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ships in the neighbourhood due information of any Slave-vessel having been in the river. i hon i n7 b)?TYT .

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You will at least twice in the year visit the Kings Eyo and Eyamba.

If due information of Slave Trade attempted to be carried on in the river has not been given by either King to Her Majesty's ships in the neighbourhood, you will remonstrate with the King committing this breach of the Engagement, and inform him that unless it is carried into full effect, the presents will not be made in future.

Should it appear upon clear evidence, that Slave Trade, contrary to Engagement, is carried on either in the territory of King Eyo, of Creek Town, or of Eyamba, King of Calebar, it will be your duty to require the King immediately to put down the same; and if he do not at once and effectually put it down, you will proceed to do so by force, including, if necessary, the stop

ping the trade in the river, in pursuance of the right acquired by Additional Great Britain under the Engagements, considering in all cases

the rescue of the Slaves unlawfully held in captivity as an object of paramount importance.

You will seize all persons held in Slavery contrary to the Engagements, whether ashore or afloat, and require, and, if necessary, compel, the King to deliver up to you all persons so: circumstanced: you will take them into your possession for the purpose of liberation in a British colony.

If any British subjects, or British liberated Africans, are held in captivity in the territories either of King Eyo or King Eyamba, it will be your duty to demand their liberation, and if necessary to compel the Chiefs to deliver up all such persons.

If it shall be found, that any European or other person whatever is residing within the territories either of King Eyo or King Eyamba, for the purpose of carrying on the Slave Trade, you will immediately make application to the King, and require him, in pursuance of the Engagement, to cause such person to quit the territory.

You will also require the King to destroy any house, store, or building, or boats or implements which may be in actual use in his territory for the purpose of carrying on the Slave Trade ; and in the event of his refusal so to do, you will yourself effect such destruction.

In such case, articles found in a Slave Factory in direct use for Slave Trade, are to be destroyed, together with the building; but care must be taken to except from such destruction, merchandise or other goods destined for legitimate trade or use, whether belonging to native or foreign traders.

No articles, however trifling in value, are, on any pretence whatever, to be taken away by any person belonging to Her Majesty's ships, excepting articles in direct use for Slave Trade, for the purpose of their immediate and more effectual destruction at sea.

19:-A memorandum is to be taken of the articles which may be removed for this purpose, and a statement of their disposal must be included in the general report of the proceedings.

Force must not be resorted to, save when, without it, the falfilment of the Engageinents cannot be secured ; and when force is thus employed, it is to be strictly confined to the object which it is necessary to ensure, and to cease the moment that object is attained. • It is not the purpose or intent of these Engagements to cause ay interference with the system of domestic Slavery which prerails in the State of King Eyo or King Eyamba ; and it is of importance to avoid raising any fears in their minds that any change in this respect is intended. You will, therefore, be careful not to interfere in any way whatever with the agricultural and domestic Slaves belonging to the country.

. You will adopt every precaution to prevent the unoffending UxOPPENDnatives from being subjected to insult or ill usage by any person ING NATIVES. under your command, and will cause the inhabitants to be treated with as much kindness and conciliation as circumstances will permit. No injury whatever is on any occasion to be done to legitimate commerce ; but, on the contrary, every endeavour is to be used to encourage it, and to protect all persons carrying on innocent traffic in the interior or on the coast.

You will report to the Admiralty all proceedings that may Report. take place on the occasion of visiting Calebar River, for the purpose of securing the due fulfilment of these Engagements.

If you are prevented by your other duties from visiting Calebar River as often as before directed, you may appoint a Commander of one of Her Majesty's ships, in whom you have confidence, to carry these Instructions into effect, with strict orders not to deviate therefrom ; and the Officer so appointed will forward direct to the Admiralty, a duplicate of the Report which he will have to make to you. Given under our hands, this 12th day of June, 1844.


W. H. Gage. By command of their Lordships,



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