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Travelling expenses in coming into this Province for her Majesty's service.

(Order out.)

The Representatives' answer to the L Governour's memorial was sent to this Board in these words :

May it please your Excellency and Council, -As to what was presented to this House referring to the Lieut. Governour's application to your Excellency and Council, now before the Assembly, we humbly offer this, in answer:— According to her Majesty's direction, wee have done to the utmost of our abilities, and find that by your Excellency's Orders, several pounds every year has been paid by the Treasurer for defraying the L* Governour's charges; should, if able, have been willing to have done more, but considering the poverty of the inhabitants and the great growing charges Risen and arising, are not capable of adding further at present.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. October 18th, 1706.

A vote about the Records was sent up to this Board, in hæc verba :

Forasmuch as the Assembly is informed that there remains one New Book of the Province Records in Samuel Penhallow, Esq.'s hand, all the rest being delivered unto Major Vaughan, the Recorder for the Province: The Assembly prays that your Excellency and Council would order the delivery of the said Book of Records to the said Recorder. Past by the House.

Sam'l Keais, Clerk. October 18th, 1706.

Eodem die, read in Council, and ordered that all the Books relating to the Recorder be put into his hands.

Cha. Story, Secretary. [P. 223.] The memorial of John Bridger, Esq., was read at this Board, in hæc verba : To his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq,, Capt. General and Gov

ernour in Chiefe of her Majesty's colonies of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, and to the Council and General Assembly of New Hampshire:

The memorial of John Bridger, Surveyor General of all her

Majesty's woods, on the Continent of America, Sheweth:

That whereas her Majesty has been most graciously pleased by Her Commission to me granted and instructions commanded, to preserve and keep as much as in me lies, all her Majesty's woods from spoil and waste that shall or may be made for the future, by any of the inhabitants of her Majesty's colonies in America, pursuant to a clause in the charter of the Massachusetts Bay, which reserves all trees to her Majesty's use of twenty four inches diameter at twelve inches from the ground and upwards, from being cut, felled or destroyed, on the penalty or forfeiture of one hundred pounds to her Majesty, her heirs and successors, for every such tree cut, felled or destroyed, without her Royal license first had and obtained for the same:

And whereas there have been complaint made unto her Majesty of the spoil and waste made in her Majesty's woods; - I therefore in her Majesty's name, and by the authority to me granted, do for the time to come forbid all her Majesty's subjects to cut, fell or destroy any of the trees reserved as aforesaid, And do hereby request of his Excellency, &c., that he would be pleased to move and recommend the same to the Gentlemen of the Assembly; that they give notice accordingly to the inhabitants of their respective Counties or Towns, particularly to those whose livelihood chiefly consists in Logging and working in the woods, that they be very careful what Trees they fell in logging, &c.; especially those in the upper towns and Rivers adjacent; which trees if preserved would much lessen the charge her Majesty is now at in masting her royal Navy.

And I do hereby promise for my own part, that I will by no means or ways whatsoever restrain or hinder any of her Majesty's Loveing subjects from all lawful freedom, but will on all occasions and at all times, be ready and willing to be aiding and assisting to them or any of them, to the utmost of my power when the same shall be desired.

This memorial was sent down to the House of Representatives by Mr. Secretary Story.

The two several Bills following, having been three several times read and passed both Houses, were consented to by his Excellency, and by him signed accordingly, viz :

The Bill for the better collecting the duties of Excise and to prevent retailers of Liquors to sell without license.

The Bill for reviving actions and processes lately depending in the Superiour Court of Judicature of Assize and General Goale delivery, &c., within this her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, and discontinued by the not holding of the said Court at Portsmouth, the second Tuesday in August last past, 1706.

Prorogued till Wednesday the first day of January next.

1st January, 1706. Met, and adja till to-morrow, two of the clock, post merediem.

24 January. Met, and adja till Friday the 10th instant, 12 of the clock at noon..

[P. 225.] 10th January. Met, and adjè until Wednesday the 19th February next, 12 of the clock at noon.

19th February. Met, and adja to the 26th March, 1707, 12 of the clock at noon.

