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Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Gen' Assembly held at Portsmouth,
by adjornm, May 20th, 1717.

His Excellency, Sam! Shute, Esq., Gor',

His HonGeorge Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Sam! Penhallow,

Geo. Jeffrey,
Mark Hunking,

Richa Wibird,

Jno. Wentworth,

Thom® Westbrook, Rich Gerrish, Matthew Robinson appearing at ye Councill board, and being sworn, made information concerning some pirates, as on file, dated May 20th, 1717.

The Clerk was sent down to the house of representatives wth a vote for impressing a Chart of ye Sea Coast of ye Prov: &c., also, wth a copy of sd Chart, wch vote was returned from sd house not concurred wth. Mr. Sam' Easman brought up ye following vote to this board:

In Councill. Whereas Col. Dudley at his first coming Govt into this Prov. was p'sented wth two hundred and fifty pounds, and his Excel. lency (P. 69.] Gov. Shute has had, as yet, but two hundred pounds,

Voted, That he be p'sented wth fifty pounds more to make the present equall wth what was given Col. Dudley. May 18th, 1717.

Richd Waldron, Cler. Con. Voted, a concurrence.

Joseph Smith, Cler. Mr. Odiorne brought up a vote to this board alt powd',- as on file, dated Vay 20th, 1717.

Adjorned to 3 o'clock P. J.

Pro: N. Ilamp'. Met according to adjornm*.

Present, -as before. Geo. Walton appeared at this board to have a Commission of Bankrupsie, &c.; Geo. Walker, of Portsmouth, baker, p'ferred a Petition to this board to become a bankrupt, also, Ordered

In Councill, That both their affairs, referring to ye sd Acts of Bankrupsie, be deferred till ye next sessions of ye Gen' Assembly; and that all processes in Law agrst either cease till said sessions of Gen' Assembly.

Rich" Waldron, Cler. Con.

In Councill Ordered, That if the cause depending between Maj. Vaughan & Edwd Cate be not determined by an arbitration between this and the last of June next (tho' either of ye p’ties dye before the determination), the matter shall and will in such case finally be determined by the Gov' and Councill.

Richa Waldron, Cler. Coun. The Clerk was sent down to ye house of representatives to require their attendance at the Councill board; they came accordingly, when was read the bill for emitting and printing fifteen thousand pounds bills of creditt of this Province, and then the same was signed and sealed in p’sence of both Houses; after wch his Excellency was pleased to prorogue ye Gen' Assembly to ye 24 Sept. next; and accordingly in his Majtie's name were

Prorogued to ye 24th 7br, 1717.

NOTE BY THE EDITOR. Between the time of the Prorogation and the next meeting of the General Assembly, an important treaty was concluded with the Eastern Indians, of which the following is the official account as published soon after.

The printed copy is here followed. -Ed.

Treaty of 1717, at Georgetown.

George Town,
On Arrowsick Island, Aug. 9th. 1717.
Annoque Regni Regis GEORGII Magne Britanniæ, &c.

A conference of his Excellency the GOVERNOUR with the

Sachems and chief Men of the Eastern Indians. His Excellency being Arrived here in His Majesty's Ship the Squirrel, the Indians sent a message to him from PuddlestonesIsland, (where they were assembled) Desiring to know when it would be his Excellency's pleasure that they should attend him. His Excellency told them at Three a Clock this Afternoon, when he would order the Union Flag to be displayed at the Tent Erected near Mr. Watts his house, And ordered a British Flagg to be delivered to the Indians for them to wear when they came, in token of their Subjection to his Majesty King George. At the Time appointed, the Flagg being set up, the Indians forthwith came over, with the British Flagg in their headmost Canoo.

His Excellency being seated under a large Tent (Erected for the occasion.) Attended by Samuel Sewall Esq; Penn Townsend Esq; Andrew Belcher Esq; and Edmund Quincey Esq; of the council of the province of the Missachusetts Bay. And Samuel Penhallow Esq; Mark Hunking Esq; John Wentworth Esq; Shadrach Walton Esq; and Richard Waldron Esq; of the Province of New Hampshire, and several other English Gentlemen. Eight Indian Sagamores and Chief Captains, Namely Moxus, Bommazeen, Wanudagumboit, Wiwurna, and Queguaroomanit of kennebeck. 'Querenebuit of Ponobscut. Adeawando, of Pegwacket, and Sabbadis of Ammarescoggin, Approached and made their reverence to his Excellency, who was pleased to give them his Hand. And then directed that Capt. John Gʻyles, and Mr. Samuel Jordan, Interpreters of the Indian language, should be Sworn to be faithful in that Service, and Judge Sewall administered to them an Oath accordingly. And his Excellency was pleased to make a Speech to the Sagamores, &c. which was deliberately Recited and Interpreted to them. And is as follows. uiz.

* GEORGEtown is in Lincoln Co., Maine, 50 m. S. of Augusta. It consists of two considerable Islands at the mouth of Kennebec river, which runs on the West, and Sheepscot river on the East, with the Atlantic on the South. It was incorporated in 1716. It has excellent harbors, and is considerably engaged in navigation and the fisheries. An unsuccessful attempt was made to form a settlement in this place by Plymouth adventurers, in 1607, but it was abandoned the next year, In 1850, there was a population of 1,121,

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Interpreter. Tell the Sachems, “That notwithstanding the great Fatigue and Danger of this Expedition, yet to comply with my own Word, and their Desire, I am now come to see them, and am very glad to find so many of them in Health.

