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»f the materials therein. 35 Geo. 3. c. 111. .<•. 6. 39 & 40 Geo. 3. c. 45. s. 6.

But (n the making ofjlint glass, the maker shall be allowed reticular rr-o. 3 hours after the time specified in such notice, before he shall '•»"">»« to be required to fill the pot with material*. 32 Geo. 3. c. 40. *. 1. ''"' lua""liC

And the maker of Unit glass shall, within six hours after he „|gis. shall begin to fill such pot, put therein one fourth part at the least of the weight of the preparation specified in the notice, on pain of at)l. s. '2.

And it shall not be lawful for the maker of flint glass to unstop his pot, nnless notice in writing be given to the officer an hour before, on pain of 50/. *. 3.

Aad if any such pot shall not be begun to be unstopped, pursuant to such notice, then such notice shall be void: and this maker who shall unstop any such pot, without giving a new notice, shall forfeit, as if he had not given any notice at all. A 4.

But this is not to subject the maker to any penalty for unstopping any pot which may crack or break whilst charged, for the purpose of preventing the loss of the preparation, or any other pot for the purpose of discovering such broken pot. $. 5. Nor for unstopping the pot during the time of filling, within thirty-six hours from the time he began to fill. s. 6.

And the officers of excise may at all times inspect, examine, Aa to the maaad measure all cast plate glass, in the custody of the makers, >"'i»eiurinK of and no maker thereof shall at any time set the guage at less c*""l' a e8 than a quarter of an inch above the surface of the table, for the purpose of casting plate glass; nor shall ha keep in his possession any plate glass, the medium thickness whereof, after the roigh and irregular edges are cut off, shall he less than a quarter of aa inch ; but every such maker shall, in the presence of tht officer, immediately upon request, break into small pieces to die satisfaction of the officer, alt cast plate glass which shall be of less thickness than as aforesaid, so as to render such glass unfit for any purpose but that of re-melting; and if any such nukcr shall neglect or refuse to break the same, or shall have in hi] possession any such cast plate glass, of less thickness than as aforesaid, he shall forfeit 50f. 31 Geo. 3.c. 27. *. 8.

lu case any maker of common glass bottles or other vessels R>c<ilaiiom si or utensils, shall be desirous of making the same of common t0 h- munuf.icbottle nfctal only, in u/iu separate glass house, and shall deliver ",rl"S OI COVI"

. . ., ■" ".r ,° . . .' . r .... M^N OL.\«S

into toe surveyor or supervisor, a declaration iti writing ot his BU1IL,.,, „|lcrt being desirous to be charged according to the weight of the hot- tin- w:mufac. tl» or other vessels, and specifying the particular glasshouse, •>»•« » desiria which he shall be desirous of making the same; then it shall °JJ*ru/e^!;"8, not be lawful for the officer to make any chargi' from any gaugu „.rigi,, „J' ,|, j taken by him in any pot in such glass house. 35 Ceo. 3. ci^li 1. oviiiiu, mid ,».u »• 7. 39 and 10 Geo. 3. 45. »l>-"> 'h<-t'»!j<= And every such declaration shall remain in full force for si<

months from the time of the delivery thereof, and until the same

shall be revoked, by a note in writing. 35 Geo. 3. C. 114. s.7.

39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45.

Such makers to And every maker, having delivered such declaration, shall

make their an- construct every annealing arch for the annealing of common bot

nealmg archej tie metal, in a rectangular form, with the sides and ends thereof

Or a '■

fotm perpendicular and parallel to each other, and the bottom there

of level, and withonly one mouth, andshall number the same pro. gressivcly with a durable mark, oii pain of 100/. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. *. 8. 39 and 40 Geo. S. c. 45. And fix mm Also, every such maker, shall, at his own expence, provide gratings 10 the a sufficient iron grating to the mouth of every annealing arch, to mouth of an- •_ j r- • ■• , »i_ j

kealina arch Disapproved of in writing by thesurveyorsorsupervisors, and pro

'per locks and keys, and all other necessary fastenings, and the mouth- and iron grating thereof, shall be securely locked by the officer, at all times, except when such maker shall be actually at work in putting therein common glass bottles, or other vessels of common bottle metal, for the purpose of annealing, or when such annealing arch snail be opened by the officer, in pursuance of previous notice as herein-after directed, for the purpose of • lighting fire in or heating the same, or for the purpose of taking any such bottles, or vessels out of such arch, or for the purpose of necessarily repairing the same. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. s. 9. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45. .Penalty on de. Aiid if such maker shall neglect or refuse to provide such iron itrein. grati,^ or to affix the same, before such annealing arch shall be "made use of, or to pay for any lock, key, or other necessary fastening provided by any surveyor or supervisor, or if any person shall obstruct any officer, in the fixiug such fastening, or in the locking, sealing, or securing any such arch, or the mouth, or iron gratiug thereof, or any such fastening as aforesaid, or by any means, art, device, or contrivance whatsoever, shall open any such lock or arch, or the mouth, or iron gratiug thereof, afier the same shall have been locked or secured, before the same shall have been unlocked and opened by the officer, or shall wilfully break or damage any such fastening, such maker shall forfeit 200/. Ibid.

