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Gloucester ... Dec. 14. Oxford . ... Dec. 21.
Lincoln . . . . Dec. 21. Salisbury .. . Dec. 21.

Winchester . . . . Dec. 21.


Degree College. University.
Allen, James . . . . . . . . M.A. Trinity

Camb. Anson, Frederick . . ..

. B.A. All Souls

Oxf, Atkins, Wm. Hastings Martin .

University Oxf. Bates, John Ellison . . . . . .

M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Bell, John Tesh, . . . . . . B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Bishop, Hugh Arthur.

B.A. Catharine Hall Borlase, William . . .

. M.A. Queen's

Oxf. Bowstead, John ...

. B.A. St. John's Camb. Brookfield, Wm. Henry (let. m. Henry (let. dim.) B.A.


Brown, Richard Lewis · · · · ·

. B.A.

Browne, Arthur . . . . . . . B.A. Christ Church Oxf.
Brooksbank, Henry Constantine , . M.A. Wadham

Oxf. Cardew, George, ., . , . . B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Chapman, William Sparrow ... B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Coplestone, Reginald Edward. . . B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Creswell, Richard Henry (let. dim.) B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Curtis, Jeremiah (let. dim.) , .. S.C.L. St. John's Camb. Dawes, Richard Jesson . . . . . B.A. Worcester Oxf. Deacon, George Edward ....M.A. Corpus Christi Oxf. Denshire, Henry · · · · ·

B.A. Clare Hall Camb.
Evans, Lewis . . . . . .



. Evanson, Charles . . . .

B.A. St.Edmund Hall Oxf. Forster, Henry Brooks . . . B.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Gardner, Arthur Downes .. B.A. Jesus

Green, Charles Stroud. .. B.A. Christ Church Oxf.
Greenslade, William. ..


Hall, George Charles . . . . . B.A. Magdalen Oxf.
Hayton, Amos , . . . . B.A. Queen's Oxf.
Howell, Alexander James ....

. B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Jackson, William Ward, jun. . , . M.A. Lincoln Oxf. Jeffreys, Henry Anthony ... M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Lloyd, John (let. dim.) .... B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Macdonald, Douglas .. . . B.A.

Camb. Peake, Henry (let. dim.) .. B.A.

Oxf. Phillips, Francis Roberts ... B.A.


Oxf. Prichard, Richard. . . . . . . B.A. Jesus

Oxf, Quick, Charles Thomas (let. dim.). B.A. St. John's Camb. Rodd, Henry Tremayn (let. dim.) . B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Rolfe, George Crabb . . . . .


B.A. St. John's Camb. Sale, Richard ...... .. B.A. St. John's Camb. Stonhouse, Arthur ...... B.A. Wadham

Oxf. Thompson, Thomas Bowser Harrison B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Trye, John Rawlin . . .

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Wasey, William George Leigh .. B.A. Christ Church Oxf. West, Washbourne . . . . . . B.A. Lincoln

Wilson, Henry Johnson .. . . B.A. Queen's

Wood, Richard Mountford . . . .B.A. St. John's Camb.
Wordsworth, Charles . . . . . M.A. Christ Church
Yorke, Thomas (let. dim.) . . . . B.A. Queen's


Bedingfield, Rd. King ..... B.A. Queen's Camb.
Blunt, Robert . . . . . . . .B.A. St. John's Camb.
Boothby, Brooke William Robert M.A. All Souls
Bradford, William Bathurst ... B.A. Magdalen Oxf.

By Bishop of Gloucester Oxford Salisbury Oxford Lincoln Lincolo Oxford Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Oxford Gloucester Salisbury Oxford Oxford Lincoln Lincoln Gloucester Oxford Lincoln Gloucester Salisbury Gloucester Oxford Oxford Winchester Oxford Lincoln Winchester Gloucester Oxford Lincoln Salisbury Winchester Winchester Oxford Winchester Winchester Oxford Winchester Salisbury Oxford Gloucester Oxford Lincoln Salisbury Lincoln Oxford Lincoln


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Salisbury Lincoln Oxford Winchester


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Degree College University. By Bishop of Bulley, Frederick . . . . . . . M.A. Magdalen Oxf. Oxford Carter, Richard Foster . . . . . B.A. St. John's Camb. Winchester Carey, Peter . . . . . . . . M.A. Trinity

Camb. Gloucester Clarke, Thomas . . . . . . . B.A. St. John's Camb. Winchester Clifton, Robert Cox . . . . . . M.A.

