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Which vote was sent up by the House of Representatives again, with the following vote annexed, viz:

Voted a concurrence by order of the House of Repre sentatives, and that an Act be past accordingly.

Theodore Attkinson, Clerk

pro tempore. Wm. Brown's petition about his being Constable of Hampton, and not being able to collect his rates, &c., was sent down to the House of Representatives.

Adja till three of the clock, post merediem. Met accordingly, present Ut Supra.

Adja till Thursday, ten of the clock, ante meridiem.



[P. 325.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, by adj', on Thurs-
day, the 16th of May, 1710, ante
merediem, 10 of the clock.

His Excellency the Govern",

Major Wm. Vaughan,
Nath' Weare,

Sam' Penhallow, John Gerrish,

Jno Plaisted, Ordered, that the late Comittee for auditing acces be continued till next General Assembly, and they are the persons appointed to audit the Treasurer's public accts and report the same at the next General Assembly for concurrence.

Colonel Thomas Packer, his Accè, amo to 43:13:1, as upon file, being read at this Board, was referred to the late standing Comittee for auditing accts.

Colonel Shadrach Walton, his accts relating to her Majes ty's fort Wm and Mary, for service for himself and soldjers there, from March, 1709, to March, 1710, amo to 136: 2:

10 }, was referred to the late standing Comittee for auditing accts.

Pursuant to a vote of the Assembly, May the 12, 1709, Major Shadrach Walton had fifteen pounds allowed him.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. 16th May, 1710. Read in Council and ordered to be paid out of the Treasury, nemine contradicente.

Cha. Story, Secretary. The following vote was sent from the House of Representatives to this Board in hæc verba sequen :

Voted, that the two thousand pounds of Bills remaining in the comittees hands be delivered to the Treasurer to be issued for the payment of the Province Debts. In the House of Representatives.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. May 16th, 1710. Consented to by the Council.

Cha. Story, Secretary. Prorogued to the 19th June, 1710.

[P. 326.] In the affair of Hampton before the Council by petition,

Ordered, that the whole Town pay forth with the arrears and funeral charges of their late minister;

That there be a Comittee appointed to report the Division of the paroches for the several meetings, and to consider how to settle lands for another parsonage ; and a further hearing of the whole town be referred to the next General Assembly; and that the new parish in the mean time proceed in the maintenance of their minister, according to former order of this Board, saving that no person dwelling on the North side of Tailor's River shall be taxed for any land lying in the New Parish, until a further hearing be had thereupon ; which is referred to the next session of the Assembly.

In pursuance of the above order the Comittee appointed

are :

Major Vaughan, Samuel Penhallow,

John Plaisted, Theodore Attkinson, or any three of them, to make report at the next General Assembly.

The following vote was sent up to this Board: Province of New Hampshire.

Voted, that whereas John Partridge, presenting a petition to the House of Representatives requesting their consideration about a former petition laid before them, as coming from his Excellency Joseph Dudley, our Govern", and Council, to the former Assembly, in the year 1702-3, relating to his disbursements formerly on soldjers belonging to the Massachusetts and Province of New Hampshire, having accts that the Massachusetts have ordered and allowed fifty pounds to be paid as part of what is due to the said Partridge, leaving forty-eight pounds, eighteen shillings, accounting it due from the said Province of New Hampshire, [P. 327.) having made inquiry thereof, do find ten pounds due to the said Partridge, he having received thirty-eight pounds, eighteen shillings, paid by this Province, doe therefore pray his Excellency and Council, that the Treasurer may have order to pay the said Partridge the aforesaid ten pounds, which makes up the said sum of forty-eight pounds, eighteen shillings. Past in this House, May 24th, 1704.

Mark Hunkin, Cleik.

16th May, 1710.
Read in Council, allowed ten pounds.

Cha. Story, Secretary.
Prorogued to the 19th June, 1710.


Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, on Monday, the
19th of June, 1710.

Wm Vaughan,
Robert Elliot, Esqrs., John Plaisted,
Sam' Penhallow,

Hunking, Pursuant to a precept directed from this Board to the High Sheriff, for calling a Town meeting by the select men of Portsmouth, for electing or deputing a Representative to sit in General Assembly in the Room of Mark Hunkin, Esq., Mr. George Jaffrey was this day elected and chosen a Representative in loco Mark Hunkin, Esq., and took the oaths by Law established in the House of Representatives, instead of the oaths of allegiance and Supremacy, and re. peated and subscribed the declaration before Samuel Penhallow and Jno Plaisted, Esq., two of the members of her Majesty's Council, the Secretary administering the same.

Mr. Secretary was ordered to go to the House of Representatives and desire the House to proceed to the choosing of a Speaker, and to Report the same to this Board, &c.

[P. 328.] The following vote was sent up from the House of Representatives :

June the 19th, 1710. Voted, by the House of Representatives, that Capt. Richard Gerrish is chosen Speaker.

Sam Keais, Clerk. His Excellency's letter of the 12th current was read at this Board, in hæc verba sequen:

Boston, 12th June, 1710. Gentlemen :

You are hereby directed upon the swearing of Mr. Waldron and Mr. Hunkin into the Council, upon the receipt of this, to prorogue the Assembly to Wednesday, 28th Instant, and so from

Wednesday to Wednesday weekly, until further order from my self; that I may be ready for her Majesty's service, which are to be expected every day.

And let warrants be given out in due form for the choice of a new member in Portsmouth, and that the Commons at their next meeting, receive the new member, and let him be sworne in due form, and let the House proceed to the choice of a Speaker, and let him be reported to me, that I may send my acceptance of him into that place, and the House thereupon ready for business in her Majesty's service. I Gentlemen, your very humble servant,



Prorogued till Thursday, 29th currt, ante merediem.

Met accordingly, and prorogued till Thursday, the 34 of August next, 10 oclock, ante merediem.


[P. 329.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, by prorogation,
on Thursday, the 3d of August, 1710.

Peter Coffin,
Nath' Weare,

Samuel Penhallow,
Wm Vaughan,


John Plaisted,
Robert Elliot,

Mark Hunkin,
The proclamation for an Imbargoe was read at this
Board and ordered to be sent to the several officers, &c.

His Excellency's letter of the 31st July, 1710, was read at this Board and sent down to the House of Representatives, in hæc verba sequen :

Boston, 31st July, 1710. It is impossible for me at this time to see you in the Assembly, the whole affair of raising men, victuals, clothes and transports, for this great Province, lying upon me; which has been the occasion for my sending for Mr. Treasurer and Mr. Secretary, of New Hampshire, to apprize them of her Majesty's comands for the expedition to Port Royal, and that you may know every thing that concerns you in the Council and Assembly, they bring with them.

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