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I am informed that ye Laws are fitted for the press." Mr. Treasurer Penhallow has been at Boston, and tells me he hath discoursed ye Printer, as he can inform you. I am of opinion no time should be lost; yo' mony lies dead in ye treasury, so yi we have no advantage in delay.

Gent”,- I have another thing to inform you, but whether it concerns you as representatives of yo? People I shall not determine; but as you are my neighbors I think it incumbent to let you know yt I have received a letter from ye adm" on the estate of Sir Charles Hobby, Deceased,t who, as they relate, did buy half the title of this Province; how farr it respects you, you may consider. They offer you the purchase; but I am of opinion Govermi hath

* A copy of the first printed edition of the Laws of the Province of New Hampshire, somewhat imperfect—is found in the Library of N. H. Historical Society. The following is the title page.


Passed by the

of his Majesties

New Hampshire.

G (L. S.] R.

Boston in New England:
Printod by B. GREEN; sold by ELEAZER Rossel,
at his shop in Portemouth.


Sir Charles Hobby Was son of William Hobby, of Boston, one of the warders of King's Chapel in 1693. Savage (Gen. Dic.) says, Charles was " fortunate in being knighted for his brave conduct at the earthquake, 1692, in Jamaica; or else the consideration (1) mentioned in Hutchinson, II, 153. He was a member of the Artillery Co., and its Captain, 1702 and '03, and Colonel, I believe, of the Boston regiment; but most known here, as not one of such life as 'should have recommended him to the clergy of . E.'Yet he was sent over to London with letters from “some of the most pious ministers,” to our agent, Sir William Ashurst, a true Puritan, strongly urging " that he might be appointed the governor instead of Dudley." Hutchinson does not say that his connexions, the two Mathers, were writers of those letters, of which there can be no doubt; but he a-lds, that “ Ashurst himself, after his acquaintance with Hobby, reproves and censures them.” Luckily for our country, Sir Charles did not prevail, came back, perhaps, and died in 1715, but not in Boston. His estate was insolvent. Of his inventory, 230 April, 1716, "deeds for half the Province of New Hampshire " is one of the latest items; but, as in derision, put down at nothing. Seven slaves are at the head, whose aggregate is £300. It appears also, that in 1711 Sir Charles was appointed deputy governor of Annapolis (Nova Scotia), and that he accompanied Col. Nicholson on his expedition to Canada. His purchase of one half of New Hampshire was made of Thomas Allen, Esq., in 1706.-ED.

(1) The consideration referred to was the payment of £300 sterling.-ED.

nothing to do wth purchase, but especially wthout his Majties royal license had & obtained. Of the two former I doubt not' but roll will take effectual care, & the sooner you do it you may return to y management of yo' own private affairs. I know ye season of the year calls you to your respective businesses. If you think of any thing by way of preliminary yo you can advise me in (to give ye Commissioners of ye Prov: appointed to meet ye Commissioners of Masså to run the partition line between the two Goverm') you have now an opportunity. W* I have further to offer, I shall defer till your session in course, which is a more leisure season of the year.

GEO. VAUGHAN. Feb. 6th, 1715-6.

After reading ye foregoing Speech there were read two letters, (viz.) a letter from ye Goverm of Massa abt the divisional line, &c., & a letter from ve adın" on ye estate of Sir Charles Hobby, as on file, both dated Jan. 30th, 1715-6.

Adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow, A. M.


[P. 5.] Pro: N. Hamp'.

Att a Councill & Gen' Assembly held at Portsmo'
by adjournment, Feb. 7th, 1715-6.

The IIonble Geo: Vauglian, Esq., Lt. Gove,
Sam' Penhallow,

Mark Hunking,
Jno. Plaisted,
Esqs. John Wentworh,

} Theo. Atkinson brought up yo following answer to his Hours the Lt. Govt Speech.

In the house of Representatives. The 12th of Novembr last, a Committee made a return abt ye Prison, upon wch we voted the needfull yron.

As to the Laws, we expect the Committee appointed to collect & revise them, make a report thereof to the Gen' Assembly, upon which we desire they may be printed so soon as may be, according to our former vote.

As to ye title of the land, We are of the same opinion, that as representatives it does not concern us.

We desire that the Committee appointed to run the line between the Massa & this Province be impowered to act & proceed thereon, when they have notice from the Massa Goverm®.

Pr. order of the House. 7th Feb., 1715-6.

Theo. Atkinson, Cler. The Clerk was sent down to the house of Representatives to inform them yt je present session was at an end, & that they stood adjourned as before, viz: March 1st, 1715-6.

[P. 6.] Pro. N. Hamp".

At a Councill & Gen' Assembly held at Portsmo
by adjournment, March the first, 1715-6.

Of the Honble the Councill,
Richard Waldron, Esqs.
Sam' Penhallow,

John Wentworth, Esqs. The Clerk was sent down to the house of Representatives to inform them of his Hon" ye Lt. Govrs indisposition, which prevents he being p’sent in Councill this day, but that he was in hopes of seeing them in Gen' Assembly to-morrow, &c.

