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Pro: N. Ilamp'.

At a Gen' Assem. held at Portsmo

by adjornm', November 27th, 1721.

Present in Councill,
His Hont John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov',
Sam' Penhallow, ?

Geo. Jaffiy
Mark Hunking,

Adjorned till 3 o'clock, P. M.

Rich Wibird, } Esqs.

Pro: N. Hamp". Mett again according to adjornm.


His Honour the Leut. Gov: Shad. Walton, Esqs. A message from the House to the Lieut. Gov' praying a copy of his Honour's Speech, which was immediately prepared and carryed down by the clerk accordingly.

A message from the house by Capt. Greenough and Mr. Dam, praying they might be informed whether his Excellency had recalled the New Hampshire souldiers from the Eastward, or what advice there was from the Gov' respecting that matter. To whom his Honour replyed that the last time he heard from the Gov?, his Excellency acquainted him that the Masya had reduced their souldiers to two hundred, and that N. Hamp? Quota was now but twenty.

[P. 214.] A message to the board by Capt. Tibbetts and Capt. Gillman with the following vote:

In the House of Represents. Voted, That his Excellency be desired to order all our Province men home from their respective posts at the Eastward, they being in a suffering condition, and we neither willing nor oblidged to support them there. 27th Nov", 1721.

Dan' Greenough, Cler. Assem,

In Council. Eodem die. Concurred.

Richd Waldron, Cler. Con. Adjorned till to-morrow, 9 o'clock, A. M.

Pro: N. IIamp".

At a Gen' Assembly held at Portsmo

by adjornm, 9br 28th, 1721.

Present in Councill,
Ilis Honour John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov",

Samuel Penballow, }Esqs.

Rich" Wibird, } Esqs.


, His Honour the Lieut. Governour laid before the board a copy of a memorial presented to the Right Honourable the Lords of trade and Plantations, by Mr. Agent Newman, (1) praying for a supply of Gun powder for his Majesty's Fort Wm. and Mary, wthin this Province, which being read was sent to the house by the Clerk.

A message to the board by Capt Jno. Gillman with the following vote:

(1) (From MS. Correspondence, in Sec'ry office.)
A letter from the Province Agent, Mr. Newman, dated

41 Middle Temple, May 2d, 1721. 8r. - I have herewith covered a copy of the memoriall which I put into the board of Trade in March last on the subject of powder for Fort William & Mary; but tho' I have attended overy week since to know the pleasure of the board therein, the Parliamontary affairs, and the preparing instructions for my lord Irwin (since dead) and now for lord Belhaven, he being to proceed without delay to his govermt at Barbadoes, has obliged their Lordships to postpone the consideration of it; however I was yesterda y promised . ..... one of the com'te it should be considered to morrow, and Bome answer given to it, of which I sball acquaint your Excellency in the postscript of this, if I obtain my expectations, but having been often disappointed, and having delayed writing by Capt. Brown, in hopes of an answer, I write this to be ready to be sent by Capt. Chadder (?) that your Excellency and the Province of New Hampshire may not think me negligent.

As to the divisional line I find I must petition his Majesty in Council before anything will be done in it, Mr. Dummer refusing to joyn with me. And in order to set the matter in a clear light, I must have copies of the original Grant of the Council of Plymouth to Massachusetts, and of the old charter from the Crown to Massachusetts, and conveyances of the Province at Maine to Massachusetts, all which I am endearoring to get copies of bere; but perhaps I may be under difficulty to prove them authentick, and therefore if I can have copies under the Province seal, attested by your Excellency or Col. Wentworth, they would have a better authority. It's true, these grants are generally recited in the present charter of Massachusetts, but that recitall omits many provisos and exceptions which may be of use to New Hampshire.

May 31.

Sr. - This day I attended the board of Trade, and their Lordships were pleased to admit of a reading of my memorial, and thu' they have not yet taken a resolution thereupon, I am glad to find they think the prayer of it very reasonable, and your Excelly will soon be informed of their resolution in such a manner, as I have good reason to believe, will be to the satisfaction of the Province; I mean by permitting the Revival of the duty of Impost, provided the trading ships of New Hampshire are not exempted from bearing their part of it, as well as the ships from Great Britain.

(Indorsed] “A copy of agent

I remain. Newman's intelligence 2 May, 1721."

In the House of Represents. Voted, That an Express be forthwith sent to his Excellency to pray that he would send orders to draw of all our men which are now in his Majesty's service at the Eastwų, they being in a suffering condition. Obr 28th, 1721.

Dan' Greenough, Cler. Assem.

In Coun: Eodem die. Concurred.

Richa Waldron, Cler. Con. Adjorned till 3 o'clock, P. M.

(P. 215.) Pro: N. Hamp". Mett again according to adjornm'.

Present in Councill as before. A message to the board by Mess Tibbitts and Dam wth an answer to his Honour's Speech, which was sent down by Geo. Jaffry and Samuel Penhallow, Esqs., for amendment (1).

A message to the board by Col. Wear and Capt. Tibbitts with a vote for the Treasurer's paying to the General Assem: the fifteen hundred pounds delivered into the treasury last year in order to be sunk, which vote was returned to the house by Messrs. Penhallow and Jaffry to be reconsidered.

