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Pro: of N. Hamp".
Mett again according to adjorm', being the 9th Inst.

The Honble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Rob Eliot,

John Plaisted,
Rich" Waldron, Esqs.

Mark Hunking, Sam' Penhallow, I

James Davis, Esq., was sent to this Board to inform y there was a full house of representatives. The Clerk was sent down to ye house of representatives to call them to yo Councill board, who came accordingly, w' was read to them his hon? ye Lt. Govts Speech, & then delivered to them, to be more fully considered of. [Speech of Lt. Gov. Vaughan, copied from Journal of the House, May 9, 1715.) Gentlemen,

The knowledge I have of ye Extraordinary abilities and long Experience of his Excellency ye Gov' & ye Houble the Lt. Gove who for many years have filled that place, makes me anxiously solicitous to use all Dilligence, that I may not be wanting in my Duty to ye Crown, & to promote the wellfare and prosperity of this his Majestie's Province.

Wee have (Blessed be God for his Divine favour) full assurance of ye happiest Estate of ye British Monarchy, which hath been Miraculously Exterpated from Desolating Ruine devised by Conspiring Monsters, both at home and abroad*; And we are now reaping the advantages of the King's Majestie's wise & just administrations, who hath Preserved us our Religion & Properties, & confounded all the machinations of Rebellious Impostures.

It remains that wee manifest our Duty & affection for his Majestie's Service & Goverment in this Small & Poor Province; that we care for the general good of his good subjects here, by establishing wholesome Laws to Suppress Vice & Encourage Virtue, and enforce ye due Execution of them; in our Respective Places to lead & prompt all persons whatsoever in doing their duty to their superiours, which tends much to the establishment of good Goverment; to which Purpose I shall readily, while I have the Honour to hold my station, adhere to your Council & advice, to give countenance to the virtuous and well disposed, but my Endeavours for the Punishment of all guilty offenders.

This has reference to the overthrow of the conspiracy and rebellion in England, to place the “ Pretender” on the throne. See History of England, 1715.

I think it proper to put you in mind of ye miserable estate of ye Castle, that due care be taken for its Repairs, and yt it may be done as seasonably as the Spring will admit.

The Deficiency of ye Goal which is uncapable of holding the King's prisoners, through its defects & improper situation.

It is necessary for you to see the money ordered to be burnt, by June last, be now committed to ye flames, and that you be satisfied about the money which was borrowed out of the Treasury.

I pray you to give proper Directions for an honourable Reception of Coll. Burges, our Gov', when he shall come among us, and to nominate and Desire proper Persons to congratulate and pay ye Dutifull Respects of this Goverment when it shall please God to bring him into this Country.

The necessity of having An Assembly hath occasioned such a speedy convention: what is now needful may be considered & despatched, for probably the arrival of Gov' may occation another session; and it is my hope and desire, that no former Disagreements or Differences whatsoever may put us out of ye way of our Duty to ye Crown & Goverm', but rather, that our past Contentions may make us more Desirous of our own and all our neighbors' Peace and Tranquillity.

GEO: VAUGHAN. gbr gth, 1715.

[P. 515.] James Davis, Esq., brought up ye following vote from yo house of representatives :

Prov: N. Hamp".

Voted, Mr. Wibert & Capt. Peter Wear, be a Committee of the house to joyn wth such as may be chosen of ye Councill, to view ye Prison & make report to y® Gen' Assembly of w' is proper to be done for securing prisoners.

9th Nov. 1715. Past by order of ye house of representatives.

Theo. Atkinson. The Councill concur with ye above vote, & have accordingly chosen Robert Eliot & Mark Hunking, Esqs., to joyn wth y gent" afores for ye service abovesa. Pr. ordr of Councill.

R. Waldron, Cleric. Con. Adjourned to tomorrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

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Prov: of N. Hamp".

Mett again according to adjournm',
being ye 10th inst.

The Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Robt Eliot,

Sam' Penhallow,
Rich Waldron,

Mark Hunking, Sam' Penhallow & Mark Hunking, Esqs., together wth ye Clerk, were sent down to ye house of representatives wth letter superscribed to the Hon'ble ye Gen' Assembly of this Province, subscribed by John Usher, Esq., also to be read to ym y® Minutes of Council relateing to the Publication of ye Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., his Commission to be Lt. Gov' of N. Hampshire.

