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Regia- Majestatis, nee non de fidelitale Universitati exhibenda, ac Statutis, Privileges, et Consuetudinibus ejusdem observandis, juxta formam hactenus usitatem, corporate juramentum praeslent.

"Quod si infra decimum sextum a'tatts annum extiterint. Declaration! supra-requisits duntaxat subscribent, et in matriculaui rcdigentur. Postmodo tamen ubi ad maturain aHatem pervenerint, qua ccclera requisila prustare po&sint, turn dernum ea prastare leneantur.

Should this statute be adopted by Convocation, the effect will be to do away with the Subscription to the Thirty-Nine Articles at the time of entering the University ; substituting in place of such subscription, a Subscription to the Declaration above mentioned. The Subscription to the Thirtynine Articles would, in that case, be deferred till a candidate offered himself for his first degree, when he would be called on to subscribe, and declare his assent to the Articles as heretofore.

Vice-Chancellor's Court, London


This was the petition of Dr. Daubeny,

the Professor of Botany in the University of Oxford, and also of the University, praying the appointment of new trustees of a fund which had been given for the support of that Professorship, by Mr. Sherrard, in the year 1792.

Mr. Wilbraham for the petitioner.

Mr. Bacon for Mr. Leech, the representative of the surviving trustee, who was now dead, consented.

His Honour made the usual order of reference.


On Friday, the 10th instant, at Whitchurch, the Rev. William Birkett Allen, B.C.L. Fellow of St. John's College, and Rector of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, to Anne Martha, youngest daughter of the late J. Hill, Esq. of Kingsclere, Hants.

At Clifton, by the very Rev. the Dean of Christ Church, the Rev. Richard Jenkyns, D.D. Master of Balliol College, and Prebendary of Wells, to Troth, only child of the late Grey Jermyn Grove, Esq. of Pool Hall, in the county of Salop.



The Rev. Thomas Paley, and Messrs. Henry R. Francis, George Bullock, James Ind Welldon, George J. Kennedy, Henry Cotterill, and Gilbert Beresford, all B.A. have been elected Foundation Fellows of St. John's College.

Bell's Scholarships.—The following gentlemen have been elected Bell's Scholars:—

George Currey, St. John's Coll. ) -,

George A. C. May, Magd. Coll. j ^q'

The Vice-Chancellor has given notice that the examination for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships will commence on the first Wednesday in May next. Candidates are to send their names to the Vice-Chancellor on or before the 1st of May.

Chancellor's Medals.—The Chancellor's gold medals for two best proficients in classical learning among the commencing Bachelors of Arts, have been adjudged to Henry Goulburn and Edward Howes, both of Trinity College.

There will be congregations on the following days of the Easter Term:

Wednes. May 6, at 11.

Wednes. 20, at 11.

Wednes. June 3, at 11.

Thursd. 11, (Stat.) B.D. Coram.

Wednes. 24, at 11. [at 10.

Satur... July 4, at 11.

Monday 6, at 11.

Friday. 10, (end of term) at 10.


The following have passed the senate:

To allow the Senate-House to be used for concerts, at the ensuing Commencement.

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Master of Downing College, Professor Smyth, Mr. Peacock, of Trinity College, Mr. Power, of Trinity Hall, Mr. Hopkins, of St. Peter's College, and Mr. Thompson, of St. John's College, a Syndicate, to superintend the fitting up of the SenateHouse at the ensuing Commencement.

To allow the Professor of Music, on account of ill-health, to appoint (with the approbation of the Vice - Chancellor), a Deputy or Deputies to act for him at the approaching Commencement.


Edward Lillingston, Emmanuel Coll.

The following are the names of Inceptors to the degree of Mastera of Arts:

E. L. Lushington, Fell, of Trinity Coll.
W. H. Thompson, Fell, of Trinity Coll.
Thomas Webster, Trinity Coll.
Solomon J. Stowe, Trinity Coll.

Samuel S. Hurst, Trinity Coll.
Hubert Potts, Trinity Coll.
John Hailstone, Trinity Coll.
Matthew James Chapman, Trinity Cull.
Samuel Laing, Fell, of St. John's Coll.
Rev. A. Newby, St John's Coll. (comp.)
Rev. C. Shorting, Fell, of St. Peter's Coll.
John R. West, Fell, of Clare Hall
John A. Power, Fell, of Clare Hall
Rev. C. Eyres, Fell, of Caius Coll.
Rev. Robert 11. Groome, Caius Coll.
William C. Ottley, Caius Coll.

Rev. Richard N. Russell, Caius Coll.

Rev. J. Rowlands, Fell, of Queen's Coll.

George Barber, Queen's Coll.

