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Public Examiner in Literis Humanioribtu, Ins been unanimously approved by Convocation.

Mr. Alfred Wallis Street, Commoner uf Magdalen Hall, has been elected to the ( raven Scholarship, lately vacant.

The following gentlemen have been elected Postmasters of Merton College :— Mr. James Stephen Hodson, Ballioll College i Mr. Rowland William Stevens, Trinity College; Mr. John Wilkinson, Wadham College; Mr. William Heygate Kenn, Exeter College; and Mr. Edward Hornby.

Hubert Hodson and William Paley Graham, have been elected Scholars upon the old Foundation, Queen's College. Thomas Finch (Michel Exhibitioner), has been elected Scholar upon that Foundation; and G. A. Butler (from Abingdon Grammar School) and T. G. Clarke, have been elected Tylney Exhibitioners.

Mr. Swayne has been elected a Scholar of Corpus Christi College, on the Gloucestershire Foundation.

Mr. Samuel Henry Russell, and Mr. James Augustus Hessey, Scholars of St. John's College, have been admitted Actual Fellows; and, at the same time, Thomas Cateret Maule, Arthur Hrydon Cross Starkey, and William John Wise, (elected from Merchant Tailors" School,) were admitted 1'robationary Scholars of that Society.

Charles Browne Dalton, B.A. and Probationer of Wadham Cullege. has been admitted Actual Fellow; Thomas Brancker, B.A. Orlando Haydon Bridgeman Hyman, B.A. and Joseph Walker, B.A. Probationers; and John George Sheppard, Commoner of Wadham College (Royal Institution Schools, Liverpool), Henry King, Commoner of Exeter College, and George Malim Messiter, from Rugby School, elected Scholars of Wadham College.

T. D. Acland, Fellow of All Souls' Coll.
Rev. Arthur Browne, Christ Church.
Rev. Walter Sheppard, Exeter Coll.
Rev. Charles James, Exeter Coll
A. J. P. Lutwyche, Queen's Coll.
Rev. Francis Warre, Oriel Coll.
Rev. Antony Boiler, Oriel Coll.
Rev. Henry James, Balliul Coll.
S. E. Wentworth, Balliol Coll.
Rev. John Strickland, Wadham Coll.
Rev. John Kent, Wadham Coll.
G. H. A. Beard, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. J. H. Samler, Pembroke Coll.
Hon. James Bruce, Fell, ot Merton Coll.
Francis Jervoise Ellis, Merton Coll.
Rev. Thomas Gayfere, Merton Coll.


J. J. Foulkes, Jesus Coll. Grand Comp.

R. P. Hartopp, Ch. Ch. Grand Comp.

James Dodson, Christ Church.

R. J. Spranger, Fellow of Exeter Coll.

John Theodore Bond, Exeter Coll.

Richard Stephens, Magdalen Hall.

Charles Hinxman, Balliol Coll.

W. H. Price, Scholar of Pemb. Coll.

Thomas Brooks, St. Mary Halt.

William Cockin, Sciiol. of BrasennoseColl.

Frederick Capper Brooke, Christ Church.

Henry R. Smylue, Christ Church.

George A. Wright, U orcester Coll.

Rev. Thomas Clarke, Queen's Coll.

R. C. Tate, Schol. of Corpus Christi Coll.


Henry Powell, Exeter Coll.

The honooary degree of Doctor in Civil Law has been conferred upon Nicholas Carlisle, Esq. F.R.S. and Sec A.S. &c. Sic; and upon Professor Chalmers, of the University of Edinburgh.

At the same time, the following gentlemen ol the University of Cambridge, were admitted nJtundem: — Rev. W. C. Hughes, M.A. of Corpus

Christi Coll. Rev. John Lalont, M.A. Emmanuel Coll. Rev. William Wales, M.A. Catharine Hall.


Charles Thorp, Archdeacon of Durham,

formerly Fell.ol University Coll. Or. Comp.


Rev. J. M. Prower, Wadham Coll. Grand

Comp. William John Birch, New Inn Hall. John Francis Riehard Hill, Trinity Coll. Rev. John Hill. Oriel Coll. Rev. Joseph Hamilton, Pembroke Coll. U.K. Rothwell, Braseunose Coll. Gr. Comp. Rev. William Pearson, University Coll.


Chancellor's Prues for the ensuing year, via.—

For Latin Ferte — " Alexander ad Gangem."

For an English Etsiy—" The Effects of a National Taste for general and diffusive Reading."

