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January, and the 31st December, 1884, was 915. The council were directing their attention to whether increased facilities might not be afforded in King's College to that numerous and valuable class of students who are designed for commercial pursuits, by supplying them with a regular system of instruction, specially adapted to their intended course of life, at the same time that every opportunity is held out to them of improving in other branches of useful learning. A very favourable report

and of the progress they were making in their various studies. Several donations had been received ; among which was a large and valuable collection of books from William Marsden, Esq., connected with oriental literature and general philology, for which a separate apartment, to be called the Marsden Museum, is to be erected. Three hundred pounds was received from P. H. Leathes, Esq. The report concluded by setting forth that, after all expenditure, there remained a clear sum of 15001. at the disposal of the council.

The MEETING OF THE CHARITY SCHOOLS of the metropolis will take place in St. Paul's Cathedral, on Thursday, 4th June. Tickets of admission must be obtained and can only be had of the Treasurer and Stewards, or by those Members of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, who personally attend the meeting of that society next preceding the meeting of the children in the cathedral.

Sat Ten,
Bat Two.

CONFIRMATIONS.—The Bishop of Lincoln intends to hold Confirmations in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and that part of Hertfordshire, which is situated within the Diocese of Lincoln, at the following places, on the days and at the hours specified :Shenley, Herts .... Saturday, May 30, , at Eleven.

(at Ten.
ver :::::..... Monday, June 1,3
Beaconsfield ......,

Burnham .......}Tuesday,
Marlow ........)
High Wycombe ..:: Wednesday,

Prince's Risborough . "enes

B, at Two.
Aylesbury ....

at Ten.
Chilton. ........

at Two.
Wendover .......Friday,

at Ten. Amersham. ...

at Two.
Tring .......

Sat Ten.

at Two.
Hemel Hemstead.. Monday

8, at Eleven. Biggleswade. ..


18, at Eleven. Bedford ......


19, at Eleven. Sharnbrook ....


20. Sat Ten. Olney ......

at Two. Newport Pagnel


99 Sat Ten.
Stoney Stratford ..

Y at Two.
Buckingham ... }Tuesday,

Sat Ten.

at Two.
Dunstable ...

Sat Ten.
Luton .....

at Two,
Ampthill ...

at Eleven.

Sat Ten.
: Saturday,
Baldock ....

at Two.
Cottered .....

at Ten.
Stevenage ....

at Two.
Hertford ....

at Ten.
Hatfield .....

at Two.


ORDINATIONS.—The Lord Bishop of Winchester intends holding his next General Ordination on Sunday, July 5.

The Lord Bishop of Ely will hold an Ordination in London on Sunday, June 7. VOL. XVII. NO, VI.


By the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, April 19.

Boyle, Hon. R. C. T. . . . . . . . B.A. Christ Church
Fox, Charles James . . . . . . .

B.A. Magdalen Hall
Harding, John H. . . . . . . . . .

B.A. Magdalen Hall Horner, John S. H. . . . . . . . .

B.A. Exeter James, Henry . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . B.A. Balliol James, Robert William . . . .

B.A. Pembroke Kingsmill, Henry . . . . . .


Trinity Phelps, Edward S. . . . . . . . .

B.A. Wadham Watts, Nicholas . . .

B.A. University




By the Lord Bishop of Rochester, April 26.


Degree College.
Allfree, Charles Frederick ..... B.A. St. John's
Courtenay, Henry Hugh . . . . . . B.A. Merton
Jones, William (let. dim.) . . . . . .

St. David's
Lillingston, Edward ........ B.A. Emmanuel
Oxlee, John (let. dim.) . . . . . . .
Pollard, Henry Smith. . . . . . . . A.B. Lincoln

Devereux, Hon. & Rev. Robert (let. dim.). M.A. Dow:ying
Heberden, Frederick . . . . . . . . B.A. St. John's
Owen, Edward . . . . . . . . . . M.A. Worcester
Woodgate, George Stephen ...... B.A. University



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Cambridge Cambridge Oxford Oxford

By the Lord Bishop of Peterborough.

Cotterill, Henry (let. dim.) . . . . . . B.A. St. John's
Croke, John. . . . . . . . . . B.A.

Cumming, Joseph G. ...

B.A. Emmanuel Hanson, W. C. (let. dim.) . . .

B.A. Pembroke Knight, Richard . . .

B.A. St. Peter's Leagur, John Osborne . ..


Trinity Pennefather, William H. .

B.A. Balliol Thompson, A. P. . . . . .

B.A. Corpus Christi Walker, S. P. . . . . . .

B.A. Queen's White, Henry ... · · · . . . M.A. Downing

PRIESTS. Burgess, R. B. . . . . . . . . . M.A.

