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dealer in snuff sell or offer to sale, or have on his premises entered for manufacturing or keeping tobacco or snuff, any fus tick, or other the matters aforesaid, mixed with any snuff-work or snuff, or any snttff-work or snuff mode or coloured with any sort of ochre, umber, or any other kindof colouring, except as afore. , said, on pain of 50/. and all such fustick and other articles

aforesaid, shall «v forfeited, and may be seized by any officer of customs or excise. ». 93. Taking tobacco When any manufacturer of tobacco or snuff, shall have occaor snuff, while sion to supply the demands of his customers with manufactured in operation, tobacco or snuff, from any parcel in operation, before the whole shall be completely manufactured, he may in the presence of the officer, take any manufactured tobacco or snuff, not less than'200/. weight, from any particular parcel then in opera, tion, although the whole may not be then completely manufactured; provided he give to the officer a notice in writing, in like manner as for other operations,and therein specify tin- weight intended to be taken; and when such parcel of tobacco was weighed, to be put in operation, and the weight thereof, or when such snuff-work* was declared to be laid down, and the weights of the matters laid down therein, and such manufacturer shall immediately on the officer's attendance, weigh all such manufactured tobacco or snuff so taken in his.presence, who shall take an account thereof, and he shall immediately after, deliver to the officer a declaration specifying the weight of such tobacco orsnuff taken, and the weight of the parcel from whence it is taken, and if he take any tobacco or snuff in operation, contrary hereto, or neglect to give such-declaration, he shall forfeit 50/. 30 Geo. 3. c. -10. i. 14. Credit npon The officers may at all times, between five in the morning aad

he inanufnc- eleven in the evening, either with or without a constable, or bcturui&o o - {wcen e]even ;„ tne evening, and five in the morning, with a constable, enter into every place used by any manufacturer or dealer, and take an account of the quantity and quality of all the tobacco, and other matters aforesaid, in his possession. 29 Geo. 3. c. 68. s. 97.

And in taking an account of the stock of manufacturers, they shall have a credit according to the following proportions (29 Geo. 3. c. 68.*. 98.):

For every 1001b. weight of tobacco manufactured, a credit % for not exceeding 1001b. weight of short-cut tobacco, tobacco

stalks, and returns.—1051b. weight of shag, stalks, and returns. — 1151b. weight of roll tobacco, &c—l'2()lb. weight of carrots, &C And 1001b. weight of Spanish and returns. Credit nponthe An{j tne manufacturers of Snuff, are to be allowed a credit "'/"miff, "as follows: For every 1001b. weight ef tobacco manufacturrd for rappee, 11511). weight of rappee. '29 Geo. 3. c. 68. s. 90. For every 1001b. weight of tobacco-stalk flour, manufactured for rappee snuff, or added to his snuff-work, 12Slb. weight uf such rappee snuff. 30 Geo. 3. c. 50. t. 20.

Forevery 1001b. weight of tobacco and tobacco-stalki, ma. Matured for Scotch snuff, 851bj weight of Scotch sriu.T. 29 Cto. 3. c. 6S. s. 98.

For every 1001b. weight thereof manufactured for brown Jn/cisouff, 1201b. weight of brown Scotch snuff. Ibid.

For erery 1001b. weight of tobacco.stalks, manufactured fortobaccon-stalk lio::r, 901b. weight of tobacco-stalk flour. Ibid.

I For every 1001b. weight of Scotch snuff manufactured with tckcco-stalk flour, for brown Scotch snuff, 1411b; weight of fWu Swcch snuff. 30 6?eo. 3. e. 40. *. 20.

Fw erery 1001b. weight of tobacco-stalk (lour, manufactured

VilaScotcA snuff, for brown Scotch snuff, 1331b. weight of

bnmnScWca snuff. Ibid.

Ferewry 1001b. weight of tobacco-stalk flour, manufactured

forbtowa Scotch snuff, or added to such suuff-work, 1331b;

[afjptcf such brown Scotch snuff. Ibid.

'j4m all liftings arising from the second dressings of short cut vfhatsfull he ;-tobacco, and all returns of snuff, shall be deemed to be deuued return*. of tobacco. 30 Geo. 3. c. 40. s. 22. in case any officer shall discover in the stock of any ma. rer, any quantity greater than the credit before allowed, excess shall be deemed to be brought in without notice, without permit. 29 Geo. 3. c. 68. *. 98. 30 Geo. 3. c. 40.

^Atd erery manufacturer and dealer shall keep just scales and Scales and "is, and also permit the ofiiccr to use the same, on pain of weights b* and if he make use of false scales or weights, or practise p1' -JM, by which the officer may be hindered from taking the ■*« weight, he shall forfeit 201!/. together with such false **« and weights, which may be seized by any officer. *• Vi.

