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Indefinite leave of absence was granted Mr. Rhodes on account of death in his family.

By unanimous consent Mr. Sleeth presented a petition from citizens of Rush county on the subject of interest.

Was read and placed on the calendar.

Message from the House by Mr. Holmes, the Secretary thereof:


I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the House has passed the following Engrossed House Bills, viz:

House Bills No. 172, entitled “An.actu; legalizing dissections of human bodies for anatomical and surgical purposes, providing the manner of obtaining and distribution of bodies for such purposes, and penalties for violating the same.

Also, House Bill No. 350, entitled. "An act to amend an act entitled 'an act to provide for the opening, vacating and change of public highways,'” approved June 17, 1852.

Also, House Bill No. 325, entitled “An act concerning licenses to exhibit any caravan, circus, rope or wire dancing, legerdemain, ventriloquism, puppet show, concert, theatrical performance, or any other exhibition of whatever name or description, or by traveling or stationary troupes, individually or collectively, and providing for the collection of the same, with an emergency clause.”

Also, House Bill No. 288, entitled "An act to amend sections

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