For a Latin Essay — " Antiquorum Romanorum in publicis operibus magnificentia."

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize, for the lest composition in English Verse, not limited to fifty lines —" The Knighu of St. John."

Theological Prize—" The Evidences of

our Saviour's Resurrection."

At the late Winchester College Election the following gentlemen were placed on the highest part of the roll, for the successions at New College:—Messrs.Girdlestone, Bathurst, Lee, Bedford, Baker, Darnell, sen. Darnell, jun. Burney, Bennett, and Warmsley.

At the election of Demies of Magdalen College, the following gentlemen were chosen :—Messrs.Routh, Faussett, Nelson, Mount,Hughes, and Worsley—Mr.Penrose was placed on the octave.

It is stated in the Cork Herald that the Archbishop of Dublin has expressed his opinion for the surrender of the whole of the Irish tithe property to the Crown, and the Clergy to receive a stipend from the consolidated fund.


July 3.

This being the first Commencement after the installation of the new Chancellor, (which ceremony took place in December last) the attendance on the occasion was expected to be unusually great. Accordingly, visitors in vast numbers continued to flock into the town from all quarters, during Friday and Saturday, at which lime it was unusually full.

On Saturday evening, a little before six o'clock, the Marquis Camden arrived, in a carriage and four. He alighted at the gate of Trinity College, and was met by the Master and Fellows, who conducted him to the Lodge, where he took up his abode.

On Friday morning, July 3, the proceedings commenced, as usual, with a Sermon, preached at Great St. Mary's Church for the benefit of Addenbrooke's Hospital: when the Bishop of London delivered a very impressive sermon from part of the 4th verse of the 11th chapter of St. John's Gospel:—This sickness it not unto death, but for the glory of Ood, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby. The collection amounted to 2791. 2s. 3d. including donations of 502. from the Marquis Camden, ill. from the Earl Dela- Warr, and 51. 5s. from the Countess De-la-Warr, in aid of "The Samaritan Fund,'* a new feature connected with the Hospital, which was most feelingly and eloquently dwelt upon by the learned prelate, and which calls for the especial attention of the wealthy and benevolent; its object being to provide situations and employment for the patients on leaving the Hospital, as by a long continuance there, they may be deprived of occupation. We have the gratification of being able to state, that Lord Fnrnborough has since sent a donation of 50/. to the Hospital. The

congregation was more numerous thai: usual. The Earl of Hardwicke, president of the Hospital, was in the throne, surrounded by several of the nobility, heads of Colleges, and various families of the neighbourhood.

On the morning of Saturday, a numerous and fashionable audience attended at St. Mary's Church, to hear the performance of Handel's oratorio of The Messiah, in front of the organ a large temporary orchestra was erected, and there was a full and efficient instrumental corps, comprising upwards of u'O performers, F. Cramer,(leader), Lindley, Dragonetti, Nicholson, Cooke, Willman, Macintosh, Piatt, Harper, and Chipp, being amongst them. Mr. Walmisley, Mus. Baa, presided at the organ, and Sir G. Smart acted as conductor. At the conclusion of the oratorio, a splendid public breakfast was given by the Master of Downing, in the spacious grounds attached to the College. After the tables were removed, dancing commenced in the large tent, which was brilliantly lighted, and the evening's entertainment concluded with the performance of Shakspeare's second part of Henry IV. by a number of gentlemen amateurs, whose exertions gave great delight to a crowded audience.

On Sunday morning, July 5, a sermon was preached by the Rev. T. F. FoordBowes, D.D. from the 8th and four following verses of the third chapter of Ephesians.

At two o'clock the Chancellor, attended as he had been in the morning, proceeded again to St. Mary's, to be present at the afternoon service, when a sermon was preached by the Bishop of Gloucester from the 8th, 9th, and 10th verses of the 2d chapter of Colossians. At 4 o'clock, service was performed in King's College Chspei.

On Monday, the arrangements in the Senate House were excellent, combining a desire to accommodate the many with the comfort of each. At twelve o'clock was ushered in the Chancellor,amid loud cheers. When silence had been obtained, the congregation proceeded to the ceremony of granting honorary degrees.