M.A. Worcester Oxf. Oxford Close, Robert Wm. . . . . . . B.A. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln Clutterbuck, Henry . . . . . . B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Lincoln Crouch, James Frederick . . . . M.A. Corpus Christi Oxf. Oxford Dand, Thomas . . .

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Lincoln Day, Henry Thomas (let. dim.) S.C.L. Clare Hall Camb. Winchester Durnford, Edmund ..... B.A. Pell. of King's Camb. Winchester Eden, Charles Page . . . . . . M.A. Oriel

Oxf. Oxford Gould, Robert John . . . . . M.A. Wadham

Oxf. Lincoln Greig, George . . . . . . . B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxf. , Lincoln Headlam, James Garnett . . . . M.A. Brasennose Oxf. Gloucester Johnson, William Henry . . B.A. Worcester Oxf. Lincoln Kynaston, Herbert . . . . .

M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Leslie, William . . . . . .

M.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Lewis, David James.

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Oxford Lowther, Beresford ..

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Salisbury Maddock, Henry John ... B.A. Worcester

Lincoln Miles, Lomas . . . . . . B.A. Queen's

Lincoln Norris, Thomas Elye ... B.A. Jesus

Camb. Lincoln Oakley, William Henry .. B.A. Trinity

Dublin Lincoln Oldrid, John Henry ..:

B.A. Magdalen Oxf. Lincoln Pears, James Robert . M.A. Magdalen Oxf. Oxford Parker, John ...

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf.

Lincoln Pidsley, Edward (let. dim.) .. B.A. Worcester Oxf. Winchest Poore, Charles Harwood.... B.A.

Camb. Winchester Raine, John (let. dim.). . . . . M.A. Fell, of Trinity Camb. Lincoln Rawlins, Christopher . . . . . B.A.

Oxf. . Winchester Rogers, Geo. Bourdieu . . . . . B.A. Pembroke

Oxf. Salisbury Russell, Richard Norris. .... B.A. Fell. of Caius Camb. Lincoln Talbot, Hon. Geo. Gust. Chetwynd . M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Gloucester Taylor, Vernon Pearce . . . B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Lincoln Tovey, Thomas Leach...... B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Salisbury Twining, George Brewster .... B.A. University Oxf. . Lincoln Sheppard, Henry Winter .... M.A. Trinity

Camb. Gloucester Spyers, Thomas . . . . .

M.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury Stead, Alfred ...... B.A. Caius

Camb." Lincoln Stevens, William Everert.. M.A. St. John's Camb.. Oxford Swan, Edward . ..,

M.A. St. John's Camb. ' Lincoln Walker, Joseph . . . . . . . M.A. Brasennose

Oxf. Oxford Walker, Henry . . . . . . . M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Waller, Robert . . . . . . . B.A. Brasennose Oxf. . Gloucester Whiptram, Arthur (let. dim.) ... B.A. Trinity Oxf. Gloucester

Deans, 49.-Priests, 50.-Total, 99.

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CLERICAL APPOINTMENTS. S. B, BURNABY, LL.D. of Doctors' Commons, has recently been appointed by his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, Commissary of the city and diocese of Canterbury, of the Deaneries of South Malling, Pagham, and Terring, in Sussex; and also official to the Archdeacon, by the Archdeacon of Canterbury.

Dodd, Philip Stanhope . . Chaplain in Ordinary to the King.
Fielding, Allen .. .. Chaplain to H.M.S. Victory.
Green, Charles Stroud . •Chaplains of Christ Church.
Browne, Arthur ...
Griffith, J.G. .... Head Master of Bridgewater School.
Halton, T. .... Curacy of St. Peter's, Liverpool.
Hayton, Amos ... Domestic Chaplain to Lady Wenman.


Norris, Frederick ... Domestic Chaplain to Viscount Strangford.
Parker, Edwin James.. Vicar of Waltham, St. Lawrence. A Surrogate for the

Diocese of Sarum.
Quekett, W. . . . . . Evening Lecturer of St. George's, Middlesex.
Verschoyle, -,. ... Minister of New Church, Baggot Street, Dublin.



