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Ellex ; and applying á sum of by; to the granting liberty to carmoney granted in this session of

ту rice from his Majesty's province parliament towards those purposes; of Carolina in America, directly to and for obviating difficulties arisen

any part of Europe, southward of upon an act made in the last fefli

Cape Finisterre, in ships built and on of parliament, for making com navigated according to law; to the pensation for lands and heredita free importation of cochineal and ments purchased for his Majesty's indico; to the prohibiting the imservice at Portsmouth, Chatham, and portation of books reprinted aPlymouth.

broad, and first composed, writCap. 12. For adding certain annui

ten, and printed, in Great Britain; ties granted in the year one thou and for allowing further time for sand seven hundred and fifty nine, making affidavits of the execution to the joint stock of three per cen of articles or contracts of clerks to tum annuities, consolidated by the attornies or sollicitors, and filing acts of the twenty fifth, twenty thereof. eighth, twenty ninth, and thirty Cap. 17. To continue an act made second years of his present Ma in the twelfth year of the reign of jesty's reign, and for carrying the her late inajesty Queen Anne, intiseveral duties therein mentioned tuled, An act for the better encouto the sinking fund; and for can ragement of the making of Sail cloth celling such lottery tickets as were in Great Britain. made forth in pursuance of an act Cap. 18. For enabling his Majesty of the thirtieth year of his pre

to raise the sum of one million for sent Majesty's reign, and were not the uses and purposes therein disposed of.

mentioned; and for further apCap. 13. For allowing further time propriating certain supplies grant

for inrollment of deeds and wills ed in this session of parliament. made by papists; and for relief of Cap. 19. For the more effectual seprotestant purchasers.

curing the payment of such prize Cap. 14. For enlarging the times for

and bounty monies as were apthe first meetings of commissioners propriated to the use of Greenwich or trustees for putting in execution Hospital, by an act made in the certain acts of this session of par twenty ninth year of the reign of liament.

his present Majesty, intituled, An Cap. 15. For rendering the exporta aet for the encouragement of seamen,

tion of culm from the harbour of and the more speedy and effectual Milford in the county of Pembroke, manning his Majesty's navy, and the limits thereof, to the Cap. 20. To enforce and render neighbouring counties, more easy more effectual the laws relating to the proprietors and pur

the qualification of members to fit chasers of the same; and for bet in the house of commons. ter securing the duties payable Cap. 21. For granting to his Majesty thereon.

à certain sum of money out of the Cap. 16. To continue several laws finking fund, for the service of the

therein mentioned relating to the year one thousand seven hundred clandestine running of uncustomed

and sixty. goods, and preventing frauds re Cap. 22. For limiting, confining, lating to the customs; to prevent and better regulating, the paythe clandestine running of goods, ment of the weekly allowances and the danger of infection there made by act of parliament, for the 6



maintenance of families unable to high treason, in the highlands of
support themselves during the ab Scotland; and also for continuing
fence of militia men, embodied and two other acts, one made in the
ordered our into actual service; nineteenth year, and the other
and for explaining so much of an made in the twenty first year, of
act made in this session of parlia. his present Majesty's reign, so far
ment, intituled, An act for punish as they relate to the more effectual
ing mutiny and defertion, and for the disarming the highlands of Scoto
better payment of the army and their land, and for securing the peace
quarters, as relates to the militia thereof.
when embodied and in actual ser- Cap. 27. To repeal so much of an
vice; and for explaining and a act passed in the twenty ninth year
mending certain parts of the laws of his present Majesty's reign, con-
now in force, for the better order cerning a free market for fish at
ing of the militia forces in that part Westminster, as requires fishermen

of Great Britain called England. to enter their fishing vessels at the Cap. 23. For enabling his Majesty office of the searcher of the cura

to raise a certain sum of money to toms at Gravesend; and to reguwards paying off and discharging late the sale of fith at the first hand the debt of the navy; and towards in the fish inarkets in London and naval services, for the year one Westminster; and to prevent falef

thousand seven hundred and fixty. men of fish buying fish to sell again Cap. 24. For applying the money on their own

account; and to granted in this session of parlia allow bret and turbot, brill and ment, towards defraying the charge pearl, although under the respecof pay and cloathing of the unem tive dimensions mentioned in a bodied militia, for one year, end former act, to be imported and ing the twenty fifth day of March, sold; and to punish persons who one thousand seven hundred and shall take or sell any spawn, brood, fixty one; and for explaining cer or fry of fish, unsizeable fish, or tain parts of the acts for the better fish out of seafon, or smelts under ordering of the militia forces with the size of five inches; and for in that part of Great Britain called

other purposes. England, relating to the money to Cap. 28. For encouraging the exporbe given to private militia men, tation of rum and spirits of the upon their being ordered out into growth, produce, and manufacactual service, and to the cloaths ture, of the British sugar plantaof private militia men; and to the tions, from this kingdom, and of time of the commencement of the British spirits made froin melaffes.

