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Preferment. Value. County. Dioctse.


St.Mary'sintheMars1i,R.°266 Kent Canterb.
Prebend. Stall in Cath. Church of Lichfield

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Lich. & C.Earl of Stamford

Ely Bp. of Ely

Rochester Rev. T. Harvey

Gloster Gloster Rev. R. Strong

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Suffolk Norwich Bp. of Ely
Cheshire Chester Vicar of Prestbury

Essex London Rev. T. Leigh




118 203

Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury

Cavan Lord Farnham

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor
Lord Lieutenant
York York The King

Northum. Durham Bp. of Durham

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Prebend, of Morton Parva, in Cath. Church of Hereford

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. Narborouzh 490

. Shepton Beauchamp 375
. St. Matthew Dinnington

. Ystradgynlais 200

. Craike, R. 700

. Finningley 600

( Brockthrop, V. 144

( and Minor Canon of Glouceater Cath.

. Drayton Paralow 269 Bucks Lincoln J. Lord, Esq.

. Boho Fermaugh

. Hatford 322 Berks Salisbury F. Paynter, E«q.

{Sutton, V. 564 Kent RochesterD. & C. of Rochester

and Minor Canon in Rochester Cathedral

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Booty, M. G Curacy of Workworth, Northumberland.

Boucher, J Curacy of Hartlepool, Durham.

Burden, J Curacy of Easington, Durham.

Cattley, S. R Domestic Chaplain to Lord Scarborough.

Gabbeth, J Curacy of St. Michael's, Limerick.

Massy, D Curacy of Rathkeale.

Penny, E Domestic Chaplain to Viscount Boyne.

Smith, W. B Chaplain to the Governor of Stirling Castle.

Winstanley, J. B. . . . Chap, of St. James's Cemetery, and Town Gaol, Liverpool.

Wame. Appointment.

Belfrage, Dr. H. . . . Falkirk.

Champr.eys, W. B. . . Formerly Fellow of St. John's, Oxford.

Hemus, J. E Curate of Buckleburv, Berks.

Kempson, W. H. . . . B.A. of Christ Church, Oxford.

Nixon, H Curate of Boroughbridge, Yorkshire.



On Saturday, the 7th ult. a Convocation was holden for the purpose of admitting a Proctor in the room of Robert Evans, Esq. M.A. Fellow of Jesus College, who had resigned that office. The Rev. Henry Reynolds, M.A. and Fellow of Jesus College, having been previously nominated by the Principal of that Society, in pursuance of the Caroline Statute, was presented by the Principal to the Vice-Chancellor in full Convocation, and having made the declaration, and taken the oaths prescribed, was regularly admitted to the office of Junior Proctor of the University for the remainder of the academical year.

A Convocation was holden on the 11th ult., for the election of a Vinerian Scholar, when the numbers were—for

C. Reade, B. A. Fell, of Magdalen Coll. 107 J.Thomas, B.A.late Schol.ofTrin.Coll. 89 H. H.Vaughan, B.A. Fell, of Oriel Coll. 83 In a Convocation holden on the 18th ult. the University Seal was affixed to an agreement with the Rev. John Vane, as executor and residuary legatee to the late Right Hon. Michael Angelo Taylor, M.A. and his widow Frances Ann Taylor, by which the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University, upon the receipt of 65,000/. sterling, consent to relinquish all further claims under the Wills of Sir Robert Taylor, and the Right Hon. Michael Angelo Taylor respectively. This agreement, we believe, is entered into with a view of carrying into effect the intention of Sir Robert Taylor, (Mr. M. A. Taylor's father), without incurring the expenses and delay of a protracted law-suit, and has the sanc

tion of Sir Charles Wetherell, the University counsel. Sir Robert Taylor's bequest was intended for the erection of an edifice, and the establishment of a foundation, for the teaching and improving the European languages, in such manner as should, from time to time, be approved of by the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars, in Convocation assembled.

The following gentlemen have been elected Fellows of All Souls' College: —

The Hon. Richard Edward Howard, B.A. of Christ Church; Francis Hastings Doyle, B.A. of Christ Church; the Hon. Charles Amyand Harris, B.A. of Oriel College; and the Hon. Edward Harbnttle Grimston, B.A. of Christ Church.

