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· Spain. - First and foremost in our foreign retrospect, comes Spain, “The land where the cypress and myr

tle, Are emblems of deeds that are done in

her clime;" and where, alas ! civil war, that heaviest curse, lowers o'er the fairest spot in Europe; and it is probable the bones of thousands more of our brave, but imprudent countrymen, are destined to whiten the soil. Lord Palmerston, the prince of protocol writers, has, it appears, sanctioned a quasi interference in the internal affairs of Spain, and 10,000 British troops are allowed to sell their blood in a mercenary warfare. For the officers we care not; the men, seduced by specious promises, we pity. Colonel Evans, the radical representative of the Westminster Rump, we can very well spare; and the staff composed of ruined rouésdealers at Rouge et Noir tables, decoys of the St. James's Hells, and Levanters of the turf, are fit “ food for powder.” But the poor artisan should be warned. We will only say that the Duke D'Angouleme, with one hundred thousand men, well officered and equipped, and supported by the legitimate government, found great difficulty in reaching Cadiz, though opposed only by undisciplined bands of Guerillas. Will ten thousand of “Falstaff's ragged wretches," commanded by nobody, supported by nobody, and PAID by nobody,

have better success? We calculate not; and hope such of our readers as possess influence with their poor and ignorant neighbours, will put the matter in a proper point of view.

The widows of the slain will have no pension!

The wounded no indemnity !!
The unpaid no remedy !!!

And the result to the community at large, will be the compulsory support of the widows and orphans of len thousand victims of liberality !!!!

For not one will live to revisit England.

Guerra a cucillo! will be the war cry against the intruders.

In other parts of the continent, nothing interesting has occurred.

IRELAND.-Lord Hatherton's description continues applicable; two Popish murders per diem being the present average.

West Indies.—The accounts from our present transatlantic possessions are rather more favourable; i.e. the volcano only burns internally. The friends of Justice will be glad to hear that Mr. Buxton has been signally defeated in his unmanly and disgusting attempt to rob the West Indians of the modicum of compensation granted them. Even one or two Whigs blushed at the barefaced und profligate proposal. And the compensation money will be distributed on the 1st of September next.



TRIBUTES OF RESPECT. Rev. W. E. L. FAULKNER.-A salver, and other articles, forming a service of silver plate, were subscribed for, and presented on the 28th of May, 1835, to the Rev. W. E. L. Faulkner, M.A. upwards of twenty years Rector of St. John's, Clerkenwell, by a numerous body of his parishioners, and others, attendants at his church, in testimony of their affectionate regard and esteem for him, and of their admiration and grateful sense of the zeal, talents, faithfulness, and charity, with which he has discharged, for so long a period, every duty of his laborious ministry,

Rev. C. PackE.-On the 7th of May, 1835, a silver salver was presented to the Rev. C. Packe, Rector of St. Michael Bassishaw, on the occasion of his resigning that living. The following is the inscription : "Presented by the parishioners of St. Michael Bassishaw, London, to the Rev. Christopher Packe, M.A., on his resignation of the rectory of that parish, as a memorial of their affectionate regard. January, 1835."

Rev. Dr. Geo, RICHARDS.-The parishioners of St. Martin-in-the-Fields have presented to their late much-respected Vicar, the Rev. George Richards, D.D. late Fellow of Oriel College, a handsome silver soup tureen and stand, and two large dishes and covers, surmounted with the group (from the original design) of St. Martin on horseback, dividing his cloak with the beggar. They are very massive, weighing 798 ounces, 2 dwts. and bearing the following inscription : “The parishioners of St. Martin-in-the-Fields to the Rev. George Riehards, D.D., upon his resignation of that vicarage, in acknowledgment of his highly valuable pastoral services; as also for his active exertions and munificent donations for the spiritual welfare of the parish.—1835."

Rev. HENRY PLIMLEY.-At a public vestry of the inhabitants of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, it was unanimously resolved—“That the grateful and respectful thanks of this meeting be given to the Rev. Henry Plimley, A.M., for his christian-like and conciliatory spirit, in which he has, during the protracted period of thirty years, conducted himself as Vicar of this parish, and for his kind and courteous demeanour upon all occasions to the parishioners of every denomination."

