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[P. 33.]

Met and adjourned to 28th.
Pro: N. Hamp'.

At a Gen! Assembly held at Portsmo
by adjournm', Sept. 28th, 1716.

Present in Councill,
The Hon'
'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
John Plaisted,

Esqs. John Wentworth, Esq. Capt Jio Gillman brought up ye Act ab' fees to this board & declared ye ye house of Representatives are satisfyed wth y Act as it now is, & yt they will not proceed to alter it. *

Adjourned for 2 hours.

Richa Waldron, Esqs. Mark Hunking, )

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Pro: N. Hamp".

Met according to adjournm'.
Present in Councill,

As before. Mr. Marston brought up a vote to this board about printing yo table of fees.

The Clerk was sent down to ye house of Representatives wth & vote for amending yo table of fees then to have them printed, &c.

Mr. Jno. Gillman brought up a vote to this board for altering ye place of ye Courts sitting wthin this Province.

Adjourned to to-morrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

[The following is the vote of the House.] Whereas the Courts have been kept, formerly at the several towns within this Province, we must needs be a benefitt to the Towns where they are holden,

Voted, That for the future the Courts be kept at the times and days by Law appointed, and at the several Towns as followeth, viz:

At Portsmouth, the two Courts of Governor & Councill to lay [?] Appeals, as also one Superi' Court of Judicature in ye month of February, and the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, with the Inferior Court of Common Pleas following the said Sessions of Peace, to be kept in the month of Decemb', annually.

At Hampton, one Superior Court in ye month of August, the

* Voted, That the Law for regulating the fees be printed with the other Laws. Journ. Of House.

General Quarter Sessions of Peace & Inferiour Court, following in the month of Septh Annually.

At Dover, the Generall Quart" Sessions of Peace with the following Inferiour Court above said in the month of June annually.

At Ereter the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace & ve following Inferior Court of Common Pleas in the month of March yearly.

Pri Order of the House of Representatives.
Sept. 28th, 1716.
Desents from this Vote,

Richd Gerrish,
Geo. Jaffrey,
Richd Wibird,
Jno Downing.

Journ. of House.

Ried Waldron, } Esqs.

[P. 34.) Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Gen’ Assembly held at Portsmo

by adjournm', Sept. 29th, 1716.

Present, in Councill,
The Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
' ,

John Wentworth, Esq.
Sam' Penhallow and Mark Hunking, Esqs., together wrth ye
Clerk, were sent down to the house of Representatives to adjourn
them to Wednesday, ye twenty-fourth of October next ensuing.

Adjourned to yo 24th, gbr next.

John Plaisted, Esqs.

Pro: N. Hamp".

gbr 24, 1716. The Gen' Assembly was Prorogued to gbr 21. The Gen' Assembly is again prorogued to 10br 5.

Pro: N. Hamp".

Dec. 5, 1716. This day yo House of Representatives was dissolved.



Pro: N. Hamp.

At a Gen' Assembly held at Portsmo
January the tenth day, 1716-7.

Ilis Excellency SAML. SITUTE,* Esq., Gov",

His Hon Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Sam' Penhallow,

Theo. Atkinson,
Job Wentworth, Esqs. Geo. Jaffrey,
Rich' Gerrish,

Tho. Westbrook, Esq.
This day his Excellency the Govt took ye oath of abjuration, as
also did Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov', and Sam' Penhallow, John
Wentworth, Riche Gerrish, Theo. Atkinson, Geo. Jaffrey, Richa
Wibird & Tho. Wentworth, Esq., & Subscribed the Same.

The Phipps, Esq., high Sheriff, made return of ye Assembly men chosen to represent the Severall towns of this Province, whose names are as follows: Portsmo.

Dover. [P. 35.] Col. Jno. Plaisted,

Capt. James Davis,
Capt. Geo. Walker,

Mr. Sam' Tibbets.
Mr. Eph" Dennet.

N. Castle.

Capt. Jotham Odiorn,
Col. Jos: Smith,

Capt. Hugh Reed.
Maj. Per Weare,

Mr. Eph Marston.

Mr. Sam' Eastman.

Capt. John Gillian,

Capt. Andrew Wiggin.
Lt. John Gillian.