M.A. Queen's Garrick, George . . . . . . . . .

B.A. University Hill, John H. . . . . . . . . . . B.A. St. Peter's Price, John. . . . . . . . . . . B.A. Queen's




Berry, Henry · · · · ·

Domestic Chaplain to Earl Spencer. Braithwaite, William .. Minister of Holland Ferm Chapel. Bryce, James ..... Minister of Gileonstone, Aberdeen. Fisher, J. H. ..... Domestic Chaplain to Earl of Burlington. Layng, Thomas F.... Head Master of Chipping Campden Gr. Sch. Gloucester. Mitchell, Robert. . . . Minister of Carrington Parish Church. Papham, J. L. . . . . . Domestic Chaplain to Marquis of Abercorn. Wait, Daniel G. . . . . Domestic Chaplain to Lord Longford. Wasey, G. L. . . . . . Domestic Chaplain to Lord Bridport. Worthy, C. . . . . . Assistant Chaplain to Devon County Prison.


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County. Diocese.

Blick, Edward . . Rotherhithe, R. Surrey Winches. Clare Hall, Camb.
Bloom, J. H. . .. Castle Acre, V. Norfolk Norwich T. W. Coke, Esq.
Barton, W. L. . . Wickham, St. Paul's, R.Essex London D. & C.of St. Paul's.
Cox, E. B.... Longstock, v. Hants Winches. Rev. John Barker
Crofts, J. D. , 3
Houghton next

Norwich Rev.D.H.L.Warner Currie, Charles . : Tilney, v.

Norfolk Norwich Pemb. Coll. Camb. Dodson, John ... Cockerham, V. Lanc. Chester Lords of the Manor Evans, Robert .. Goodworth, Clatford, V. Hants Winches. W. Iremonger, Esq. Fanshawe, C. R... Coaley, V.

Gloster Gloster Lord Chancellor Garnier, Thomas . Lewknor, V.

Oxford Oxford All Souls' Coll. Oxf. Gower, F.... Totham. V.


London | Rev. P. Honeywood Hargreaves, J. . . Handsworth, R. Stafford Lichfield W. Birch, Esq. Hodgson, Jobn. St. Peter's, Thanet, V. Kent Cant. Abp. of Cant. Ind, James ..Wivenhoe, R.

Essex London E. Ind, Esq. Jones, Thomas . . Pencarreg, V.

Carm. St.David's E. Lovedon, Esq. Kidd, R. B. P.

St. Swithin, Norwich, R.Norfolk Norwich The King 3

Bedingham, V. Norfolk Norwich J. W. Gooch, Esq. Kitson, Walter .: Marksbury, R. Somerset B. & W. E.W. Popham, Esq. Law, Hon. W. T. .. Yeovilton, R. Somerset B. & W. Bp. of B. & Wells Long, H. C... un Newton Hotman, R.

: Norfolk Norwich Rev. R. C. Long

and Swainthorpe, R. Maddock, H. W... Kington, V.

Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Marsh, William. . St. Thomas, Birmingham, R. Warw. Lichfield Rectorof St. Martin's Norvall, Grus.. St. Michael's, Liverpool,C. Lanc. Chester Corporation

Dymchurch, R. )
Pulling, William . {

& Blackmonstone, R. "

The King
Kent Cant. 3

5 Abp. of Cant.
Powell, w... Preb. Stall in Llandaff Cathedral
Roberts, John.. Yspyttg, P.C. Cardigan St. David's Lord Lisburne
Scott, Alex. . . . Boadle, R.

Cumb. Chester Earl of Lonsdale Shadwell, John.. All Saints, Southamp. R.Hants Winches. Vice Chancellor Sikes, Thomas , . Puttenham, R.

Herts Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Spencer, Peter. . Ewell, V.

Kent Cant. Ld.Chan. Lyndhurst Templeman, A. . Lossen, P.C.

Somerset B. & W. Earl Poulett Tyler, J. E.. .. Preb. Stall in Cath.Ch.of Llandaff

Bp. of Llandaff Waring, William , Welford, V.

Northam. Peterbro' Bp. of Oxford Wildbore, C. . . Clee, V.

Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Williams, w... Llanfairtalhaiarn, P.C. Denbigh St. Asaph D.of St. Asaph Cath. Wither, W. J. P. D. Herrgard, V.

Hants Winches. Lord Bolton

I Sir H. St. John Woodham, Thos. F. Farley Chamberlagne, R.Hants Winch.

ich. Mildmay, Bart. Wright, H. W... St. John's, Newcast. P.C.Northum. Durham Vicar of Newcastle Yates, S. W. ,. St. Mary, Reading, V. Berks Salisb. The King



(The King'


Bartles William Newark, V.

