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Page 205 - In some parts absorption had taken place, leaving small cavities in the muscular substance, varying from the size of a pin's head to that of a small pea ; these were all filled with pus.
Page 143 - I cannot as yet, from inexperience on the subject, go the length its advocates would wish, in as far as regards the very minute doses of some of their medicines. The medicines in the above cases were certainly given in much smaller doses than have hitherto ever been prescribed. The beneficial effects, as you witnessed, are unquestionable.
Page 432 - Spasms now followed each other in rapid succession, the intervals being about a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, and the affection was confined principally to the legs, back, and respiratory muscles, the arms being comparatively unaffected. The numbness and dragging of the muscles, which had been continuous during the first five hours, disappeared entirely during the intervals of the spasms, and the patient was left without any uneasy sensations, excepting the exhaustion of the previous fit...
Page 118 - ... little affected during the two previous days, increased to 78, was full and strong ; skin hot; face red ; thirst urgent; heat in the head ; pretty strong palpitation of the heart ; slight burning at the stomach ; fulness and inclination to vomit; respiration very much impeded; feeling of pressure and constriction of the chest ; cough frequent, and a little moister; on auscultation, the respiration appeared rougher than the previous evening, and deep inspiration was accompanied by slight pain...
Page 142 - Liston, with erysipelas of the face ; has heen subject to attacks of erysipelas for twelve years, lasting for a fortnight or three weeks at a time, the cures not being completed under three weeks. On her admission, fomentations were used to the parts every two hours, and an opening draught, containing sulphate and carbonate of magnesia, with antimony wine, was given immediately.
Page 400 - Hospital, the lad's complexion was pale and bloodless, with a slightly icteric tint ; he was emaciated to an extreme degree, his bones being barely covered ; and his face bore no small resemblance to a fleshless skull, over which a skin of parchment had been tightly drawn. His general appearance was that of a person worn out by malignant disease. He chiefly complained of a burning, gnawing pain, at the scrobiculus cordis, and of a heavy pain across the loins. Tongue clean and red ; pulse quick and...
Page 117 - Observe that the pneumonia induced never goes beyond the second stage (ie, that of red hepatization) ; that it is always accompanied by bronchitis, and that the inflammation of the bronchial tubes is observed in cases where the animals die before the pneumonia has time to be developed.
Page 482 - ... Inflammation of the eyes ; with redness and dimness of the white, redness and swelling of the lids, burning, pressure and secretion of mucus in the eye.
Page 141 - Fomentations, tartarized antimony, and saline mixtures were prescribed, with but slight benefit ; one grain of belladonna in sixteen ounces of water was then ordered, two tablespoonfuls to be given every three hours. On the 24th of the same month she was reported rapidly improving ; swelling and redness nearly gone. — Convalescent. — Medicine discontinued. In going round, Mr. Liston remarked that this was one of the most satisfactory and successful cures of erysipelas he had ever seen ; the disease...
Page 56 - The more frequently alcohol is had recourse to for the purpose of overcoming feelings of debility, the more it will be required, and by constant repetition a period is at length reached when it cannot be foregone, unless reaction is simultaneously brought about by a temporary total change of the habits of life. "Owing to the above facts, I conclude that the DAILY USE OF STIMULANTS...

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