Aad he shall, when required, and with his servants, assist *M officer in taking an account, on pain of 50/. *. 100.

f*»ke officer shall not weigh ant tobacco, tobacco^stalks, Slock not to be •work, whilst actually in the operation of manufac- weighed while icept sjnuif-work intended to be gent out by permit. "' °Pcrill'u"

|**ery manufacturer shall keep all unmanufactured tobacco Tubarco in Hytration, and manufactured tobacco, separate, on pain of 50/. operation t» be

§462. kept separate.

VN the officers may take samples, paving for the same (if Officers may ''«*ulevj). arid if such manufacturer or dealer refuse to permit Uk.> sample*. '•a to take such samples, or any wise obstruct him therein, he Wfcrfeit lOOt. s. 103. ■>

zfrtrj manufacturer of and dealer in Tobacco shall keep an Daily acconnts '£"%al of all tobacco and tobacco stalks, vihicli he shall sell, '» be kept by '•'out, or consume; that is to say, he shall every day enter TM«i"f«iurer» '•« bjok, or oo a paper, an account of the quantities of the '" ""*


unmanufactured tobacco, tobacco.stalks, >hort-cut, shag, roll carrot, Spanish, and returns of tobacco, sold, sent out, or cor turned in the preceding day, in quantities of four pounds or up wards, on pain of 100/. s. 104.

And every dealer in tobacco shall also every day enter int another book, or on another paper, an account of the quantit'u of the short-cut, shag, roll, carrot, Spanish, and returns of t< bacco, under the weight of 41b. which shall have been sold, sei out, or consumed in the preceding day, in quantities under-111 under the like pain of 100/. s. 105.

And when any manufacturer or dt'aler shall mil any Sp( nish with short-cut he shall, on pain of 50/. every day enti into the book, or paper, the gross weights of the Spanish w short-cut so mixed, and the time when. s. 94.

And every manufacturer of and dealer in Snuff shall al keep an account of all tobacco, tobacco-stalks, tobacco-stal! for tobacco-stalk flour, snuff-work, tobacco-stalk flour, at „ snuff, which he shall sell, send out, or consume, that is to si]

he shall every day enter into a book,or on a paper, an accon; of the quantities of the unmanufactured tobacco, unmanufmi cd tobacco-stalks, tobacco-stalks for tobacco-stalk flour, snul work for rappee, snuff-work for Scotch, snuff-work for brew Scotch snuff, British rappee snuff, Scotch suuff,or brown Scoli snuff, tobacco-stalk Hour, and foreign snuff, by him sold, «s out, or consumed in the preceding day, in quantities of -I -weight or upwards, s. 104.

And every dealer in snuff shall also every day enter into a other book, or on another paper, an account of the quantit of the British rappee snuff, Scotch snuff, brown Scotch snu and foreign snutf, sold, sent out, or consumed'in the preccdi day, in quantities under '.'lb. weight, t. 104.

And when he shall mix any tobacco-stalk flour with Brit\ snuffor foreign snuff, or any British rappee,Sio/ih, or broi Scotch snuff, the one with any other, or with any kind of I reign snuff,hc shall also, on pain of ftOJ. every day enter into I vaid book, or paper, the gross weight of the tobacco-st" flour, and (he several kinds and gross weights of snuff so mixi and th! time when. s. 94.

Which books or papers shall be prepared and delivered, ut and for the use of such manufacturers, and dealers by theoffic of excise. 29 Geo. 3. c C8. *. 104, 105.

And no manufacturer or dealer shall have more than o such book or paper of each sort at a time; and the same shi within the limits of the chief office, or in any city or subu thereof, or market town, be returned to the office, at the end every six weeks; and in other parts, at the end of every months, or when the same shall be filled up; and the truth ihe oi tries thereii', shall then be verified upon the o:ith of si manufacturer or dealer, ar his servant, to be aduiiuistered neb officers, and new books, or papers, shall be then dtlivered-, ind so toties quoties; and the said books or papers shall lie op?n for the inspection of the officer; and the manufacturer and dealer, shall, immediately upon request of the officer, fill M such books and papers with the quantities sold, sent out, lad consumed in each day, and up to the time of such request: ind if he shall not permit the officer to inspect the same, or not return, or fill up such books or papers, on request, or shall eike any false entry therein, he shall forfeit 100/. s. 105.


