Journal of the Indiana State Senate ... of the General Assembly, ..., Volume 49

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Page 1048 - An act to revise, simplify, and abridge the rules, practice, pleadings, and forms in civil cases in the courts of this State ; to abolish distinct forms of action at law ; and to provide for the administration of justice, in a uniform mode of pleading and practice, without distinction between law and equity," approved June 18, 1852 ; Which was read the first time, and passed to a second reading.
Page 1215 - An act to amend an act entitled an act to provide for a general system of common schools, the officers thereof, and their respective powers and duties, and matters properly connected therewith, and prescribing the fees for certain officers therein named, and for the establishment and regulation of township libraries and to repeal all laws inconsistent therewith, providing penalties therein prescribed...
Page 816 - An act to amend Section one of an act entitled 'An act to amend an act entitled "An act to provide for a general system of common schools, the officers thereof and their respective powers and duties...
Page 959 - And in case of increase in the number of Senators, they shall be annexed, by lot, to one or the other of the two classes, as to keep them as nearly equal as practicable. Sec. 4. The General Assembly shall, at its second session after the adoption of this Constitution, and every six years thereafter, cause an enumeration to be made of all the white male inhabitants over the age of twenty-one years.
Page 1071 - That it shall be the duty of each clerk, sheriff and treasurer of the several counties in this state, and every other officer receiving money in his official capacity, at the expiration of his term of office, to pay over to his successor in office all moneys of every description, to whomsoever due, remaining in his hands at the expiration of such term, taking...
Page 960 - The number of Senators and Representatives shall, at the session next following each period of making such enumeration, be fixed by law, and apportioned among the several counties, according to the number of white male inhabitants, above twenty-one years of age, in each...
Page 1184 - Agent's printed reports: therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring, That a Committee of three on the part of the House, and two on the part of the Senate, be...
Page 765 - Commissioners, in quarterly installments ; and said Commissioners may at any time, for reasons satisfactory to themselves, discharge any clerk appointed by them under the provisions of this act and appoint his successor.
Page 1072 - All acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act be and the same are hereby repealed: Provided, That nothing in this act shall be construed to...
Page 1112 - ... or next friend, as the court shall direct; and the unlawful sale, or giving away, of intoxicating liquors, shall work a forfeiture of all rights of the lessee or tenant, under any lease or contract of rent upon the premises where such unlawful sale or giving away shall take place ; and all suits for damages under this act may be by any appropriate action in any of the courts of this state having competent jurisdiction.

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