The Hon. John Duncan Bligh, B.C.L. Fellow of All Souls' College, has been appointed by His Majesty to be Envoy Extraordinary, and Minister Plenipotentiary, to His Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway.

Mr. Robert Bathurst has been admitted Fellow of New College, being of kin to the Founder.

Mr. John Gregory Hawkins has been admitted a Founder's Kin Scholar of Pembroke College, on the Foundation of Thomas Tesdale, Esq., having been elected to Abingdon School on the 3d of August last.

The Rev. Richard Pritchard, M.A. Scholar of Jesus College, has been elected a Fellow of that Society.

Queen's College. An Exhibition, on the Foundation of Sir Francis Bridgman, is now vacant; it is open to natives of the Counties of Lancaster, Chester, or Wilts. The election will take place on Thursday, the 10th of December. Candidates are required to present certificates of baptism, and testimonials from their College or School, to the Provost, on or before Saturday, the 5th of December.

At the Examinations for Degrees, the number of candidates was 163, of whom 48 were candidates for classes.


J. E. P. Robertson, Magdalen Hall.
Hev. Thomas Griffiths, Jesus Coll.


Rev. William Young, Oriel Coll.


J. E. P. Robertson, Magdalen Hall.


Rev. T. French, Schol. of Jesus Coll.
II. Barry Domvile, University Coll.
Rev. J. S. II. Horner, Exeter Coll.
Rev. D. Ward Goddard, Exeter Coll.
Rev. W. B. Trower, Exeter Coll.
William Josiah Irons, Queen's Coll.
Ralph Barnes, Stud, of Christ Church.
H. G. Liddell, Stud, of Christ Church.
Hon. & Rev. R. C. T. Boyle, Christ Church.
George Cox, Fell, of New Coll.
Rev. W. T. Fortescue, Fell, of New Coll.
Rev. H. V. Russell, Corpus Christi Coll.

Grand. Comp.
Edward Sampson, Bailiol Coll.
Rev. L. Davison de Visme, Bailiol Coll.
Rev. W. Pridden, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. James Fry, St. Edmund Hall.
Rev. G. B. Twining, University Coll.
A. J. Sutherland, Stud, of Christ Church.
S. F. Strangways, Stud, of Christ Church.
Rev. W. A. Vaughan, Christ Church.
II. J. Hare, Wadham Coll.
Rev. P. A. Ilbert, Trinity Coll.
T. Harris, Fell, of Magdalen Coll.
Rev. J. R. Bloxam, Fell, of Magdalen Coll.
Rev. J. F. D. Maurice, Exeter Coll.


J. Burmester, Worcester Coll. Gr. Comp.
II. Dann, St. John's Coll. Grand Comp.
F. H. Bishop, Trinity Coll. Grand Comp.
James Downes, New Inn Hall.
Robert Edward Hughes, New Inn Hall.
William Stuart Walker, St. Mary Hall.
Alfred Litt Winter, University Coll.
James S. D. Scott, Christ Church.
Hon, II. G. Spencer, Christ Church.
John Griffiths, Christ Church.

Francis Parkes, Christ Church.

Thomas Pryce Anwyl, Jesus ColL

David Hanmer Griffith, Jesus Coll.

John Puckle, Schol. of Brasennose ColL

George S. F. Smith, Queen's ColL

J. C. Meadows, Schol. of Perob. ColL

Charles Tombs, Schol. of Pemb. ColL

John Henry Coke, Pembroke Coll.

Henry Bubb, Pembroke Coll.

William Cockayne Adams, Bailiol ColL

R. G. Montgomery Conway, Bailiol Coll.

Giles Hinton, Worcester Coll.

W. C. Edgell, St. John's Coll.

Edward Symons, Wadham Coll.

Joseph Edwards, Exeter Coll.

Henry Batten, Exeter ColL

Frederic Salter, Exeter Coll.

Dunkly Thomas, Exeter Coll.

E. Copleston Phillpotts, Oriel Coll.

Rev. H. W. Bellairs, New Inn Hall.

R. W. A. Smith, Jesus Coll.

Edward Roberts, Jesus Coll.

Reginald Wynniatt, University Coll.

Augustus. Cranley Onslow, Christ Crmrrb.

William Harper Brandrelh, Christ Church.

Henry Bishton, Brasennose ColL

Benjamin Wilson, Magdalen Hall.

George Eden Peake, Magdalen Hall.