Aid if any officer shall discover any increase, above tile quan- Undua increnie fty found at the last survey, it shall be deemed to be made found. b]»commodity for which no duty has been paid, and privately brought in without permit, and so much of the stock shall be ninted and seized; and such manufacturer or dealer shall also forfeit SW. *. 106.

And where any Scotch snuff, shall, from the moisture of the Snuff gaining sir, kve gained an increase oT weight, not exceeding 51b. in the 0Ji,|1''"»ir""" cil it shall be deemed fair, and may be removed by permit, notwithstanding such increase, s. 107. Also any manufacturer of British rappee, Scotch or brown Damping muff snuff, after completely made, and an account thereof belure n"xed' tiU-n. may damp the same, before it is mixed with snuff of a ifTerent making, so as the weight shall not exceed the greatest nient of credit. 30 6^0. 3. c. 40. s. 15.

And such manufacturer who shall intend to damp such snuff, ■ respect whereof the greatestextent of credit has not been received, shall give to the officer a notice in writing, in like man. «»s for other operations, of his intention, specifying the ■t and weight, and how much the same fell short of the t£t,andon such officer's attendance, he shall weigh all such If and damp the same; and immediately after re-weigh the me, and if it shall not have increased in weight more than what rUshort of the credit, then such suuff shall be deemed fair, Mt not forfeited. 30 Geo. 3, c. 40. s. 16. flat no manufacturer shall damp less than 2001b. weight, damp one making in more than four different parcels. '.17. And every manufacturer and dealer shall keep such snuff, on bich such allowances shall be made, separate from all other, shall show the same to the officer on demand, and declare, ben such allowances were made, and the amount thereof, on of 20/. 29 Geo. 3. c. 68. s. 108. 30 Geo. 3. c. 40. t. 18.

fany manufacturer shall remove any tobacco or snuff, be- Removing or * weighed and taken an account of, or shall conceal the same conceding from i the sight of the officer, he shall forfeit 50/. 29 Geo. 3. c. eight of officer. ■*» •• I\jv Tobacco and

Manufacturers ai tobacco or snuff, may manufacture the same elmff may be ataaymill, whereof due entry hath been made, and may remove manufactured. the same to and from such mill, under the rales hereafter motioned. 30 Geo. 3. c. 40. *. 27, 28. Removing by No tobacco, (not being returns) of -lib. weight or upward] permit. n0r any snuff of 21b. nor any tobacco-stalks, Spaniik, n

turns of tobacco, tobacco-stalks for tobacco-stalk flour, snufl work, or tobacco-stalk flour, exceeding 2001b. weight, sha be removed by land or water, without a permit, on pain of foi feiiiiig the same, with the packages and the horses, cattle, boat barges, and carriages, used in the removal, which shall I: seized by any officer of customs or excise. 29 Geo. 3. c. 6! *. 110.

Which permit the officer shall give, therein expressing it weight, the different kind of the commodities, the names of ill person", the place to which, the same is to be removed, and wh< tlier by land or water, and what conveyance; limiting also \l time, within which the same shall be removed and deliwti s. 111.

And in case the same shall be removed and not within tb time limited actually delivered, the same shall be deemed to t« removed without permit, s. 112. rarticul'irs to But no permit shall be granted, unless the manufacturer? be inscri<d in dealer, send to the officer a request note in writing, specifvin •tqucst notes. jjjs ownj an^ a]so (jie name 0f the person to wtiom, and tli place to which the commodities are to be removed, the wcigl thereof, and number ol packages, and whether the same are I be removed by land or water, and by what conveyance; *H other particulars descriptive of the commodity, as mentioned 1 the act. And every permit shall correspond, in respect to thepai titulars aforesaid, with the request note ; and all such coromi dities removed contrary to such permit, or under a descriplic not conformable to the act, nr under a false description, ti gethcr with the packages, and the horses, cattle, carts, boat barges, and other carriages, shall be forfeited, and seized t any officer of customs or excise ; and if any tobacco or the lit removed under colour of any permit, shall be seized, or if at action shall be brought by the owner or claimer, against at officer or other person, t!ic proof of i!s being such as is met tionid in the permit (although it appear to have been kept the officer's books as such) shall lie upon the owner or claimc by the oaths of two witnesses, s. 13. In what qunii- And no permit shall be granted for the removal ofanyni titirs to be re-manufactured tobacco (other than samples delivered out of t! pjoved. warehouse) and tobacco in quantities not It

than 200lb. in freight, removed from the entered premises o! manufacturer, to any mill for the purpose of being manufr" tured there, 30 Geo. 3. c. 40. s. 25), except it be in the san hogshead in which the saw>e was delivered out of the wafl house, nor (unless samples) after the same has been twice n

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