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Sheldon CHURCH.-The parish church of Sheldon, in the diocese of Exeter, bas lately undergone very considerable improvements, having been repewed, and a new aisle built, the whole of which has been done by private subscriptions, added to a grant of 201. from the Society for Promoting the Enlargement, Building, and Repairing of C'hurches and Chapels. And on Sunday, the 25th of January, on the occasion of the completion of the work, a sermon was prcached there by the Rev. Charles E. Band, the Incumbent, from Exodus xxv. latter part of 24th verse, tu a crowded congregation; after which, a most gratifying collection was made at the dours.

WAYS AND MEANS OF THE VOLUNTARY SYSTEM !--The following notice, which is now posted in aone parts of London, may amuse and instruct our readers :

“ASTRONOMY. “A lecture will be delivered at Henrietta-street Chapel, near Brunswick-square, on Wednesday, the 25th of February, 1835, on Astronomy, illustrated with numerous transparencies of the heavenly bodies, &c. Music will be introduced at intervals by a professional gentlerpan, who will play Green's royal seraphine. To commence at seven o'clock precisely. Tickets for adults, Is. 6d.; for children, 1s each. The entire proceeds will be applied towards the liquidation of the debt on the above chapel."

How delightful the reflection, were all our churches to be maintained only by the aid of astronomical lectures, magic lanterns, and seraphines !!

CHARITY OF THE “ VOLUNTARY SYSTEM."— The advocates of the “ voluntary system" cut a very sorry figure among the supporiers of public charities. Probably they carry their principle to the extent of saying that all hospitals should be supported by the patients. It appears that there are to the

Subscribers. Subscriptions.
Huntingdonshire Infirmary .......

Churchmen 90 .. 145 guineas.
Dissenters 4.. 4 ditto

Churchmen 88 .. 115 ditto
Huntingdorshire Dispensary .....3
gustine Dispensary.

Dissenters 3.. 3 ditto The whole amount of the subscriptions is 267 guineas, and of these the Dissenters subscribe the very large and mighty proportion of one thirty-cighth ; while the subscriptions of clergvmen alone amount to 66 guineas, more than nine times the amount given by the whole body of Dissenters.

EXTRAORDINARY CHANGE RINGING.-A party of the ancient society of changeringers lately assembled in the tower of Great St. Mary's church, Cambridge, and rang in an accurate style a peal of Bob Trebles, consisting of eighteen hundred and thirty fire changes, being the date of the present year, and in compliment to the Marquis ('umden being chosen Chancellor of this University. As far as corresponding with the date of the period, the same peal cannot be ring again for fourteen years; it was composed and conducted by Daniel Woods, of Norwich, and performed by William Skinner, treble

Daniel Woods, fifth
William Page, second

M. Bunton, sixth
Thomas Greenwood, third

Thomas Wright, seventh
James Sterne, fourth

William Barson, tenor.

STATISTICS WORTH KNOWING.-In Great Bri:ain, the number of individuals in a state to bear arms, from the age of fifteen to sixty, is 2,744,847. The number of inarriages is about 93,030 yearly; and it has been remarked, that in sixty-three of these unions, there were cnly three which had no issue. The number of deaths is about 332,708 yearly, which makes nearly 25,592 monthly, 6,398 weekly, 914 daily, and 40 hourly. The deaths aniong the women are in proportion to those of the men, as 50 to 51. The married women live longer than those who continue in celibacy. In the country, the mean term of the nimber of children produced by each marriage, is four; in towns, the proportion is seven for every two marriages. The number of married women is to the general number of individuals of the sex, as one to three; and the number of married men, to that of all in individuals of the male sex, as three to five. The number of widows is to that of widowers, as three to one ; but the number of widows who marry again, is to that of widowers in the same case, as seven to four. The individuals who inhabit elevated situations, live longer than those who reside in less elevated places. The half of the individuals die before attaining the age of 17. The number of twins is tv that of ordinary births as 1 to 65. According to calculations founded upon the bills of mortality, one individual only in 3,126 attains the age of 100 years. The number of births of the male sex is to that of the female sex, as 96 to 95.

SAXON LITERATURE.—John Kemble, A.M. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and eldest son of Mr. Charles Kemble, has been solicited by the University to give a course of lectures on Saxon literature.

