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Xante. Daniel, J. . .


Fenton, W. C.
Garbelt, J.
Hamilton, G, L.
Hardy, J. . .
Hesketh, C. .

Jones, W. . .

Marshall, C. B.

Methold, J. W.

Minr.ett, — .
Neville, —

Shooter, J.

Short, A. .
Wallace, A. C. J
West, E. W. .

West, W. . .

Whitelock, W. S.
Williams, R. C.

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Name. Appointment.

Child, C Curate of Overton Longueville, near Peterborough.

Hackett, T Curate of Boyle.

Lewis, H. J Minor Canonry of Worcester Cathedral.

Stewart, G. G Domestic Chaplain to the Right Hon. Earl Grey.

Thomson, H Curate of Hastingleigh and Elmstcad.

W.listell, R Curate of Cleaaby, Yorkshire.



Queen's College.—The annual election of Scholars on the old foundation, open to natives of Cumberland and West*

moreland, between the ages of 16 and 21, took place on Thursday, the 25th of June; and on the same day were filled up two exhibitions, open to natives of Hants. Candidates were required to present them

selves to the Provost on Saturday, the 20ih, with certificate of baptism, and testimonials. Tlie examination commenced on Monday, the 22d of June.

Brasennose Collloe. — Mr. John George Hickley, Blount Scholar of Trinity College, and Mr. Arthur West Haddon, Commoner of Brasennose College, have been elected and admitted Scholars of Trinity College; Mr. Thomas Brooking Cornish, Commoner of Wadham College, was elected Blount Scholar of Trinity College.

Worcester College.—Mr. E. Horton, B.A. and Mr. J. Churchill, B.A. have been elected Fellows of Worcester College, on the Foundation of Sir T. Cookes. The llev. H. J. Maddock, B.A. and Mr. R. Govett, B. A. were elected Fellows of Worcester College, on the foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton; and Mr. James Dolben, and Mr. J. W. Davis, were elected from Bromsgrove School, Scholars of the same Society, nn the foundation of Sir T. Cookes.

Merton College. — Mr. J. Collis, Postmaster of Merton College, and Mr. James Landon, were elected Scholars on the Foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton.

John Home, Esq. M.A. of Exeter College, Digby Latimer, Esq. M.A. of Lincoln College, William Grove, Esq. M.A. of Oriel College, and John Osborne, Esq. M.A. of Trinity College, have been called to the degree of Barrister-at-Law, by the Hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn.

Mr. Granville Edward Harcourt Vernon, Mr. Matthew Inglett Brickdale, and Mr. John Mahony, have been admitted Westminster Students of Christ Church.

Seymour Fitzgerald, Commoner of Oriel College.

On Tuesday, the 23d June, the Hebrew Scholarships were decided as follows :—

Pusey and Ellerton Foundation — H. W. Churton, M.A. Fellow of Brasennose College.

Kemiicot Foundation—Edward James Edwards, B.A. of Balliol College.

The Theological Prize for 1835, on the following subject, "The Death of Christ was a Propitiatory Sacrifice, and a Vicarious Atonement for the Sins of Mankind," has been awarded to Mr. John Cowley Fisher, B.A. of Queen's College.

Congregations will be holden for the purpose of granting Graces and conferring Degrees on the following days in the present Term; viz. July—Thursday, the 2d, and Saturday, the 11th. A Congregation will be holJen on Tuesday, July 7th, solely for the purpose of admitting inceptors to their regency. No person will, on any account, be admitted as a candidate for the degree of B.A. or M.A. or for those of B.C.L. or B. Mel. (without proceeding through Arts) whose name is not entered in the Book kept for that purpose, at the Vice-Chancellor's house, on or before the day preceding the day of Congregation.

In a Convocation it has been agreed that the sum of 15002. should be contributed towards the endowment and erection of the new church now building n£ar the Printing Office.

The Chancellor's Prizes for the ensuing year have been adjudged to the following gentlemen:—

Latin Verse. — " Julianus Imperator Templum Hierosolymitanum instaurare a^greditur." — James Cowles Prichard, Scholar of Trinity College.