Hamilton Edgar, Magdalen Hall.

William Browne, Bailiol Coll.

Arthur Francis Sheppard, One! Coll.

Edward Geare, Exeter Coll.

Richard Hainond Gwyn, Exeter Coll.

David Charles, Jesus Coll.

John Williams, Jesus Coll.

Bennett Williams, Queen's ColL

John Rump, Trinity Coll.

John James Campbell, Bailiol Coll.


The President in the chair.

The following gentlemen were elected members :—

P. Hugrf, B.A. Exeter College; W. L. Hussey, B.A. Christ Church; C. Brooksbank, B.A. Christ Church ; W. B. Heathcote, B.A. New College; F. Holme, M.A. Corpus Christi College.

The following presents were received:— Report of the British Association for 1834; the Index to the Asiatic Researches; Researches towards a Theory of the Dispersion of Light, by Professor Powell.

The following query was proposed by a member:—

"In what way can we most satisfactorily explain the mode in which spiders carry their threads from one object to another, at considerable distances, through the air?"

Mr. Daubeny made a verbal communication with respect to certain specimen) of plants which were laid before the meeting, and also on a remarkable appearance of electric light on plants during a thunder Blorm. •

A Paper was read by Professor Rigaud, on Halley's Astronomic Cometicse Synopsis ; giving an account of the progress of the author's discoveries relative to the verification of the orbits of comet;, and especially that which bears his name.

Mr. Kynaston exhibited a specimen of a grasshopper found devoured by a species of worms attached to it.

The President exhibited a portion of a wasp's nest formed in a loaf of sugar.

Dr. Daubeny described two springs in Ireland, evolving gas similar to those at Clifton.


We are happy to witness the completion of a considerable part of those additions to the Botanic Garden which were suggested by the Professor in the Report which he circulated early in last year.

By a circular which he has just distributed amongst the subscribers to the fund for improving that establishment, we learn, that the following objects, amongst others, have been accomplished by the aid of the money so collected :—

1st. The erection of a new storehouse.

2dly. A lodge for the residence of a porter, whose business is to attend constantly at the gate, and thus, without leaving the garden open to improper persons, to afford a ready admission to members of the University, and others to whom the same privilege may be extended.

3dly. The additions to the gardener's house, which have nearly doubled his former accommodations.

4thly. The arching over the ditch in front of the same, and erecting a substantial palisade towards the meadow.

5thly. The construction of two basins for aquatic plants, and the renewal of the cisterns for the same which existed there before.

Cthly. The purchase and carriage of several hundred loads of gravel, employed in the construction of new walks, or the improvement of the existing ones.

Tthly. The procuring of a considerable quantity of turf, manure, and fresh soil for the garden.

Stilly. Much extra labour in effecting the new arrangements, which have involved the necessity of bringing into cultivation more than an acre of additional ground.

9thly. The supplying several new gates, doors, railings, &c in various parts of the garden, and securing the premises from depredations on the side of the river by means of a substantial paling.

lOthly. A handsome iron railing fronting the river, near the new stovehouse.

In addition to the above, the expense of which has been chiefly defrayed by money subscribed by colleges and individuals, a building has been erected at the back of the old library for the books and collections, which are thus more effectually secured from damp, and rendered more accessible to those who wish to consult either, than was the case heretofore.

The Professor, however, expresses his regret, that owing to the want of sufficient funds, he is for the present compelled to leave one of the contemplated improvements unaccomplished, namely, that of either erecting an additional conservatory for greenhouse plants, or rendering the present ones more suited for the purpose intended.

As the best evidence of the importance he himself attaches to this addition, he offers to contribute 100/. towards it, the expense of effecting which he calculates at no more than 400/.; and when wc consider the increasing interest displayed in this branch of natural history, not only here, as shown by the large sum already contributed by individuals towards the improvement of the garden, but likewise throughout the country, as evinced by the splendid ranges of conservatories now erected by public subscription in most of our great towns, we can hardly doubt that means will eventually be found for raising a sum, comparatively so small, in order to complete the original design, and thus to place the oldest of the institutions for the encouragement of botany that exists in thiscountry, more on a par with its moderu brethren.


Tlie Marquess Camden, Chancellor of this University, has appointed John Ilildyard, Esq. M.A. of St. John's College, and Recorder of Leicester, to the office of Commissary of this University, vacant by

the resignation of Sir Frederick Pollock.