County. Diocese. Patron.
Allen, Wm. Birkett Winterbourne, R. Gloster Gloster St. John's Coll.Oxf.
Ball, John ... Reading, St. Lawr. V. Berks Sarum St. John's Coll. Oxf.

Preb. in Chester Cath.
Barlow, W...

Coddington, R.

Bp. of Chester

Chester 3 D. & C. of Chester Bond, W. H... Wymington, R. Beds 'Lincoln John Lee, Esq. Bull, Henry..i St. Mary Magdalen Camb. Ely D.& C. of Christ Ch. Bull, Edward .. Pentlow, R.

Essex London Rev. J. G. Bull Christie, R. C. . Frethorne, R.

Gloster Gloster Rev. C. F. Fenwick Clutterbuck, Hen.. Kempton, V.

Beds Lincoln P. Clutterbuck, Esq. Cooper, HI.... Rye, V.

Sussex Chich. Countess Burlington Dikes, Thomas . . North Ferriby, V. York York W. Wilkinson, Esq. Faulkner, R., R. . Havering-at-Bow, P. C. Essex London C. E. Heaton, Esq. Goodrich, C... Bittering-Parva, R. Norfolk Norwich J. Dover, Esq. Grainger, J. Cecil. St. Giles, Reading, V. Berks Sarum The King Griffith, John . . Llaneugrad, R.

Anglesea Bangor Bishop of Bangor
Llanallgo, P. C.
Haworth, Richard.

a S All Saints & St. John
• Huntingdon, R.

Hunts Lincoln Lord Chancellor
Higgins, James . . Eleham, R.

Kent Cant. Merton Coll. Oxford Hinds, Dr. ... Yardley

Herts Lincoln D. & C. of St. Paul's Hooper, John .. Albury, R.

Surrey Winch. H. Drummond, Esq. Hutton, Chas. Hen. Willoughby, V. Warwick Lichfield Magdalen Coll. Oxl. Jenour, A. . . . Rothby, P. c.

Leicester Lincoln T. Babington, Esq. Jeremie, J. A. . . Preb. in Cath. Church of Lincoln

Bishop of Lincoln Johnson, Paul . . Syderstand, R.

Norfolk Norwich Trustees Jones, Howel .. Egerton, P.C.

Kent Cant. Rev. Dr. Blomberg Litchfield, Francis. Ryhall-cum-Essendine, R.Rutland Peterboro'Marquis of Exeter Moore, R. G... Horkstow, V.

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Yarborough Mesham, Arthur B. Wooton, St. Martin, R. Kent Cant. Sir J.W.H.Brydges Newbury

St. Margaret Pattens, Lond . and St. Gabriel, R.

London London Corp. of London

S Parker, Edwin Jas. Waltham, St. Lawr. V.' Berks Sarum Lord Braybrooke Pearse, George . . Martbam, V.

Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Pitt, Charles . . Ashton Keynes, V. Wills Sarum Joseph Pitt, Esq. Proctor, W. M.. . Doddington, P.C. Northum. Durham Duke of Northumb. Rennington, Thos.. Cartmel, P.C.

Lanc. Chester Earl of Burlington Ridsdale, W.J. . Pool, P. C.

York York Vicar of Otley. Roberts, George . Coleford, P.C.

Gloster Gloster Bishop of Gloucest. Roberts, J. . . . Tal-y-Llyn, P.C. Anglesea Bangor O. F. Meyrick, Esq. Russell, R. N. . . Beachampton, R. Bucks Lincoln Caius Coil. Camb. Smith, Urban .. Stoney Middleton, P.C. Derby Lichfield Vicar of Hathersaye Snow, Thomas . . St. Dunstan's, Fleet St., V. London

's. Pleet St. V London London | Rev. C. Simeon, &

London Stephens, Darell . Little Petherick, R. Cornwall Exeter Sir W. Molesworth Talbot, Hon. G.G.C. Withington, R.

Gloster Gloster Bishop of Worcester Maldon, v. Trevelyan, beorge with Chessington, P.C. S

Surrey Winch. Merton Coll.Oxford Watson, Thos. , . Newton, V.

Norfolk Norwich Bishop of Ely Williams, D.H.T.G. Nearne, V.

