The Kansas City Medical Index-lancet, Volume 9

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Page 184 - The prize is open for competition to the whole world, but the essay must be the production of a single person. The essay, which must be written in the English language, or if in a foreign language, accompanied by an English translation, should be sent to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, before January 1, 1895, addressed to Horace Y.
Page 184 - Each essay must be distinguished by a motto, and accompanied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto, and containing the name and address of the writer. No •envelope will be opened except that which accompanies the successful essay. The committee will return the unsuccessiul essays if reclaimed by their respective •writers, or their agents, within one year.
Page 461 - Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs, and is employed also in various nervous and debilitating diseases with success. ITS CURATIVE PROPERTIES are largely attributable to Stimulant, Tonic, and Nutritive qualities, whereby the various organic functions are recruited. IN CASES where innervating constitutional treatment is applied, and tonic treatment is desirable, this preparation will be found to act with safety and satisfaction. ITS ACTION IS PROMPT : stimulating the...
Page 461 - Agents — Iron and Manganese ; The ToniCS — Quinine and Strychnine ; And the Vitalizing Constituent— Phosphorus, Combined in the form of a Syrup, with slight alkaline reaction. It Differs in Effect from all Others, being pleasant to taste, acceptable to the stomach, and harmless under prolonged use. It has...
Page 364 - A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin." By John V. Shoemaker, AM, MD. Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases in the Medico-Chirurgical College and Hospital of Philadelphia; Physician to the Philadelphia Hospital for Diseases of the Skin...
Page 177 - But not till the whole personality of the man is dissolved and melted — not until it is held by the divine fragment which has created it, as a mere subject for grave experiment and experience — not until the whole nature has yielded and become subject unto its higher self, can the bloom open.
Page 297 - THE APPLIED ANATOMY OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, being a study of this portion of the Human Body from a standpoint of its general interest and practical utility, designed for use as a Text-book and a Work of Reference.
Page 412 - Genius, unexerted, is no more genius than a bushel of acorns is a forest of oaks." There may be epics in men's brains, just as there are oaks in acorns, but the tree and the bark must come out before we can measure them.
Page 334 - Always teach a nurse that a child cannot swallow as long as the spoon is between the teeth ; that it is advisable to depress the tongue a brief moment, and withdraw the spoon at once, and that now and then a momentary compression of the nose is a good adjuvant. Syrup will turn sour in warm weather ; glycerine and saccharine keep. The taste of quinine is disguised by coffee, chocolate and
Page 127 - Lord, help us to believe that ALL Evil is Utterly Unreal ; that it is silly to be sick, absurd to be ailing, wicked to be wailing, atheism and denial of God to say ' I am sick.' Help us to stoutly affirm with our hand in Your hand, with our eyes fixed on Thee that we have no Dyspepsia, that we never had Dyspepsia, that we will never have Dyspepsia, that there is no such thing, that there never was any such thing, that there never will be any such thing. Amen.

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