English Essay. — " The Influence of Ancient Oracles on public and private Life." — James Bowling Mozley, B.A. Oriel College.

Latin Essay. — " De Jure Clientele: apud Romanos."—Roundell Palmer, B.A. Probationer Fellow of Magdalen, Ireland and Eldon Scholar, and late Scholar of Trinity College.

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize, for the best composition in English verse.—" The Burning of Moscow." — William Robert

The Rev. William Jacobson, M.A. VicePrincipal of Magdalen Hall, the Rev. Edward Hawkins, M.A. Fellow of Pembroke College, and the Rev. Francis Atkinson Faber, M.A. Fellow of Magdalen College, have been nominated Masters of the Schools for the ensuing year.



Rev.J.Besley, sometime Fell.of BalliolColl.


H. Denison, Fell, of All Souls' Gr. Comp. H. O. Wrench, Worcester Coll.


Rev. Henry Jones, Schol. of Jesus Coll. H. Blackall, Student of Christ Church. J. W. Joyce, Student of Christ Church.

Vernon Pearce Taylor, Christ Cliurch.
Rev. W. M. Cowper, Magdalen Hall.
William Lamb Cox, Magdalen Hall.
John Sherren Brewer, Queen's Coll.
Simon Thomas Adams, Fell, of New Coll.
Hew Steuart Powell, Trinity Coll.
Rev.W.T. Marychurch, St. Edmund Hall.
Rev. T. M. Fallow, St. Edmund Hall.
Rev. Edward M'All, St. Edmund Hall.
Rev. G. Woods, Schol. of University Coll.
Rev. Muirhead Mitchell, University Cell.
Rev. John Llewellin, Jesus Coll.
Rev. St. George A. Williams, Jesus Coll.
John Palmer, Worcester Coll.
Rev. Thomas Carter, Worcester Coll.
Rev. T. R. Barnes, Worcester Coll.
The Right Hun. Lord Boscawen, Ch. Ch.
Thomas James, Christ Church.
J. W. W. Tyndale, Christ Church.
Rev. R. Peter Warren, Exeter Coll.
Rev. R. Gordon Bedford, Queen's Coll.
Joseph Hetherington, Queen's Coll.
Rev. Thomas Davis, Queen's Coll.
Rev. Benjamin Davis, Queen's Coll.
Rev. Lotuas Miles, Queen's Coll.
John Edward Wctherall, Lincoln Coll.
W. Robert Grove, Brasennose Coll.
R.G.MacmulIcn, Schol. of Corp.ChristiColl.
F. Foyster Langston, St. John's Coll.
Rev. John Pope, St. John's Coll.
Rev. A. N. Buckeridge, St. John's Coll.
Charles Henry Oakrs, Merton Coll.
Rev. Charles Lloyd, Jesus Coll.
Rev. R. E. Roberts, St. Edmund Hall.
Hon. and Rev. J. Norton, University Coll.
Rev. Daniel Brent, University Coll.
Rev. W. E. Elwell, University Coll.
William Marsden, Wadham Coll.
Rev. S. R. Wood, Christ Church.
Rev. E. D. Wickham, Balliol Coll.
Rev. William Harrison, Brasennose Coll.
Charles Marriott, Fell, of Oriel Coll.
Rev. C. Roe, Trinity Coll. Gr. Comp.
Frederick Rogers, Fell, of Oriel Coll.


John Daniel, Christ Church, Gr. Comp.

John Price, Scholar of Jesus Coll.

William Dyke, Scholar of Jesus Coll.

Robert Williams, Jesus Coll.

T. Davison Bland, Christ Church.

H. Lewis Knight, Christ Church.

R. T. Maddison, University Coll.

Henry Shepheard, Schol. of Worcest. Coll.

William Gilbard, Worcester Coll.

Edward Ball, Brasennose Coll.

C. A. B. Grey Hulton, Brasennose Coll.

John Overton, Magdalen Hall.

Thomas Holme, Schol. of Queen's Coll.

W. Scott, Michel Schol. of Queen's Coll.

William Andrews, Queen's Coll.