Pemb. St. Dav.. The King

we ( H. B. Wrey, Esq. Wrey, John . . . Kingsnympton, R.

Devon Exeter H. C. Millett, Esq.



County. Diocese. Patron.
Hawkridge, R.

Somerset B. &Wells Miss Wood
with Withypoole, C.
Brydges, N. . . Willoughby, V.

Warwick Lichfield Magdalen Coll. Oxf. Cane, Wm. A. . , Doddington, P.C. Northum. Durham Duke of Northumb. Davies, R. .. (Llaneugard, R.

Anglesea Bangor Bishop of Bangor Llanallgo, P.C. Disturnall, Josiah . Worinshill, R.

Kent Cant. Christ's Hospital

S Mentmore, V.

Dupré, John

R. B. Harcourt, Esq. .

Toynton, All Saints, V. Lincoln Lincoln Lord Gwydyer Easton, Wm... Harsthorn Priors, V. Hants Winch. Bp. of Winchester

Hereford Hereford
Bishop's Castle, V.
Frowd, Isaac ..

Lord Powis
Shrawardine, R.

Salop Hereford Lora
Hamley, Edw.. · Stanton St. John, R. Oxford Oxford New Coll, Oxford
Hand T
Hand, J. T...

Camb. Ely
Cheveley, R.
• Ousdon, R.

Suffolk Norwich

ch Rev. J. T. Hand

Rotherhithe, R.

Surrey Winch. Clare Hall, Camb.
Sussex Chich. King's Coll. Camb.

w.. Jesus Coll. & Vic. of Jane, W. H., D.D.

Worc. Worc. { Cale
Tredington, R.

TC. Worc. Caldecot, Monm. Lowe, s.. . . . Darleston, R.

Stafford Lichfield Rev. C. Simeon. Metcalf, F. ... Reighton, v.

York York Sir W. Strickland mee S Tinsley, P.C.

York York Earl Fitzwilliem Mower, James . . Dinnington, R.

York York Lord Chancellor Myers, John... Rye, V.

Sussex Chicb. Countess Burlington Richards, C.. · Chale, R.

1.Wightwinch Rev. C. Richards South Stoneham, V. Ilants

South. Rideout, P. . . . Farnham, R.

Dorset Bristol Lord Chancellor Sikes, Thos...Guilsborough, V. Northam.Peterbor'.Rev. Thos. Sikes Walcot, John .. Bitterley, R.

Salop Hereford Sir J. D. King, Bt. SDymchurch, V.

Kent Cant. Webster, Wm.

Lord Chancellor Blackmanstone, R. Kent Cant. Archbishop of Cant. Williams, H.

Maldon, V.
with Chessington, P.C.

Surrey Winch. Merton Coll. Oxford
Š West Putford, R. Devon Exeter Lord Clinton
Fouge, Denys. Morwinstow, V.

Cornwall Exeter Bishop of Exeter

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Allen, H. . . . . . . Precentor of Kilfinora, Ireland.
Dodd, Charles W..., M. A. of Christ Church, Oxford.
Meade, Hon. & Rev. Pierce M. A. of Wadham College, Oxford.
Ormsby, Owen.

Vicar of Ballymascaulon, Ireland.
Pickwick, Charles ... Late of Worcester College, Oxford.
Walker, Robert .... Formerly of Balliol College, Oxford.
Whitaker, Walker, . . Curate of West and East Stover, Dorset.


Mr. John William Wing, of University Mr. George Markham Gifford, Scholar College, has been elected Scholar of that of New College, has been admitted Actual Society, on the Bennet Foundation ; Mr. Fellow, and Mr. William David Hall, from George Stuart Ombler, of University, Mr. Winchester, has been admitted Scholar Frederick William Faber, of Balliol, and of that Society.

Mr. William Fishburn Donkin, of Si. EdVOL. XVII. NO. 1.

the county of Kent, the University possessing an estate in that parish.

mund Hall, have been elected Scholars on the Yorkshire Foundation.

Archibald Campbell Tait, B.A. Scholar of Balliol College, and William George Ward, B.A. Scholar of Lincoln College, and late a Commoner of Christ Church, are elected Fellows--and Mr. Lake, of Rugby School, and Mr. Goulburn, of Eaton School, Scholars of Balliol College. At the Examinations in 1833, Mr. Tait was placed in the first class of Lit. Human. : and at

xaminations in the present Term, Mr. Ward was placed in the second class of Lit. Human.

