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Almighty, that by his good Providence your Majesty's arms may continue victorious in Europe; and that in these remote parts of your Dominions, particularly in this present expedition, they may be under the influence of the same Divine Providence, and attended with the like success.

That the present wars and troubles may cease, that your reign may be long and prosperous, and the remainder of your days lengthened out and attended with the blessing of peace and tranquility, both at home and abroad. We are your Majesty's most Loyal and obedient subjects.

J. DUDLEY. Signed in presence and by order of the Council,

Cha. Story, Secretary. Portsmouth, in New Hampshire, in New England, 24th Auge 1710.

Signed, in presence and by order of the House of Representatives.

Richard Gerrish, Speaker.

The petition of John Cross, relating to his maintenance, &c., was read at this Board and sent down to the House of Representatives, as upon file.

The following vote was sent up from the House of Representatives, in hæc verba sequen:

May it please your Honour,

We are sensible of your Honour's great care of us formerly and lately, for which we render thanks, and are sorry the wars and other misfortunes hath of late so attended us, that at present we are not in a capacity of making any other answerable return, proportionable to your Honour's good service; but pray your Honour's acceptance of ten pounds to defray your Honour's present travelling expences, and [P. 343.] we hope your Honour will still continue proper methods for the defense of our frontiers, as may be most likely for their security.

In our last session we took care for the Treasurer's security, and have now voted an address of thankfulness to her Majesty for her great favour in sending forces, &c.,

under the command of General Nicholson, for the reducing Port Royal, and have appointed a Comittee therefor. Augt 21th. Past by the House of Representatives.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. Adja to two of the clock, post merediem.



Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, on Thursday, the
24th day of August, 1710, Post mered-

The Lieut. Govern",

Major Wm. Vaughan,
Richard Waldron,

Sam' Penhallow,
Mark Hunkin,

John Plaisted,

Esqrs. As to the vote of the House of Representatives to present the Lieut. Governour with ten pounds to defray his present travelling charges, to and from the Province, and thanks for his service, The Council concurs therewith : but as to the other part of the vote, we are unanimously of opinion, its a reflection and indignity cast upon the Governour, as if his care of us were defective and himself negligent of taking proper methods for the defence of the frontiers, which we cannot but resent.

[P. 344.] His Honour then proposed to the gentlemen of the Council, that he was going to Boston to-morrow, and if they had any thing to offer for her Majesty's service and good of the Province, he was ready to promote the same.

Mr. Secretary was sent on a message to call the House of Representatives to this Board, who accordingly came, and the Lieut. Governour made the following speech, in hæc verba sequen

Gentlemen :

Yesterday had all ief officers to consult and advise what might be proper for your security, according to their desire, given directions therein; the great complaint was want of provisions; due care is taken thereof with the Treasurer for their supply, to their satisfaction.

Am glad my care formerly, and now lately, to yor acceptance, and assure you in discharge of trust reposed in me, shall continue my care, and at all times ready to serve you, and as occasion requires, visit you.

I sent an express to his Excellency with account of return of Capt. Gilman and Capt. Davis, and to know his pleasure as to adjourning or prorougeing the Assembly. This morning had a return, that you should be prorogued from Wednesday to Weduesday; accordingly adjourn you to next Wednesday, and so from Wednesday to Wednesday. You are adja till his Excellency's further order.

JOHN USHER, L Gov'. 24th Augʻ, 1710.

[P. 345.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, by prorogation,
the 19th October, 1710.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq.,
Wm Vaughan,

Rich Waldron,
Peter Wear,

) John Plaisted, Esq. His Excellency sent Mr. Secretary Story on a message to the House of Representatives, to call them up to this Board, who accordingly came, and his Excellency was pleased to make the following speech, in hæc verba sequen:

Portsmouth, 19th October, 1710. New Hampshire. Gentlemen :

I am glad of your obedience and readiness in her Majesty's service in the expedition to Port Royal; wherein if by the good

Providence of Almighty God we shall succeed, and I have the honour to represent it to her Majesty, I shall be ready also to represent the unequal quota demanded of this province in proportion with the other Colonies.

I have directed Mr. Treasurer to acquaint you with the present state of the Treasury, and the necessity of raising 1000 lbs. in your province Bills, for the payment of the forces and their subsistance, either by a new impressing that sum in Bills, or repetition of so many of your bills that may come in upon the year's tax, which the Representatives will consider of and determine.

I am also to acquaint you that by letters from the Right Honorable the Lords Com” at the Board of Trade and Plantations, I am acquainted that the challenge of (P. 346.] Mr. Allen to the lands of this Province is now depending before her Majesty; and if there be any representation or other service to be done in that affair, you will consider and move therein as you think proper; wherein my advice shall not be wanting when it is desired.

I have particularly to recommend to you the consideration of the Excise, which being well settled and directed, would go a great way in our annual charge; which for want of good provision in the Law is of very little signification. If it were farmed or duly collected, would amount to five times as much as the Treasurer can make of it, for want of such provision in Law or direction thereabout. Your affairs will not demand a long session; and the service of both the Provinces demands my speedy return to Boston. I shall therefore desire your dispatch, and there shall be nothing wanting on my part that you may be well defended from the enemy, and cozy and happy in all your affairs; which I am well assured will be pleasing to her Majesty, as well as the benefit and service of the Province.

Adja till to-morrow morning, ten of the clock.

[P. 347.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth, by adj', on Friday, the 20th of October, 1710.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour, &c.,
Peter Coffin,

Rich Waldron,
Wm Vaughan, Esqrs.

Sam' Penhallow, Esqrs.
Nath' Wear,

John Plaisted,

His Excellency sent Mr. Secretary Story on a message to the House of Representatives, with the Impost Bill, &c.

The Bill for continuing several Rates and Duties of Excise, Customs, Impost and Tunnage of Shipping, was sent up to this Board, agreed to by the Council, and ordered to be Engrossed.

The following vote was sent down to the House of Representatives, viz. :

In Council,

Voted, that for the better management and advancement of the Excise of the Province, that the Treasurer for the time being, together with the Justices of the Sessions, shall from time to time, when they grant licenses to any of the inhabitants of the Province, shall set the Excise for such persons and houses; and if the said persons shall refuse to engage and secure the said excise so set by the Justices, the said Justices shall not grant such License petitioned for, but take care immediately that their signs be taken down by the Sheriff, and licenses granted to other persons as shall be thought fit for such Imploy. 20th October, 1710. Read in Council and consented to.

Cha: Story, Secretary. [P. 318.] Richard Hilton, his debenture, amo to eight pounds, fifteen shillings and ten pence, for victualling of soldjers, &c., was read at this Board, considered, and allowed to be paid out of the Treasury.

J. DUDLEY. Cha : Story, Secretary.

The following memorial was read at this Board, viz.: To the Honorable Governour and Council,

That whereas I was under the service of this Province of New Hampshire, in the office of Capt.-Lieut., under the command of Colonel Shadrach Walton, and was allowed but three pounds per month; which I pray your Excellency and Honourable Council will be pleased to allow me

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