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the common field, common pas ert Auften, and their heirs, to take tures, common meadows, com and use the surname, and arıns, mon grounds, and waste grounds, of Auften, instead of their own surin Marston Saint Laurence, in the name and arins, pursuant to the county of Northampton.

will of Robert Austen esquire, de8. An act for dividing and inclosing

ceased. the common and open fields, in 17. An act to qualify and enable sathe parish of Hoby, in the county muel Hallet esquire, now called of Leicester.

Samuel Farewell, and his heirs, to 9. An act for dividing and inclosing use and take, in exchange for his .the common fields, within the pa and their own surname, the surrish of Lutcham, alias Litcham, in name of Farewell, pursuant to the the county of Norfolk, and for ex will of Nathaniel Farewell esquire, tinguishing the rights of common deceased, or shackage, in the said common 18. An act to enable Thomas Lewis fields, and certain other lands, in esquire, and his heirs male, to the said parish, called Half-year take, use, and bear the surname Closes.

and arms of Lloyd, pursuant to the 10. An act for dividing and inclosing will of Richard Lloyd esquire, de

the open and common fields of ceased. Somerby, in the county of Leicester, 19. An act for naturalizing Peter and all the lands and grounds Trapaud, Nicholas Battier, Christowithin the same fields.

pher Battier, John Ralph Battier, 11. An act for dividing and inclo Abel Mitz, Peter Aubertin, John

sing the common fields, common William Smith, Gabriel Anthony pastures, common meadows, waste Ernst, Frederick Nicholas Graf, grounds, and commonable lands, Emanuel Philip Bize, and David in the parish of Barford, in the Samuel Henry Duveluz. county of Warwick.

20. An act for naturalizing Maria 12. An act' for inclofing and dividing Elizabeth Spencer, wife of Richard

or coinmon, called Spencer esquire. Hunwick Edge, in the manor of 21. An act for repealing an act of

Bondgate, and county of Durham. the parliament of Scotland, made 13. An act to diffolve the marriage in the year one thousand six hun. of Exuperius Turner esquire, with dred and eighty one, intituled, AEL Elizabeth Louisa, his now wife, anent the salmond fishing in the water and to enable him to marry again, of Nyth. and for other purposes therein 22. An act for dividing and inclosing mentioned.

the commons and waste grounds 14. An act to diffolve the marriage in the manor and constablery of

of Mark Good flesh gentleman, with Owston, in the west riding of the Elizabeth Fielding, his now wife, county of York. and to enable him to marry again, 23. An act for inclofing divers parand for other purposes therein cels of waste grounds, or commentioned.

mons, in Longton, in the county 15. An act to enable James Hammet of Lancaster, and for enjoying part

esquire, and his issue, to take and thereof as a stinted pasture, until

use the surname of Hamlyn only. the inclosure of the same. 16. An act to enable Henry Stoffold, 24. An act for dividing and inclo

and Robert Stoffold, gentlemen, sing a certain common, or open now called Henry Austen, and Rob piece of waste ground, in the pa

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the moor,

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rith or township of Harthill, with 33: An act for dividing and inclo

IVoodhall, in the county of York. sing the several open and common 25. An act for dividing and inclo fields, meadows, and commons,

sing several open fields, meadows, within the lordship or liberty of and commons, within the lord Barrow upon Soar, in the county ihip and liberty of Seagrave, in the of Leiceller. county of Leicester. 26. An act for the dividing and in- 34.An act for dividing and inclofing

certain open and common fields, closing the open fields, meadow, meadows, commons, and watte and common pasture grounds, and grounds, within the manor or waste grounds, in the manor and lordship of Adwicke in the Street, parish of Hawksivorth, in the coun in the county of York. ty of Nottingham.

35. An act for dividing and inclosing 27. An act for dividing and inclo the common fields, common pa

fing the moors, commons, and stures, common meadows, comwaste grounds, in the manors of mon grounds, and waste grounds, Ugglebarnby and Eskdalefde, in the of, and in, the manor, hamlet, parish of Whitby, and county of and liberties, of Weft Farndon, in York.

the parish of Woodford, otherwise 28. An act for dividing and allot Halle Woodford, in the county of

ting certain open arable fields, Northampton. meadow, and pasture grounds, 36. An act for dividing and inclosing and common's, in the township of the common fields, common paHayton, in the county of Not stures, common meadows, com-: tingham.

mon grounds, and waste grounds, 29. An act for selling part of the set in the manor and parish of Southam,

tled estate of Smart Lethieullier el in the county of Warwick. quire, in the county of Essex, and 37. An act for the dividing and infor laying out the money, arising closing the open and common by such fale, in the purchase of fields, in the parish of Melton other lands and tenements, to be Mowbray, in the county of Leijettled to the uses of his marriage cester. settlement.

