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living six, some five, and some four miles distant; Therefore are desirous to be a townshipp of themselves, they having never yet been joined to any Town, only having paid taxes sometime to Hampton, sometimes to Exeter; and your petitioners being in a capacity and willing and ready to maintain a minister and school master, within such limited time as your Excellency and Honor shall appoint, they having never had any beneflt of a school for the education of their children, by reason of their living a great distance from any school:

May it therefore please your Excellency and Honours to grant unto (P. 301.] your petitioners a Charter for a town to be settled upon Quamscott patent, with such Grants, covenants and clauses as your Excellency and Honours shall see meet; and with the following bounds, or what other bounds may be thought proper, (to wit) beginning at a rock called Brandy Rock, near Sandy Point, And to run up to the River by the mouth of a creek called Wheelwright's Creek, And to run at each end into the woods, upon a south east line, three miles. And your petitioners, as in duty bound, shall pray, &c. James Runlett,

John Jones,
Tho. Reed,

Phillip Duly,
Tho. Bryer,

Ithiel Smith,
Jno Hanniford,

Richard Morgan,
Jonathan Norris,

James Caneston,
Nath' Foulsham,

Samuel Green,
Sam! Levitt,

Tho. Speed,
Richard Calley,

James Godfrey,
Thom. Vesey,

Ann Wiggin, Widdo,
Ephraim Levitt,

Abraham Morgen,
Edward Masarvy,

Ezekiel Ladd,
Syman Wiggin,

Owen Runlett,
Andrew Wiggin,

George Vesey,
Jonathan Wiggin,

Jonathan Clark,
Wm French,

Stephen England,
John Pett,

Benj. Hodge,
Wm Moor,

Josiah Clark,
Dan' Levitt,

Benj. Levitt,
Henry Lampire, [?]

Satchell Runlett,
John Mason,

Benj. Jones,
Samuel Piper,

Thomas Polley,
Richard Crockett,

Phillip Spenlow,
Samuel Skillen,

John Snickler,

Nath' Watson,

Tho. Wiggin,
Benj. Rawlins,

Tho. Wright. Benj. Palmer, [P. 302.] The following desire in Obstruction to the said petition was put in at this Board, in hæc verba sequen: May it please your Excellency,

Wee, whose names are under written, living within the petitioned Bounds of Quamscott, doth earnestly desire that your Excellency and Honours would be pleased to deny the request of those petitioners for a township in Quamscott; as for the generality of the said petitioners are poor people, and several of them according to the best of our knowledge, instead of defraying any town charge, are rather likely to be a town charge themselves yo' earnest desirers: John Clark,

David Robison,
Moses Levitt, Jr.,

Jonathan Robison,
Wm Chiles,

Benj. Brown,
John Mead,

Nath' Stevens,
Charles Runlett,

Joseph Rolins,
Nath' Ladd,

John Roberts,
Natlı' Right,

Moses Rolins,
Joseph Lorrence,

Tho. Rolins,
Benj. Tailor,

Israel Smith.
Edward Fifield,

In answer to the afore petition of the inhabitants of Quamscott:

The Council do very well commend the good and religious inclination of the subscribers to establish the worship of God amongst them; and direct them to proceed to make a subscription of what sum each man is capable to pay towards the support of a minister annually, and bring the same to the next meeting of the Governour and Council within six months next coming; when they shall be further considered and directed to proceed in their good intentions.

Per Order. Cha. Story, Secretary. 5th December, 1709.

Ordered, that Robert Elliott and William Vaughan, Esqrs., be a Committee of this Board to join with two of

the Representatives to examine and audit the Treasurer's acets.

[P. 303.] Province of New Hampshire.

The following of the inhabitants of the South part of Hampton was read at this Board, viz: To his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour and Comander

in Chiefe in and over her Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, and the Honourable the members of the Council and Representatives, convened together in General Assembly, now sitting:

The humble address and petition of her Majesty's Loyal and dutiful subjects belonging to the South part of Hampton, in said Province of New Hampshire, commonly called Hampton falls, Most humbly sheweth,

That your petitioners being at that distance from the publick place of the worship of God at the Town, and soe many difficulties in going, and many times no passing over the Causeway by any means, that it hath caused your petitioners to be at the charge of building a Meeting House upon our side of the Town, and have had a minister for some time, and doing all by free contributions our selves; and the other part of the Town being the Major part of the Town, Rates us in the full proportion according to our estates, to the repairing the Meeting House and parsonage, and to the minister there, which is burdensome to us, and we are not able to settle a minister with us for want of some better settlement in the matter.