DEATH OF THE REV. EDWARD IRVING.— We have hitherto been prevented, by press of matter, from recording the death of the Rev. Edward Irving, M.A. wbich took place at Glasgow, on the 6th of December, after a short but severe illness. He was sensible to the last, and his departing words were “in life or in death, I am the Lord's ;" previous to which he sung ihe 23d Psalm in Hebrew, accompanied by bis wife's father, the Rev. John Martin. Mr. Irving was an amiable man in all the relations of life; and of his thorough honesty, and decided, though grievously misdirected piety, there can be doubt. His complaint was consumption, produced by his laborious and unceasing efforts to propagate the peculiar religious teneis to which he had attached himself. Those who have seen him within the last twelve months, and have marked bis long grey hair, and wrinkled brow, will be surprised to learn that he has died in the prime of life, having only attained his 42d year. He leaves a widow and several young children to lament the loss of a kind husband and father. Mr. Irviny's disciples have been rapidly increasing up to the present time, and a new chapel was opened for their accommodation in Islington parish about a fortnight since. It is not probable that they will hold together long after the death of the great father of the sect.

DEATH OF DR. CAREY.- We are concerned to learn that the venerable Dr. Carey, whose indefatigable labours in translating the Holy Scriptures into the languages of the East are so well known to the Biblical scholar, and to all the friends of missions, has finished his earthly course. He expired at Serampore, the scene of his valuable and most interesting labours, on the 9th of June.

The BREADALBANE BEQUEST.-The late Marquis of Breadalbane left 3,0001. to be distributed among the charities of Perth. The sum has been awarded in the following proportions:- To the Destitute Sick Society, 6001.; Indigent Old Men's Society, 475l. ; Female Society for the relief of Indigent Aged Women, 4757. ; Infant School, 2501.; City Mission, 2001. ; Auxiliary Deaf and Dumb Society, 1001. ; to the establishment and support of an infirmary in Perth, 6001.; legacy duty, 3001.

By the Bishops of Chester, Lichfield f. Coventry, Worcester, and Rochester,



Benvett, J. B. . . . . . . .
Buchaill, S.. . . . . . .
Busfield, Harcourt N. T. . .
Charlton, John K. . .
Crossfield, Edward M...
Dobson, John Ralph . . .
Hamer, Henry. ...
Haughton, William
Hevson, Henry . .
Higginson, John.
Hildyard, J. W. . .
Knowles, Henry ...
Merriman, N. James . .
Read, Thomas F. R...
Sanders, W. F. . .
Sikes, Robert P. . . . . . .
Smithett, Thomas . . . . . .
Willets, J. W. . . . . . . .

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Degree College. University.
Barker, Thomas F. . . . . . B.A. Brasennose Oxf.
Cary, Henry . . . . . . .

MA. Worcester Oxf. Cooper, Thomas . . . . . . B.A. Magdalen

Oxf. Corfield, William . . . . . . B.A. Christ's

Camb. Duncan, Francis ..

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Hirst, Thomas . . . . . . . B.A. Pembroke Camb. Hollings, Richard . . . . . . B.A. St. John's

Oxf. Hooker, William . . . . . . B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Hooper, Francis J, B. . . BA. Christ's

Camb. Hopwood, Frank George .. . B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Hornby, William . . .

B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Hutchinson, William ... . BA. New Inn Hall Oxf Jones, Robert . . . . . . . M.A. Pembroke Oxf. Leigh, Robert

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Maurice, John F. D.

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Oliver, John.

B.A. Magdalen Camb. Owen, J. B. . . . .

B.A. St. John's Camb. Provand, Charles M...

B.A. Magdalen

Oxf. Sall, Francis ....

M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Simpson, Thomas , ..

St. Mary Hall Oxf. Smith, Charles ....


Stewart, Thomas J..


Swale, John H. ...... B.A. University Oxf.
Weston, William Henry. . . B.A. All Souls

Oxf. Whittington, Henry · · · · ·

Pembroke Camb.

By Bishop of Chester Lichfield Chester Lichfield Worcester Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Worcester Chester Chester Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Lichfield Chester Lichfield Chester Chester Worcester Lichfield


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By the Lord Bishop of Rochester, Feb. 14.


Degree College.

University. AMeck, James Danby (let: dim.) .. B.A. Christ Church Oxford Barkley, John Charles (let. dim.) ... B.A. Emmanuel Cambridge Borton, William (let. dim.). . . . . . B.A. Caius

Cambridge Cory, Robert Woolmer (let. dim.):.. B.A. Pembroke Cambridge Currie, Theophilus William (let. dim.). . B.A. Emmanuel Cambridge Flavell, John Webb (let. dim.) . .. . B.A.


Dublin Gillson, Edward (let. dim.)...... BA. Trinity Hall Cambridge Goodchild, Cecil Wray (let. dim.) . ... B.A. Magdalen Cambridge Hand, Henry George (let. dim.) . .

B.A. King's

Cambridge Lawrence, Thomas (let. dim.).,... M.A. Exeter

Oxford Lawson, William de Lancey (let. dim.) . B.A. Magdalen Cambridge Pyne, Augustus (let. dim.). . . . . .


