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[Note. In the MS. volume which contains “ The Journal of the Council and Assembly," in the office of the Secretary of State, the first forty-four pages are marked with numeral letters, which are also retained, for the sake of reference, in this printed copy.—Ed.]

[P. 1.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a General Assembly, held of Portsmouth, for the Province aforesd on the first Tuesday of October, 1692.


The Lieut. Governour,
John Hincks,

Peter Coffin,
Nathan" Fryer, Esqs. Wm Vaughan, Esqs.
Rob Elliot,

Henry Greene, The King's Lres. Patents were read to the Assembly, and the Lieut. Governour made a speech to the effect following.

[Speech not on record.] Ordered, that the Secry make a dedimo potestatem to John Hincks and Richard Waldron, Esqs., to give the oaths appointed instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and the Test.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning at 10 of the clock.


Wednesday, 5th October, 1692,

10 o'clock, ante meridiem.


The Lieut. Govern",
John Hincks,

Henry Greene,
Nathan" Fryer,

Wm Vaughan, Esqs.
Rob' Elliott,

Esqs. Richard Waldron, Peter Coffin, All the above mentioned members of the Council then subscribed the Declaration appointed by act of Parliam.

Whereas several persons elected for the Assembly have this day refused to take the Oaths appointed by act of Parliam', instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, according to the custome of England, by swearing upon the Bible, It is ordered that the oaths be administered to such of the Assembly as have so refused, by lifting up of their hands, considering the present troubles & circumstances of affairs.

M' John Hincks entered his dissent from the abovesd order in the manner of administering the Oath.

[P. 11.] · Ordered, that the name of Nathan" Fryer be put into the dedimo potestatem for administering the Oaths as above, to the Assembly, instead of John Hincks, Esq., and that his name be erased out of the same.

Mr. Richard Martyn, Capt. Elias Styleman, Capt. John Pickerin, Lieut. John Smith, Mr. Joseph Smith, Capt. John Woodman, Mr. Job Clement, Mr. Wm Furber, Jr., Capt. Wm Moore, Lieut. Samuel Leavitt, Lieut. James Blagden, were sworn to the above written order by Nathan" Fryer & Richard Waldron, Esqrs.

The Assembly came to this House and presented Mr. Richard Martyn for their Speaker, which the Lieut. Governour then approved of.

Mr. Speaker then acquainted this Board that John Hussey, an elected member from the town of Hampton, had withdrawn himself from the Assembly as not qualified in

not taking an oath, and prayed that a writt might be issued for the election of another person, which was granted, and the Secre' ordered to issue forth a new writt accordingly.

Mr. Speaker desired a copy of the Lieut. Govs speech yesterday, and the Secrey ordered to give him a coppy thereof.

Ordered, that Major Wm Vaughan, Richard Waldron & Peter Coffin, Esqrs., join with the Committee of the other house in conferring together & drawing such order and orders as shall be thought most needful for the defence of this Province agst the common enemy, and that the secrey be assisting to the sd committee as occasion may require.

This house is adjourned until two o'clock to-morrow in the afternoon.

Thursday, 6th October, at 2 o'clock post meridian, ejusdm diei, 1692.


The Lieut. Govern', John Hincks,

Henry Green,
Nathan" Fryer,

Wm Vaughan,

Robt. Elliott,

and Peter Coffin,

Rich Waldron, Upon a Message brought to this Board from the other house by Capt. John Pickering & Capt. John Woodman, that complaint has been made to that house [P. III.] that the soldiers in this Province belonging to the Massachusetts Bay are destitute of provisions, prayed that this house, the Lieut. Governor and Council, would take the same into consideration.

Ordered, that the Treasurer of this Province advance 2016* in Provisions for the soldiers at Oyster River & elsewhere, which said sume is to be defrayed out of the first money to be raised by act of the Govern", Council & Assembly.

In compliance with an order from the other house, resolved that John Hincks & Henry Green, Esqrs., be and hereby are appointed a Committee of this house to join with such a Committee of the other house as they shall appoint, for establishing a settled revenue in this Province, and that they proceed on the same immediately.

Resolved, that Nathan" Fryer & Robert Elliott, Esqrs., be and hereby are appointed a Committee to join with such committee of the other house as they shall appoint, for establishing Courts of Judicature and that they pr'ceed upon the same.

Adjourned till 9 o'clock to-morrow morning.

Friday, 7th October, 1692.

at 9 o'clock in ye forenoon. Prisent,

The Lieut. Govern", John Hincks,

Henry Greene, Nathan' Fryer,

Wm Vaughan, Esqrs.

Esqrs. Robert Elliott,

Richa Waldron, Peter Coffin,

[Blank 2 small pages.]

Province of New Hampshire.

At a General Assembly, held at Great Island for the Province afores", on Wednesday, the first day of March, 1692-3.


The Lieut. Governor. John Hincks,

Henry Greene, Nath. Fryer,

Nath. Weare, Esqrs. Robert Elliott,


Rich. Waldron, Peter Coffin,

Ordered, that the House be settled and that a Speaker be chosen.

[P. Iv.] The other house called up, the Lieut. Govern" made a speech to them.

Ordered, that new writts be issued out to elect other representatives in the room of those who refused to sweare.

Adjourned to Thursday, 24 March, 10 in the forenoon.

At a General Assembly held at Great
Island, 24 March, 1692–3.


The Lieut. Govern',
John Hincks,

Henry Green,
Nath. Fryer,

Nath. Weare, Esqrs.

Robt. Elliott,

Rich. Waldron,
Peter Coffin,
The other house presented M' John Gillman for their
Speaker, who was accepted and approved of by this house.

The copy of all the fees as they were settled in the time of Sir Edmund Andrews being read, were allowed of till further order.

A bill from the other house concerning the manner of swearing.

Ordered, that the act concerning corn fields and fences be considered of and amended.

Ordered, that the Bill concerning the manner of swearing be taken into consideration and that Mr Waldron be desired to bring the Laws of New York, that this board may consider of the same.

Mr. Nath. Weare desires this Board would order that his Sureties Bonds, that were entered into to the Prison keeper for his appearance, might be delivered up, and that he may have liberty to sue for his damages. Upon reading his mittimus and Bonds it is ordered that Mr. Weare move it. at the next Quarter Sessions.

Adjourned to Friday, 34 March, 1692, at 10 o'clock.

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