pay of the embodied militia. Cap. 29. To indemnify persons who Cap. 25. For continuing certain laws have omitted to qualify themselves

relating to the additional number for offices and employments, and of one hundred hackney chairs, to indemnify Justices of the peace, and to the powers given for regu deputy lieutenants, officers of the

lating hackney coaches and chairs. militia, and others, who have oCap. 26. For reviving and continu mitted to register or to deliver in

ing so much of an act made in the their qualifications within the time twenty first year of his present Ma limited by law, and for giving furjesty's reign, as relates to the inore ther time for those purposes. effectual trial and punishment of Cap. 30. For widening certain streets, high treason, and inisprifion of lanes, and passages within the city


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of London, and liberties thereof; Cap. 36. For repairing several roads and for opening certain new streets leading to the town of Oakhampton, and ways within the same; and in the county of Devon. for other purposes therein men Cap. 37. For enlarging the term and tioned.

powers of two acts made in the Cap. 31. For regulating the proceed fifth year of his late Majesty, and

ings in personal actions in the re in the ninth year of his present Maspective courts baron of the hun jesty's reign, for repairing the road dred of High Peak, and manor of from Beaconsfield, in the county of

Castleton, in the county of Derby. Bucks, to Stoken Church in the Cap. 32. For draining and preserv

county of Oxon. ing certain fen lands and low Cap. 38. For enlarging the term and grounds in the isle of Ely, and

powers granted by an act made in counties of Suffolk and Norfolk, be the twenty fifth year of the reign tween Mildenhall river south, Plant of his present Majesty, for repairLoad and Brandon river north, ing and widening the road leading bounded on the west by the river from Market Harborough in the Ouse, and on the east by Winter county of Leicester, to the pound Load, Earswell Brooke, and the in the parith of Brampton in the hard lands of Mildenhall; and for county of Huntingdon ; and by one impowering the governor, bailiffs, other act made in the twenty seand commonalty, of the company venth year of the reign of his preof conservators of the great level of sent Majesty, for explaining, athe fens, commonly called Bedford mending, and rendering more efLevel, to sell certain fen lands ly feétual the said former act. ing within the limits aforesaid, Cap. 39. For repairing and widen

commonly called Invested Lands. ing the road from the turnpike Cap. 33. To amend and render more road near the west end of the town

effectual two acts passed in the of Chesterfield to Matlock Bridge ; eleventh and seventeenth years of and also the road leading out of the reign of his present Majesty, the faid road over Darley Bridge to for repairing several roads leading Cross Green; and also the road to and from the town of Derby, in leading out of the last mentioned the county of Derby.

road, to the turnpike road near Cap. 34. For making more effectual, Rowejly Bridge, in the county of

and continuing the term, and en Derby. Jarging and altering the powers, of Cap. 40. For extending the powers an act made in the twentieth year granted by an act passed in the of his present Majesty's reign, for twenty fifth year of the reign of repairing and widening the road his present Majesty, for repairing leading from the city of Gloucester, the road leading from the Royal towards the city of Hereford; and Oak on Wrotham Heath, to the for repairing other roads in the town of Wrotham, in the county county of Gloucester, in the said act of Kent, and froin thence to the mentioned.

village of Foots-Cray, in the said Cap. 35. For erecting piers, and o

county, to the road leading from ther works, for the security and the Royal Onk on Wrotham Heath, improvement of the harbour of to the town of Maidstone. New Shoreham, in the county of Cap. 41. For amending, widening, Sussex, and for keeping the same in and keeping in repair, the high repair.

road from the borough of Tam


worth, to Abby de la Zouch, in the to Woefull Bridge, and also from county of Leicester; and from Saw Hoo-cash-Lane, through Old Lane, ley Ferry in the said county, to a and from Swinnington to Lee Gutturnpike gate, at or near the end ter; and from thence to Melbourn of Swarcliff Lane, leading to Ashby Common, and from Ibstock to Meade la Zouch aforesaid.

Sham, in the counties of Leicester Cap. 42. For repairing and widening

and Derby. the roads from Haleworthy, in the Cap. 47. For amending, widening, parish of Davidstow, in the county and keeping in repair, several roads of Cornwall, to the east end of therein mentioned, lying in the Wadebridge in the said county; and counties of Derby, Leicester, and from the west end of Wadsbridge Warwick. aforesaid, into and through the Cap. 48 For diverting, altering, wiborough of Mitchell in the said dening, repairing, and amending, county.