The Master and Fellows of Sidney Sussex College have given notice that, in the week after the admission of the Commencing Bachelors, 1836, there will be an examination open to candidates from any College in the University, for a Mathematical Exhibitioner on Mr. Taylor's Foundation. The Exhibitioner will be elected from those Undergraduates who, in the ordinary course, would become Commencing Bachelors of Arts in January 1838. The Exhibitioner is to receive at least 507. per annum, and to have furnished rooms in College rent free; if elected from another College, he will be required to remove to Sidney on his election. The examination will be confined to Mathematics only. Those Undergraduates who intend to offer themselves as candidates, are required to send in their names and testimonials with a certificate of the terms they have kept, to the Master of Sidney. Sussex College, on or before the 1 ast day of the present term.

The Rev. William Mills, of St. John's College, in this University, late senior Assistant Master of Harrow School, was unanimously appointed to the Headship of Exeter Free Grammar School, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. Dr. Collyns.


On Wednesday, Nov. 4th, the Rev. Dr. Archdall, Master of Emmanuel College, and the Rev. Dr. Aiuslie, Master of Pembroke, were, according to the usual course, nominated by the Heads of Houses for the office of Vice-Chancellor for the ensuing year, and submitted to the members of the Senate for their preference and election. The custom has hitherto been to select the youngest of the two, if he has not before served the office, and it has seldom been found necessary to put the question actually to a vote. But the Whig-Radicals here arc an unaccountable set of people, and were determined to have a skirmish at all events, even if it should lay bare their extreme weakness. They took up Dr. Ainslie, we believe against his wishes, and demanded a poll. At the close the result was for Dr. Archdall 75 ; for Dr. Ainslie, 25,

Francis Forster, B. A. of Catharine Hall, has been elected a Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar of the first class; and C. A. Hulbert, B.A. of Sidney College, a Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar of the second class.

PIUZLS. The subject for the Nonisian Prize Essay for the present year is, " The Style

and Composition of the Writings of the New Testament no toay inconsistent teiik the Belief that the Anthers of them were divinely inspired.

The Seatonian Prize Poem has been adjudged to the Rev. T. E. Hankinson, of Corpus ChrUti College.—Subject, IsltmaeL

The following Graces have passed the Senate:—

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Master of Jesus College, the Master of Christ's College, the Master of Caius College, the Plumian, Lucasian,and Lowndian Professors, Professor Miller, Mr. Whewell, Mr. Bowstead, and Mr. Philpott, a Syndicate for visiting the Observatory, till November, ld36.

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Hon, and Rev. the Master of Magdalene College, the Master of Jesus College, Professor Sedgwick, Professor Miller, Mr. Tatham, Mr. Lodge, Mr. Peacock, Mr. Whewell, Mr. Craufurd, Mr. Worsley, Mr. Willis, Mr. Ash, Mr. Calthrop, Mr. Lodington, Mr. Fennell, Mr. Hildyard (of Trinity Hall), Mr. Corrie, Mr. Snowball, Mr. HeavUide, Mr. Hodgson, and Mr. Arlett, a Syndicate to consider upon, and report to the Senate, the best measures to be adopted for carrying into effect the wishes of the University, with regard to the additions to the Library, and other important objects contemplated in the purchase of the "Old Court" of King's College.

To appoint Mr. Craufurd, of King's College, an Examiner of the previous examination in the Lent Term of 1836.

To exempt James Gwatkin Cochrane, of Trinity College, from the penalty attached to his not having been matriculated within the first three terms of his residence.

To appoint Mr. Evans, of St. John's College, Mr. Thurtell, of Caius College, Mr. Hymers, of St. John's College, Mr. Forster, of Catharine Hall, Mr. Kendall, of Jesus College, and Mr. Saunders, of Sidney College, Examiners of the Questionists.

To appoint Mr. Isaacson, of St. John's College, Mr. Gibson, of Sidney College, Mr. Hildyard, of St. Peter's College, Mr. Merivale, of St. John's College, Examiners for the Classical Tripos.

To appoint Mr. Shaw, of Sidney College, Mr. Tucker, of St. Peter's Collepe, and Mr. Kuhif, of Catharine Hall, Examiners at the previous Examination in the Lent Term, 1830'.

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