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and his Excellency was pleased to make the following speech, in hæc verba sequen: Gentlemen,

The Disaster of Her Majestie's fleet and forces last year has, as wee might Expect, Encouraged the Indian Rebels in their Inroad upon us, And wee must be content Early to Apply our selves to our usual method of comeing into strict Garrisons, Scouting & marching in the frontiers, and to the fishing places, to prevent their Lodging near us.

I have therefore Resolved to Double the forces in the province of Maine, and Given Orders accordingly, Since my coming hither, and Judge it necessary that there be a party of this province of forty men at least, with proper Officers, to March from Kingstown to Cochecho Every two or Three dayes, and that halfe the Militia be drawn out to stand ready for a March where the Enemy shall be known to Approach us with any Great Number, which is to be Expected by an Intelligence from Casco Bay, which I shall Communicate to you.

Her Majestie's fort must also be inforced with the usual number for the Summer Service.

I must alsoe recommend to you the Establishment of the Impost, which was abated the last year, and is certainly a Surprise to the Goverments at Home, for that there is every where a Duty upon shipping and Trade for the support of the publick Charge, in the ease of the Land Tax, which is always heavy upon the Country.

[P. 417.] In yo' Ordinary affaires of the province, I shall shew myselfe ready to doe my duty for Her Majestie's service and the benefitt of all Her Majestie's good Subjects, as I ought.

Adja till 3 o'clock, post merediem.

Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly
at Portsmouth, by adj', on Monday,
the 15th of May, 1712, post merediem.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern', &c.,
Major Vaughan,

Sam" Penhallow,
Robert Elliot,

John Plaisted, Esqrs. Nath' Wear,


Mark Hunking, Richa Waldron,

The following vote was sent upp to this Board from the House of Representatives, in hæc verba sequen : Pro. N. Hampshir.

Voted, that his Excellency be desired to give Orders for a scout of forty men between Kingston & Cochecho, with good officers to Command them, for securetye of our frontiers. By Order of the House of Representatives.

Sam" Keais, Clerk. 5th May, 1712. The Council unanimously Agrees to this vote.

Cha. Story, Secretary. Adja till to-morrow, 10 of the clock, ante merediem.

[P. 418.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly held at portsmouth, by Prorogation, on Tuesday, the 6th of May, 1712,

ante merediem. His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern", &c., Major Vaughan,

Sam" Penhallow, Nath" Wear,

John Plaisted, Esqrs. Robert Ellott, Esqrs. Mark Hunking, Rich" Waldron,

To His Excellency, the Govern",, the Honble the Council and Representatives in General Court Assembled :

The humble petition of Samuel Foulsham, Humbly Sheweth,

That whereas your petitioner lives between the Bounds of the Town of Hampton and Portsmouth, in the province of New Hampshire, He is Rated by both of the said Towns, and has paid his province Rates to each Town, in



which case humbly craves your Excell. and Honour's Reliefe. Your Excellency and Honour's most Humble serv,

Sam" , Foulslam. Upon Reading this petition,

setting forth that the Constable of portsmo has taken sixteen shillings for a province Rate for the year 1711, And the Constable of Hampton thirty-two shillings for several Rates the said year, both upon pretence of his being within the Bounds of their several precincts or Constables


Ordered, that the said Foulsham be hereby discharged from the payment of any tax to any of the said places for the future, untill this matter shall be settled, And the Govern", Council and Assembly give order therein ; upon peril of any such Constable's suffering for his Contempt of this Order. Read in Council, the 6th May, 1712.

Cha: Story, Secretary. [P. 419.] And upon further Application of Elias Philbrook, he having paid the Rates as aforesaid, being of the Same Circumstances, that he have the like benefitt of this Order with Samuel Foulsham, the petitioner. In Council,

Cha: Story, Secretary.
Read in the House of Representatives and voted, -

That noe Rates are taken from the said Foulsham and Philbrook by either of the Towns, untill the Bounds are sett.

Sam" Keais, Clerk.
Adja till 3 o'clock, post merediem.

* Ric or rick,-a district over which government is exercised.- Web. Dic.


Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, on Tuesday, the
6th day of May, Anno Domini 1712,
post merediem.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern",
Major Vaughan,

Sam" Penhallow,
Robert Elliot, Esqrs.

John Plaisted, Esqrs.
Nath" Wear,

Mark Hunking, Timothy Gerrish (1) was sworn as a member of the House of Representatives, and took the oaths appointed by Law, and subscribed the Test and Decl', &c.

Ordered, that all Bills of Creditt of this province, being any way Defaced, that may be made Certaine to be true Imprinted Bills, shall from time to time be changed by the Treasurer of this province.

The Petition of Nath" Wear, on behalfe of himselfe and the Inhabitants [P. 420.) of the new parrish of Hampton, was read at this Board, and sent Down to the House of Representatives, in hæc verba sequen:

To His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern' and Commander

in Chiefe, and the Honourable the members of the Councill in the province of New Hampshire; And the Members now sitting in General Assembly.

The Humble Address and petition of Nath" Weare, in behalfe of himselfe and diverse others, on y desire, who are Her Majesties Loyal and Dutifull Subjects belonging to the New parish at Hampton ffalls, Most Humbly sheweth,

That although wee are comed to a Good measure of settlem through God's good providence among us, both to Church and Ministry, to the Great Satisfaction of all as farr as wee know,

(1) (From Journal of the House.] May 6th. Upon ye death of Mr. Ezekiel Wentworth, Capt. Timothy Gerrish was chosen a Representative from the Town of Dover, and Saml. Penhallow, E., came with Mr. Secretary Story, and gratifyed ye said Capt. Gerrish by administering the oaths, &c., appointed. And the sd. Capt. Timothy Gerrish is admitted a member accordingly.

And the Town in General, to Raise a tax for the support of each minister as by the said order may appear; Yett there are several charges that doth arise that are proper, particularly by those that belong to our parish, to be paid, as wood for to be provided for our minister, and fencing the parsonage Land, and for paying the schoolmaster, and several Charges that doth Rise relating to Minister and schooling, which cannot be equally discharged, or promises justly performed, without a Tax on the Inhabitants in this parish.

Wee therefor pray that wee may have liberty and power to convene the Inhabitants together that belong to this parish from time to time, to Consider and Agree about those things that are needfull as to the ministry and schooling; And that wee may choose assessors among our Selves to be joyned with the Select men that belong to our parish, to assess the estates of the Inhabitants belonging to our parish, for the Defraying of all such charges as shall from time to time (P. 421.] Arise Relating to these Affaires, all being Concerned in this affaire that live westerly of the Line Returned by the Committee, and that such Taxes shall be collected and Gathered by the Constables from time to time, and paid according to Order of said assessors: all which as in your wisdom shall see meet. And your petioners, as in Duty Bound, shall ever pray, &c.

Nathu Wear.

The aforesaid petition was sent back from the House of Representatives to this Board, with the following Returne in hæc verba sequen: Pro. N. Hampshr.

Wee are humbly of opinion that the petitioner be Referred to the General Town meeting of Hampton; by order of — The House of Representatives.

Sam" Keais, Clerk. The Council Consents to the Reference above and directs the Inhabitants of Hampton to proceed thereupon at next Town meeting and make a Returne to the next General Assembly of this Province.

Cha: Story, Secretary. Adja till tenn o'clock to-morrow morning.

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