Adjournd to to-morrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.


Pro: N. Hamp?.

At a Councill & Gen' Assembly held at Portsmo by adjornm', March ye second, 1715-6.

[Present as before.] The Clerk was sent down to the house of Representatives to acquaint ym wth the continuance of his Hon' the Lt. Gové indisposition & to adjourn them to Tuesday, the 3d day of April next ensuing, &c.

Adjourned to ye 34 April, 1716.

[P. 7.] Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Councill & Gen Assembly held at Portsmo
by adjournm', April the third, 1716.

The Hon'ble Geo: Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",

Sam' Penhallow,
Mark Hunking, Esqs.

Jno. Wentworth,
Adjourned to lo-morrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

Pro: N. IIamp".

At a Councill & Gent Assembly held at Portsmo
by adjournm', April 4th, 1716.

The Hon'ble Geo: Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Sam' Penhallow, Esqs.
John Plaisted,

John Wentworth, Esqs.
Robt. Elliot, Esq.

Sam' Penhallow, Esq., presented a Petition to this board in behalf of Sam' Cutts for a grant of pow for se some of his ye sd Cutts' land to pay his debts, he being as yet in his nonage; ych Petition being read was sent down to ye house of Representatives & is on file, bearing date March 4th, 1715–6, &c.

Mr. Treasurer Penhallow presented a memorial or estimate of the present state of ye Prov: to this board, weh being read was sent down to ye house of Representatives.

The Clerk was sent down to ye house of Representatives wth & vote of Councill for ye selling Sam! Cutts' interest or estate in land at Oyster river, according to his petition aforementioned; also wth a vote for building a Court House at Portsmo.

Theo: Atkinson & James Davis, Esqs., appeared at this board in behalf of the House of Representatives, to confer ab' a proper place for ye situation of the Goal, &c.

[P. 8.] James Jaffrey p’ferred a Petition to this board, & is on file, dated April 4th, 1716, to be admitted to swear before the Lt. Gov' and Councill yt his estate is insolvent, &c., according to an Act made & past by the Gen' Assembly of this Prov: entituled an Act abt Bankrupts, &c., wch sa Petition being read, he, the sd Jaffrey, was admitted to swear, who made oath as follows (viz.): That some short time since he was arrested for debt by the sheriff & that at the time of such arrest his estate was insolvent & not capable of paying the debts due to ye creditors of sd estate; Whereupon it was ordered that John Frost, Esq., Messrs. Richa Wibird & Clement Hues be commissionated & appointed to receive the claims of all such as are creditors to sd estate, & to proportion the same according to the claims, y each creditor may have his proportion of sd estate.

R. Waldron, Cler. Con. Adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow, A.M.

Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Councill & Gen'Assembly held at Portsmo
by adjourm', April 5th, 1716.

The Hon. George Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",

John Plaisted,

Mark Hunking, S

John Wentworth, Esq. The Clerk was sent down to the House of Representatives wth a rote for a Committee, viz., Col. Jno. Plaisted & Col. Mark

Sami Penhallow, Esqs.



Hunking, to view his Majestie's Fort at N. Castle, & to make report of ye state & condition of sd Fort, together wth w stores are belonging thereto, & we repairs are necessary for the same.

The Clerk was sent down to the House of Representatives wth a vote for Mr. Treasurer Penhallow either to buy or hire a boat for his Majties Castle, Wm. & Mary.

The Committee appointed to supervise & collect a body of Laws for the Press have this (P. 9.] day made their return, wch being read at this board was sent down to the house of Representatives.*

Adjourned to to-morrow, 10 o'clock, A.M.

Pro. N. Hamp.

At a Councill & Gen' Assembly held at Portsmo,
by adjournm', April 6th, 1716.

The Houble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",

John Plaisted,


S John Wentyrorih, Esqs. 5th April, 1716, In ye House of Representatives. Voted Capts. Davis & Wibert a Committee to joyn Jno Plaisted and Mark Hunking, Esqs., as a committee to view his Majtics Fort at N. Castle, & make report thereof according to the vote from the Councill, as on file. By order.

Theo. Atkinson, Cler. The Clerk was sent down to the House of Representatives web yo following resolve:

In Councill. Resolved, that the Publick be exempt from any charge in procuring land to sett the prison on, & that the town of Portsmouth pay the necessary charge of y* Place where the same is to stand, viz., by the Alms-house in the town field.

R. Waldron, Cler. Con. April 6th, 1716.

The Gents of the Parish of Oyster river, of both p'ties, appeared at this board according to ye order of Councill in Jany last; & Mr. Stephen Jones p'sented a Petition and remonstrance of their proceedings since ye aforesd Jany, in order to a friendly agreem', &c. the Petition, &c., is on file, dated April 6th, 1716.

Adjourned to to-morrow, 10 o'clock.

*The Comitte for revising and Printing the Laws male their Returne, as on file, forty-nine in number-ordered, that they be printed furthwith. Journ. of House.

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