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forty eight days that he was in custody at Newbury, on account of paying rates, he having taken his oath in [P. 218.] this Assembly that he was so long in custody and that it be paid him by the Town of Hampton, and that the selectmen of said town make an assessment for the same. Obr 30th, 1721.

Jas. Jaffry, Cler. Assem.

In Coun: Eodem die. Concurred.

Richard Waldron, Cler. Con. A message from the House by Mr. Dennet, Capt. Tibbitts and Capt. Greenough, with a vote for the Treasurer immediately to account wth ye House, &c. wch vote was delivered Mr. Treas' Penhallow (1)

Adjorned till tomorrow 10 o'clock, A. J.

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Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Gen' Assem. held at Portsin

by adjornm Dec 1st, 1721.

Present in Council,
His Honour John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gor',
Sam' Penhallow,

Shad. Walton,
Geo. Jaffry,


Thomo Packer, Esq. A message to the board by Mr. Dennet wth a vote for sending for our Eastern souldiers, which was sent back by the Clerk tir reconsideration.

Daniel Jackson preferred a petition to the board direciril to the Gen' Assem. praying for a special Act to enable him to renew aud bring forward a suit agst Alexander Miller, before Geo: 'Jathiya Esq., Just. Peace, for reasons therein inentioned; which position being read and the pleadings upon it fully heard, and the objections agst the same made by the sd Miller also heard and confil.

- It was voted, that ye prayer of the petition be granted, and that the petitioner be allowed to prepare and bring in a bill accordingly; and then the said petition and vote thereon was sent down to the house by the Clerk for concurrence.


(1) (From the Journal of the House.) Nov. 30th, 1721. Voted, That there be no more Memorialls receised by ti is gone from Mr. Treasurer Penhallow relating to accompts of this Province'; int that he bring in the Province Accompts truly by Debt & Credit; And that the acermapts from the fifteenth of July last past be brot. in forthwith to us accordingly.

A message to the board by Capt. Greenough wth the vote of ye house for calling home our Eastern souldiers, which was again sent down by Shad. Walton & Thomas Packer, Esqs. for annendment, [P. 219.) and then came another Message by Mr. Dennet, wth a vote which was accepted and concurred with, and is as follows:

Dec. 1st 1721. In the House of represents. Upon the return of his Excellency's letter(1) by the Express sent him in relation to the discharge of the souldiers at the Eastward,

Voted, That the souldiers be forthwth discharged, and that the Ilonourable the Lieut. Gov' is desired to send his orders for them, by Express, to come home by land, and that a vessel be immediately sent with provision for their subsistance home.

Jas. Jaffry, Cler. Assem.

In Coun: Eodem die, Concurred.

Richa Waldron, Cler. Con. The petition of Benja Wentworth praying for a special Act to enable him to bring forward a suit against Sam' Plaisted, Esq., for reasons mentioned, being read,

Ordered that the hearing on said Petition be tomorrow at 10 o'clock beforenoon, and that the said Plaisted be notyfied thereof.

A message to the board by Mr. Dam, with the following vote: Nov. 30th, 1721. In the House of represents.

Voted, That our vote past the 7th October last past relating to suspending the Act of Dutys of Export & Impost be further continued to the middle of March next, on the same former conditions, wch conditions if not complyed wth by the Massachusetts, then to be in force.

Jas. Jaffry, Cler. Assem.

In Council. Dec. 1st 1721. Concurred.

RichWaldron, Cler. Con. Adjorned till tomorrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

(1) (From the Journal of the House.) Fryday Nov. 30, 1721. Copy of his Excellencies letter of ye Obr ye 29th, Directed to the Honblo John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Govr. of New Hampshire: Sr.

I recd your Express & if the Genl Court are of opinion yt it is best for the interest of the Province yt ye souldiers at the Eastwd should be discharged, I do hereby give my consent unto it. I am your humble servt.

SAMUEL SUUTE, Boston. Wednesday, five of the clock afternoon.

Sam Penhillos, Esqs.

Pro: X. Hamp".

At a General Assembly held at Portsmo

by Adjournm Dec 24, 1721.

Present In Council,
His Honour John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov",

Geo. Jaffry,
Hunking, S

. ,

, Thos. Packer,

. A Message to the board by Capt. Gillman and Mr. Dam wth the three votes of Council for repeating £1500, postponing 1000lb and Emitting 1000lb more (wch were sent down on ye 30th of ye last month) without anything done thereon, which said three votes were again sent down to lye before the house for further Consideration.

Jotham Odiorne, Esq., Cap Greenough and Mr. Dam brought a vote to the board which was concurred wth and is as follows:

[P. 220.] In the House of Represents.