Cambridge Quarrell, Richard (let, dim.) ..... B.A. Queen's Cambridge Robinson, Henry (let. dim.) ..... B.A. Trinity Hall Cambridge Scott, Charles Thomas (let. dim.) . .. B.A. St. John's Cambridge Taynton, William (let. dim.) . . . . . B.A.


Cambridge Wall, Thomas (let, dim.) ...... M.A. Caius


PRIESTS. Balston, Charles : :: ·

M.A. Corpus Christi Oxford Bazeley, Francis Lez (let. dim.) .... B.A. Queen's Cambridge Begbie, Francis Richard (let. dim.). . B.A. Pembroke Cambridge Clarke, Christopher (let. dim.) .. . . M.A. St. John's Cambridge Cookesley, William Gifford (let. dim.). . M.A. King's

Cambridge Curteis, Jeremiah (let. dim.). .... S.C.L. St. John's Cambridge Law, Hon. William Towry (let. dim.).. M.A. St. Peter's Cambridge Mills, John (let. dim.) · · · · · · ·

M.A. Pembroke Cambridge Pearce, Prosser (let. dim.) . . . . . .

B.A. Queen's

Cambridge Pugh, Enoch (let. dim.) . . . . . .

St. David's Lampeter Rawlings, Edward (let. dim.) . . . B.C.L. Trinity Cambridge Ray, George (let. dim.) ...... B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge



Degree College. Rowlands, John (let. dim.) ..... B.A. Queen's Shorting, Charles (let. dim.) ..... B.A. St. Peter's Tucker, Comyns (iet. dim.) ..... M.A. St. Peter's

Deacons, 35.-Priests, 40.—Total, 75.



Ardagh, Dean of ... Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Bermingham, J. A. ... Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Chamley, Francis ... Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Cookesley, Henry . . . Head Master of St. Peter's School, Pimlico.
Dawson, P. A. . . . . Chaplain to E. I. C. Bengal.
Fletcher, William . . . Master of Derby Grammar School.
Emly, Dean of ... Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Griffith, Thomas G. . . Master of the Free Grammar School, Bridgewater.
Irwin, H. .. . . . Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Johnson, Wilbraham. . Deputy Chaplain to the Collegiate Church, Manchester.
Kildare, Dean of .

Chaplains to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Lefroy, Jeffrey ...snap
Lockwood, E. J. . . . Surrogate of the Archdeaconry of Bedford.
Magee, Ven. Archd. . . Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Squire, Edmund ... Domestic Chaplain to Lord Denman.
Stodard, ~. . . . . Second Master of St. Peter's School, Pimlico.
Tighe, Hugh Usher. . Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Turner, Charles . . . Domestic Chaplain to Lord Abinger.
Wilcocks, E. J. ... Chaplain of Scilly Islands.
Wright, -..... Curacy of St. John's, Newcastle.

County. Diocese.

Anderton, J. H.. . Clithero, P.C.

Lancaster Chester Earl Howe Beadon, R. J. . . Shirwell, R.

Devon Exeter Sir J.Chichester, Bt. Brown, J. L. . . . Holbeck, P.C.

York York Vic. of Leeds Burnaby, G. ... St. Peter's, Bedford, R. Bedford Lincoln Lord Chancellor Crabbe, G. ... Bredfield, v.

Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Curteis, J. · · ·

S Shelton cum
Hardwicke, R.

Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich Daniel, Richard, West Somerton, P.C. - Norfolk Norwich Thomas Grove, Esq. Day, Henry Thomas, Mendlesham, v. Suffolk Norwich Rev. H. T. Day Dolling, -. ... Wormshill, R.

Kent Cant. Christ's Hospital Fisher, C. F.. . . Badgeworth, R. Somerset B. & W. Sir. J. Mordaunt, Bt.

Huxham, R. Fortescue, John .


Sir G. Bampand Poltimore, R.


| filde, Bt. Fowler, H. R.

Colmore, R.
. 3 Prior's Dean, P.C.

Hants Winch. } J. Fowler, Esq. Furnass, J. R. . . Dinnington, R. Northum. Durham Vic. of Ponteland Gaitskill, John . . N. & S. Leverton, R. Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Hathway, R. C. . . Hewstoke, V.

Somerset B. & W. Hodgson, John .. St. Peter's, Thanet, V. Kent Cant. Abp. of Canterbury Holt, - . . . . Fulstow, V.

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Houlditch, H. L. . Holcombe Burnell, V. Devon Exeter Rev. W. P. Thomas Hume, John Henry. Hilmarton, V.

Wilts Sarum The King Hunt, Philip. . . Aylsham, v.

Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Caut. Jeremie, Amiraux . l'reb. Stall of Sanctæ Crucis, in Lincoln Cath. Kensit, - . . . . Betchworth, V.

