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Inutility of Biography-Various views of managemenat nd

various managers—Lord Byron and Mr. Robins-Receipts to
Kean's first appearance-Mr. Henry Harris-Mr. R. Sheil
--Mr. C. Kemble-Mr. Elliston-King George and King
Robert-Break up of the old understanding between the
two Theatres—and its consequences Mr. Price and
Mr. Bish—A bad actor a bad bargain-The American Stage
the ruin of the English Stage--Advantages of utility-
Curious illustration thereof-Combination of Kean and
Young in tragedy, and Liston and Mathews in comedy,
Ingredients of an utilitarian— Failure of the theatres the
fault of the public-Sir Robert Walpole, and his medical


Indifference of the public to theatrical amusements-Advan

tages possessed by the Foreign stage-Consequent cultiva-
tion of the art-A few singers do not constitute an Opera
-Difficulties under which the large theatres labour-Folly
of reduced prices-Necessity of reduced salaries-Lord


Chamberlain — Difference between authority and oppression-Sir E. L. Bulwer and the Marquis Conyngham -Licences to be had for asking—Hardship on the Haymarket theatre complained of by the manager to the public -The Duke of Sussex's opinion of the proper support of the London Stage



Performers and their salaries, past and present—Their deport

ment under different circumstances—The article of engagement of a leading actor, and its mutual advantages--Consequences of befriending a performer-James Smith and the Zoological Gardens-Horses and Actors, managed by old Astley-Cox versus Kean - Singular letter - Salaries of Mathews, Munden, Fawcett, Quick, Edwin, Irish Johnstone, C. Kemble, Macready, Ellen Tree, compared with those of Farren, Liston, Power, George Cooke, John Kemble, Mrs. Jordan-Different notions of comfort-Actors the destruction of dramatic literature-Knowles-Bulwer -Colman-Inchbald-Morton-Reynolds, &c.



A London manager as he is, and as he ought to be-The

conceit of authors and actors contrasted— Times when theatres were prosperous_Garrick's salary and season“ Orders ” the cause of all kinds of dis-orders—The press and its privileges–Difference of value in paper and other currency_Disadvantages of people not paying for their admission—Increase of newspapers—A favour no boonIndividual opinion founded on general criticism-Disadvantages of steam to a theatre-Success and talent not synonymous—Reasons why no one ever should be a manager



The value of experience exemplified— The general result of

all prosecutions—The Garrick Club—What it ought to effect, and what it does—Thomas Campbell's reception in it-Sin. gular success leading to singular disaster-Kean and Macready's Shaksperian language-Madame Malibran's mind defined in her correspondence-Mr. Hackett and Mr. George Colman-Mr. Dowton's opinion of American editions of English plays-Mr. Kean's death, and his last appearance preceding it-Union of the two Patent theatres --Causes, or rather reasons, for its necessity



A good address very desirable—Mr. Henry Harris's opinion of the author's

Opposition to it-Mr. Bulwer and his Bill - The Duke of Gloucester-False reports likely to lead to other reports—The Duke of Wellington's favourite maxim -Symptoms of hostilities—Mr. Sheridan Knowles, and his

co-mates in exile"-Memorial to His Majesty, and its gracious reception-Different views taken by different authors —The King a better judge than his subjects—Two theatres better than nineteen, in an undramatic city, logically discussed-A trip to Paris

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Mems. of a Manager during a Continental trip-Terms on

which to meet a bad dramatist-French honour, and its reward--Opinions on the novelties of the day—Mademoiselle

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