Wee therefore pray that in your wisdom you will grant us some relief in this matter, either that the Town and we on our side may maintain two by raising our Rates in general together, or that we may be freed from the paying to the Town, and have power given us to make a Rate or tax for the subsistance of one with us. John Gove,

James Prescott,
Nath' Batchelder,

Timothy Blake, Sen.,
Tho. Cram,

Jacob Green,
Joseph Sanburn,

Isaac Green,
Sam' Healey,

Dan! Tilton,
Nath' Wear,

Joseph Swett,
Nath' Wear, Jr.,

Joseph Case,
Timothy Hillvard,

Jonathan Mason,
Moses Blake, [P. 304.]

Benj. Fifield,

Jethro Tilton,
Bonus Norton,
Joseph Emons, [?]
Ebenez Gove,
Jonath" Philbrook,
Joseph Cram,
Ephraim Hoyt,
John French,
Peter Wear,
Cha. Pottle,
Sam Shaw,
Wm Sanburn,
Jno Brown,
Holdridge Celley,
John Eaton,
Nath' Prescott,
Jacob Basford,
Israel Blake,
Israel Clifford, Sen",

Benj. Batchelor,
Jonathan Batchelor,
Israel Clifford,
Benjamin Hillyard,
Nath' Sanburn,
James Prescott,
Benja Sanborn,
Samo Tilton,
Philemon Blake,
Benj. Cram,
Joseph Tilton,
David Tilton,
Jonathan Fifield,
Enoch Sanburn,
Jacob Clifford,
Zacharias Clifford,
Caleb Shaw,
Wm Brown,
Benjamin Perkins.

Upon a full hearing of both parties in Council upon this petition, the 34 December, 1709, voted that the contract and agreement of the Town of Hampton for the maintenance of Mr. John Cotton, their present minister, be and is hereby ratified and confirmed; And the town directed to proceed for the raising and payment of the same as in all time heretofore; That the petitioners and such others as are joined with them on the westward of Tailor's River,* have power at a meeting once a year for that end, to choose among themselves three persons to be Assessors for raising the sum of

for the maintenance of such learned and orthodox minister to officiate in the New Church at Hampton, as they shall agree to call to the service there, with the advice of Mr. Cotton, their present minister ; that the affairs may proceed with such peace and frien dship as becomes religion and good order ; And that the Assessment upon the

*[In 1685, “ 17th of 11,” Henry Dow, Town clerk of Hampton, entered in his diary, as follows: "The number of souls this side of Taylor's river, 495; over Taylor's river 212." ** This sidemeans the north side; "over" means the south side or Hampton Falls.-ED.)

said petitioners and inhabitants on the said Western side of Tailor's River, being signed by the said Assessors, shall be Collected by the Constables at all times, and paid into the minister for his support, as in all other Towns and precincts in this Province. Past by the Council.

Cha: Story, Secretary.

[P. 305.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, by adj', on Mon-
day, the 5th Xbr., 1709.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern', &c.,
Peter Coffin,
Robert Elliot, Esqrs.

Sam' Penhallow,

Esqrs. Wm Vaughan,

John Plaisted, The foll. votes was sent upp from the House of Representatives, in hæc verba sequen:

Portsmouth, 5th December, 1709. In the House of Representatives, voted unanimously,

That there be four thousand pounds, Bills of credit, raised and brought into the Treasury of this Province, and from thence issued for the payment of the debts of the Province, and that Major Wm Vaughan, Samuel Penhallow, Mark Hunkin, Speaker, Theodore Attkinson, Esq., and Mr. Secretary Story, may be a comittee forthwith to goe to Boston to obtain leave of the Goverment there, to impress and perfect the said four thousand pounds in Bills, and to sign the same; unless, which weerather desire, they can obtain of the Goverment of the Massachusetts to lend us the said sum of four thousand pounds of their Bills, and take security upon our fund, and Act of the Assembly made by this present session for the raising cf five thousand pounds in five years next coming, for the support and payment of the

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