Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh ...: With the Addition of Some Letters Never Printed Before

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H. Mortlock, 1702 - 312 pages
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Page 75 - ... harm to itself than offereth it } if thou be bound for a stranger, thou art a fool ; if for a merchant, thou...
Page 200 - Get those letters (if it be possible) which I writ to the lords, wherein I sued for my life. God is my witness...
Page 80 - ... but in youth there is not so much as one draught permitted, for it putteth fire to fire, and wasteth the natural heat and seed of generation. And, therefore, except thou desire to hasten thine end, take this for a general rule, that thou never add any artificial heat to thy body, by wine or spice, until thou find that time hath decayed thy natural heat, and the sooner thou beginnest to help nature, the sooner she will forsake thee, and trust altogether to art.
Page 199 - I was very rich : but take heed of the pretences of men and their affections, for they last not but in honest and worthy men ; and no greater misery can befall you in this life than to become a prey, and afterwards to be despised.
Page 199 - As for me, I am no more yours, nor you mine, death has cut us asunder ; and God hath divided me from the world, and you from me.
Page 196 - Lost I am for hearing a vain man, for hearing only, and never believing or approving; and so little account I made of that speech of his, which was my condemnation, (as the living God doth truly witness,) that I never remembered any such thing, until it was at my trial objected against me.
Page 79 - ... for all other vanities and sins are recovered, but a drunkard will never shake off the delight of beastliness ; for the longer it possesseth a man the more he will delight in it ; and the...
Page 200 - I cannot write much. God he knoweth how hardly I steal this time while others sleep. And it is also .high time that I should separate my thoughts from the world. Beg my dead body which, living, was denied thee, and either lay it at Sherborne, if the land continue, or in Exeter church by my father and mother. I can say no more — time and death call me away.
Page 179 - But after my son's death, he made them believe that he knew not the way, and excused himself upon the want of water in the river ; and counterfeiting many impediments, left it unfound. When he came back I told him he had undone me, and that my credit was lost for ever.
Page 76 - ... that worst of worldly miseries. " If thou be rich, it will give thee pleasure in health, comfort in sickness, keep thy mind and body free, save thee from many perils, relieve thee in thy elder years, relieve the poor and thy honest friends, and give means to thy posterity to live, and defend themselves and thine own fame. Where it is said in the Proverbs, That he shall be sore vexed that is surety for a stranger, and he that hateth suretyship is sure...

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