Rey. T. HANKINSON.—The Rev. T. Hankinson, Curate of St. Nicholas, having been appointed Minister of Zion Chapel, Camberwell, preached his farewell sermon on Sunday evening, June 21st, at St. Margaret's Church, Cambridge, to a numerous congregation. The friends and admirers of the reverend gentleman, in testimony of his valuable services as their pastor, during his five years' residence, have subscribed the sum of ninety guineas, with which they have purchased a handsome silver urn, to be presented to him on quitting the town. The subscriptions did not exceed a pound each, but the greater part was raised by smaller contributions.

Rey, J. W. BELLAMY.-On Thursday, June 11, the election of scholars from Merchant Tailor's School to St. John's College, took place, when Messrs. Thomas C. Maule, A. B. C. Starkie, and W. J. Wyse, the three head monitors, were chosen. As a proof of the good feeling which exists between the master and the boys of this school, we mention the following circumstance:—The boys, a short time ago, being desirous of offering some testimony of respect to their highly-talented master, the Rev. J. W. Bellamy, B.D. of St. John's College, requested his permission to have his likeness taken for an engraving; to this he assented. An impression of the engraving, from an excellent likeness, is now in the possession of each of the juvenile subscribers, and will be carefully preserved, in remembrance of the kindness and attention of their master.

Rev. J. ALLEN.—The pupils of Ilminster Grammar School bave presented their much respected Master, the Rev. J. Allen, M.A. formerly of Christ Church, with a very handsome silver bread-basket, as a token of their esteem and gratitude.

BEDFORD CHARITY.-The Trustees of the Bedford charity, together with other respectable inhabitants of the town who were present on Thursday, the 18th of June, when the boys educated in the Commercial Schools were examined by the Rev. Mr. Kelly, of London, were highly gratified with the proficiency of the different classes in the various branches of English education, in which they were examined. This school is rapidly rising in importance and usefulness, and does great honour to Mr. Moore, the Head Master of the establishment, and to the trustees who have anxiously assisted him in carrying into effect the various rules and regulations which he has deemed necessary. The zeal and energy of the Assistant Masters are every thing that can be desired.

ANNIVERSARY MEETING OF CHARITY SCHOOLS AT ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL. On June 4th, the anniversary meeting of children educated at the Charity Schools in the metropolis and environs took place at St. Paul's. There were present, the Marquess Camden, the Lord Mayor, and other civic dignitaries ; the Rev. Messrs. Tate, Canons of the Cathedral, &c.; but the great lion of the day was the son of the late Tippoo Saib. The services were altogether imposing, especially the Coronation Anthem, and the 100th Psalm. When the verse, “ All the people shouted, God save the King !" was given, the seven thousand little voices under the dome, all in perfect concord and unison, gave an effect to this grand anthem which can only be appreciated by those who were fortunate enough to have obtained seats in the edifice. A most appropriate sermon, from the 8th chapter of Deuteronomy, 7th and 8th verses, was preached by the Bishop of Worcester, formerly a Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral. His Lordship feelingly described the moral and social advantages derived from educating the lower classes, and the necessity of combining religious with useful instruction. We understand that upwards of 6001, were collected at the doors.

By the Lord Bishop of Carlisle, June 7th.


Degree College,

University. Barlow, William . . . . . . (let. dim.) B.A. Jesus

Cambridge Blackley, William . . . . . . ditto B.A. St. John's Cambridge Browne, Henry · · · · · · ditto B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Buston, Roger . .

ditto M.A. Emmanuel Cambridge Fawcett, Stephen Glas .... ditto B.A. Magdalen Cambridge Foster, William . . . . . . ditto B.A. Magdalen Cambridge Haughton, Philip Henry. ... ditto B.A. Brasennose Oxford Hayes, Charles . . . . . . . ditto B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Hening, Nathaniel Rogers.

ditto B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Hurlvop, William Milton . . ditto B.A. St. John's Cambridge Lee, William Molland .. .. ditto B.A. St. John's Cambridge Love, William Buckeridge Acworth ditto S.C.L. Downing Cambridge Mickelthwait, John Nathaniel . ditto B.A. Magdalen Cambridge Mills, Simon Richard , · · · ·

ditto S.C.L. Queen's Cambridge Mills, John, jan. · · · · · ·

ditto M.A. Pembroke Cambridge Partridge, Francis Charles ... ditto B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Preston, Edmund Henry . . . ditto B.A. Queen's Cambridge Radclyffe, Charles Edward ... ditto


Oxford Reeve, Edward Newman ... ditto B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Rous, Hon. Thomas Manners. ditto B.A. Balliol

Oxford Simpson, James Dalziel ... ditto M.A. Sidney Sussex Cambridge Sparke, Ezekiel

ditto B.A. Caius

Cambridge Stackhouse, Alfred .. .. ditto B.A. Lincoln

Oxford Tracey, John . . . . . . .