The Prince Pozzo di Borgo was the first who received this honour, then the Archbishop of Canterbury; but when it came to the turn of the Duke of Wellington to have the grace proposed for his degree, the applause beggars all description—it surpassed every thing of the kind we had ever before witnessed. At last, however, it terminated; and the Public Orator, the Rev. It. Tatham, B.D., after bowing to the Chancellor, proceeded to present to him, seriatim, the subjoined list of noblemen and gentlemen who were admitted to the honorary degree of Doctor of Civil Law on this occasion :— Prince Pozzo di Borgo, Duke of Grafton, Marquia of Bute, Marquis of Downsbire, Marquis of Exeter, Marquis of Northampton, Marquis of Douro, Earl of Hardwicke, Lord Amherst, Earl Brownlow, Lord Lyndhurst, Lord Abinger, Lord Teignmouth, Lord De Lisle and Dudley, Lord Castlereagh, Earl of Brecknock, Earl of Burlington, Lord A. Fitzclarence, Lord Clive, Lord Prudhoe, Sir E. Sugden, Sir J. Graham, Sir N. Tindal, Sir J. Parke, Mr. Baron Graham, Hon. K. Clive, Hon. G. R. Trevor.

The following were admitted, ad eundem :

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Duke of Wellington, the Bishop of Exeter, the Bishop of Llandaff.

The following received Honorary Degrees of M.A.:—

Lord Boscawen, ad eundem; Hon. U. W. W. Forester, Hon. H. Manners Sutton, Sir Francis Chantrey, Sir G. Rose, Sir P. Malcolm, Sir E. Kerrison, Sir C. Wetherell.

Messrs. Goulburn and Howes, the Chancellor's Medallists of this year, declaimed, and were presented with medals by the Chancellor. The Duke of Cumberland, and the Marquis of Londonderry, who were not present at the commencement of the proceedings, arrived in the SenateHouse shortly before their termination at five o'clock.

At two o'clock, His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury held a Levee at Sidney Lodge, which was attended by most of the nobility, and all the Bishops and Clergy in the University.

On Tuesday, Mr. Whytehead, of St. John's College, recited his prize poem, the subject of which was "The Death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, late Chancellor of the University."

The poem is a composition of much merit, and was very favourably received, great cheering following the delivery of various passages, particularly those referring to the support given by the illustrious deceased to the cause of negro emancipation, and the allusion to the new Chancellor and the Duke of Wellington.

When Mr. Whytehead had concluded his recitation, he was led up to the chair by the Esquire Bedell. The Chancellor, in addressing him, said," You have discharged in a most able manner, the very difficult task you have had to perform: you have well described the great misfortune which the University has sustained in the death of his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester ; and I have great pleasure in presenting you with this prize as a testimony of your exertions." Mr. James Ind Smith, Scholar of Trinity, then recited a Greek prize ode in Sapphic verse, on the subject of Delos; and Mr. Drury recited a prize ode in Latin Alcaics, on Belisarius, and also a Greek and Latin epigram; all of which were well delivered and received.

The recitations were concluded by a translation in Greek iambics, from Act II, Scene 2, of the third part of Shakspeare's King Henry VI. by Mr. Kennedy, of St. John's College, for which he obtained the Porson prize.

The Installation Ode, written with remarkable taste and imaginative powers, by the Rev. C. Wordsworth, Fellow of Trinity College, and set to music by Mr. T. A. Walmisley, Mus. Bac. was then performed.

The remaining ceremonies passed off in a manner that reflects credit on the University, and particularly on those to whose care the arrangements were assigned.

To commemorate the Installation of the Marquis Camden, a medal has been produced by Mr. Peters, of St. Mary's-street. On one side is a likeness of the Chancellor, from a drawing made for the purpose, and for which his Lordship expressly sat. The reverse represents a very beautiful interior view of the Senate House The design is good, and the whole is extremely well executed.

The Master and Fellows of St. Peter's College, in this University, have, upon their own petition, obtained a grant of letters patent from the crown, which will, on the 26th of June, 1839, relieve them from their present restrictions on the election of Fellows, with respect to counties. All such existing restrictions (which were imposed in a royal letter of King Charles the First) will be removed, and in the place of them will be substituted only one, to prevent there ever being more than one-third part of the fellowships filled by natives of the same county. This alteration will, in effect, fay the Fellowships open to a free competition.

The first stone of the new Lodge for the Master of Magdalene College, was laid on Wednesday, by Prince George of Cambridge, who deposited in it one of the silver medals just produced by Mr. Peters.


George Budd, M.B. Perse Fellow of Gonville and Cuius College, has been elected a Junior Fellow, and William Campbell Ottley, M.A. a Perse Fellow of that Society.


