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Sam' Penhallow, Esqrs.

[P. 259.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by prorogation, on Wednesday, the fourth day of May, 1709.


Major Wm Vaughan, Robert Ellott,

Esqrs. John Gerrish,

John Plaisted, His Excellency the Governour's letter, dated Boston, the 30th April, 1709, was communicated to this Board, being in hæc verba sequen:

Boston, 30th April, 1709. Gentlemen :

When I sent the last prorogation of the Assembly I intended certainly to have visited you and holden the Assembly, for which I had then very urgent reason, to take care to pay the Province Debts, which by the comittee I left at the last sessions (for that end) I hope is prepared and adjusted an account of all the Debts. I have now further reason to hold the sessions that you may take care to discharge your agent's (Capt. Vaughan's) debts in England.

But soe it is that their Majesties' commands for the service of Quebeck, &c., are this day come to my hands, which being of the utmost consequence must necessarily take up all my time and thoughts at present.

I therefore doe hereby order the meeting of the Council and the sessions of the Assembly, on Wednesday, where I desire this letter may be comunicated, and I desire you will proceed to an Act for granting to her Majesty a sum sufficient for the payment of the debts, with addition of five hundred pounds to be applied, what is necessary of it, to the payment of the agent's disburse, and six hundred more towards the expense of the summer for the forces in the great expedition commanded by her Majesty for the only benefit and everlasting settlement of these Provinces.

[P. 260.] I need not say any thing to you to induce your ready grant of whatsoever is necessary in these articles, and I pray you to let me be so far a judge of them as to say, the sums propounded are the least I can expect.

Your Agent returns with so much success and honour in your service, and the present great expedition is so much our own, that wee shall surprize every body not to be the first in our ready obedience.

The Act may be past in a day or two in due form, with the usual preface, which Mr. Secretary will take care of, and if it be past and signed by the Secretary and Speaker and covered to me, I will sign it and return it, and this is all that I can doe at this juncture; Some time hence, I hope to visit you, and congratulate you upon all the heads of good news wherein your share is the greatest. I am, Gentlemen, your very humble servant,

J. DUDLEY. To Mr. Secretary Story, to be comunicated to the Council, &c.

The abovesaid letter having been read at this Board was sent down to the House of Representatives.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine of the clock.

[P. 261.) Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by adjournment, on Thursday the fifth day of May, ante merediem.


Major Wm Vaughan, Robert Ellott,

Sam' Penhallow, ,

John Plaisted, Mr. Secretary Story was sent as a message to the House of Representatives to know if they had any business ready relating to the Queen's service to lay before that Board ; who answered, none at present.

Adja till to-morrow, ten of the clock, ante merediem.



[P. 262.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth, on Friday, the sixth day of May, 1709, ante merediem.


Major Wm Vaughan,
Robert Ellott,

John Gerrish,

John Plaisted, Ordered, that the Secretary write a letter to his Excellency, in hæc verba sequen:

May it please your Excellency:

The unexpected tidings of your Excellency's illness have occasioned more than ordinary thoughtfulness of the gentlemen of this Board, especially considering the present juncture; upon which we have desired Mr. Treasurer to signify our condolance, and withal to give your Excellency an account of the proceedings of the Assembly at this session: wee humbly pray the favour of your Excellency's presence as soon as may consist with your Excellency's conveniency.

Just now, being six of the clock in the afternoon, wee accidentally heard the sad news of four men that were yesterday at nine in the morning carried away from Pick Pocket mill, at Exeter; But notwithstanding the General Assembly being sitting, wee had no advice from any officer there, which is very surprizing to us. Wee heartily wish your Excellency all happiness, and crave leave to subscribe, Sir, Your Excellency's most humble and obedient servis. Per Order of the Council.

Chas: Story, Secretary.

Ordered, that an Imbargoe be forthwith laid on all merchant ships and vessels in this port, and that proclamations be sent out by the Secretary in form of the proclamations published in the Massachusetts Goverment.

[P. 263.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, on Thursday, the
12th of May, 1709, ante merediem.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern", &c.,
Major Wm Vaughan, Robert Ellott,
Peter Coffin, Esq.,

, John Plaisted, Esq. Mr. Secretary Story was sent as a message to call the House of Representatives to this Board, who accordingly came, and his Excellency was pleased to make the following speech, in hæc verba sequen:

Gentlemen,-I was willing to see you at this time to congratulate you upon the great Articles before you, referring to her Majesty's good subjects of this Province.

Her Majesty in her Royal favour has given dispatch to your affairs depending in law, and at your humble instance and address has bestowed upon this Province for their defence, ammunition and other stores to a very great value, and to crown all her other favours, and to add to the glories of her Reigne, is equiping a noble fleet for the reduction of the French and Indians, our barbarous Enemies, and to put these Provinces to a lasting peace, which by experience wee find not to be obtained without such a superiour force as her Majesty in her Royal wisdom has determined to advance, to an expense of the greatest value.

I think it my duty hereupon to move you, after a Religious Thanksgiving to Almighty God, humbly also to address her Majesty with your sincere thanks for these great and undeserved favours, and to resolve to manage yourselves so, in all instances of duty, particularly in a cheerful obedience and preparation for the present expedition, which may assure her most sacred Majesty that your lives and estates are at her service at all times; And that you will be just and raise what is necessary for the payment of your debts and the advance of the present expedition.

[P. 264.] I had your assurance the last session that at the season your Debts should be all paid, and accordingly to save the time wee left comittees to pass thro' the Debts, that wee might have no further trouble. If we expect the favour of Almighty God, and the protection of her Majesty, it is to be had upon no

other terms than that of doing our duty, and being just to all those that have served the Province, especially in the wars. If our soldiers be not paid, we must not expect to be defended.

I am not to doubt of your readiness herein, and the affairs will not allow me to tarry above two days in the Province, wherefore I must desire you to use all possible dispatch.

Adjourned till three o'clock, post merediem.

W** Vaughan, } Esqrs.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly
held at Portsmouth, on Thursday, the
twelfth day of May, Anno Domini
1709, Post merediem.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour, &c.,
Peter Coffin,

Robert Ellott,

, John Plaisted, Esq. The following vote was sent up by the House of Representatives in hæc verba sequen:

Voted, That an Act be past for granting to her Majesty the sum of seventeen hundred and twenty pounds, to be paid in species or mony, at the value mentioned in the last tax, and to the uses following, viz. : Four hundred and forty pounds out of the first mony to be collected and to be [P. 265) improved in carrying on the expedition against Canada, &c.; four hundred pounds to be paid Captain George Vaughan, our agent, towards his disbursments in England; one hundred and sixty pounds to his Excellency our Governour; two hundred pounds for defraying Major Vaughan's disbursments when our agent, who borrowed money in England ; three hundred and fifty pounds to be paid the treasurer towards his disbursments for the Province; one hundred and thirty pounds to the fort Wm and Mary; thirty-three pounds to Mr. Secretary Story, and seven pounds to Colonel Packer. The whole sum amo to seven

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