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[P. 452.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth the 14th day of
July, Anno Domini 1713.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern", &c.,
Major Vaughan,

Sam" Penhallow,
Peter Coflin, Esqrs.

John Plaisted, Esqrs. Nath' Wear,

Mark Hunking, I

John Wentworth, Esq. Ordered, that Rich" Waldron and John Wentworth, Esqs., and the Reverend Nathn" Rogers be a Committee to take care of procuring a school Mat for the Town of portsmouth forthwith, to serve according to the Act of the General Assembly, already past; And to Agree with him according to the Establishment in the said Act mentioned, and to make Report at the next sitting of the Govern' and Council.

The Assembly's answer to His Excellency's speech, in hæc verba sequen :

Wee are glad to see yo? Excellency Here with the welcome news of peace.

Hope your Excellency will take such measures with the Sachems now attending you, that our frontiers may be quietly settled without any danger.

Wee have several Laws before us, Returned by the Committee appointed for Revising them, under consideration; alsoe how to finde a proper way for Raising money on the Trading part of the Government to Ease the Land Tax thereof.

[P. 453.] Wee are Humbly of opinion that an address may be proper after a proclamation of peace, (1) but shall observe your Excellency's directions therein, and shall al

(1) (From Journal of the House. July 14th. Voted, That Theodore Atkison, Esq., & George Jaffrey be a Committee to jogne with ye Committee of ye Upper House to draw up a Congratulatory Address to ye Queen upon ye news of the Peace.

ways endeavour to observe our Duty as Loyal Subjects to Her Majestie. Voted July 14th, 1713.

Sam" Keais, Clerk. Ordered, that Mr. Treasurer Penhallow take care to provide for the Gentlemen Comm" that are appointed by his Excellency out of the Goverment of the Massachusetts and this province, who are going to Cascoe fort to the Eastward to publish the Articles of Ratification of peace with the Indians, with all such provisions, wines, Liquors, and other necessaryes as may be proper, and that the Treasurer keep a just and true account of the same in order to be laid before his Excellency and General Assembly in the Massachusetts Government, that they may justly pay their proportion to the charge thereof.

Adja till ten of the clock to-morrow, ante merediem.

[P. 454.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth on Wednesday,
the 15th July, Anno Domini 1713.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour,
Peter Coffin,
Wm Vaughan,

Richard Waldron,
Nath" Wear,

Jno Plaisted,

Robert Elliot,

Mark Hunking; A Bill relating to a Trade with the Indians was sent Down to the House of Representatives.

The Articles of Pacification with the Indians was sent by his Excellency the Govern" Order to the House of Representatives to be their Read and Communicated to them by Mr. Secretary Story, which accordingly was done, and the House of Representatives were all well satisfied with the said Articles and returned his Excellency thanks for the same.

* Articles of Pacification. [Copied from Penhallow's Indian Wars, 18mo., 1726.) “ Whereas for some years last past, we have made a breach of our

Fidelity and Loyalty to the Crown of Great Britain, and have made open Rebellion against her Majesty's subjects, the English, inhabiting the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and other her Majesty's Territories in New England; and being now sensible of the miseries which we and our People are reduced unto thereby :