B.A. Wadham

Oxford Webster, William . . . . . . ditto B.A. Queen's Cambridge West, John Rowland . . . . . ditto M.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Wilding, James Henry . .. . ditto B.A. Trinity Cambridge

PRIESTS. Arden, Francis Edward .... (let. dim.) B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge Bailey, John · : · · · · ·

ditto .B.A. Catherine Hall Cambridge Bamfield, John Hichens . . . ditto B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Beatson, Benjamin Wrigglesworth. ditto M.A. Pembroke Cambridge Borton, William . . .

ditto M.A. Caius

Cambridge Bullen, John . ..


Cambridge Burrowes, John ...

ditto B.A. Trinity

Dublin Cartmell, James . . . . . . ditto


Cambridge Chapman, Charles . .. . . ditto M.A. King's

Cambridge Dalton, John Neale.

B.A. Caius

Cambridge Dobson, Robert Stewart.

ditto B.A. St. John's Cambridge Edmonstone, Charles Welland . . ditto B.A. Christ Church Oxford English, Charles ...... ditto B.A.


Cambridge Godfrey, William, .... ditto

Cambridge Gowring, John William .... ditto B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Herring, Henry Lee Warner .. ditto B.A. Corpus Christi · Cambridge Lawson, Wiliam de Lancey . . ditto B.A. Magdalen Cambridge


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May, James .......
Platten, John Clethew .


lew . . .
Quarrell, Richard ....
Rolfe, Edmund Nelson ..
Sims, George . . . .
Smith, Robert . ....
Tuck, John Johnson .....
Wordsworth, Christopher . ..

Degree. College. (let. dim.)! B.A. Trinity ditto

B.A. Caius
ditto B.A. Queen's
ditto B.A. Caius

B.A. Emmanuel
ditto B.A. St. John's
ditto B.A. Corpus Christi
ditto B.A. Trinity
ditto M.A. Trinity

University. Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Oxford Cambridge

Vaux, Bow yer :::...

By the Lord Bishop of Oxford, June 14.

DEACONS. Atkinson, Miles .

B.A. Lincoln Oxford Bingham, Charles William . . .... B.A. New

Oxford Biscoe, Frederic . . . . . .

M.A. Christ Church Oxford Butler, Thomas

... B.A. Magdalen Oxford Cockey, Edward ....

. .. M.A. Wadham Oxford Dipre, John Bradley.

M.A. Wadham

Oxford Faraday, David Common . . .

B.A. Queen's Oxford Fawkes, Frederic Francis ...

B.A. Christ Church Oxford Jackson, John . . . . . . .

B.A. Pembroke Oxford Marshall, Francis . . . . . .

B.A. New

Oxford Owen, James Richard .. . .

B.A. Jesus

Oxford Owen, Briscoe . . . . . . .

M.A. Jesus

Oxford Paget, Edward James . . . .

M.A. Christ Church Oxford Portman, Fitzharding Berkeley .

B.A. All Souls' Oxford Smith, William ..

B.A. Christ Church Oxford Spranger, Robert Jeffries . ..


Oxford Thorp, Charles . . . . . . . . . . B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Vine, Marshall . . . . . . . .

B.A. University Oxford Walker, William Lewis ........ B.A. Jesus


PRIESTS. Anson, Frederic . . . . . . . . . . B.A. All Souls Oxford Bigge, Thomas Edward . ...... M.A. Merton

Oxford Boyd, William . . . . . . . . . . . M.A. University Oxford Chamberlain, Thomas . . . . . M.A. Christ Church Oxford Chepmell, Havilland Le Mesurier . . B.A. Pembroke Oxford Day, George . . . . . . . . . .

. B.A. Christ Church Oxford Goodlake, Thomas William . . . . . . . B.A. Pembroke

Oxford Grove, Edward Hartopp . . . . . . M.A. Brasennose Oxford Jelf, William Edward ...

Oxford Jones, Henry · · ·

. M.A. Jesus

Oxford King, Charles . . . . .

M.A. Magdalen Oxford Richards, John William . .