[p. 516.] Messrs. Joseph Smith & Richa Wibert were sent up to this board to pray ye Lt. Gov's favour, in allowing ye house of representatives a sight of his Honour's Commission.

The Clerk was sent by the Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gor', to ye house of Representatives, with his honour's Commission & ordr to read the Same publickly, in said house, which was accordingly done.

Col. Shadrach Walton was sent from ye house of representatives to ye Councill board to declare, in ye name of that house, that they were unanimously of opinion, y yo Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq., his Commission to be Lt. Govt of N. Hamp' was authentic & strong, & y Coll. Usher's was null & void.

Col. Shadrach Walton brought the following vote to this board :

Voted, That Col. Walton & Capt. Davis joyn wth two of ye Gent" of the Councill, to wait on Col. Usher in answer to his letter, that we are satisfyed in Lt. Govs Vaughan's Commission for ye Govermt of this Province.

Pr. Ord' of ye house of representatives. 10th Nov., 1715.

Theo. Attkinson, Cleric.

The Councill concurr with ye above vote, & have chosen Rob Eliot & Samuel Penhallow, Esq., accordingly. Pr. Order of Council.

R. Waldron, Cleric. Con. Adjourned to 3 o'clock, P. M.

[P. 517.] Pro. of N. Hamp".

Mett again according to adjornm'.

Present--As Before. Mr. Sam' Tibbets brought a lett' to this board, directed to ye Gen' Assembly, from John Usher, Esq., wch being opened & read, was sent down pr. ye Clerk to ye house of representatives.

The Clerk was sent down to ye house of representatives to inquire whether yy had anything to offer to ye Councill: they answer, not at this Juncture.

Adjourned to to-morrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.

Rich Waldron, } Esqs.


Pro : of N. Hamp".

Mett again according to adjornm",
being the 11th Inst.

The Honble Geo : Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov",
Rob Eliot,

Sam' Penhallow,

Mark Hunking, Mr. John Dam brought up a vote from the low house to this board, appointing Colo Walton to be of a Committee to make tole of ye money remaining unburnt, wch was sent down for amendmt.

Mr. John Dam brought up a vote from ye house of representatives, to allow ye meml"s of his Majtles Councill four shillings a piece pr. diem, during ye Session of the Generall Assembly.

[P. 518.] Theo. Atkinson, Esq., brought up ġo following answer to y hon'ble Lt. Goyrs Speech :

Att the last Session of ye Gen! Assembly, a Committee was chosen to view the Fort at New Castle, and make Return of y® circumstances thereof, and according to their Return we shall proceed thereon.

Wee have chosen a Committee to look into ye Defects of ye Prison, and shall act y needfull upon their Return.

Wee appoynt Coll. Walton in yo Room of Mr. Wingate, to see the Remains of Pro : Bills burnt; and order it to be done forthwith. As to the 1500 pounds left with a Committee to be let out, wee are satisfyed that they have done it and taken sufficient Bonds for the security thereof, and order them to be left in ye Custody of the p’sent Speaker of this House, Rich" Gerrish, Esq.

Wee are Informed that his Excellency, Coll. Burges, will not be here this winter: So conclude it may seasonably enough to make Provision for his Reception at y® next Sessions of ye Gen Assembly.

By ord' of yo House of representatives. 11th Nov., 1715.

Theo. Atkinson, Clerk. [P. 519.] Robi Eliot, Esq., was chosen of a Committee from this board to joyn with Col. Walton to make tale of yo remaind' of ye Prov: bills Voted to be burnt by yo tenth of June last; who accordingly did tell over sd Bills amounting to one hundred thirty-four pounds, nineteen shillings, wch wth what was burnt before, is the full sum of one thousand pounds; & wch were committed to ye flames & burnt in p’sence of sa Committee & the Assembly.

Richard Waldron, Esq., was sent down to the house of representatives to desire y house to explain ymselves in these articles contained in yr answer to ye honble y Lt. Gov's speech : viz., abt ye Committee for viewing yo Castle ; ab' y Prison ; & abt ye bonds taken for the fifteen hundred pounds.

The following Petition being Presented to this board by Messrs. Nath. Hill and Stephen Jones, was read in Councill as follows:

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