And uo such annealing arch shall remain open, for any purpose whatever (except for the repairing thereof when empty) for any greater space than 24 hours after the same shavl have bocn opened by the officer; and any oftiqer, at the expiration of such 24 hours, may lock, fasten, and seal such annealing arch, and the mouth, and iron gratiug thereof. Ibid. Makers to at- ^nd every maker shall,at his own expence,when required by the »|f ""i *'.a surveyors or supervisors, immediately setabout thealteriug,repair» 'iug,and amending,and, within a reasonable time,alter,repair,ani mend the locks, keys, and fastenings, on pain to forfeit 1002.' 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. s. 10. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45,

When any maker, shall b« desirous to light any tire to heat his Makersdeliyer, annealing arch, such maker shall aire to the officer 11 hours "'gdeciar*tloni

to (*iVt? liotict? fJl

notice in writing of his intention, and the officer shall attend and iUtemioi» to

open such annealing arch, and the mouth, and iron grating heat annealing

thereof; and if such maker shall neglect or refuse to light such atches.

ire within one hour after such annealing arch shall be opened

by such officer, then sucli notice shall be void, and the officer

shall again lock up such arch; and the maker shall give a

fresh notice. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. s. 11. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c.


Every maker of common glass bottles, or other vessels of com. bottles, when1 mon bottle metal, shall, when the same shall be blofut or made, blown, io be removethesame directly into the annealing arch, and shall there "ja,<m,d'J110 place the same in such manner as the officer shall approve, and arch; and' S so tint the same may be viewed, and the numbers and kinds as- placed as the certained; and no such maker shall at the same time put in any officers shall common bottles, or vessels of common bottle metal, of different BPPro,emakings, or fillings or charging* of the pots, nor shall any such maker put or keep any other sort of glass or glass wares what, ever, or any phials in any such arch, entered for the annealing of common bottle metal ; and if he shall neglect or refuse so to do, be shall for each offence forfeit 50/. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. s. 12. 30 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45.

And every maker having begun to work any common bot- The whoie of . tie metal out of any pot, shall, without delay, continue to work metul intended thesame out of all the pots charged, and proceed therein until t0 b' manutacthe whole shall be worked out, and shall finish Such working out .,„ „ „i„... u ~

• * O IllOTI £IilS» DOS*

within IS hours', and when such metal shall have been so worked ties to he work. oat,andthc common glass bottles or vessels of common bottle me. ed within 16 Ui made therefrom, put in the annealing arch, such maker shall in hours after be? the presence of the officer again charge each pot with fresh ma. ft"|"oJJ,S„oj,"' terials (other than cullet or broken glass) not less in quantity than 501b. ami shall also deliver to such officer a declaration in writing specifying the true number of bottles, and whether the same are reputed quart or pint battles, or bottles of any other and what measure, and the true it umbers and kinds of any other vessels of common bottle metal put in each annealing :uch, and "r? he shall neglect or refuse to work the metal out of such pots, within such 16 hours, or shall neglei t or refuse io deliver such declaration as last aforesaid, hcshall forfeit 100/. but he Shall not be liable to the said penally for uotdeliveringa true declaration, if the number specified shall not differ from the number put in, in any greater proportion than five in the hundred. 35 Geo. 3. e. 111. ». 13. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c.,45.

Every maker whoshallhavc begun to work any common bottle Beginning to metal out of any pot, shall be deemed to have begun to work out worlt "'eln-l out the common bottle metal out ofevery vU which shall at that time I" ","''l""' <0

VuL. 11. It be d^inetf U

ginning to work be charged with materials, within the same glass house. S5 Geo.

ch»rW«le lhe" 3# c' iU- *' -14- S9 °"rf4° 6?tfo- *• e* 45>

* Anil such maker shall keep jnst scales and weights, and shall

wel"*"obe at his own expence, affix a proper hook or staple hi a prompt tor Hie P*1" place,'to beapproVed of In writing by the surveyors or su. use of the offi- pervisors, and also permit any officer to use the same for wcighcers- ing and taking an account of the bottles a«d other vessels of

common bottle metal, which shall at any time be in the possession of such maker and if such maker shall neglect to keep surh scales and weights, or shall not provide a pr«per hook or staple, or shall not permit any officer to use the same, he shall for each of. fence forfeit 50/. 35 Geo. 3. c. I»4. ». 15. 3<J and 40 Geo. 3. e. 45. P n ltv for • ^~n^ " hc'shall in the weighing make use of, or cause, or suf. using lake fer to be made use of, any false or insufficient scales or weights, weights he. or shall practise any art by which the officer may be hindered from taking the true weight, he shall for each offence, forfeit 100/. with all such false or insufficient scales and weights, and the same may be seized by any officer of excise. Ibid. 12 hours previ- -And every such maker shall twelve hours next before the beous notice to b« ginning to take any such glass bottles, or other vessels, out of given of in. any annealing arch, give to the officer a notice in writing of his bottles out'of e 'fllent>on," specifying each particular arch, and the number therethe annealing °f> am' the particular hour at which it is so intended to begin to arch. take the same out of such arch or oven, and upon such notice,