“ We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being delegates of all the Indians belonging to Norridgwalk, Narahamegock, Amasecontee, Pigwacket, Penacook, Rivers of St. Johns and Merrimack, parts of her Majesty's Provinces of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, within her Majesty's Sovereignty, having made application to his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., CaptainGeneral and Governour-in-Chief in and over the said Provinces, that the troubles which we have unhappily rais'd Or Occasioned Against her Majesty's subjects, the English, and our selves may cease and have an end; and that we may again enjoy her Majesty's grace and favour: And each of us respectively for ourselves, and in the names and with the free consent of all the Indians belonging to the several places and rivers aforesaid, and all other Indians within the said Provinces of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire hereby Acknowledging ourselves the lawful subjects of our Sovereign Lady Queen Amne, and promising our hearty submission and Obedience to the Crown of Great Britain, do solemuly Covenant, Promise and Agree with the said Joseph Dudley, Governour, and all such as shall be hereafter in the place of Captain-General and Governour-in-Chief of the said Provinces and Territories on her Majestie's behalf, in form following: That is to say, — That at all times forever, froin and after the date of these presents, we will cease and forbear all Acts of Hostility towards all the subjects of Great Britain, and not offer the least hurt or violence to them or any of them in their persons and estates; but will henceforth hold and maintain a firm and constant Amity and Friendship with all the English, and will never entertain any treasonable conspiracy with any other Nation to their disturbance: That her Majesty's subjects, the English, shall and may quietly and peaceably enter upon, improve and forever enjoy all and singular, the Rights of Land and former Settlements, Properties and Possessions within the Eastern parts of said Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, together with the Islands, Inlets, Shores, Beaches, and Fishery within the same, without any molestation or claim by us or any other Indians; and be in no wise molested or disturbed therein; saving unto the Indians their own Ground, and free liberty of hunting, fishing, fowling, and all other lawful liberties and priviledges, as on the eleventh day of August, in the year of our Lord, One thousand six hundred and ninetythree: That for mutual safety and benefit, all trade and Commerce which here after may be allowed betwixt the English and the Indians, shall be Only in such Places, and under such management

*[See Prov. Records, Vol. II, p. 656.]

and regulation as shall be stated by her Majesty's Government of the said Provinces respectively.

“ And to prevent mischiefe and inconveniences, the Indians shall not be allowed for the present, or until they have liberty from the respective Governments, to come near unto any English Plantations or settlements on this side of Saco river.

“ That if any controversy or difference happen hereafter, to and betwixt any of the Englisli and the Indians for any real or supposed wrong or injury done on the one side or the other, no private Revenge shall be taken by the Indians for the same, but proper application shall be made to her Majesty's Governments upon the place for remedy thereof in due course of Justice; We hereby submitting ourselves to be ruled and governed by her Majesty's Laws, and desire to have the protection and benefit of the same.

“We confess that we have, contrary to all Faith and Justice, broken our Articles with Sir William Phips, Governor in the the year of our Lord God 1693, and with the Earl of Bellomont in the year 1699.

And the assurance we gave to his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., in the year of our Lord God, 1702, in the month of August, and 1703 in the month of July, notwithstanding we have been well treated by the said Governors; but we resolve for the future not to be drawn into any pertidious Treaty or correspondence to the hurt of any of her Majesty's subjects of the Crown of Great Britain; And if we know any suchi, we will seasonably reveal it to the English.

“ Wherefore, we whose Names are hereunto subscribed, delegates to the several Tribes of Indians belonging to the river of Kennebeck, Ameriscoggin, St. Johns, Saco, Merrimack, and the parts adjacent, being sensible of our great Offence and folly in not complying with the aforesaid Submission and Agreements, and also the sufferings and Mischiefs that we have thereby exposed ourselves into, do in all humble and submissive manner, Cast ourselves upon her Majesty for mercy, and pardon for all our past Rebellions, hostilities and violations of our Promises; praying to be received unto her Majesty's grace and favour.

“ And for and on behalf of ourselves, and all other the Indians belonging to the several Rivers and places aforesaid, within the Sovereignty of her Majesty of Great Britain; do again acknowledge and confess our hearty and sincere Obedience unto the Crown of Great Britain, and do solemnly renew and confirm all and every of the Articles and Agreements contained in the former and present Submission.

“ This Treaty to be humbly laid before her Majesty for her Ratification and further Order.

“In Witness whereof, we the Delegates aforesaid, by name Kizebenuit, Iteansis and Jackoid for Penobscot; Joseph and Æneas for St.Johns; Warrueensit, Wadacanaquin and Bombazeen

for Kennebeck, have hereunto set our hands and seals this 13th day
of July, 1713.
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us.

Edmund Quinsey,
Spencer Phips,
Wm. Dudley, Signum

Shad. Walton,
Josiah Willard,


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Province of New Hampshire. The Submission & Pacification of the Eastern Indians was made and done the thirteenth Day of July, 1713, Annoque Regni Reginæ nunc Magnæ Britaniæ duodecimo.

Present,-his Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY, Esq., Captain-General and Governour-in-Chief, in and over her Majesty's Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, in New England, and Vice Admiral of the same.

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