C. W. Diggle, Schol. of Wadham Coll.

William Bewes Bennett, Wadham Coll.

William Hawkins, Exeter Coll.

Lorenzo Nickson Izod, Trinity Coll.
Samuel Bundle, Trinity Coll.
Edward Grimes, Oriel Coll.
George B. Daubeny, Balliol Coll.
A. Otway Fitzgerald, Balliol Coll.
William Francis Solteu, Balliol Coll.
Robert Hardy, Balliol Coll.
W. Meiklam, Corp. Christi, Coll. Or. Comp.
John Adams, Stud, of Ch. Ch. Gr. Comp.
William Smith. Student of Christ Church.
C. A. Palmer, Stud, of Christ Church.
Edward Dean, Christ Church.
William Harley Bayley, Christ Church.
Henry Lloyd Oswald, Christ Church.
John Jones, New Inn Hall.
Charles Hulse, New Inn Hall.
ArscottOurry Molesworth, New Inn Hall.
Charles Hodge, St. Edmund Hall.
David Wheeler, St. Edmund Hall.
George Knight, St. Edmund Hall.
Richard Gardner, St. Edmund Hall.
Richard Bowen Jones, Jesus ColL
Marshall H.Vine, Schol. of University Coll.
Slingsby D. Shafto, University Coll.
Charles Hocker, Exeter Coll.
Andrew Ramsay Campbell, Balliol Coll.
John Field, Magdalen Hall.
John Stevens, Magdalen Hall.
Charles Raymond Barker, Wadham Coll.
William Walter Rowley, Queen's Coll.
Frederick Richard Sower, Queen's ColL
Marsham Argles, Postmaster of Merton.
Charles Yonge Crawley, Oriel Coll.
Thomas George James, Brasennose Coll.
George Campion Berkeley, Pembroke ColL
William Henry Ley, Schol. of Trinity Coll.
John Southgate Austin, Trinity Coll.
H. T. Estridge, New Inn Hall, Gr. Comp.
Alfred Lloyd, Schol. of Wadham Coll.
John Simcox, Wadham Coll.
John Fisher Hodgson, Christ Church.
Charles Wilson Faber, Christ Church.
William F. F. Boughey, ChrisfChurch.
Rev. John Irvine, Magdalen Hall*
Charles Wilson Lauder, Worcester Coll.
Henry Burney, Schol. of Worcester Coll.
Francis B. Wells, Demy of Magdalen ColL
Charles Reade, Demy of Magdalen Coll.
Edmund Clement S. Kynnersley,Trio.Coll.
William Birly, Trinity Coll.
Arthur Brown Spry, Trinity Coll.
Thomas Bacon, Merton Coll.
Leonard Slater, University Coll.
Thomas Chaffers, Brasennose Coll.
Henry Barne, Schol. of Exeter Coll.
William Richard K. Walter, Exeter Coll.
Christopher G. Stephenson, Queen's Coll.
John Walter Dolphin, Magdalen Hall.
Christopher Smyth, Trinity Coll.
Francis Wheat Newton, Pembroke Coll.
Edward Cardwell, Schol. of Balliol Coll.
Alexander Henry Bridges, Oriel Coll.
Brook Edward Bridges, Oriel Coll.
William Hunter, Fell, of St. John's Cull.

The names of those Candidates who, at the elimination in Easter Term, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the Four Classes in Ditciplinis Mathematicis ct Physicis; according to the alphabetical arrangement in each class prescribed by the statute, stands as follows :—

Class I. Adams, John, Student of Christ Church. Buller, William Chas. Com. of Oriel Coll. Cardwell, Edward, Scholar of Balliol Coll. Phelps, Win. J. Commoner of Oriel Coll.

Class II. Harris, Hon. C.A. Commoner of Oriel Coll.

Class HI. Tate, C. Richmond, Schol. of Corp.Ch.Coll.