The following prizes have been adjudged :—

Members' Prizes for Bachelors uf Arts— Edward Thomas Vaughan, B.A. Christ's Coll.; Thomas Bradley Paget, B.A. Trinity Coll.: subject, "De fide histories recte sestimanda."

Members' Prizes for Undergraduates— John Smith Mansfield, Trinity Coll.; James Ind Smith, Trinity Coll.: subject,


Dolling, Robert J. T.
Goodday, Septimus


Blunt, Walter
Law, John Halsey
Durnlbrd, Edmund
Bacon, Robert Wm.
M iddleton, J.Clement

St. Peter's Coi.l.
Shotting, Charles
Cookson, Henry W.
Nind, William
Cotesworth, Henry
Longmire, Daniel
Ray, George
l.urllam, Thomas
Spencer, Peter
Fell, Thomas


Power, John Arthur West, John Rowland Stephens, Richard Garlike, Thomas. C. Hutchinson, Thomas Cherry, Benjamin Bowman, John


Smith, Henry


Maynard, George
Russell, R. Norris
Eyres, Charles
Ottley, W. Campbell
Borton, William
Sparke, Exckiel
Crawford, W.Conoily
Tayler, John
Adams, E. Richards
Harrison, W.Hopkins
Porter, Geo. Henry
Borton, John


Woodd,R.W. Kendall Pearce, George Banning, J. Johnson Welhtrell, Nathan Ebden, John Watts Bulwer.E.G-ELytton Hesketh W. Mayer


Westmacott, Horatio IlurnarU, Wm. Burr

"L'trum recte judicaveril Cicero iniquissiroam pacem justUsimo bello anteferendara esse?"

On Saturday, July 4, Samuel R. Carver, Catharine Hall; Joseph Buckley, Magdalen College; and William Heyler, St.John's College, were admitted to the degree of Bachelors of Arts ; and on Monday, July 6, the same degree was conferred on William Topham Hobson, Corpus Christi College, and 'I nomas Clarke, Pembroke College.

On Monday, July 6, the Rev. Edward Cooper, of Trinity Hall, and the Rev. Robert Dampier, of Corpus Christi College, were admitted to the degrees of Bachelors in Civil Law.

On Tuesday, July 7, being Commencement day, the following Doctors and Masters of Arts were created :—


Rev. T. F. Foord Bowes, Trinity Coll.


Herbert Jenner, Fellow of Trinity Hall
Frederick Trotter, Christ's Coll.
Rev. John Buck, Queen's Coll.


Richard Elmhirst, Caius Coll.
Disney Launder Thorp, Caius Coll.
John Harris, Trinity Coll.
John Pendlebury, Queen's Coll.


Hine, James
Greenfield, B. Wyatt
Leigh, Edw. Morris
Edwards, J. Francis


Barber, George
Rowlands, John
Hough, James
Watts, George
Taylor, Richard
Harvey, W. Woodis
Middleton, Win. John
Fysh, Frederic
Bennett, Nicholas
Pearson, Hugh Arth.
Madden, WynJhamC.
Warren, Edward B.
Martin, Robert
Gibbs, Joseph
Evans, John
Hay worth, Richard


Mandell, Rayson
Forster, Fiancis
Maddison, Gcurge
Dawson, Henry
Barker, William

Dawkins, Richard
Gamson, Robert
Cottom, George
Prosscr, James
Heaton, George


Venables, G. Stovin Chapman,Benedict L. Beevor, W. Smythies Wall, William Kenrick, J. Bridges


Clarkson, Townley L. Gleadowe, TbornasL. Wilkinson, William A. Davidson, Charles Shurt, Theodore Whitinore, Ainsle H. Morris, Lawrence S. Oldknow, Joseph Holroyd, J as. John Robertson, James Wharton, W. F.Lowe

ST. John's Coll. Laing, Samuel

(inrney, Thomas Cotterill, Thomas Charlton, Charles D. Pickering,Percival A. Bull, John

t'oiisidine, R. A. W. Dugard, George Woodward.Robert B. Milne, Nathaniel Shadwell, Lewis H. Bromliy, John E. Beadon, R. A'Court Watson, William Whiting, Robert Wray, George Panting, Lawrence Bowstcad, John Deans, James Heberden, Frederic Antrobus, Edmund