38. An act for inclosing and divid39. An act for vesting the inheri ing the common fields, common

tance of certain estates, in the meadows, and pasture grounds, county of Northampton, part of the within the parish of Folkesworth, entailed estate of John Freeman in the county of Huntingdon. esquire, in him, in fee fimple, and 39. An act for dividing and inclosing for settling other estates in the the open and common fields of counties of Wilts and Middlesex, Broughton Sulney, in the county of in lieu thereof.

Nottingham. 3r. An act to enable John Coopey, 40. An act for dividing and inclosing

doctor of physick, and Humphrey the open fields of Costock, otherBrent Coopey, his brother, and wise Cortlingstock, in the county of their iffue male respectively, to Nottingham, and all the lands and take and use the furname and arms grounds within the said open fields. of Brent, pursuant to the will of 41. An act for dividing and inclosing Humphrey Brent, late of the Mid the open common, in the township dle Temple, London, esquire.

of Arulley, and parish of Darfield, in 32. An act for naturalizing Rene Cor in the west riding of the county of

nabe, and John Daniel Lucadou. York,

47. An

42. An act for dividing and inclosing 51. An act for dividing and inclosing the open and common fields of

the open fields and grounds, in the Hinckley, in the county of Leicester. manor and parish of Fletton, in the 43. An act for dividing and inclosing county of Huntingdon. several open fields, commons, or 52. An act for vesting the inheriwastes, and common meadow tance of the rectory and tithes of grounds, within the manor and Bedgeworth, granted, by King Henfoke of Catton, in the county of ry the Eighth, to the late disolved York.

corporation of Bergavenny, and by 44. An act for the inclosing and di them leased to fėjus College, in Oxviding divers parcels of commons ford, towards maintaining a fellow and waste grounds, lying, and be and scholars, from Bergavenny ing in the several townships of School, and for vesting other rectoWalton 01 the Hill, and Fazaker ries and tithes, in the county of ley, in the parish of Walton on the of Monmouth, granted, by the said Hill aforesaid, and county palatine King Henry, to the said corporaof Lancalier.

tion, in trustees, for supporting 45. An act for inclosing and dividing the said school, and for relief of

the common fields, common mea the poor of the said town. dows, lammas grounds, and other 53. An act for vesting certain estates, common and waste lands, in the in Pensilvania, New Fersey, and manor and parish of Aspley Guise, Maryland, belonging to the proin the county of Bedford.

prietors of a partnership, com46. An act for dividing and inclosing monly called, The Pensilvania Land

the common fields, common mea Company in London, in trustees, to dows, and other commonable lands be fold, and for other purposes and grounds, in the parish of therein mentioned. Coddington, in the county of Not- 54. An act to impower the most tingham.

noble William, duke of Devonshire, 47. An act for dividing and inclofing to make leases, for any term not

the common fields, common pa exceeding ninety nine years, of stures, common meadows, and certain eitates, lying in the parish common grounds, in the parish of of Saint James, I Vejtminster, in the Blakesley, in the county of Nor county of Middlesex, "devised to thanipton, exclusive of the hamlet him by the will of the right hon

of Wood End, in the said parish. ourable Dorothy, counters of Bur48. An act for dividing and inclosing lington, deceased.

certain lands, in the parish of Clif- 55. An act to enable John earl of

ton, in the county of Nottingham. Hopetoun, curator of law to George 49. An act for dividing and inclosing L'anden Bempde, inarquis of Annan

the common fields, meadows, pa dale, his uncle, a lunatick, and stures, and waste grounds, in the the curator of law of the said marparish of Frisby upon the IV.reak, in quis for the time being, to grant the county of Leicefler.

feus of certain lands, houses, and 50. An act for dividing and allotting others, in the county of Dumfries,

the common and waste grounds, and to exchange the lands therein open arable fields, meadows, and mentioned. pastures, in the township and 56. An act for vesting several lands parish of Misson, in the counties and tenements, in the parish of of Nottingham and Lincoln, or one Chinehurst, in the county of Kent, of them.

given to charitable uses, for the



benefit of the said parish, in the 61. An act for sale of part of the en-
right honourable Robert Bertie, el tailed estate of the late Francis
quire, commonly called lord Rob Charteris esquire, and for purcha-
ert Bertie, and his heirs, and for sing of other lands, to be settled
making provision of greater value, to the same uses.
instead thereof, for the benefit of 62. An act for sale of the real estate
the poor of the said parish, and for of Thomas Beynon esquire, a luna-

other purposes therein mentioned. tic, for discharging the incum57. An act to impower John Spencer, brances affecting the fame, and for

esquire, to make leases of the ma laying out the residue of the monor of Wimbledon, and of lands and ney, arising by such fale, in the grounds in Wimbledon, Barnes, purchase of other lands and hereMortlacke, East Sheen, Patney, and ditaments, for the benefit of the Wandsworth, in the county of Sur faid Thomas Beynon, and his heirs. rey, given and devised by, and 63. An act for exchanging certain purchased in pursuance of, the mesfuages, lands, and hereditawill of the most noble Sarab, late ments, in the parishes of Beckingduchess dowager of Marlborough, ham and Lewisham, in the county respectively, in order for building of Kent, part of the estate late of

upon, and improving, the same. Hugh Raymond esquire, deceased, 58. An act for sale of part of the for other lands and hereditaments,

fettled estate of Sir Matthew Fe in the said parish of Beckingham, thersion baronet, in the county of belonging to John Cator the youngEfex, and for laying out the mo er, and for settling the lands, so ney, arising by such fale, in the taken in exchange, to the fame the purchase of other lands and uses, as the lands given in exhereditaments, to be settled in lieu change stand limited, and for enthereof.