Class IV. Grimes, Edward, Schol. of Oriel Coll. Holme, Thomas, Schol. of Queen's Coll. Thomas, Dunckly, Com. of Exeter Coll. Williams, John, Commoner of Jesus Coll. Wright, George Armitstead, Worccst.Coll. Robekt Walker, ) W. R. Bkowell, > Examiners. G H. S. Johnson, )

The names of those Candidates who, at the examination in the present Easter Term, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the Four Classes of Litera Humaniores, according to the alphabetical arrangement in each class prescribed by the statute, stand as follows:—

Class I. Adams, J. Stud, of Christ Church, Craven

Schol. 183U, Ireland Schol. 1833. Cardwell, Edward, Schol. of Balliol Coll. Chaffers, Thomas, Com. of Brascn. Coll. Giles, J. E. Commoner and Lusby Scholar

of Magdalen Hall. Ley, William H. Scholar of Trinity Coll. Shepheard H. Scholar of Worcester Coll.

Class II. Andrews, W. Commoner of Queen's ColL Argles.Marsbam, Postmaster of Mert. Coll. Bane, Henry, Scholar of Exeter Coll. Bridges, B. E. Commoner of Oriel Coll. Brome, Viscount, New Coll. Campbell, A. R. Commoner of Balliol Coll. Cockiu, W. Scholar of Brasennose Coll.

Gilbard, W. Commoner of Worcester Coll.
Hulton, C.B.A.G.Com. of Brasennose Coll.
Kynnersley, E.C. S. Com. of Trinity Coll.
Pearson, W. H. Com. of Christ Church.
Scott, W. Scholar of Queen's Coll.
Tate, C. R. Scholar of Corpus Christi Coll.

Class III.
Austin, J. S. Commoner of Trinity Coll.
Ball, E. Commoner of Brasennose Coll.

Blackford, F. Com. of Brasennose Coll.

Daniel, John, Commoner of Christ Church.

Daubeny, G. B. Commoner of Balliol Coll.

Dyke, William, Scholar of Jesus Coll.

Fitzgerald, A. O. Commoner of Balliol Coll.

Gordon, Edward, Clerk of Oriel Coll.

Hardy, Robert, Commoner of Balliol Coll.

Higgs, It. W. Fellow of St. John's Coll.

Hodgson, J. F. Com. of Christ Church.

Knight, G. Commoner of St. Edmund Hall.

Knight, H. L. Commoner of Christ Church.

Lloyd, Alfred, Scholar of Wadham Coll.

Onslow, A.C. Commoner of Christ Church.

Reade, Charles, Demy of Magdalen Coll.

Rowley, W. W. Com. of Queen's Coll..

Soltau, W. F. Commoner of Balliol Coll.

Treacy, Joshua, Scholar of Queen's Coll.

Wells, F. B. Demy of Magdalen Coll.

Wingfield, W. F. Com. of Christ Church.

Winter, A. L. Com. of University Coll.
Class IV.

Addison, J. D. Commoner of Exeter Coll.

Bridges, A. H. Commoner of Oriel Coll.

Colborne. W. N. R. Gentleman Commoner of Christ Church.

Harris, Hon. C. A. Com. of Oriel Coll.

Hocker.Charles, Commoner of Exeter Coll.

Hunter, William, Fellow of St. John's Coll.

Hussey, W. L. Student of Christ Church.

Martin, F. P. B. Gentleman Commoner of Wadham Coll.

Newton, F. W. Com. of Pembroke Coll.

Price, John, Scholar of Jesus Coll.

Severn, J. P. Gentleman Com. of Ch. Ch.

Sinclair, W. Gent. Com. of St. Mary Hall.

Slater, L. Commoner of University Coll.

Sterling, C. J. Gent. Com. of St. Mary Hall. The number of those who passed their

examination, but who were not placed in

any one of the Classes, was 108.


Their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Cumberland and Prince George of Cambridge, have intimated their intention of being present at the pioceedinga of the ensuing Commencement.

The following regulations have been published by the Vice-Chancellur for the maintenance of order at the approaching Commencement, and with the view of ac

commodating as many persons as the SenateHouse will contain :—

1. That no person be admitted into the Senate-House on the mornings of July the 6th and 7th without a ticket.

2. That every person who now is a member of the University, or who has at any time graduated therein, shall have one ticket (not transferable) for his own admission on tho^c days.