Lloyd, William Brown, Edward Tatham, Arthur

Read, Geo. Rudston


Curling, William
Chapman,Matthew J.
Stowe, Solomon, Jno.
Webster, Thomas
Thompson, Wm. H.
Hurst, Sam Sheppard
Lushington, E. Law
Potts, Robert
Hamilton, E. W. T.
Shillelo, Richard
Scott, John
Silver, William
Silver, Joseph
Christie, Charles C.
Dodson, John
Morgan, James
Porch, Thomas P.
White,Wm. Spranger
Houlbrook, William
Badger, Albert
Nicholson, John A.
Isaac, William Lister

Alfonl, Henry
Absolom, C. Severn
Lord, Wm. Edward
Heath, Douglas D.
Dobson, William
Newby, Mark
Hoare, John Gurney
Frere, Edward
Davies. John
Granville, C. D'Ewes
TJpclter, H. Ramey
Dickinson, Henry S.
Lowndes, Charles
Soltau, Henry, Wm.
Farish, George
Robinson, William
Tatlock, Henry
Edwards, Joseph
Hall, John Hamilton
Pinney, William
Couchman, Henry
Rush, Geo. William
Withers, Geo. Undy
Tayler, William Jas.

Carrington, George Burford, Win. James Maine, John Thomas Mazzirtghi, T nomas J. Ellis, Edw. Chauncy Allen, John Hawtrey.Steph.Thos.


Browne, E. Harold
Llovd, John
Holmes, E. Adolphus
Dawson, Edw.Henry
Venables, Richard L.
Bedford, Thomas
Kinleside, Chas.G.R.
Weguelin.William A.
Girardot, William
Kyd, Alexander


Simpson, J. Dalziel
Barlow, George
Roe, Martin
Hodgson, William

The following Degrees have been conferred :—


Joseph Sumner Brockhurst, St.John's Cull.


John Barrett Nelson, Trinity Coll.


Edward Dearie, Queen's Coll.

The following gentlemen have been admitted ad eundem :—

Hon. Richard Cust, M. A. Oriel Coll.
Sir Stephen R. Glynne, M.A. Christ Ch.
Edward Montagu Salter, M.A. Christ Ch.
John James, M.A. Queen's Coll.
Jas. Guillenurd, M.A. St.John's Coll. Oxf.
Joseph D. Jackson, M.A. Trinity Coll.
Joseph Phillimore, D.C.L. Reg. Prof, of

Civil Law in the Univ. of Oxford
John David Macbride, D.C.L. Principal of

Magd. Hall, Oxford The Very Rev. Geo. Chandler, D.C.L.,

Dean of Chichester Philip Williams, Esq. D.C.L. Vinerian Prof.

of Law, Oxford. Henry Morice, M.A. St. John's Coll. Rev. John G. Story, Magdalen Hall il. D. Hampden, Prin. of St. Mary Hall. T. M. Hopkins, M.A. Jesus Coll. Oxford Dr. Storer, Trinity Coll. Dublin

Professor Airy has been appointed Astronomer Royal, vacant by the resignation of Mr. 1'on I.


In the Cathedral Church of Sarum, the Rev. Lewis Tomlinson, late of Wadliam College, and of Brown Street, Salisbury, to Maria, eldest daughter of T. D. Windsor, Esq. of the Close. Salisbury.

At Empshot Church. Hants, by the Rev. Thomas Butler, B.A. Demy of Magdalene College, the Rev. Charles Alcock, M.A. Fellow of New College, and Rector of Witchingham, Norfolk, to Mary, youngest daughter of James Butler, Esq. of Empshot Terrace.

At Alverstoke, Hants, the Rev. W. K. Clay, B.D. of Jesus College, Cambridge, to Mary Anne, second daughter of RearAdmiral M'Kinley.

At Tiverton, the Rev. Wm. H. Whitworth, M.A. Head Master of Kensington Proprietary School, to Henrietta Masterman, sixth daughter of the late R. Welland, Esq. of Lympstone, Devon.

At Jersey, the Rev. William Borlase, M.A. to Georgina, second daughter of Commander Joseph Marrett, R.N. of Bath.

At St. Luke's, Chelsea, by the Rev. George G. Gardiner, the Rev. J. Prideaux Lightfoot, M.A. late Fellow of Exeter College, and Rector of Wootton, Northamptonshire, to Elizabeth Anne, second daughter of Lieut. Colonel Le Blanc, of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

Rev. John Hopkinson, M.A. Rector of Alwalton, Huntingdonshire, to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Richard Miles, Esq. of Kensington.

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