abling Fones Raymond and Peter 59. An act to enable George Keith, Burrell esquires, to grant build

late earl marischall, to sue, or ing leases of other parts of the
maintain, any action or suit, not estate, late of the said Hugh Ray-
withstanding his attainder, and to mond.
remove any disability in him by 64. An act for selling certain ma-
reason of his faid attainder, to take, nors, capital messuages, lands, and
or inherit, any real or personal hereditaments, in the county of
eftate, that may, or shall here Hertford, comprised in a fettle-
after, descend or come to him, or ment made by William Strode es-
which he was intitled unto, in quire, deceased, and for purcha-
reverfion, or remainder, before his fing, with the money arising by

such sale, other lands and heredi60. An act for vesting certain tene taments, to be settled to the like

ments and hereditaments, in the uses.
county of Sussex, settled by John 65. An act for settling the real estate
Mires Fagge esquire, upon the mar of James Thomas esquire, deceased,
riage of Elizabeth, his daughter, pursuant to an agreement between
with Sir John Peachy, baronet, in his heir at law and devisee, for
trustees, to convey the same to that purpose.
Sir William Peere Williams baronet, 66. An act to enable the dean and
and for settling lands and heredi chapter of the collegiate church of
taments, in the county of Kent, of Saint Peter, at Westminster, and
greater value, in lieu thereof.

their successors, to make and grant


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abled to grant.

unto James Mallors, a lease or fum of twelve millions, by way of leafes, of certain pieces of ground, annuities and a lottery, to be chargmessuages, teneinents, and here ed on the said duty; and for furditaments, comprized within cer ther encouraging the exportation tain limits, for a longer term of of strong beer and ale. years than they are at present en- Cap. 8. For the regulation of his Ma.

jesty's marine forces while on 67. An act to impower Fohn Wall, 'fhore.

the grandfather, and Mary Wall, Cap. 9. To continue an act made in the guardian, of Anna Maria Wall, the sixth year of the reign of his late an infant, to execute articles, majesty King George the Second, leases, or grants, for giving liberty intituled, An act for the better seto drive a fough through an estate, curing and encouraging the trade of called Cowley Ēstute, in the parishes his Majesty's sugar colonies in Ameof Darley and Youlgreave, in the rica county of Derby, defcended to, and Cap. 1o. For extending an act, intinow vested in, the said Anna Ma tuled, An act to discontinue, for a ria Wall.

limited time, the duties payable on 68. An act to enable William Rusel tallow imported from Ireland, to

esquire, and his issue, to take and hogs-lard and grease. use the surname of Kempe only, Cap. II. To enable his Majesty to pursuant to the will of William make leases, and copies of offices, Kempe esquire, deceased.

lands, and hereditaments, parcel of his dutchy of Cornwall, or an

nexed to the same; and for other Anno 1 Georgii III.

purposes therein mentioned. Cap. 1. For the support of his Ma- Cap. 12. To indemnify persons who

jesty's household, and of the ho have omitted to qualify themselves nour and dignity of the crown of for offices and employments; and Great Britain.

to indemnify justices of the peace, Cap. 2. For granting an aid to his deputy lieutenants, officers of the

Majesty by a land tax to be raised militia, and others, who have in Great Britain, for the service of omitted to register or to deliver in the year one thousand seven hun their qualifications within the time dred and fixty one.

limited by law; and for giving furCap. 3. For continuing and granting ther time for those purposes.

to his Majesty certain duties upon Cap. 13. To amend an act passed in malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the eighteenth year of the reign of the service of the year one thousand King George the Second, concernseven hundred and sixty one.

ing the qualification of justices of Cap. 4. To continue for a limited the peace; and for other purposes

time the importation of falted beef, therein mentioned.

pork, and butter, from Ireland. Cap. 14. To extend the provisions Cap. 5. To enable his Majesty to be relating to the holding of courts

governor of the South Sea Company. martial, and to the punishment of Cap.6. For punishing mutiny and

offences committed in the Eart desertion; and for the better pay Indies, contained in the act made ment of the army and their quar in the twenty seventh year of his ters.

late Majesty's reign, intituled, An Cap. 7. For granting to his Majesty aet for punishing mutiny and desertion

an additional duty upon strong of officers and soldiers in the service beer and ale; and for raising the of the united company of merchants


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