Voted, That Mr. Treasurer Penhallow do forthwth gather in the Interest money due to this Province & pay one hundred pounds of it to his Excellency Govt Shute, 2d Xbr 1721. In Coun.

James Jaffry, Cler. Assem. oedm die, Concurred.

Richa Waldron Cler. Con. Mr. James Jeffry appeared at the board and humbly moved that the petition of the town of Portsmo signed by himself as attorney for sd Town, and directed to the General Assem. and preferred the 20th July last, might be withdrawn. Ordered, that the Clerk Endorse the said Petition on file that no proceeding be thereon.

R. Waldron, Cler. Con. Capt Benja Wentworth at the board to prosecute his petition preferred yesterday and Sam' Plaisted, Esq., (being notifyed) also appeared, and the matter being fully heard in both houses the fol. lowing vote was past thereon: [P. 221.]

In Council. Voted, that the prayer of the petition be granted and that the petitioner have leave to bring in a bill accordingly.

Richd Waldron Cler. Con. Dec" 24, 1721.

In the House of Represen'. Dec 21, 1721. Read and Concurred.

Jas Jaffiry Cler. Assem. Then the said Benja Wentworth presented his bill to the board,

Entitled An Act To Enable Cap Benja Wentworth of Dover to bring forward a Complaint at the next Superiour Court of Judicature, aga Samuel Plaisted, Esq., which being read in both houses, was past to be Enacted, and was Enacted accordingly by Signing and Sealing in presence of the whole Gen' Assem. after which by the Leu' Govr order the Said General Assem: was

Prorogued till ye 6th of Febry 1721-2.
Prorogued till ye 27th March, 1722.
Prorogued till ye 16th April, 1722.
Prorogned till ye 30th April, 1722.

Justices, &-c., their Addresse to her Majesty, 1707. [Copied from “ Addresses to the King,” in Secretary's Office, p. 63.] Note. - Although the following paper is without date, yet it evidently belongs to the period of Gov. Dudley's administration — about 1707. It was discovered by the Editor, bound up in a MS. volume containing “ Addresses to the King," &c., arranged with papers bearing date 1739-1742. It should be read in connexion with other “ Addresses to the Queen” found on pages 349352, of this Volume III.—Ev.]


Wee, your Majestie's most Loyal and dutifull subjects, Justices of the Peace, Officers of the Militia, Merchants and Inhabitants of your Majestie's Province of New Hampshire in New England, most humbly acknowledge your Majestie's favour to this your Majestie's Province in conferring the government thereof upon Colonel Dudley, a gentleman of approved Loyalty, courage and conduct, who during the troubles by the Rebel Indians, assisted by the French for some years last past, which have put this your Majestie's poor Province to a great Expence and constant hazard, in all which time, wee are witnesses of the indefatigable care, pains and good service of your Majestie's said Governor in our Defence, as wel as pursuit of the Enemy, and ease expence of our Treasury, soe that wee have not lost one village, but have removed our enemies during all these troubles to a great distance from their planting and fishing, upon which they depend for their support: all which is apparent and to the satisfaction of all your Majestie's good subjects of this your Majestie's Province.

Notwithstanding which wee are by the last Ships advised that your Majestic is addressed by several persons unknown to us as wel as to this Province to remove our said Governor from your Majesties favour and his service here, by very false and unjust In

formations and reflections; which wee most humbly pray may not obtaine Roome or beliefe in your Majesties princely Breast, to remove him from your Majesties Royal Favour, which wee most humbly and truly Represent to your Majestie will be to the Griefe and trouble of all your Majestieś most Loyal subjects in this Province as wel as to our selves, who shall always live in a most grateful sence of your Majesties most princely favour towards us; And humbly Imploring Almighty God for a continued Traine of success & victory for your Majesties Armes and the blessing and bencfitts of the happy Union of the kingdom of Great Brittaine,

Wee remaine yor Majties most loyal & Dutiful subjects John Walker,

Riche Waldron, Clement Hughes,

Geo. Vaughan, John Cutt,

Thom Phipps, Rich: Wybird,

Ichabod Plaisted, Sam' Alcock,

Richard Gerrish, John Janvrin,

Theo. Atkinson, B. Gambling,

Theophilus Dudley, Jacob Green,

Shad. Walton, John Knight,

Nath' Hill, George Jaffrey,

Josha Peirce, Obadiah Mors,

Tobias Langdon, Sampson Sheafe,

John Sherburne, Moses Leavitt,

Joseph Smith, David Lorrence,

Jonathan Thing, Tho: Wilson,

Joshua Wingett, Winthrop Hilton,

Sam' Hart, John Gilman,

Jeremy Gilman, Robert Coffin,

Isaac Grean [?] Jno Low,

Jno Tuttle. Thom Tibbetts,


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