M.A. Corpus Christi Oxford Richardson, John ....

M.A. Queen's

Oxford Tireman, William Walter . . ... M.A. Magdalen Oxford Watson, William , . .. ..

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Whitworth, William Henry ..


Christi Oxford Wood, Richard .......... B.A. St. John's Oxford

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By the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, June 14.

DEACONS. Alington, Richard Pye . . . . . . . . B.A. St. John's Cambridge Franks, George Henry . . . . . . . . M.A. Exeter

Oxford Garfit, Edward . .

B.A. St. Jobn's Cambridge Grey, the Hon John ....

M.A. Trinity

Cambridge Overton, John. · · · · · · · ·

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Potchett, Brownlow · · · · · ·


· ·

. B.A, St. John's Cambridge Taddy, John ........... B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Waters, William Roe. ..

B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge


PRIESTS. Belcher, William de Pipe ....... B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Chambers, Thomas . . . . . . . . . B.A. St. John's Cambridge Chaplin, George Ayscoghe . . . . . . . B.A. Magdalen Oxford Cotesworth, Henry . . . . . . . . . B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge Drummond, Heneage . . . ..

M.A. Balliol

Oxford Dyott, William Herrick.

. B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Gladwin, Charles Henry Benson . . . . . B.A. Jesus

Cambridge Handley, William . . . . . . .

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Kelly, Edward . . . . . . . . . . . B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge Lloyd, Charles . . . . . . . . . . .

Christ Church Oxford Monteath, Granville Wheler Stuart... M.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Moore, Edward . . . . . . . . .

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Needham, Charles . . . . . . . . . . B.A. Jesus

Cambridge Pawsey, Frederick Charles George . . . B.A. Emmanuel Cambridge Peers, Charles . . . . . .

. . . . .
. . . . .

B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge Piggott, Samuel Rotton . . . . . . . . B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxford Smith, Charles Lesingham . . . . . . . M.A. Christ's


By the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, June 26.

Coxwell, William Rogers . . . . . . . B.A. Exeter
Hicks, James . . . . . . . . . . . B.A. Oriel
Hogg, John Roughton (let. dim.). .... B.A. Christ's
Newmarch, Charles Francis . . . . . . M.A. St. Alban Hall
Niblett, Edward Henry · · · · · · · ·

B.A. Exeter
Proctor, George (let, dim.) . .. M.A. Christ's
Sandys, George William . . . . . . . . B.A. Pembroke
Thomson, George Selby (let, dim.) .... M.A. Jesus
Tucker, William Guise,, ., . . . , B.A. St. Peter's

Oxforil Oxford Cambridge Oxford Oxford Cambridge Oxford Cambridge Cambridge


Cameron, Alexander . . . . . . . .,
Cazalet, William Wahal , .., · · ·

: :
Edwards, John Netherton . . . . . . .
Evans, Lewis . . . . . . . . . .
Kinsman, Richard Byron (let. dim.) . ...
Knapp, Henry ...........
Parsons, George Lodowick . ......

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford
B.A. Trinity Cambridge
B.A. Worcester Oxford
B.A. Oriel

B.A. Trinity. Cambridge
B.A. St. John's Oxford
M.A. Christ Church Oxford


Butcher, M. G. ... Minister of Trinity Church, Newington Butts.
Charlton, W, H. .. Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Dorset.
Fawkes, F.. . . . . Chaplain of Christ Church, Oxford. .
Hopkins, G. .... Mastership of the Stroud Charity School, Egham.
Hose, F. . . . . . . Chaplain to the Cambridge Gaol.
Jones, - . . . . . Rural Dean of the Upper Deanery of Ultra Ayron.
Smith, - ....Minor Canon of Worcester Cathedral.


Arden, F. E. jun. Sustead, P.C.

Norfolk Barnes, J. . . . . Bassenthwaite, P.C. Cumb. Benyon, D. .. Tredington, R.

Worc. Blunt, W. . . Newark-upon-Trent, V. Notts Bree, R. S. . . . Tintagell, V.

Cornw. Broughton, B. S. Elmly Lovett, R. Worc. VOL. XVII. NO. VII.

3 M


Norwich W.H.Windham, Esq.
Carlisle D. & C. of Carlisle
Worc. Jesus Coll.
York The King
Exeter D. & C. of Windsor
Worc. Rev. J. Lynes

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