Tell them, “That I find by the Records of His Majesty's Gov'ernment of New-England, which I have now the Honour to be • Intrusted with, that there have been many Treaties between the • English Government, and them, as there was occasion: And that

the last Interview was at Pascataqua about four Years ago, 6 and then my very worthy Predecessor, Governour DUDLEY accepted their Submission, and Ratified all former Treaties and Agreements with them; and that he gave them all possible Assurances of Justice, Friendship, Protection and fair Commerce and Dealing upon their Fidelity, Peace and Obedience to the Crown of Great Britain; and that I shall Build on that Founda« tion.

Tell them, “That since that good Treaty was made, the Crown • of Great Britain is happily Descended to Ilis Most Excellent Majesty KING GEORGE, and forever Established in Ilis Royal Protestant Family, which GOD be praised, are many. That it ‘is in the Name and by the Command of KING GEORGE, that “I am now Speaking to them, and that they may, and should Es'teem it as an Instance of the King's great Favour, that I have so soon visited them. Tell them. That there is a very good agreement between KING . GEORGE, and his Neighbours, more especially the French Na'tion, who have a Just and Great Esteem for Liis Majesty, And

are very desirous of His Friendship, and Peace with Him: And “that His Majesty's Subjects at home and abroad account thein

selves, very happy in His Majesty's Government, for that, It is • Wise, Just and Kind; His Majesty consulting the common Wel'fare of His People, as to their Religion, Civil Liberties, Trade, ' and every other thing,

Tell them, “That this Great, Good and Wise Prince KING GEORGE, is their KING, as well as Ours, and that therefore we look upon them, and shall always Treat them as fellow Subjects; and that they must likewise remember at all times, that they are KING GEORGE's Subjects, under Ilis Allegiance and * Protection, and they must by no means hearken to any contrary * Insinuations, that will always find themselves safest under the • Government of Great Britain.

Tell them, KING GEORGE, and the British Nation, are • Christians of the Reformed Protestant Religion; That the great 6 and only Rule of their Faith and Worship, and Life, is con"tained in the BIBLE, [the Governour holding one in his hand] * here in this Book which is the Word of GOD [Sachems] is con"tained our Holy Religion; and we would gladly, have you of “the same Religion with us, and therefore we have agreed, to be ' at the Charge of a Protestant Missionary among you, to instruct you, and this is the Gentleman [shewing Mr. Baxter to them] And I hope also in a little Time, to appoint a Schoolmaster • among you to teach your Children, and that I hope and expect that they Treat this Protestant Missionary with all affection and


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• respect, not only for the sake of the King's Government, but of

his own Character, He being a Minister of Jesus Christ our only • Lord and Saviour, who will Judge them and us at the last day.

Tell them, “That the English Settlements that have lately been 'made in these Eastern Parts, have been promoted partly on their * accounts, and that they will find the benefit of them in having * Trade brought so near them, besides the advantage of the Neigh'bourhood and Conversation of the English, to whom I have given

strict Orders, that they be very just and kind to the Indians, • upon all accounts, and therefore if at any time, they meet · with any Oppression, Fraud, or unfair Dealing, from the Eng‘lish in any of their atlirs; let them make their Complaint to any of my Officers here, and then I shall soon hear of it, and take speedy and effectual care to do them right. Or it upon any great occasion, they chuse to send any of their Body to me directly, they shall be very welcome. I shall always be ready to protect and assist them, For I would have them look upon the • English Government in New-England as their great and sate • shelter.

Tell them, “That if they have any thing fit, or reasonable to ask of me, at this time, they shall be very welcome to lay it before

me, and I shall give it all due consideration, and that I expect an • Answer from them to what I have said.

Tell them, Interpreter, · That in token of my great sincerity and atlection to them, and as an earnest of my future Justice and Kindness to them, I here give my land to their Sachems, and * Chief Captains.

Then his Excellency taking an English and Indian Bible in his Hand, bid the Interpreters tell them that he gave them those Bibles, and left them with Mr. Baxter, their Minister, for their Instruction, whenever they desire to be taught. The Minister will reside here, or hereabouts, and so will the Schoolmaster to Instruct their Children, when they have a mind to send them.

Then his Excellency Drank King GEORGE'S Health to the chief Sagamore Moxus, which he, and all the rest pledged.

Wiwurna stood up, and said he was appointed to speak in the Name of the rest.

Governour. Go on.

Wivurna. We are very glad of this opportunity, to see your Excellency, when the Sun shines so bright upon us; and we hope the Angels in Heaven rejoyce with us; We have been in expectation of this favour ever since we received your Excellency's Letter in the Winter.

We are not now prepared to answer what your Excellency has said to us; But shall wait on your Excellency again to Morrow.

Governour. It is well: at what time?
Wiwurna. We desire his Excellency to appoint the time.

Gor. Let them come about Nine o'clock, when they will see the Flag set up. I will give them an Ox for dinner, and let them send some to Kill, and Dress it.

Wi. We are very thankful to your Excellency, for some of us have had little to eat for these two Davs.

Then the Indians took leave and withdrew.

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