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[P. 353.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held
at Portsmouth, by adj', on Monday, the
234 October, 1710 ante [post?] mered-

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern",
Wm Vaughan,

Richard Waldron,
Nath' Weare, Esqs.

Sam' Penhallow, Esqs. Robert Elliott,

John Plaisted,

Mark Hunkin, Esq. Upon application of the friends of Mrs. Ann Hilton, widow of the late Colonel Hilton, referring to her said husband's services,

Voted, That the Secretary draw out an abstract of the several muster rolls, wherein Colonel Hilton commanded the forces of the Massachusetts as well as those of this Province, and that a certificate thereof be signed in Council, that the widow may obtain the payment of their proportion as this province has already done.

And as a testimony of the respect and honour to the good service of Colonel Hilton they move the Representatives that - pounds be presented to the widow, and that she be acquainted that there is no account of Colonel Hilton before the Assembly which is not adjusted and paid.

Past by the Council and sent down to the House of Representatives.

Cha: Story, Secretary. Whereas there was a vote past for the payment of province debts according to the manner therein set forth, and the honourable the Council refuseth the whole vote, but join in the imprinting the sum therein voted for: We think we have done our duty as to the manner of raising [P. 354.] mony by each way, but considering our promise and obligation to the Treasurer for payment of his acctts of disbursements,

Voted, That 1200lbs be raised on all persons and estates within one year from this day.

Past by the House of Representatives. 234 October, 1710.

Sam Keais, clerk.

Portsmouth, October the 234, 1710. Gentlemen :

The present members of her Majesty's Council and the present House of Representatives, have in their last sessions past the debts of this Province to the Treasury for the payment of about two thousand pounds.

Have addressed her Majesty in their session in August, with thanks for the Expedition to Port Royal, assuring the service of their quota of men and transports.

Have in this session acknowledged a further debt of about 550lbs.

Have assured the treasurer in their last session of the payment of his disbursement for the Expedition, which amounts to 1250lb.

Have this day voted to impress 25001 in Province bills for the discharge of all these engagements, and that the Secretary draw the Act, which being presented has no objection made to it, but is refused and the province left without possibility to subsist or proceed.

Mr. Secretary Story was sent on a message to the House of Representatives to read the above memorial to them, who accordingly did.

Mr. Secretary Story was sent to call the House of Representatives to this Board, who accordingly came, and his Excellency was pleased to prorogue the assembly to Wednesday, the — of March, 1710-11.

The foll. Bills having been three several times read and past both houses to be enacted, was consented to by his Excel and by him signed accordingly, viz:

An Act for continuing several Rates and Duties of Excise, Customs, Impost and Tonnage of shipping.

An Act for the raising twelve hundred pounds.

[P. 355.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth, on Friday, the 1st December, Anno Domini 1710.

Present, Major Wm Vaughan,

John Plaisted,

Esqrs. Sam' Penhallow,

His Excellency's letter of the 27th of November, 1710,' was read at this Board, viz :

Esqrs. Mark Hunkin,

Roxbury, 27th November, 1710. Gentlemen :

I have lately received a letter bearing date November 12th, 1710, signed by Richard Gerrish, Esq., Speaker of the Assembly of New Hampshire, and several other members of the House of Representatives, setting forth that at the last session of the Assembly there was not sufficient provision made for the payment of the Province Debts and intimating that the prorogation of the Assembly being for so long a time, they pray an intermediate speedy session to pass the money Bill projected the last session, for the raising two thousand five hundred pounds in Province Bills, upon a just fund, and Grant of so much to be paid to her majesty's treasury to support the credit of the said Bills.

The said Bill for the two thousand five hundred pounds having been formed and engrossed and read in the House of Representatives, and read in Council, where I was present, and upon some debate laid aside, and another Act brought in for 1200lbs only, for the present supply of the treasury, which as was then and is still observed is not sufficient to discharge the Province debts:

I judge the offer of the Representatives to be for her Majesty's service, and the honour of the Province, as well as their justice to discharge the debenters and subsistance of soldjers, and therefore do hereby order (P. 356.] Mr. Secretary Story to issue out warrants for the meeting of the Assembly on Friday, the first of December next, at Portsmouth, to sit on the said Friday and Saturday, and no longer, for the dispatch of that Bill only; and that you do on the said Saturday evening, dismiss the Assembly to the day of the prorogation, which I entered in your books at my last being with you, and not to sit any longer or otherwise;

I am,

It being my Duty to be present at all debates of the General Assembly of matters importing the Goverment, which the season will not admit of at this time.

Your very humble servant,

J. DUDLEY. To the honorable Peter Coffin, Major Vaughan, and others, the

Gentlemen of her Majesty's Council for the Province of New Hampshire.

Adja till to-morrow morning ten of the clock.



[P. 357.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth, on Saturday, the second day of December, Anno Domini 1710, by adje

Present, Peter Coffin,

, Wm Vaughan,

Mark Hunkin, Esq. The following votes were sent up to this Board, in hæc verba sequen:

In the House of Representatives. Voted,

That the thanks of this House be given to his Excellency the Governour, for the allowance of this extraordinary session, so necessary for the discharge of the Province Debts. By order of the House, 24 Xbr, 1710.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. 24 Xb, 1710, read in Council and concurred with the House of Representatives.

Cha: Story, Secretary. In the House of Representatives. Voted,

That the present Bill now signed and sent up herewith,

containing a grant of two thousand five hundred pounds, to be issued in province Bills, be understood to comprehend the bill of twelve hundred pounds made the last session, dated the 234 October last, to enable the Treasurer; that sum.being made double in this grant: and therefore the Act for the 1200166 dated as aforesaid, is hereby taken away, the said mony of 12001hs being comprehended in this double grant.

By order of the House. 24 Xb, 17.10.

Sam Keais, Clerk. 24 Xbr, 1710. Concurred with the House of Representatives.

Cha: Story, Secretary.

[P. 358.] In the House of Representatives. Voted,

That the former Comittee for impressing and signing Bills take care that two thousand five hundred pounds be Impressed, signed and forthwith delivered into the Treasury, to be issued thence; first for the payment of five hundred fifty-five pounds, ten shillings, nine pence, which remains due of the old arrears, allowed by the Governour, Council and Assembly for part of which orders have been granted; for payment of the Governour's salary that is now due; the charge of wages, &c., of her Majesty's fort Wm and Mary; The expedition against Port Royal; The Treasurer's disbursements for subsisting scouts on the frontiers, &c.; and then the remainder for the payment of all other charges that shall be approved of by the standing committee, and allowed by the General assembly. By order of the House, 24 Xbr, 1710.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. 24 Dec", 1710. Read in Council and concurred with the Representatives.

Cha: Story, Secretary.

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