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Companies; I must attend her Majesty's direction to put one officer into each of the companys, which shall be but a Lieutenant and Ensign, of whose wages you will be eased by her Majesty's payment of their wages; and you will presently see the benefit of their being joined with your officers, by their skill in instructing the soldjers; and it may be I may also otherwise dispose of them afterwards; and accordingly I have signed your votes and direct your proclamation to proceed forthwith in my name with the clauses in the vote and no other; and that this letter be of record with the files referring to the expedition; and pray you to proceed vigorously and give Major Smith and Colonel Walton all possible assistance and expedition. I hope I shall ease some of your men by some Martha Vineyard Indians upon a Small hire, but you must send me your Round hundred, and I will use my friendship to the most necessitous (if I can) with the advice of your own officers. I desire you to make no delay.

And I doe prorogue the Assembly, after these affairs are finished, to, Wednesday the twenty-third instant, that I may write you once more before the forces embark if need be.

You must give your votes for the Transport, twelve weeks subsistence on board, and for the clothes, to Mr. Treasurer. I am, Gentlemen, your humble servant,

J. DUDLEY. To the Honble the Gentlemen of her Majesty's Council and the

Representatives, in General Assembly, sitting in Portsmouth,
New Hampshire.
Adja till to-morrow morning, 10 o'clock, ante merediem.

[P. 337.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by adjourm', on Wednesday the 9th of August, 1710.

Present, Peter Coffin,

Sam' Penhallow, Wm Vaughan,

John Plaisted,

Esqrs. John Gerrish,

Mark Hunkin,

Esqrs. Robert Elliot,

Riche Waldron, Ordered, that Capt. Mark Hunkin, Capt. Richard Gerrish, and Capt. John Wentworth, or any two of them, be desired

to apprize the two transports going upon the Expedition to Port Royal, upon their Oaths, and make return thereof into the Secretary's Office, with an Inventory of all tackle, apparel, &c., belonging to each transport, &c.

The following vote was read at this Boaad, being sent upp from the House of Representatives, in hæc verba sequen :

Voted, That Mr. Treasurer be desired to advance the mony for the equipping the Transports, clothing the soldjers, victualling and paying each volunteer a month's pay in advance, according to the vote of this House, which we promise to take care for the payment of. By order of the House of Representatives. Portsmouth, 9th August, 1710.

Samuel Keais, Clerk. Consented to.

J. DUDLEY. 9th Augt, 1710. Read in Council and consented to, nemine contradicente.

Cha. Story, Secretary. Prorogued to Wednesday, the 230 currt, 10 o'clock, ante merediem.

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[P. 338.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth by prorogation,
on Wednesday the 234 of August,

The Honourable John Usher, Esq., Lieut. Govern', &c.,
Wm Vaughan,

John Plaisted,

Sam' Penhallow,

Mark Hunkin,

Rich" Waldron, Esq. Mr. Secretary Story was sent as a message to the House of Representatives to call them to this Board, who accordingly came ; And

The Lieut. Governour made the following speech, in hæc verba sequen: Gentlemen, Council and Representatives :

For two last years his Excellency having account of French and Indian enemy designing with a body to make an attack on frontiers, (Her Majesty's service requiring in Massachusetts his presence,) desired me to come into the Province to take care of your security both by sea and Land; accordingly did.

Last year when you set, I recommended raising mony for Expedition to Canada; accordingly with all readiness done; Accounts thereof sent to Lords Trade and Plantations which they take notice of; at same time recommended care to be taken for receiving claims for service of the Goverment, which I find have been done; which gives great satisfaction, being more than for six years before; I find mony raised for considerable payments as in your list allowed by his Excellency, which I hope clears all Province demands.

Hearing of insults of your enemies on frontiers, never the like trouble and danger as now; Queen being pleased to continue my Commission, thought it my duty in this time of extremity to visit you for taking care of yo' frontiers and at all times shall come as apprehend her majesty's service requires my presence; must say his (P. 339.] Excell. did take care in giving orders for scouting, wanting of provisions same omitted, since come into Province finding it in sore distress, that persons could not go two miles from their house because of the enemy, I sent out half of Province to make discovery of them; after some returned from scouting to Oyster River, these men like to be taken by about twenty Indians; Immediately ordered Capt. Davis to march out to make discovery; Did see about four or five Indians, Judging may be about twenty, Pursued them, but they made escape. Capt. Gilman returned; give accounts they found tracts of considerable number of the enemy and where lodged, but as for enemies could see none.

