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the General Assembly of the province of New Ilampshire, holden at Portsmouth, on Tuesday, the 30th of this Instant October, for the Consideration of an address to Her most sacred Majestie, that she will be pleased to Renew the Expedition against Quebeck, with humble Representation of your great Distress by the warr, and Great poverty and Incapacitye to support yor frontiers at Home and a Quota of force abroad; However humbly to pray that wee be not left a prey to the Insults of the enemy.

Yo' humble Serv,

J. DUDLEY. L' General Nicholson gives his Service to the

Gentlemen of the Council and Assembly. Mr. Secretary Story, of Her Majestie's province of New Ilampshire, to be communicated.

Gentlemen :

Upon receipt of this Letter I desire you to communicate it to the Gentlemen of the Council, Mr. Speaker Gerrish, and such members of the Representatives as are usual, and lett the Sheriffe be directed (P. 413.] to warn the session accordingly. And I hope to enclose a copy of the address of this Goverment, or a minute of it, that you may use your own words and method.

Wee are sensible here that the news of a New Expedition at Quebeck will do us service; and truly, if an Expedition or peace doe not relieve us, wee shall be Greatly waisted.

I doe not Doubt but every body will come into it. I desire Mr. Secretary and Mr. Speaker will signe two faire copyes in forme, Leaving Room for me.

And I shall expect it Express, and the Court may Rise upon the former prorogation to the time appointed.

Yor Servt,

J. DUDLEY. To the Gentlemen of Her Majtics

Council of New Hampshire.

The following vote was sent upp from the House of Representatives : Voted,

That there be an Address from the House to the Queen's most Excellent Majestie, that an Expedition be brought on for the Reducing Canada the next Spring, and that Geo.

Jaffrey and Theodore Attkinson be a Committee to joyne with two of the Council to draw upp the said address, and that the Speaker signe in behalfe of the House of Representatives. 30th October, 1711. Past the House of Representatives.

Sam" Keais, Clerk. Read in Council and Consented to, and ordered that Sam" Penhallow and John Plaisted, Esqrs., be a Committee of this House to Joyne with the Committee of the Representatives, in drawing said address; And that Mr. Secretary Story subscribe and signe the same by order of the Council.

Cha: Story, Secretary.

[P. 414.] To the Queen's Most Excellent Majestie :

Wee your Majestie's most Loyal and Dutifull subjects, the Governour, Council and Representatives of this your Majestie's province of New Hampshire, in New England, in America, Convened in General Assembly, the 30th day of October, 1711, Most humbly crave leave to acknowledge yor Majestie's most gracious favour, In the late Important Expedition against Canada which (If succeeded) might under God be of unspeakable advantage unto us, as well as Enlarging the Territories of yor Majestie's Imperial Crown in these Northern plantations.

But whereas the Divine Soveraignty was pleased to disappointe that noble designe, in which wee yielded a chearfull obedience to your Majestie's Loyal Commands, would humbly Crave yt notwithstanding the Disappointment, your Majestie would gratiously accept of our sincere designe and Endeavours therein.

Att same time most humbly pray, If in your princely wisdom you see meet, that your Majestie would Gratiously please to Renew the Expedition in the Spring, for the Reducing of that Country unto your Majestie's obedience.

And whereas one halfe of our men are Employed against the daily Insults of a Barbarous Enemy, which render us very poor and feeble, and considering that one-third of our young men at least, yearly goe abroad, few of whom returne again, Wee humbly begg your Majestie's most Gratious favour respecting our Quota of men under the present distressing circumstances, and humbly

prostrate our selves at yo' Royal feet—with earnest supplications unto Almighty God for your Majestie's Long Life, and Success unto your Majestie's just arms.

Wee begg leave to subscribe
Madam, yoMajties most Loyal and

Dutifull Subjects.
Signed in presence and by order of the Councill.

Cha: Story, Secretary. Portsmo in New Hampshire in New England,

30th October, 1711. Signed in presence and by order of ? the House of Representatives,

Richard Gerrish, Speaker.


[P. 415.] The General Assembly were Prorouged till the 15th day of November next comeing.

Mett according ; Prorouged till the 21st of November Currt.

Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 224 Currt.
Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 29th Currt.
Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 6th Xbr next.
Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 6th Feb’ry following.
Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 7th Currant.
Dlett accordingly, Prorouged till the 14th Currt.

Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 25th March, next ensuing.

Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 27th Currt.
Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 30th of April next.
Mett accordingly, Prorouged till the 1st day of May next.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire,

Novr. .. 1711. [From MS. Correspondence in Secretary's Office, pp. 23--25.] Instructions for Henry Newman, Esq., * resident in Westminster, employed by the Governour and Council of this her Majesty's Province, at Whitehall:

*These appear to be a first draft, by Gov. Dudley.

You shall upon the arrival of these letters, attend Lieutenant General Nicholson & communicate to him the Address now sent you, & pray him to countenance & favour you in the presenting your petition; and Accordingly depend upon his advice in all things.

You shall also comunicate the Address & these Instructions to Jeremiah Dumer, Esq., Agent for the Massachusetts; & it may be present your Address at the same time, with Colonel Nicholson's advice.

You shall by your Memorial represent to her Majesty or my Lord Dartmouth, as may be judged best, the sorrowful estate of the Province, consisting of no more than one thousand fighting men, in six or seven open villages, who are always obnoxious to the Inroad of the partyes of Indian and French, and always are upon their guard and scouting.

Besides the one hundred men that have now for three years past been in service by her Majesty's especial command, which is a very great charge to the Province; besides forty men in service at the Forts; you shall carefally [?] pray some abatement in the said number of men, in any New Expedition, and that the lower Governors of the Jerseys, Pennsilvania, Maryland & Virginia may supply men or be charged a sume of money to the assistance of the Expedition.

You shall carefully* move as all the Governors do, that a new Expedition may be raised, & that Gen. Nicholson be employed therein, who perfectly understands the forces of the Provinces, the state of the country, and what is to be feared if we be now left.

You shall pray for a Garrison for the fort at Newcastle in this Province of forty men, to be upon the Brittish establishment, who need a Lieutenant with them; Colonel Walton, who has her Majesty's Commission for a Colonel, being at present Captain of the Fort.

[Not consented to, therefore left out.]

You will always remember that this Province is next to the Eastern Indians, who are the most troublesome upon the Continent.

You shall represent the perfect obedience of this Govermt to her Majesty's Commands in all things, of men, & provisions & transports the last year to Port Royal, & this year towards Quebeck; and the heavy Debts that are upon us at this time to be discharged upon that account.

*Perhaps the word is earnestly.-ED.

And we intirely submit ourselves to her Majesty's disposal.
Signed by order of the Governor & Council.

J. D.
C. S.

Upon receipt hereof, summon & Communicate these Instruc. tions to them, & let them adde, alter or correct what they please. They will pardon me to be thus free with them; it is my sincere respect to the welfare of the Province, as well as the necessary Expedition of the papers, which must be with me by Monday, which is the last day the General will stay.

You may use the advise of Mr. Speaker, and any member of the house of Representatives, if you please. I would have done all this in full officially, but you see the time will not admit. Send imediately for Mr. Waldron & other Gentlemen of the Council & let them proceed in this affair, as they, having mett in Council, shall determine. Mr. Secretary Story.

J. DUDLEY. 1711. Make ready your papers for Whitehall. Indorsed — “For her Majesty's service.-J. DUDLEY. To Charles

Story, Esq., Secretary to her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, Portsmouth. To be Exprest by Col. Hawthorn, Col. Noyes, to Hampton."

Nov. 7,

[P. 416.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by Prorogation, On Monday the fifth day of May, 1712.


His Excell. the Govern", Major Vaughan,

Sam" Penhallow, Robert Eliot, Esqrs. John Plaisted, Esqrs. Nath" Wear,

Mark Hunking, Mr. Secretary being sent as a Message to call the House of Representatives to this Board they accordingly came,*

* Members of the House.

Ye Speaker,

Capt. Hill,
Mr. Atkinson,

Mr. Jones,
Capt. Dudley,

Mr. Rendall,
Danl. Tilton,

Maj'r Smith,
Epha. Maston,

Geo. Jaffrey,
Capt. Gilman,

Saml. Keis.

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