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And Early and in every session be laid before the Assembly from time to time. Past by the House of Representatives.

Sam' Keais, Clerk. Consented to by the Council, and that the accounts accordingly pass to the House of Representatives the first day in every session.

Chas. Story Secretary. Mr. Secretary Story's account of fifty pounds, ten shillings and six pence, containing his salary and other perquisites for the year ending the 17th of May last past, allowed in Council.

The bill for raising of one hundred pounds for payment of the standing forces, under the Command of Lieutenant Colonel Hilton, having been three several times read, was past and enacted.

Prorogued till Wednesday, the 25th of September, 1706, twelve of the clock, at noon.

Gone for England 16th September, 1706.

[P. 217.] 25th September, 1706. Met, and adjourned till the eighth day of October next ensuing.

8th October, 1706. Met, and adjourned till Thursday, the 10th instant, twelve of the clock.

[P. 218.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by adj' on Tuesday, the 15th of October, 1706.

Present, His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour, &c., Wm

Sam' Penhallow, Robert Ellott,


Esqs. Henry Dow, Esq. This day his Excellency arrived in Portsmouth, in New

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Hampshire, to his Government, and communicated a letter from the Honble the Lords Comm of Trade and Plantations, dated Whitehall, May the 31st, 1706, which was accordingly read, and a Thanksgiving day appointed on Thursday, the 17th instant.

Adja till 3 o'clock, post merediem.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly, held at Portsmouth by adjt on Tuesday, the 15th October, Post merediem.

Present, Major Wm Vaughan,

Sam? Penhallow, Robert Ellott, Esqs. John Plaisted, Esqs. Geo. Jaffrey,

Henry Dow, The honorable the L Governour delivered a memorial to this Board, relating to service of her Majesty and his great disbursements, &c., in hæc verba sequen:

[P. 219.) Province of New Hampshire. To his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governour and Com

mander-in-Chief of her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, and Council. The humble applications of John Usher, Esq., Lt. Governour said Province, Sheweth:

May it please your Excelly and this Board, her Majestie in her gracious Letter, dated Whitehall, 20th April, 1703, pleased to direct the Governor of this Province to lay before the Assembly that in regard of her Majesty's receiving her good subjects of this Province under her imediate protection and Government, that they do forthwith settle a constrainte* and affixed allowance upon her Majesty's Governour and Lieutenant Governour for time being, reference to said letter being had more amply appear.

For these three years have served her Majesty as Lieutenant Governour, both in summer and winter, on all occasions, pursuant to Orders and directions from his Excellency; from time to time have been at Great disbursements for my dgings and dyet for which never allowed any thing, besides expence of time. Desire this honorable Board will take same into consideration,

* Constant?

that there may be allowance for his disbursements and service in this her Majesty's Government; all which is humbly submitted to by

Join USHER. New Castle, 15th October, 1706.

15th October, 1706. Read in Council, and to be read again tomorrow.

[P. 220.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held
at Portsmouth by adj' on Wednesday, the
16th of October, 1706.

His Excellency the Governor,
Major Wm Vaughan,

Sam' Penhallow,
John Gerrish,

Esqs. Esqs. Henry Dow, Geo. Jaffrey,

Mr. Secretary was sent down as a message to the House of Representatives to call them to this Board, who accordingly came, and his Excellency the Governour made the following speech, in hæc verba sequen:

Gentlemen,- I am glad to meet you to congratulate you of the happy news of her Majesty's glorious victory in Spain and Flanders, and of your own preservations in both the Provinces the summer past, notwithstanding the frequent marches of the enemie upon the frontiers.

I have endeavored to keep the expence as low as the security of the inhabitants would allow; and I am glad to be with you at your solemn Thanksgiving to Almighty God for all these his blessings.

The Summer expence is not fully provided for, the Treasurer's accounts will shew you, which you will take care of; and if there be anything necessary for the benefit of the Province, I shall be always ready to agree and represent it to your advantage, and you may not doubt of her Majesty's favor while you continue to do your duty for the just honors of the crown and your owne preservation.

16th October, 1706.

Mr. Bridger's commission was read as surveyor of her Majesty's woods, &c., and the Governour acquainted the Council that from letters from the Rt Hon ble the Lords

Comm® of trade and plantations, [P. 221.] he was commanded to be assisting to the said surveyor, and to put forward the .... after which Mr. Bridger's memorial was read, and ordered to be sent down to the Representatives. And the secretary was further advised on Friday, to lay before the Assembly the present Laws for the securities of Great Timber, that the Surveyor may further propose what is necessary for her Majesty's service in putting forward naval stores.

Adj till Friday, 10 of the clock, Ante merediem.

Commission of John Bridger, Esq. [Copied from “ Commissions,” &c., in Secretary's Office.) NOTE.— The Editor has taken the liberty to abridge this, Commission, omitting only those parts which are formal and repetitious.

ANNE R. ANNE, by the Grace of God, Queen, &c. Judging it to be of great advantage to our service, That all our Dominions be furnished with Masts, Pitch, Tar, Hemp and all other Naval stores from our said Colonies and Plantations: KNOW YE, That wee, reposing especial trust and confidence in the skill, diligence and integrity of the said John Bridger in and for the execution and performances of the several services abovementioned, and for other good causes and considerations us hereunto moving, of our special grace, certain knowledge and meer motion, Have nominated, constituted and appointed, and do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint him, the said John Bridger, to be surveyor-general of all and singular our Woods within all and every our Plantations in the Continent of America, now growing or being, or which hereafter shall or may Grow and be within our said Colonies & Plantations, or any of them; and wee doe hereby direct, authorize and require the said John Bridger to instruct our loveing subjects within our said Colonies in making pitch and tar, raising and curing of hemp and in all the matters relating to the production and the manufacturing of Naval stores there: To hold, execute and performe the said office of Surveyor General, during our pleasure, &c.; and we have thought fit to grant and allow unto him, the said John Bridger, a Salary, or yearly Sum of two hundred pounds of lawfui money of England &c. . . And we do hereby authorize and re; quire the said John Bridger, his Deputy or Deputies — at all convenient times and seasons in the year, to view and Survey all

our said Woods and Timber; and alsoe to mark such of the said Trees that now or hereafter shall be fitt and proper to be taken for the use of our Navy; and to keep a Register of the same; transmitting half yearly or oftener an Account of his proceedings herein to our High Admiral, or Commissioners for executing the office of High Admiral for the time being, to our High Treasurer or Commissioners of our Treasury, &c. . . . And, lastly, all our Governors, Lt. Governors, Justices, Constables, and all other our Civil officers within our said Colonies, &c. Are to be aiding, &c., the said John Bridger or his Deputys, &c., in the due execution of his and their duty,” &c.

Given at our Court at Saint James, the twenty-fourth day of December, 1705; In the fourth year of our Reigne. By her Majestie's Command.

GODOLPHIN. 18th October, 1706.


Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth by adj', on Friday, the 18th October, 1706.


His Excellency the Governor,
Major Wm Vaughan,
Peter Coffin,

Esqrs. George Jaffrey,
John Gerrish,

John Plaisted, The Bill for the better collecting the duties of excise and to prevent Retailers of Liquors to sell without License was sent up to this Board to be enacted.

The Bill for reviving of Actions and processes lately depending in the Superiour Court of Judicature, of Assize and General Goal delivery, &c., within this her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, and discontinued by the not holding of the said Court at Portsmouth, the second Tuesday in August last past, 1706, was sent up to this Board by the Representatives to be enacted.

[P. 222.] Ordered, that the Treasurer forthwith pay to the Honorable the Lieut. Governour four pounds, for his

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