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per diem for every tradesman; two shillings per diem for every labourer, and that the Treasurer be desired to supply with subsistance therefor.

May 14th, 1711.
Past the House of Representatives.

Sam' Keais, clerk. Read at the Council Board and consented to and ordered that the subsistance mony be supplied by the Treasurer, not exceeding eight pence per diem.

Charles Story, Secretary. Ordered, That the necessary tools for all labourers, &c.,' in repairing her Majesty's Fort Wm and Mary at New Castle, according to the vote of the Assembly, That Mr. Treasurer be desired to survey what tools may be wanting and that he provide the same and what plank, boards, &c., may not be had without being impressed, That the Treasurer issue forth his warrants for impressing the same, and that they be paid for out of her Majesty's Revenue, from time to time, in this province.

Adja till to-morrow morning, 10 of the clock.

[P. 374.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held
at Portsmouth on Tuesday, the 14th of
May, 1711, ante merediem.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern', &c.,
Wm Vaughan,
Robert Elliot, Esqrs. John Plaisted,
Sam' Penhallow,

Mark Hunkin,
Mr. Penhallow's account of disbursements, amo to 1616
2, 44, allowd and ordered to be paid in course out of the

Ordered, that Mr. Penhallow be paid out of the Treasury twenty pounds sterling, sent Mr. Newman for the laying

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before the Lords of the plantation the affairs of the Council relating to the compleating the full number of the Council here.

Alexander Miller, his accounts amo to zihs : 28: 64, allowed and ordered to be paid in course out of the Treasury.

The following vote was sent up to this Board from the House of Representatives, viz. :

Voted, that a Committee be appointed to revise the laws of this Province, and for drawing up such others as may be thought proper to present to his Excellency at the next sitting of the General Assembly.

15th May, 1711.
By order of the House of Representatives.

Sam? Keais, Clerk.
Committee of the Representatives,

Major Joseph Smith,
Theodore Attkinson, Esqrs.

Mr. George Jaffrey,
Committee of the Council,

Major W'm Vaughan,
Sam' Penhallow,

John Plaisted.
An Act for repeating one thousand pounds of Bill of
Credit, &c;

An Act for prevention of frauds and forgeries upon the
Bills of Credit in use in this and the neighboring provinces ;

[P. 375.] An Act for the encouragement of volunteers for the destruction of the Indian Rebells and enemie ; (1)

Having been three times read, was past to be enacted and assented to by his Excellency the Governour.

Prorogued till Wednesday, the 12th day of September next, 10 o'clock, ante merediem.

(1) [From the Journal of the House, p. 6.] May 12th, 1711. Voted, That for Indian man slayn in the Province sixty pounds, for every woman thirty pounds, and for every minor or Papoose, fifteen pounds be payd out of the Treasury.

[P. 376.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, on Thursday, the
14th of June, 1711.

The Honble John Usher, Esq., Lieut. Governour,
Peter Coffin,

John Plaisted,
Wm Vaughan,

Nath' Wear, Esqrs.
Sam' Penhallow,


Mark Hunkin, Robert Elliott, Mr. Secretary Story was sent as a message to call the House of Representatives to this Board, who accordingly came; and his Honour the Lieut. Governour was pleased to make the following speech : Gentlemen :

Her most gratious Majesty having sent his Excellency General Francis Nicholson, Esq., with forces for reducing of Canada and Newfoundland; It is expected that the government in these parts give their ready assistance by raising of soldjers to join in conjunction with the Queen's forces, - to whom God grant success and victory, the happy fruits of which will tend to the safety, wealth and prosperity of these her Majesty's dominions and plantations, and more peculiar to this her Majesty's Goverment, that for many years have been insulted, waisted and consumed by a cruel, barbarous and perfidious Enemy.

By his Excellency the Governour's precept, you are here called together for raising your quota of men, providing transports, provisions, &c., for carrying on the above Expedition.

Her Majesty's service requiring his Excellency the Governour's presence at the Congress, remote from his Goverment, to consult in this great design: I am therefore come to expedite matters of so great an importance.