Rev. G. Maddison, Fell, of Cath. Hall

Francis Forster, Fell, of Catb. Hall

Rayson Mandell, Oath. Hall

Rev. T. L. Clarkson, Christ's Coll.

E. H. Browne, Emmanuel Coll.

John Lloyd, Emmanuel Coll.

J. D. Simpson, Fell, of Sidney Coll.

George Barlow, Sidney Coll.

Fitzowen Skinner, Sidney Coll.



Harry L. Jones, M.A. Magdalen College.
James Edward Dalton, M.A. Queen's College.
Comyns Tucker, M.A. St. Peter's College.
Henry Kuliil, M.A. Catharine Hall.

Allen, Queen's Almond, Pet. Arkwright, Tiin. Atkinson, Magd. Austin, Tiin. Ayres, Queen's Baker, John's Barrett, Caius Bartlett, Tiin. Barton, Trin. Bayldon, Jesus Bazett, Trin. Beardsworlh, John's Bell, Clare Bell, Queen's Bennett, Corpus Bennet, Trin. Benson, John's Bessonet, Caius Biggs, Pemb Birch, Pemb. Birkett, Caius Birley, John's Birt, Corpus Blake, Trin. Boggis, Trin. H. Bond, Trin. Boys, John's Brett, Caius Brewer, Trin. H. Brigham, Pemb. Broderick, Queen's Bromby, John's Brown, John's Brumell, John's Buck, Sidney Buckley, Magd. Burrell, Trin. Burt, Trin. Carlyon, Pemb. Carrington, Caius


Chance, Trin.
Charlesworth, John's
Charlton, Trin.
Christmas, John's
Clancey, Caius
Clarke, John's
Clarkson, Jesus
Clarkson, John's
Clint, Trin.
Cockrane, Trin.
Coles, Trin.
Colquhoun, Joint's
Conybeare, Trin.
Cook, Corpus
Coombes, John's
Cornwall, John's
Corrance, Clare
Coster, Queen's
Cotterill, John's
Cursham, Caius
Curtis, Cath.
Dalton, Caius
Dashwood, Down.
Day, Pemb.
Day, Corpus
Deck, Christ's
Dennis, Pemb.
Dewing, Trin.
Dorrington, Emman.
Dover, Cath.
Dowler, Magd.
Downing, Cath.
Dudley, Cath.
Earle, Clare
Eusworth, Clare
Egan, Caius
Ellis, Trin.
Elwyn, Pemb.
Evans, John's
Faulkner, Queen's
Finch, Corpus

Fitzherbert, John's Fleming, Christ's Frank, Cath. Fraser, A., Trin. Fraser, D., Trin. Fraser, W., Trin. Freeman, Pet. Freeman, Caius Fulford, Trin. Garfit, Trin. Gazeley, Chtist's Gilbert, Caius Glasspoole, Corpus Glaves, Cath. Goodall, Catb. Gordon, Pemb. Gordon, Trin. Grant, Trin. Green, Caius Gregory, Trin. Grey, Corpus Griffin, John's Gurney, John's Gwyther, Trin. Hargrave, Trin. Harrison, Magd. Harman, Clare Harper, John's Harper, Trin. Harison, Magd. Harrison, Trin. Harvey, Trin. Hawkins, E., Trin. Hawkins, R., Trin. Haworth, Queen's Haytony, John's Heale, Christ's Hemery, Trin. Herries, Trin. Herring, Magd. Hickman, John's

Hildyard, Pemb.
Hill, Corpus
Hill, Trin.
Hobson, John's
Hobson, Trin.
Hodgkinson, Trin.
Hodgson, Corpus
Hodgson, Jesus
Hole, Trin.
Holmes, Cath.
Hornman, Pemb.
Howard, Queen's
Howson, Trin.
Humphry, Trin.
Jackson, Cath.
Jeffery, John's
Ingram, Trin.
Johnson, Corpus
Johnson, Down.
Johnson, Magd.
Jones, Clare
Jukes, Corpus
Kempe, Magd.
Kennedy, John's
Kennion, John's
Kirkpatrick, Trin. H.
Kirkpatrick, Trin.
Knox, Sidney
Lacey, Pemb.
Lake, Sidney
Lamotte, Emman.
Latham, Clare
Laycock, Clare
Le Hunte, Trin.
Lewis, Pet.
Lewis, Trin.
Lingivood, Christ's
Littlejohn, Corpus
Lott, Down
Lowndes, Trin.
Maitland, Trin,

