Perrin's French word book

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Léonce Stièvenard

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Page 87 - Que je sois, That I may be. que tu sois, that thou mayst be. qu'il soit, that he may be. que nous soyons, that we may be. que vous soyez, that you may be. q'uils soient, that they may be.
Page 87 - Je fus Tu fus Il fut Nous fûmes Vous fûtes Ils furent Futur Je serai Tu...
Page 115 - Un. 2. Deux. 3. Trois. 4. Quatre. 5. Cinq. 6. Six. 7. Sept. 8. Huit. 9. Neuf. 10. Dix. 11. Onze. 12. Douze. 13. Treize. 14. Quatorze. 15. Quinze. 16. Seize. 17. Dix-sept. 18. Dix-huit. 19. Dix-neuf. 20. Vingt. 21. Vingt et un. 22. Vingt-deux. 23. Vingt-trois.
Page 85 - J'eus eu, I had had. Tu eus eu, thou hadst had. Il eut eu, he had had. Nous eûmes eu, we had had. Vous eûtes eu, you had had. Ils eurent eu, they had had.
Page 88 - Anterior. j'eus été, I had been tu eus été, thou hadst been il eut été, he had been nous eûmes été, we had been vous eûtes été, you had been ils eurent été, they Iiad been Second Futurè.
Page 87 - That thou mightest be. Qu'il fût, That he might be. Que nous fussions, That we might be. Que vous fussiez, That you might be. Qu'ils fussent, That they might be.
Page 136 - History of Greece' from the earliest Records of that Country to the Time in which it was reduced to a Roman Province.
Page 140 - Tegg's Elementary Series of Juvenile School Books, Illustrated. ISmo, half-bound, each 6d, The Series consists of Tegg's First Book for Children. Second Book for Children. First Book of Geography. -of Poetry. -of Arithmetic. Walkingame's Tutor's Assistant, by E. Barker.
Page 139 - Course of Mathematics. New Edition. Entirely remodelled, and adapted to the Instruction now pursued in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, by W.
Page 1 - P p P p Q q Q q R r R r S s S s T t T t U u U u V v V v W w W v) X x X x Y y Y y e THE VOWELS.

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