such officer shall attend, and open such annealing arch, and such officer shall attend to see such glass bottles or vessels drawn out, and such maker shall immediately on such ollirer's attend, ance begin to draw, and continue, without delay, to draw out the whole of the bottles or vessels, and shall draw the whole Bottles, rticn within foirr hours ; and such maker shall immediately on such weighedhi'°the bottlcs aml TMse,s being so drawn out, proceed to weigh the presence ot'the whole, in the presence of such officer, and such weight shall be officer. deemed to be the weight of the materials, and the maker shall be

charged with and pay the duty according to such weight. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. s. 16.39 and 40 Geo. 3. c,45. Penaltv f r tie- ■^in^ ^ any sucn ma^L'r having given such notice, and bog tin laving to draw, to draw, shall no', continue to draw the whole out, or shall not or nit cleurirg draw the.whole within foor hours, he shall forfeit 100/. Ibid.' out the whole ^nd it' such maker having given any notice as last aforesaid) in tour oun. s^a\[ neglect or refuse to begin to draw immediately after the an. Healing arch shall he opened by the officer, then such initio shall be void, and such officer shall again lock up each arch, ais. such maker shall give a fresh notice in writing before the sags „ . . shall be again opened. Ibid.

riven for draw- -^nd no sucn maker shall give any such notice to draw froti iug out bottles, his annealing arches, except in the day time, and betweeu sis M but between the mottling and eight in the afternoon. Ibid. certain hours.

In me weighing a« aforesaid of any such common bottIerrie'ta1,th'e *<*• pf 100, to tarn of the scale shall be given in favour of the crown ; and in lieu be °""wchd {o* thereof there shall be allowed to the maker lib. upon each^°e° l e cwt. asQeo. 3. c. H4. *. 17. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 43.'

All snch makers shall as often as xhey be thereunto required Ma)t(.ri ,0 ^ by the officer, with a sufficient number of their servants, assist sjn 0aiCer, in in (he weighing and taking account, on pain of forfeiting 50/. weighing. 3i Geo. 3 c. 114. i. 18. '9 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 43.

No such maker shall convoy away any common bottle metal, Botl|et not to from any annealing arch, before the officer shall hare weighed be conveyed the same, or neglect or refuse to produce any such common nun annealing glass bottles or vessels to such officer, that he may weigh the} arcB li|1 weigasame. on pain to forfeit 100/. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. i. 20. 39 and 40 <d* (no. 3. c 45.

And such makers shall at all times keep all vessels of common Bottles weighed bottle metal which shall not have been weighed, separate from and not weighail which shall hare been weighed, and from all other glass ed to i* kept wares whatsoever, upon pain of 501. $5 Geo. 3. c. 114. *. 21. "l>ar»l«39 aito*40 Geo. 3. e. 45.

And if any maker shall make u3e of any private annealing penajtftw arch, oven, utensil or place whatever, other than his known using private annealing arch entered for that purpose, or if he shall fraudn- annealing lently remove away any bottles, Or vesselsof common bottle metal, »rc,,e,< «* **■ before weighed,or shall fraudulently hide any such bottles or ves. TM°,TMriJhea w *•!*, he shall forfeit 500/. 35 Oeo. 3. c. 114. s. 22. 39 and 40 concealing Geo. 3. e. 45. them.

No snch maker shall manufacture within the same glass house, Nu llia|9 &(. by bim entered or used for manufacturing of common glass bot. to be made m ties, or in any glass house adjoining thereto, any phials, or any any building other sort of glass or glass wares whatever, except common bot- «Dt«r«d fo* fies.snd vessels of common bottle metal,on pain for each offence TM"n j^jj^. to forfeit 200/. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. *. 33. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. tie,, c 45.

And if any officer shall have cause to suspect that any Com- officers may by Bon glass bottles, or other vessels of common bottle metal, wnrrani ieaioh which have been fraudulently removed before the same siall ,u*P*cU* hare been weighed, shall be concealed in any place whatsoever ; Pl*8.•,• then if such place be within the cities of London or Westminster^ er within the limits of the chief office of excise in London, upon oath before the commissioners ; or in any other part of Great Britain, upon oath before one justice, setting the ground of suspicion, it shall he lawful for 'he said commissioners or justice, by special warrant to authorize such officer by day or by »i;ht, but if in the night in the presence of a constable, to enter into all such suspected places,and to seize all such common glass bottles,or other vesselsof common bottle metal, which tliey shall then and there find forfeited ; and if any person shall obstruct any such officers so authorized, or any ether person

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