East Stoke, V.

York 3 Chan. of Lincoln

Executors of the Corsellis, J. G... Wivenhoe, R.


Rev. N. Corsellis Ferraby, John .. Welford, V.

Northam, Peterbro Bp. of Oxford
Ford, Gilbert.. North Meols, R. Lanc. Chester Dr. Ford
Fortescue, George
St. Mellion,

Cornw. Exeter J. Coryton, Esq.
Pinnock, R.
Craike, R.

York Durham Bp. of Durham
Guise, Powel, C. Elmore, P.C.

Sir J. W. Guise

Longney, V.


Gloster > Lord Chancellor Hawkins, C. B... Lewknor, V.

Oxford Oxford All Souls' Coll. Oxf. Johnson, R. P. . . Aston-upon-Mersey, R. Cheshire Chester W. Johnson, &c.

All Saints, Mears, Thomas . and St. Lawrence, R Hants Winches. Lord Chancellor

St.John, V.Southamd.)


Preferment. Nolan, John.. Torpoint, P.C. Parke, Benjamin . Tilney, V.

Morden, R. Piers, John ..


& Stadhampton, P.C. } Sharp, Andrew


and Lucker, P.C. Steele, Thomas. • Coaley, V. Templeman, J.. Lossen, P.C. Tillbrook, Samuel. Freckenham, R. Townley, G. S. . Great Totham, v. Willis, J. C. . . . Sopley, V.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Devon Exeter Vicar of Antony
Norfolk Norwich Pemb. Coll. Camb.
Surrey Winch.)
Oxford Oxford

E C. Piers, Esq.
Northum. Durhm. 3

Lord Crewe's

mulo Trustees
Gloster Gloster Lord Chancellor
Somerset B. & W. Earl Poulett
Suffolk Norwich St. Peter's Coll.Cam.
Essex London Rev. P. Honeywood

' and C. Foster, Esq. Hants. Winches. Mr. Willis


Bawtree, Harvey of Gorleston, Suffolk.
Benett, J. L...Of Brasennose College, Oxford.
Corry, Henry D. , Curate of Hollywood-down, Ireland.
Gresham, Jobn. . Fellow of Catharine Hall, Cambridge.
Rugg, John..Master of Endowed School, Sutton Valence, and Curate of Leeds.


At a meeting of the Heads of Colleges,

The Rev. Edmund Goodenough Bayly, the Rev. Charles Atmore Ogilvie, M.A.

M.A. Fellow of Pembroke College. Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury,

JUNIOR PROCTOR. and late Fellow of Balliol College, was R. Evans, M.A. Fellow of Jesus College. appointed to preach Canon Bampton's The former was presented by the Rev. Lectures for 1836.

George William Hall, D.D. Master of Frederick Holme, M. A. and Scholar of Pembroke College ; the latter by the Rev. Corpus Christi College, has been admitted Henry Foulkes, D.D. Principal of Jesus a Probationer Fellow of that Society. College. After taking the oaths, and

Mr. Frederick Hathaway, of Trinity being admitted by the Vice-Chancellor College, Cambridge, has been elected a with the usual ceremonies, to the office of Scholar of Worcester College, on Dr. the Proctorship, the new Proctors nomiClarke's foundation.

nated the following gentlemen to be the The Hon. James Bruce, B.A., Student Pro-Proctors for the ensuing year:of Christ Church, and John Garnier, B.A. Rev. William Robert Browell, M.A. of Exeter College, have been elected Fel- Fellow of Peinbroke College. lows of Merton College.

Rev. William Welden Champneys, M.A. Mr. John George King, B.A. of Bra Fellow of Brasennose College. sennose College, has been elected a Fellow Rev. William Hayward Cox, late Michel of that Society.

Fellow of Queen's College. Edward John Pogson, Scholar of St. Edward Arthur Dayman, M.A. Fellow John's College, has been admitted an of Exeter College. Actual Fellow of that Society, on the MERTON COLLEGE.There will be an law line.

election of five Postmasters in the above Mr. T. H. Baylis has been elected a College, on Monday, June 22. Candi. Scholar of Brasennose College.

dates must have attained the age of 17, The Examiners for the Johnson Scholar and not exceeded the age of 20 years. ships bave elected Mr. Henry Woolcombe, The certificates of baptism, and testiB.A. Student of Christ Church, Scholar monials from their respective school or on the Theological ; and Mr. Nicholas College, must be delivered to the Warden Pocock, B.A. Michel Scholar of Queen's on Saturday, June the 20th. College, Scholar on the Mathematical WADHAM COLLEGE ELECTION.-Three foundation.