Her Majesty having upon application sent IIonble General Nicholson with forces out of Great Britain, for imediate benefit of those parts; for which his Excellency desirous an address of thanks may be sent for her Majesty; shall order Secretary to present you therewith, and his Excellency's letter for raising mony, dated the 18th Aug.

Recomend due care for Treasurer's security in advancing for this expedition; he shall lay before you acctts thereof, together with acctts of the Treasury.

When last year in Province recommended raising mony for my

support of honour Queen's Commission; pleased then to say would take it into consideration. Her Majesty recommending, raising mony for Governour and Lieut. Governour, I now recommend to your consideration, not doubting due respect to Queen's Commission, as well as forwardness in raising mony to value of great sums on other acctts: to be plain, served four years in time Mr. Allen's commission, expenses on Council and guards as well as my own, all out of my own estate, and never had to value of one drop of water at charge of Province, which stood me in some hundreds pounds; and six years served now, and not paid for my care, pains and service, purely for good of Province.

Considering a very busy time for your Harvest in the country, and the enemy being on your frontiers, having recomended abovesaid to your consideration, doubt not of your dispatch as to what laid before you.

JOHN USHER, LGovern". Province N. Hamp., 234 Aug., 1710.

[P. 340.] The following vote was sent upp to the House of Representatives, viz:

Voted, That George Jaffrey and Theodore Attkinson be a Comittee from this House, to join those gentlemen of the Council appointed to draw an address of Thanks to her Majesty for her favours in the forces sent under comands of General Nicholson against Port Royal, and all other her favours.

By order of the House of Representatives. 234 Aug, 1710.

Sam' Keais, clerk.

234 Aug., 1710. Read in Council and consented to, and Richard Waldron, Esq. is desired to join with Messrs. Jeffrey and Attkinson, to draw up the said address.

Cha: Story, Secretary.


[P. 341.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held
at Portsmouth, by adj', on Thursday, the
24th of August, 1710, ante merediem.

The Hon. John Usher, Esq., L Govern",

Major Wm Vaughan,
Richard Waldron,

Sam' Penhallow,

John Plaisted, An Address to her Majesty was read at this Board and sent down to the House of Representatives in hæc verba sequen :

To the Queen's most Excellent Majesty. The address of your Majesty's most loyal and dutiful subjects, the

Governour, Council and Representatives of your Majesty's Prov

ince of New Hampshire, convened in General Assembly, Most humbly sheweth,

That in the midst of Trouble surrounding us from the enemy by sea and Land, we received with joyful hearts the advice of your Majesty's sending to our relief, from Great Britain, several ships of war, marines and warlike stores, &c., under the conduct of the Honourable Francis Nicholson, Esq., to form an Expedition against the French settlements at Port Royal and the coast of Nova Scotia; which we take to be so great an instance of your Majesty's care and regard for us that we cannot, but with a due sense of your Majesty's great favour therein, with all humble gratitude acknowledge the same. And though the circumstance of this poor Province (being all frontiers to the enemy by sea and Land) bespeaks the assistance of more men than the scattering inhabitants thereof, for its defense; yet we freely and readily sent [P. 342.) the quota demanded of us for this present expedition, with provisions, transports, and all things necessary for them,* and shall always exert our utmost endeavors for your Majesty's service, as becomes dutiful Loyal subjects.

It only remains that we continue our daily prayers to God

* "Nicholson brought from England five frigates, and a bomb ketch. These, with 3 fourth rates, 2 fifth rates, the province galley, 14 transports, in the pay of Massachusetts, 2 of New Hampshire, 5 of Connecticut and 3 of Rhode Island, composed the fleet, in which embarked a regiment of marines, and 4 regiments raised in New England." Holmes An., vol. I., p. 501, Note.

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