16th March, 1707. Met, and prorogued till the 20 day of April next, 12 of the clock at noon.

24 April, 1707. Met, and adja till to-morrow, 12 of the clock at noon.

34 April, 1707. Met, and adja till Monday the 7th of April, instant.

[P. 226.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by prorogation, on Monday, the 7th April, 1707.

Present, His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour, &c., Major Vaughan,

Nath. Weare, Peter Coffin, Esqrs. Sam' Penhallow, Esqrs. Rob Ellott,

John Plaisted, John Gerrish, Esq., Henry Dow, Esq. Mr. Secretary Story was sent as a message to the House

of Representatives to call that House to this Board, who accordingly came, and His Excellency to make the following Speech, in hæc verba sequen:

Gentlemen :

The openness and uncertainty of the weather this winter has prevented us from doing what we intended against the enemy; yet we are to acknowledge the good Providence of Almighty God, that we have been preserved from any inroad, and have had so good an advantage against the Rebels the last March.

At the earnest solicitations and motion of the Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts, I have entered upon an expedition to Nova Scotia and L'Acadie, to make what spoil I can upon our ill neighbors, the French there inhabiting, and shall have a thousand men ready in ten days' time with provisions and Transports, besides some assistants which I hope from her Majesty's Government of Connecticut and Rhode Island, and must expect a just quota from you for that service. I shall at present only draw out sixty volunteers with officers, for whom you will, I doubt not, take care to provide.

Mr. Treasurer will show you the present state of your Debts and what will be necessary for the advance, and I desire you will proceed chearfully to grant the supply; the time is very short, the day of the muster of the forces being the seventeenth instant, require me to be in the several parts, to review such men [P. 227.] as are raised, — That I must desire you forthwith to dispatch what is before you. I have always taken care that this little Province be not overburthened, and that your money may be justly expended; which I shall always continue to do, and expect your readiness to grant what is necessary accordingly.

A vote was sent up by the Representatives humbly offering their concurrence to the keeping a Fast, the 16th April instant, according to the Proclamation sent them from this Board, being upon file, and is in hæc verba sequen:

By his Excellency, JOSEPH DUDLEY, Esq., Captain General and

Governor in Chiefe in and over her Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, in New England:

A PROCLAMATION FOR A GENERAL FAST. Upon due consideration of the holy anger of Almighty God, evidently manifested by lengthening out the troubles of Europe,

as well as our own, and continuing them and ourselves under the sore calamities of a distressing bloody war, (notwithstanding the many great victories obtained against the Common Enemy of Europe) which always bespeak our humble prostration at the feet of Divine Sovereigntye, with penitential confession of our many aggravated sins and provocations, and fervent supplications before the Throne of Grace for the free remission of them; That the past displeasure of God against us may be removed:

I have therefore thought fit, with the advice of her Majesty's Council, and at the concurrent desire of the Representatives at their present session, to appoint and Order, that Wednesday, the sixteenth day of April, instant, be set apart and observed for fasting and prayer throughout these Provinces, exhorting both ministers and People in their Public Assemblies and in their private devotions religiously to solemnize the said day, that by a sincere repentance and steady affiance in the Divine Mercy in their most humble addresses to God, they may obtain these great blessings. [P. 228.] That our sovereign Lady the Queen, with her kingdoms and Dominions, may always be under the protection of heaven; Her Majesty's life and happy government long continued; Her Council and just Arms prospered; That the Government of these her Majesty's Provinces may be always under the influences of Divine direction, in all their administrations and just enterprizes, and the smiles of Heaven attend them; The designs of Enemies defeated; the residue of our captives returned; That health may be continued; And the ensuing year crowned with the fruits of Divine Benignity; That the present War and tumults of the nation may happily issue in the advancement of the Protestant religion and the Glorious Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; And all servile labor is forbidden in the said day.

.Given at the Council Chamber in Portsmouth, the seventh day of April, 1707; In the sixth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Queen, defender of the faith, &c.

J. DUDLEY. By Order of his Excellency and Council. Chą..Story, Secretary.

God Save the Queen.

Adja till three o'clock, Post merediem.

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