Scholarships will be filled up on the 30th The Proctors of the last year having of June next. Candidates must not have resigned their offices, and the new Proc exceeded the 19th year of their age. tors having been previously elected by CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE.-An electheir respective College, they were pre tion will be held in this College on Friday, sented for admission to the Vice-Chan June 26, of a Scholar from the county of cellor.


nine Articles; that I will conform to her liturgy and discipline; and that I am ready and willing to be instructed in her articles of religion, as required by the statutes of this University."

On the question being submitted to the house, and a scrutiny taking place, the numbers were :

For the Declaration........ 57
Against it .............. 459

All persons are eligible who are natives of the above county, and who may not have exceeded their 19th year on the day of election.

All candidates must appear personally before the President on the 20th day of June, and must produce certificates of the marriage of their parents, and of their own baptism ; an affidavit of their parents, or of some other competent person, stating the day and place of their birth, and a testimonial of previous good conduct from the Tutor of their College, or the Head Master of their School.

WORCESTER COLLEGE. — There will be an election in this College on Friday. the 19th day of June, of two Scholars on the foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton.

Candidates are required to deliver to the Senior Fellow iu College, on the Tuesday previous to the election, certificates, signed by the Bishops of their respective dioceses, by the ministers of their parishes, and by two or more respectable inhabitants of the same, that “they are sons of Clergymen of the Church of England, and want assistance to support them in the Univers

QUEEN'S COLLEGE.--The annual election of Scholars on the old Foundation open to natives of Cumberland and Westmoreland, between the ages of 16 and 21. will take place on Thursday, the 25th of June ; and on the same day will be filled up, two Exhibitions, open to natives of Hants. Candidates are required to present themselves to the Provost on Saturday, the 20th, with certificate of baptism, and testimonials. The examination will commence on Monday, the 22d of June.

The Regius Professor of Divinity has commenced a course of lectures at Christ Church. These lectures are intended for students in divinity who have passed their examination for the degree of B.A.; and those who are desirous to attend are to call in person upon the Professor, with the certificate of their examination, an] with a written recommendation from the governor of their College, or from their tutor.


BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. J. Hardwicke Dyer, Fell. of Trinity Coll. Senior Proctor for 1834-5.

DOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW. The Hon, and Rev. Charles Bathurst, late Fellow of All Souls' Coll, Grand Comp.

BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW. Rev. J. Besly, M. A. late Fellow of Balliol

Coll. (by commutation.) R. J. Phillimore, Stud. of Christ Church.

MASTERS OF ARTS, Rev. D. T. Knight, Lord Crewe's Exhi

bitioner, Lincoln Coll. Rev. W. H. Pennefather, Balliol Coll. Henry Hobhouse, Balliol Coll. Henry Philipps, Queen's Coll. Rev. J. Alex. Emerton, Magdalen Hall, Rev. J. E. Sewell, Fellow of New Coll. Rev. H. Wightwick, Schol. of Pemb. Coll. Rev. T. F. Barker. Brasennose Coll. Rev. John Garwood, Magdalen Hall. G. Garbett, Scholar of Brasennose Coll. E. J. Paget, Student of Christ Church. J.L.R.Kettle, LordCrewe's Exhib. Linc. Coll. Rev Rev. E. Mason Crossfield, Magdalen Hall. Rev. W. P. Austin, Exeter Coll. Rev. G. P. B. Pollen, Ch. Ch. Gr. Comp. J. Greenfield, Brasennose Coll. Gr. Comp. Joseph Bailey, Brasennose Coll. Rev. Robert Waller, Brasennose Coll. G. B. Maule, Student of Christ Church. Rev. F. Reyroux, St. Edmund Hall. Hugh Edwin Strickland, Oriel Coll. Rev. Salisbury Everard, Balliol Coll.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. T. A. Trollope, Magdalen Hall. George Henry Pinckney, Exeter Coll. Wellesley Pole Pigott, New Inn Hall." Philip Morgan Richards, New Inn Hall. John Davies, New Inn Hall. William Law Hussey, Christ Church. R. Robinson, Scholar of Queen's Coll. Reginald Courtenay, Magdalen Hall. Thomas Allen, Balliol Coll. Jobn Dupre Addison, Exeter Coll. W. H. Archdall, Exeter Coll.

In a Convocation holden on Wednesday, May 20, it was submitted to the house to abolish the subscription to the thirty-nine Articles at matriculation, and to substitute a subscription to the following Declaration, deferring the subscription to the Articles to the period at which the first degree should be taken.

I, A. B. declere that I do, so far as my knowledge extends, assent to the doctrines of the United Church of England and Ireland, as set forth in her Thirty.

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