Surrey Winchest, D. & C. of Windsor Kemberton, R. Marriott, George . 3 Sutton Maddock. v. * Sutton Maddock. V. Salop


Lichfield Mrs. Stancp Musgrave, T...Orwell, V.

Camb. Ely Lord Chancellor Nicholson, H. J. B. . St. Albans, V.

Herts London Corporation Pearse, John ... St. John's, R.

Bedford Lincoln Corporation


Exeter I I. Silliftant, Esa.

County. Diocese.

Halesworth cum
Phipps, A. F. . .

Suffolk Norwich R. P. Ward, Esq. . Chedilson, R. Pidsley, E.

Sampford, R. ·· Peverell, R.

Exeter & T. Hugo, Esq. Scott, William Shapwick, V.

Dorset Bristol H. Bankes, Esq. Smith, James Allan. Udimore. V.

Sussex Chichest. Countess Burlington Steward, John H. . Hethel, R.

Norfolk Norwich Rev. J. H Steward Sydenham, Jobn. . Brushford, R.

Somerset B. & W. Rev. J. Sydenham Wade, Dr.. ... High Halden, R. Kent Cant. Abp. of Cant. Wilson, Plumpton

( St. Mary's, Newmarket, R. Camb. Norwich Duke of Rutland > Wood Dition, V.

CLERGYMEN deceased.

County. Diocese. Patron,
Alban, Thomas . . Llandrillo, V.

Denbigh St. Asaph Bp, of St. Asaph Blundell, John . . Cove, R.

Devon Exeter Bowlby, Thomas, Painshaw, P.C.

Durham Durham Rector of Houghton Bushby, Joseph . . Holbeck, P.C.

York York Vic. of Leeds Caparn, Jolin. . . N. & S. Lenerton, R. Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Cookson, James · 3 Prior's Dean, P.C. I Colmore, R.

Hants. Winchest. J. Fowler, Esq. Cross, E. ... Berechurch, R. Essex London J. Bawtree, Esq.

I Goodworth, V. Durnford, Richard

Hants. Winchest. J. Iremonger, Esq. Clatford, V. , Eade, Charles . . Metfield, P.C.

Suffolk Norwich Parishioners Eades, John . . . Abbot's Morton, R. Worcester WorcesterT. Eades, Esq. Evanson, Thomas . Great Catworth, R. Hants. Lincoln Brasennose Coll.Oxf. Halliwell, Henry. . Clayton, R.

Sussex Chichest. Brasennose Coll.Oxi. Llansaintfraed, R. Hughes, J. . . . de... Glyndyfrdwy, R.

{ Merioneth St. A saph Bp. of St. Asaph l'Ans, F. . . . . Cruwys, Morchard, R. Devon Exeter B. Wood, Esq.

( Witchingham, R.
Jeanes, Thomas · 3 St. John's Norwich, R. ,

Norwich New Coll. Oxf.

. Now Call Oxf Keble, John

Colne, St. Aldwins, V. | Gloster Gloster / T. Ingram, Esq. · · Poulton, P.C.

s Wilts Sarum ) and others Kilvington, Edward . Ripon, P.C.

York York D. & C. of Ripon Leake, R. . . . . Fulston, V.

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Lewis, John

s Minor Can. of Worcester Cath. · · St. Peter's, V.

Worcester Worcester > D.&C.of Worcest. ( Arncliffe, V.

York York New Coll. Oxi. Norton, Eardley Blythborough, P.C.

Suffolk Norwich Sir C. Blois, Bt. Walberswick, P.C. Nosworthy, Stephen, Brushford, R.

Somerset B. & W. Rev. J. Sydenham
Parke, Benjamin .
Preb. of Ely Cath.

Bp. of Ely
Tilney, V.

Norfolk Norwich Pemb. Coll. Camb,
Preb. of Westminster
St. Peter's, Thanet, V. lx

Kent Cant.
High Ilalden, R.

Abp. of Cant. Thorp, William . . Sandford, v. Oxford Oxford J. Taylor, Esq.

St. Stephen's, Walbrook, R. Middlesex London Grocers' Company Townley, G. S. . }

Great Totham, V. Essex London W.P.Honeywood, Esq.

(Aston Ingram, R. Hereford Hereford F. Lawson, Esq. Whatley, Charles, Lower Gwiring, V.

stor s F. Lawson, Esq.

Gloster Gloster (Lea, P.C.

loster Bp. of Gloster



Appointment, Cornwall, G. B.. M.A. of Worcester College, Oxford. Duglinson, John ... Curate of Castle Sowerby. Greenwood, Thomas .Lecturer of St. Giles's, Cripplegate. Stock, Edwin...Rector of Crosmolina, Ireland. Tait, D. ...... Curate of Wattisfield, & Master of Gr. Sch. Ipswich, Suffolk.

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