Mr. Jno Dam. The Sheriff was sent down to ye House of Representatives to call them to ye Councill board, who came accordingly, where were administered to them ye oaths instead of ye oaths of allegiance and Supremacy; also ye abjuration oath, which they sub

* Samuel Shute, Governor of Massachusetts & New Hampsbire, was the son of an cominent citizen of London. Ilis mother was the daughter of Mr. Caryl, a dissenting minister of listinction. Ilis carly education was under the care of Charles Morton. From London he was sent to Layilen, and afterwards entered the army of King Wildiam, served under Marlborongh and became a Lieutenant. He was wounded in one of the principal battles in Flanılers. Arriving at Boston as Governor, Oct. 4, 1716, in the place of Dulley, le continuell in office a little more than six years. He first came to New ilampshire, October 17th, 1716. [See Council Rec., Vol. II, p. 695.) As the Records serve to show, his administration was embittered by animosities among the Councillors, by conflicts of opinion with Lt. Gov. Vaughan, and by opposition from the Representatives. He returned to England, in January 1723, and died April 15, 1742, ageel & yeurs. (Allen's Biog. Dic.)-ED.


scribed to; wch matter being finished,'his Excellency desired them to wthdraw & settle their house, wch they did, & afterward p’sented John Plaisted, Esq., ye Speaker, who was well accepted. [Jos. Smith was chosen Clerk.*] Then his Excellency made a Speech to both houses, a copy whereof was delivered to ye Speaker of ye House of Representatives. It is as follows:

Gentn: It is to me a great pleasure & Satisfaction yt his Majtic has been pleased to make me Gové over a Province where

people have always signalised themselves in their duty and Loyalty to their Prince. Give me leave to assure you, yt one now fills ye throne of Great Brittain, in whose royall p'son all virtues are mett, wch in their proper turns shines forth in strong light; a Prince whom God has graciously caused to trample upon ye necks of his unnatural enemies, who conspired against him and his royal family, even without yé least semblance of reason; so that by ye preservation of ye illustrious house of Hanover, the dark & gloomy shades of Popery and Slavery wch were surrounding us from every side are dispersed, & we have now bright and happy views before us of ye long enjoymn of ye most valuable blessings of life, our Religion & Libertv.

Since therefore, under his Naj ties most auspicious reign we enjoy such protection & happiness, I question not but we are mett this day wth minds fully disposed to do everything that may be for his Maj ties service & ye good of this Province.

I shall therefore principally recommend to you, that in your severall stations you will endeavour to extirpate vice weh tends so much to ye dishonour of God and our Holy Religion; that virtue may meet wth its just rewards, & that if there be any divisions among you they may be amicably adjusted.

I also recommend to you that all the Laws already made be duely putt in execution, [P. 36.] and if you can think of making any new ones that may promote your trade and credit, and thereby render this a happy and flourishing Province, you shall be always sure of my hearty concurrence.

Gent: There is one thing the king has strictly commanded me to observe to you, wch is, that thoh there has been two acts Parliament made in England, & a very good Law here for ye preservation of the Pine trees that are or may be serviceable for his Vajties Royal Navy, yet still great wasts are committed in the woods of this Prov: of New Hampshire.

I make therefore no doubt that out of a just regard to his Majte command, & also to your own interest, weh in this affair is so happily linckt to that of Great Britain, that his Majesty's pleasure will be for ye future entirely complyed with, and ihe offenders punished.

Gentm. of the House of Representatives:

It is to your most im iate care that matters relating to ye support & defence of this Prov: belongs; wch I, therefore, recom

* The Assembly Booke & papers sent for to Capt. Richard Wibird, the late Clerk, who delivered them to the Speaker.--Journ. Of House.

mend to you; and I question not that since I assure you that I am arrived here with hearty intentions to p’serve you in all your religious & civil rights, to do you all the good I can, & to guard against what may be hurtfull, that you will also think we may be necessary for my support.

SAML. SUUTE. Jan. 10th, 1716-7. Adjourned to Friday next, 10 o'clock, A. M.

Pro: N. Ilamp":

At a Gen' Assembly held at Portsmoby
adjournmJan. 11th, 1716-7.

His Excellency Sam! Shute, Esq., Governor,

His Hon? Geo: Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Sam' Penhallow,

Theo. Atkinson,
Mark Hunking,

Geo: Jaffrey,
John Wentworth,

Shad. Walton,

Rich Gerrish,

Richd Wibird,

Tho. Wentworth, Esq. This day Mark Hunking, Esq., Mr. Sherrif Phipps & Richa Waldron,* Cler. Con: took yo oathes of abjuration and subscribed the same.

Adjourned for 2 hours.

[P. 37.] Met according to adjournm'.

Present as Before. Richd Waldron, Esq., Judge of Probate, appeared at ye Councill board & prayed the advice of His Excellency the Gov? Councill abt granting letters of administration to ye creditors of ye Estate of Sir Charles IIobby, deceased.

Adjourned till tomorrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

* This was a son of Col. Richard Waldron, and a grandson of Major Richard, who was killed by the Indians in Dover, 1689. See more particular notice of him at his decease in 1753.

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