Malcolm, Trin.
Marsh, Pemb.
Martin, John's
Mason, Christ's
Mayor, Trin.
Meyer, Trin.
Milton, Corpui
Moore, Trin.
Mungeam, John's
Neumann, Pet.
Newcome, Trin.
Niven, John's
Nurse, Trin.
Oddie, Trin.
Osier, Cath.
Otter, Pemb.
Packer, Trin.
Paley, John's
Palmer, Cath.
Parker, Corpus
Parry, Trin.
Partridge, Corpus
Peacock, Corpus
Peirson, Clare
Phillips, Trin.
Pierpoint, John's
Polwhele, Trin.
Preedy, John's
Pughe, John's

Pulling, Corpus Rackbam, Jesus Radcliffe, Trin. Ramsden, John's Ranking, Cath. Raven, Magd. Rawes, Caius I Ray, Emman. Reddall, Corpus Reed, Jesus Reynardson, Trin. Reynolds, Queen's Reynolds, John's Roberts, Clare Roberts, John's Roberts, Magd. Roberts, Trin. Rodwell, Trin. Romaine, Trin. Routh, Christ's Rowland, John's Sadler, Trin. Sanders, Emman. Sandon, Queen's Sartoris, Trin. Scadding, John's Scarbrow, Magd. Scarth, Christ's

Scott, S. Trin.

Shapland, Trin.

Sharpe, John's

Shaw, Cath.

Shaw, John's

Shaw, Caius

Shepherd, Pemb.

Sherwood, Cath.
I Simpson, Queen's
J Simpson, Corpus
I Skeete, Caius

Smalley, John's

Smith, Clare

Smith, Trin. H. 'Smith, W'.R. Qu.

Smith, Trin.

Smithson, Christ's I Smithson, John's

Smythies, Emman.

Sparling, John's

Spence, Jesus

Stooks, Trin.

Sykes, Trin.

Tathara, John's

Taylor, S. B., Trin.

Taylor, A., Trin.

Thacker, Trin.

Thackeray, Pemb.

Awdry, Cath.
Barber, Magd.
Bellman, Queen's
Bennett, Christ's
Bland, Jesus
Bland, Caius
Blcgborough, Down.
Broom, Trin.
Browne, John's
Bryan, Pet
Bull, Corpus
Canham, Trin.
Curtis, John's
Davidson, John's
De Sausmarez, Pemb.


Dumergue, Trin.
Edmondson, Christ's
Fairies, John's
Fardell, John's
Farmer, Caius
Fell, John's
Gittens, Pemb.
Goldfinch, Trin.
Greatheed, Christ's
Hall, Sidney
Harris, Trin.
Holworthy, Trin.
lddins, John's
Jessopp, John's

Kennedy, Trin.
Kershaw, John's
Kingston, Clare
Kirke, Christ's
Lowe, John's
Mc Michael, Trin.
Marshall, Emman.
Mills, John's
Monins, John's
Molt, Trin.
Nicholson, Trin. H.
Osbourne, Sid.
Foley, Queen's
Powys, Christ's

Thomas, Corpus Thomson, Jesus Thurlow, Trin. Tomkyns, Trin. Tower, John's Townsend, Queen's Trench, Magd. Venua, Jesus Upcher, Trin. Wagstaff, Trin. Wanton, John's Ward, Caius Warren, Jesus Watson, Corpus Watson, Caius Wauchope, Trin. Webb, Clare Westmorland, Sid. Whytehead, John's Williams, Corpus Williamson, John's Wilshere, Trin. Wilson, Queen's Windle, Trin. Windsor, Cath. Wodehouse, Trin. Wood, John's Woodd, Trin.

Ricardo, Trin. Ridgway, Jesus Rolfe, Trin. H. Scott, G. Trin. Senior, Emman. Short, Queen's Slack, Caius Smith, John's Solly, Trin. Spankie, Trin. Thurlow, John's Walker, Magdalen Woodroffe, Trin. Wright, Trin.

An address to His Majesty, with reference to the present critical state of affairs, deprecating in very strong terms the alienation of the funds of the Irish Church, was yesterday proposed in the Senatehouse, and was carried in the Black Hood house by a majority of 54 to 17, and in the White Hood house by a majority of 32 to 10. It is only right to add, that several influential members of the Whig party voted in the majority, whilst others purposely absented themselves.