On Wednesday, Dec. 24, the following persons were admitted Actual Students of Christ Church, having been elected from Westminster in May last :-John James Randolph, Ambrose St. John, Frederick Luttrell Moysey; also, the following Commoners of Christ Church were elected Sludents by the Dean and Canons :-Osborne Gordon, Henry Hall, Augustus William Warde, Samuel Buckland, William Edmund Pole, and William Charles Cotton.

DURHAM UNIVERSITY.—The Barrington Scholarships have been awarded to the following gentlemen of this University :-Messrs. R. W. Furness, H. D. Griffith, R. Errington, and T. Watson.

The following gentlemen succeed to the office of Select Preacher at Michaelmas, 1835:

The Rev. John Russell, D.D. of Ch. Ch.

The Rev. Jas. S. M. Anderson, M.A. of Balliol.

The Rev. W. F. Audland, M.A. of Q.
The Rev. C. A. Hurtley, M.A. of C.C.C.

The Rev. Joseph E. Riddle, M. A. of St. Edmund Hall.


DOCTOR IN MEDICINE. Bampfylde Daniell, Christ Church.

DOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW. Henry Ker Seymour, Fellow of All Souls' College, grand compounder.

HONORARY MASTER OF ARTS. Elias Chadwick, Esq. Gentleman Comp.

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. Thonias Usmar, Queen's Coll. Richard Prichard, Scholar of Jesus Coll. Arthur William Tooke, St. Alban Hall. Ed. T. B, Twisleton, Fellow of Balliol Coll. Rev.'Reginald I'yndar Turner, Balliol Coll. Rev. Henry Hogarth, Magdalen Hall. Rev. Richard Parson, Magdalen Hall. Rev. William Wayman, Exeter Coll. John Osborne, Trinity Coll. Rev. Stephen Ralph Spicer, Worcester Coll. Rev. John Samuel Broad, St. Edmund H. Rev, Robert Gray, University Coll. Rev. Henry James, Worcester Coll. Charles W. Borrett, Demy of Mag. Col. Rev. W. Richardson, Fellow of Mag. Col. Richard Holberton, Exeter College.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. James Watson Cole, Magdalen Hall. James Beech, Corpus, grand compounder. Thomas Jackson, St. Mary Hall. Lewis Welsh Owen, Scholar of Balliol Coll. William Henry Hussey, Balliol Coll. Bryan King, Brasennose Coll. Thomas Hanmer, Brasennose Coll. Henry Corn wall Legh, Brasennose Coll James Graham Domvile, Christ Church. Hon. Frederick W. A. Bruce, Christ Ch. Robert Henry Fortescue, Exeter Coll. Henry Dale, Demy of Magdalen Coll. Charles Dayman, Demy of Magdalen Coll. William Jonathan Sawell, Magdalen Coll. William De Salis, Oriel Coll. George Still Law, Oriel Coll. William Henry Gunner, Trinity Coll. Richard Paynton Pigott, Trinity Coll. Benjamin Charles Dowding, Trinity Coll. James Richard Owen, Scholarof JesusColl. Orlando H.B. Hyman, Scholar of Wadham. William Jeans, Wadham Coll. Peter Auburtin, Wadham Coll. Joseph Bush, Wadham Coll. Lewis Playters Herd, Merton Coll. Robert Govett, Scholar of Worcester Coll. Charles Crowe Snowden, Worcester Coll. Henry Cooper, Worcester Coll. John Backhouse Neilson, New Inn Hall. George Brydges Lee Warner, NewInn Hall. John Blommart, University Coll. Francis Marshall, New Coll.

In Convocation, an instrument, bearing the common corporate seal of the Warden and Scholars of St. Mary Winton College, in Oxford, commonly called New College, was promulgated to the house. By this instrument the right of Exemption from the Examination for Degrees, hitherto claimed by Fellows of New College, is relinquished by that Body for ever, on behalf of all persons hereafter to be elected from the foundation of Winchester College, with an express reservation, however, to themselves and to their successors, of their ancient privilege of proceeding to Degrees without supplicating the Grace of the House of Convocation.

The sum of 501. was voted from the University chest, in aid of a subscription for building a school room at Bexley, in

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