Gentlemen,– You addressed her most gratious Majesty in October last, that she would be gratiously pleased to send ships of war and forces for the reducing Quebec, &c.; Upon which address from yourselves, and others from our neighboring Goverments, General Nicholson (P. 377.] is now sent as before mentioned, whose conduct, courage and prudence, is well known to us all, in the reducing of Port Royal (now Annapolis Royal) last year, which if please God to give him success in the reducing of Can

ada, it will be of great advantage to us and our posterities hereafter.

I do not in the least doubt of your ready compliance with the Queen's expectations from you, and your proceedings to be such as will demonstrate you her Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, in your dispatches.

Her Majesty is at great expense and charge in this affair, and hath sent clothing, &c., for our soldjers and many presents of value to our friend Indians and Mawhawks, &c.

His Excellency the Governour's expectation and pleasure is, that all other business be laid aside, and only with all chearfulness to forward soe good a designe for the reducing the common enemy, pursuant to her Majesty's expectation, and that care be taken, for mony to be raised at the next sitting of this General Assembly, for payment of soldjers, transports, sailors, &c., and for all present expenses and charges upon the said Expedition.

I shall contribute what I can for her Majesty's service and good of her Majesty's province, and hope you will speedily determine what is recommended to you.


The following letter from his Excellency the Governour was read at this Board, the Representatives being present:

Boston, 9th June, 1711. Gentlemen :

I herewith send you a copy of her Majesty's Instructions to myself, referring to the Expedition to Canada, which I desire you to keep secret yet.

You have alsoe enclosed an Embargoe in obedience to her Majesty's said Instructions, which you must presently publish and acquaint the fort and officers of the customs with, and see it observed.

And I doe further direct you to call the Assembly, the prorogation notwithstanding, to sit on Thursday next, and acquaint them with the said Instructions and let them be read [P. 378.] in their House; and let them know that the vast force that is coming, and the whole expedition, is in answer to their repeated Addresses, and is the last effort of those Goverments, and by the favor of God will end in our security and establishment, and therefore that I desire and expect their unanimous vote.

That there be a number of men not exceeding one hundred, with officers, raised for the service of the Expedition.

That the Treasurer provide three months' victuals, transports, and other necessaries for the said men.

That the Assembly will at their next session take care for the payment of the wages and subsistance and other charges of the said force.

These votes will be cheerfully agreed by the Representatives, I doubt not; Thank them then and dismiss them to the prorogation, and express the votes to me.

The whole fleet consists of ten frigates and eight battallion of foot, cannon, stores, arms and clothes for all the soldjers, which will save in a great part of our charge.

Major Plaisted brings this and will acquaint you anything necessary. Let us be private in the affair as long as we can, lest it get to Quebec or Placentia. With my service to the Speaker and Gentlemen of the Assembly.

I am, Gentlemen,
Your very
humble servant,

J. DUDLEY. To the Gentlemen of the Council

of New Hampshire.

Pursuant to the above letter the following Instructions was read at this Board and sent down to the House of Representatives, as alsoe a copy of her Majesty's bounty relating to the said Expedition :

ANNE R. [P. 379.] [SEAL.] INSTRUCTIONS for our trusty and well beloved

Joseph Dudley, Esq., our Captain General and Commander in Chiefe of our provinces of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, in America, given at our Court at Saint James, the sixth day of February, 1710, in the ninth year of our Reign.

Herewith wee send you a duplicate of our Instructions to our Governour of New York, relating to a resolution we have taken for the reduction of Canada and New Foundland, by which you will perceive our intentions, and to which we refer you in all things as fully as if the same were again particularly repeated in these our Instructions; And our will and pleasure is, that you doe in all respects conform your selfe thereunto, and give your aid and assistance to all the several matters and things herein contained, as if the same were in these presents repeated and particularly ordered and directed. Our will and pleasure further is, that you doe observe and perform the several matters and things here in after contained on your part to be performed and observed:

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