NEW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY. The friends and well wishers of the University, in the provincial towns, are

active in furthering this most important object; and we observe, with great satisfaction, that the following resolutions have been passed at a meeting at Wakefield, and circulated in that district:—

"At a meeting of the members of the University of Cambridge, held in the West Riding Proprietary School, at Wakefield, on the 2d of April, 1835, the Right Hon. the Earl of Mexborough in the chair, the following resolutions were unanimously agreed to:—

"Whereas, it appears that the present University Library at Cambridge is totally inadequate to the reception of the books which are daily accumulating, and thet its rooms are for the most part confined and incommodious, and even at this time unequal to the proper and convenient stowage of the great treasures which it contains; and that the funds of the University are wholly insufficient to meet the large expenditure necessary for the erection of a new library, in consequence of the great sums already expended upon public buildings:

"It is resolved unanimously, that the * members of the University of Cambridge now present, rejoicing to hear of the great success and zealous support which have rewarded the exertions of the Syndicate (constituted by a grace of the Senate, passed unanimously on the 4th March nit.) for the purpose of soliciting and receiving subscriptions to be applied to the building of a new library, do form themselves into an Association, to co-operate with the Library Syndicate, and to solicit subscriptions from such members and friends of the University as may be personally known to each individual,

"And further—That meetings of the Association be held every Wednesday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, in the West Riding Proprietary School, and that, in ordinary cases, four members have power to act for the whole; and that it shall be in the power of four members to call a special meeting, if circumstances should require one.

"And further—That the Rev. R. J. Bunch be appointed Secretary, and J. M. Robinson, Esq. Treasurer, to receive subscriptions,

"Mexborough, Chairman."


March 30.—A paper, by Augustus de Morgan, Esq. of Trinity College, was read, containing remarks on the Memoir of M. Abel, relative to the algebraical expression of the roots of equations which are connected by the law of periodic functions. Afterwards, Mr. Whewell exhibited and explained a new anemometer, the object of which is to measure the whole amount of the wind which blows in

each direction in a given time, and thus to

make measures of the wind in different

times and places, comparable with each

other. He pointed out, also, how such

measures might be employed, so as to

compose a type of the annual course of the

winds at each place, and thus to solve

several important problems in meteorology.

Meetings of the Society for the ensuing

term:—Mondays, May 4, 18, and June I,

The following summary of the Members

of the University is extracted from the

Cambridge Calendar of the present year:—

Members of Members on

the Senate, the Boards.

Trinity Coll. . 782 1616

St. John's Coll.. 523 1060

Queen's Coll. .112 374

Caius Coll. . .120 284

Christ's Coll. . 94 239

St. Peter's Coll. 88 198

Emmanuel Coll. 105 209

Catharine Hall. 50 179

Corpus Christi . 85 208

Jesus Coll. . . 82 181

Clare Hall . . 80 1G2

Magdalene Coll. 78 176

Trinity Hall. .39 132

Pembroke Coll.. 51 130

King's Coll. . . 79 112

Sidney Coll. . 47 84

Downing Coll. . 29 55

Comm in Villa .10 0

2,459 5,399

The Rev. Francis Henson, B.D., Rector of South Kilvington, Yorkshire, and formerly Fellow and Tutor of Sidney Sussex College, in this university, to Miss Parry, niece of the late Joseph Parry, Esq. of Chester, and cousin to Dr. Chafy, Master of Sidney Sussex College.

The Rev. Wm. Farley Wilkinson, B.D., Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College, in this university, to Jane, only daughter of the late Thomas Russel, Esq.

The Rev. R. Lewis Brown, B.A. Fellow of King's College, to Mary Christian, only daughter of Edward Harrison Blagdon, Esq.


We beg to offer our sincere thanks to our numerous Correspondents, who have so kindly and readily forwarded the many Hymns, and the different Tunes for our forthcoming volumes, which will very shortly appear.



JUNE, 1835.


Art. I.—Neutrality in Time of Danger to the Church, an Abandonment of the Faith, and very Short-sighted Worldly Policy: An Admonition to the Members of the Church of England, delivered in a Sermon at South-Hackney Church, on Sunday, April 5, 1835. By the Rev. H. H. Norms, M. A. Rector of the said Parish, Prebendary of St. Paul's and Llandaff, and Chaplain to the Earl of Shaftesbury. London: Rivingtons; Cochran; Cock; & Wix. 1835. 8vo. Pp. 30.

In the present crisis of the Church, there are two classes of persons who need special admonition: indolent Churchmen, and religious dissenters. We would not willingly abandon the idea that there is yet a remnant of the latter class; men who by the prejudices of education, or the exercise of what we deem mistaken judgment, have been led to attach themselves to some dissenting communion; but who yet are so far from regarding the Church with hostility, that they see, no less clearly than ourselves, that on the article of her existence depends, in all human calculation, the continuance of the gospel faith among us; that she is not only the bulwark, but even the citadel of Protestantism; and that, with her fall, all that is christian in dissent must perish likewise. If such dissenters yet exist, they altogether mistake their policy in continuing dissenters. If they would see the Church maintained> they must join her array, and combat on her side. Prejudices and minor differences must be forgotten: the fact that Christianity, as regards these realms, is in danger, is quite enough to show that they cannot be guiltless, if they delay to come "to the help of the Lord against the mighty." If these considerations be true as regards dissenters, they

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