3. That every Doctor, being a member of the senate, and every head of a college, shall have three tickets (two ladies' tickets and one gentleman's ticket;) every other member of the Senate two tickets (one for a lady, the other for a gentleman); and every Incepting M.A. one ticket, for the admission of strangers on each of those da) a.

4. That personal application be made for all such tickets on any of the following days: — Thursday, July 2d, Friday 3d, Saturday 4th, and Monday 6ih, at the office of the Kegistrary, between the hours of ten and two on the first three days, and between the hours of nine and eleven on the last mentioned day.

5. That the platform at the upper end of the Senate-House be appropriated to the Chancellor, to such of his friends as have tickets from the Chancellor, and to Noblemen, Doctors, and Heads of Colleges.

C. That the raised seats on either side of the Senate-House be appropriated to ladies.

7. That on the morning of Monday, July 6th, the orchestra be also appropriated to lidics.

8. That one-half of the gallery (viz. that on the south side of the Senate-House, be appropriated to persons in statu pupillari.

9. That the other half of the gallery (viz. that on the north side of the SenateHouse) be open to all other members of the University, and also to strangers, whether ladies or gentlemen, having tickets of admission.


The following Grand Musical Performances will take place:

On Saturday morning, July 4th, at St. Mary's Church, The Messiah.

On Monday evening, July Oth, in the Senate-House, a Grand Concert.

On Tuesday morning, July 7th, "The Installation Ode," written by the Rev. C Wordsworth, Fellow of Trin. Coll., and set to music by S. A. Walmisley, Mus. Bac.

On Tuesday evening, July 7th, in the Senate-House, a Grand Concert.

On Wednesday morning, July 8th, at Great St. Mary's Church, a Grand Selection of Sacred Music.

Tickets.—For St. Mary's Church, 4th aDd 7th July, Throne, li Is.; Pit and Gallery, 10s. 6d.; Side Aisles, 7*. 6d. SenateHouse, Monday and Tuesday evenings, Platform at the West End and raised Side Seats, 1/. 1*.; Area and Galleries, 15s.

The Morning Perfo manres will commence at 12 o'clock. Doors to be opened at 11 o'clock.

The Evening Concerts will commence at 9 o'clock. Doors to be opened at 8 o'clock.

To the distinguished persons who are engaged to be present at the Installation may be added the names of Lord Wodehouse, the French Ambassador, General Count Sebastiani, the Spanish Ambassador, General Alava, Sir Walter James, Colonel Wood, Sir Pulteney Malcolm, Mr. Chantrey.

There will be Congregations on Friday, 3d July, (as well as on Saturday the 4th), for the purpose of facilitating the admissions to common M. A. degrees.

The Chancellor's medal for the best English poem was adjudged to Thomas Whytehead, of St. John's College.—Subject :—The Death of his late Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.


RogerBuston, M.A. of Emmanuel College, has been elected a Foundation Fellow of that Society.

The sermon at St. Mary's Church on Sunday morning, the 5th of July next, (being Commencement Sunday) will be preached by the Rev. Dr. Timothy Fysh Foord Bowes, of Trinity College ; and that in the afternoon by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester.

The Rev.Richard Williamson, of Trinity College, and Head Master of Westminster school, and the Rev. George Archdall, Master of Emmanuel College, have been admitted Doctors of Divinity; and the Rev. Daniel Corrie, of Catherine Hall, Bishop of Madras, Doctor in Civil Law, by royal mandate.

At the same Congregation the following gentlemen were appointed Barnaby Lecturers:

Mathematical. — Rev. Thomas Gaskin, M. A. Jesus Coll.

Philosophical.—Mr Kuhff, M. A. Catharine Hall.

Rhetoric. — Mr. Overton, M. A. St John's Coll.

Logic. — Rev. James Fendall, M. A. Jesus Coll.

A Grace also passed, appointing Mr. Earnshaw, of St. John's College, ProProctor in the absence of Mr. Philpotts.

Syndicates. The Syndicate appointed " for the purpose of considering in what manner the

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