the roads from the town of HaliCap. 43. For enlarging the term and fax, and from Sowerby Bridge, in

powers granted by several acts of the county of York, by Todmorden,
parliament of the eighth year of to Burnley and Littleborough, in the
her late majesty Queen Anne, the county of Lancaster,
ninth year of his late majesty King Cap. 49. To amend an act passed in
George the First, and the fifteenth the seventh year of the reign of his
year of his present Majesty's reign, late majesty King George the First,
for repairing the highways between for making the river Weaver navi-
the house commonly called The gable from Frodsham Bridge to
Horse-Shoe House, in the parish of IV'insford Bridge, in the county of
Stoke Goldington in the county of Chester; and for the inore effectual
Bucks, and the town of Northamp preserving and improving the na.
ton, and the roail from the north vigation of the said river.
bridge of Niwport Pagnel in the Cap. 50. For amending, widening,
county of Bucks, to The Horse-soe and keeping in repair, several roads

leading from the market house in Cap. 44. For enlarging the term and the town of Kidderminster, in the powers contained in two several

county of IVorcester. acts of parliament, made in the Cap. 51. For repairing and widening twelfth and fixteenth years of the the road, from the bars at Boughreign of his present Majesty, for ton, within the liberties of the city, repairing the road from the Dun of Chester, to IV hitchurch; and from Cow in the town of Dirnchurch, to thence to Newport in the county the town of Hillmorton in the coun of Salop, to Ivetsey Bank, in the ty of Warwick; and from thence county of Stafford; and from thence to Saint James's end, in the parish to Castle Bromwich, and

and Stone of Dufton, in the county of Nor Bridge, in the parish of Hampton thampton; and for making the same on Arden, in the county of Waracts more effectual.

wick; and from Castle Bromwich to Cap. 45. For extending and conti

Birmingham in the same county. nuing the navigation of the river Cap. 52. For rebuilding, widening, Wey, otherwise We, in the county and enlarging, the bridge over the of Surry, to the town of Godal river Avon, in the city of Bristol, ming, in the said county.

and erecting a temporary bridge Cap. 46. For repairing and widen adjoining; and for widening the ng the high roads from Hinckley

streets, lanes, ways, and passages, a 3


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leading thereto, and for building Cap. 59. For amending, widenanother bridge, over fome other ing, and keeping in repair, lepart of the laid river, within the veral roads, leading to the bofaid city, if necessary; and for rough of Launceston, in the county

opening proper ways and passages of Cornwall. Cap. 53. For laying a duty of two

Private Afts. pennies Scots, or one fixth part of 1. An act for naturalizing Paul Ama penny sterling, upon every Scots finck the younger, and Helwig pint of ale, porter, or beer, brew Lewis Tonnies. ed for sale, or vended, within the

2. An act to enable the most noble town and parish of Dalkeith.

Francis duke of Bridgewater to Cap. 54. For raising money for fi make a navigable cut or canal,

nishing and compleating the repair from, or near Worsley Mill, over of Leeds Bridge, in the county of the river Irwell, to the town of York, and for the purchasing and Manchester, in the county palatine taking down the houses and build of Lancaster, and to, or near, ings, which straiten and obstruct Longford Bridge, in the township the passage to and over the said of Stretford, in the said county. bridge.

3. An act to enable John earl of SandCap. 55. For amending and widen

wich, Wellbore Ellis esquire, and ing the road, from Bawtry to Shef Robert Nugent esquire, to take in field, and from Sheffield to the Great Britain, the oath of office as south side of Wortley, in the county

vice treasurer and receiver general of York, where it joins to the turn and paymaster general of all his pike road, leading from Rother Majesty's revenues in the kingdom ham to Manchester.

of Ireland ; and to qualify themCap. 56. For repairing and widen selves for the enjoyment of the said

ing the roads from Deanburn offices.
Bridge, through Greenlaw, and 4. An act to enable the governors of
part of Jedburgh road, by Lauder, the hospital of King James, founded
in the shire of Berwick, to Cornbill in Charter-houf), to grant building,
in the county of Durham; and for or other leases, of some parts of the
building a bridge over the Tweed, estates of the said hospital, lying in
near Coldstream.

the parish of Saint James, ClerkenCap. 57. For the amending, widen well, and elsewhere, in the county

ing, and keeping in repair, the road of Middlesex, for such terins of Jeading from the thirty nine mile years as are therein mentioned. ftone, in the upper end of Stone 5. An act for dividing and inclosing Street, in the town of Maidstone in the open and common fields, com the county of Kent, to a certain mon meadows, common pastures, place called Tubb's Lake, in the common grounds, and commonaparish of Cranbrooke, in the said ble lands, within the parish, towncounty.

ship, and liberties of Sulgrave, in Cap. 58. For repairing the roads the county of Northampton.

from the town of Brecon, to the 6. An act for dividing and inclosing
parish of Brobury, and to Whitney the common fields, meadows, pal-
Pasage, in the county of Hereford, tures, and waste grounds, in the
and for building a bridge over the parish of Mackworth, in the county
river Wye, at Bredwardine Polage, of Derby.
in the same county.

7. An act for dividing and inclosing


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