Adjourned till tomorrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

Shad. Walton; } Esas:

Pro: N. Hamp.

At a Gen' Assem: held at Portsmo

by adjornmt Obr 29th, 1721.

Present in Coun:
Ilis Ilonour John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Sam' Penballow,

. ,
Mark Hunking, Esqs.

Richa Wibird,

Geo. Jaffrey,

Tlion Packer, (1) [The following is the answer of the House referred to.] May it please yr Honor :- We Heartily thank yr Honr, and ye gentlm. which accompanyed yr Honr to Ipswich, to meet his Excellency; and according to ye Resolve there, we hope yt his Excellency will, according to his Promis, use his best Endeavor to accommodate the affair relating to ye late severe Act of Duties, that it may be accommodated at the next sessions of the General Assembly of ye Massachusetts; and in the mean time yt our Act of Duties be repealed, so far as relates to ye Duty on Lumber.

As to ye £1500 collected last year, and should have been burnt, but is misapplyed, we expect yt Mr. Treasurer return ye mony yt it may be burnt according to ye tennor of ye Act of Genl Assembly.

As to ye 15d. Bills of Credit which were found to be counterfeited, or any other of our bills when brought into ye Treast we will take car to suppress ye villany and make good ye Damage.

As for Providing for his Excellency, we are ready and willing to do it as soon as we are able. 28th Nov., 1721.

A message to the house by Richa Wibird and Tho® Packer, Esqs., requiring their attendance to conferr on the striking & emitting a further quantity of bills of creditt, and also how and by what means to send for the souldiers at the Eastward.

The Speaker and house came to the board accordingly, and having fully discoursed on the p’mises withdrew to their own chamber,(1) and then the Council were

Adjourned till 3 o'clock P. M.

[P. 216.] Pro: N. IIamp". Mett again according to adjornm'.

Present in Councill

as Before. A message to the board by Capt. Tibbitts and Capt. Gillman, with a vote for repealing the lumber Act, and another vote to chuse a Committee to form a letter to the Goverm' of the Massachusetts in order to the adjustment of the Difference between this and that Province.

Adjorned till tomorrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Gen' Assem: held at Portsmo

by adjornm', Novemb? 30th, 1721.

Present in Council,
His Hon? John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Sam' Penhallow,

Shad. Walton,
Mark Hunking, Esqs. Rich Wibird, Esqs.
Geo. Jaffry,

Thomo Packer.) A message to the house by George Jaffry and Richard Wibird, Esqs., with the two votes sent up yesterday in the afternoon, (namely), for repealing the lumber Act and appointing a Committee to write to ye Massa Governmt to be reconsidered.

A message to the board by Capt. Gillman & Mr. Dennet with the following vote:

In the House of Represents, Nov. 30th, 1721. Voted, That a Committee of this house be chosen to joyn with

(1) (From Journal of the House.) Nov. 29th. Voted, That there be a clerk chose which does not belong to ye House, and yt he shall be paid for his service out of ye Publiek Treasury.

Voted, That Capt. James Jaffrey be clerk for ye year insuing, and yt he shall hare ten pounds for his service, and according sworn to his fidelity in sd office, and sd clerk to give out ye debenters to ye members of Assembly free of charge.

such as may be appointed of the upper house, to form an Address to his Excellency to represent to ye Goverm' of the Masse our Desire for the laying all Dutys aside in each; which we suppose will be for the benefit of both Provinces; and that MajGillman and Capt. Wiggins be of the Comınittee for the end aforesaid.

Jas. Jaffry, Cler. Assem.

In Coun: Eodem die. Concurred, and Sam' Penhallow and Richard Wibird, Esqs., appointed of the Council for the service above.

Richa Waldron, Cler. Con. [P. 217.] A message to the board by Capt. Gillman and Mr. Dennet with a vote for repealing the Impost and Excise Act made and past in the month of May last, which was returned by Geo. Jaffry and Richa Wibird, Esqs., to be reconsidered, by whom it was recommended to the house to make an explanatory vote upon that paragraph in the aforegd Act relating to the payments of species, &c.

A message to the board by Capt. Greenough, wth the following Vote:

In Coun: As an Explanation on the Excise Act on drink lately past. It is to be understood that the specie therein mentioned be merchantable pine boards and fish, and that ye same be paid unto the collector thereof at Portsmouth. Nov. 30th, 1721.

Richa Waldron, Cler. Con. In the House of Represents. Read and concurred. 30th Nov., 1721.

Jas. Jaffry, Cler. Assem. A message to the House by the Clerk with the three following votes (namely):

For the repetition of the fifteen hundred pounds paid into the treasury last year.

For postponing the thousand pounds due this year.
And for striking and emitting one thousd pounds more.
A message to the board by Col. Wear with the following vote:

Edward West resident at Hampton, so accounted, being distrained upon by Salisbury constable for rates & carryed away to Newbury goal, and detained there for ye space of two months, which is greatly to his damage in time and expenses, makes application to this house that he may be allowed satisfaction for the same, not being able to bear the charge he hath been at himself.

Voted, That Edward West be allowed three shillings a day for

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