, to Sarah Anne, sole surviving daughter of the late James G. Bloom, Esq. of Wells.

The Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart. M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford, to Emily Frances Anne, youngest daughter of the late Ralph Leeke, Esq. of Langford Hall, in the county of Salop.

In Cornwall, the Rev. W. Biscoe, Rector of Donnington, in the county of Hereford, to the daughter of the late Captain Woolridge, R.N.

At Claydon, Bucks., the Rev. W. R. Fremantle, 10 Emily Caroline, daughter of the late Sir Harry Calvert, Bart., and sister to Sir H, Verney, Bart. M.P.

At Southampton, the Rev. S. F. Pemberton, B.A., of Sidney College, Cambridge, to Anne, second daughter of Timothy Cassin, Esq. of Bristol.

The Rev. Edward Hawkins, M.A. of Minsterworth, to Frances, daughter of Captain Twisden, R.N. of the Rock, Hallerton, Devon.

The Rev. George Beamish, to Dorothea, eldest daughter of Richard Baylie, Esq. of Ballyvoreen.

At St. Mary's, Donnybrook, the Rev. William Butler Yeats, to Jane Grace, youngest daughter of the late W. Corbet, Esq. of Dublin.

The Rev. Benjamin Banning, M.A, of Trinity College, Incumbent of Croft, in the County of Lancaster, to Helen Maria, eldest daughter of Henry C. Lacy, Esq. of Kenyon House, in that county.

At Acklam, the Rev. Thomas Watkin Richards, M.A. of Queen's College, to Everald Catharine, only surviving daughter of the late Wm. Hustler, Esq., and sister of Thomas Hustler, Esq. of Acklam Hall, Yorkshire.

At p. 658, line 18, for sensibility,' read 'responsibility.'
At p. 535, lines 26 and 40, for Craves,' read Braves

We have received "S. F.'s" communication.
Our thanks are due to our friends at Reading and Salisbury.

We shall be happy in receiving for our forthcoming volume, any music remarkable for its beauty and simplicity, and suitable for parochial purposes.

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